5 outstanding benefits of Tape In Hair Extension

There are so numerous selections of hair extensions, but do you know which hair extension method is best? I would say that the ideal hair extension is hands down tape in hair extension. The benefits of it are more outstanding than other methods. In this article, I will show you 5 exceptional advantages of a tape in hair extension.

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What is tape in hair extension?

Beautiful and smooth tape in hair extensions
Beautiful and smooth tape in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extension is a kind of hair extensions attached to sticky tabs. Because of favorable features such as well-blended and natural appearance, tape in hair extension is widely well-beloved and becomes one of the most prevalent choices among women. 

You should note that the amount of tape you apply on your head primarily depends on two factors: How thick your original hair is and how much volume you want. For any hair extensions, understanding your original volume to add hair is a key to handling and deciding your natural appearance. 

Honestly, tape-ins are extremely adaptable and they can match well for all hair types. However, to some extent, they do have their limitations. Actually, tape in is not a proper option for those inbornly owing oily hair because the oils from your scalp can lead the tapes to slip.

Besides, tape in extension is not recommended for people with dry scalp. This type of hair extension is highly sensitive to moisture. If you apply tape ins, it is impossible for you to use any moisture substance, but it is harmful for you when you have a dry scalp. The dehydrated scalp can result in hair breakage.  

Generally, it is not wrong to admit that tape in hair extension is a must-have item for any female who experiences hair-loss issues, wants to renew image and increase volume and length. 

Here, you will know 5 reasons why tape in hair extensions are the best hair extension method and stand out from other hair extension methods. 

5 exceptional benefits of tape in hair extension

Natural look and feel

Natural Look
A natural look with tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extension is very lightweight, it does not put strain on your head when you apply it. Due to its distinct characteristic, people can style and add volume in a discreet way under the original hair. When applying tape in extension on your head, you hands down glue it to the original strands of hair. Then, you let your hair down, your natural hair would probably cover the tape-ins, that bring you a natural appearance. You can let people mistake that you can have smoothly long and voluminous hair.   

In order to have a beautiful natural look, you should also carefully choose color that well suits your hair shade. From this, you can enjoy a fuller hair without bothering that you are wearing hair extensions to look attractive. 

Minimal maintenance

Easy Removal
Take care of tapes-in

Unlike others, I affirm that tape in hair extension is the easiest hair extension method to maintain because of thin strands and construction, and 1.5 inch width. It is a fun fact that for many women, they seem to forget they are wearing it. This is because tape in extension is so lightweight and durable that you only need to go to hair salon every 6 to 10 weeks after the complete application of your hair extensions. The length of your visiting salon varies as it depends on how fast your original hair grows, how you care and the quality of product.

I advise that you must invest in a high quality tape in hair extensions because they are more economical in the long term. If you get the cheaper non remy tape extension, it will cost you money to buy another. It is impossible to last longer because tape in hair extension is worn daily – becoming a part of your life. It is exposed to your sweat, dust from the environment and effects from you. 

When it comes to tape in hair extensions, the higher its quality is, the more comfortable and beneficial you are. This is because it will not shed, tangle and it can be reusable. In general, as long as you possess a good tape-ins, the maintenance process will be super easy and time-saving.

Least damaging

Tape in hair extension is the least damaging on the market, that’s why many women prefer to wear it. Unlike other hair extensions, tape in extension is extremely lightweight so when you put it on your head, it will not pull on or break your own hair. I have to say that this kind of hair extension is the most suitable for any females, especially those suffering from hair loss and hair-related diseases. Moreover, due to the lightweight features, its application is pain-free. Do not worry that this kind of extensions easily falls out from your hair because you think it is thin, but actually it adheres well to your real hair.

Wearing clip in hair extension can cause skin irritation and hair loss because it is metal and creates strain on your scalp. However, this case never happens when you wear tape in extension. It is unnecessary to braid your hair, which can increase the risk of scalp discomfort. 

One more thing that I want to talk about in this article is that the adhesive used on the tape is very safe and free from any solvents or toxic ingredients. Therefore, this can minimize the risk of allergic reactions and other undesired effects.

Incredible durability

Smooth and durable method

The second benefit that I mention above is also from the great durability. Tape in hair extension is so durable and it is still intact even when being wet. Therefore, you can still wash your hair regularly with water without causing damage while putting on tape in hair extensions. 

Moreover, you also can go swimming with your tape in hair extension without worrying that it can be accidentally removed. However, after this activity, you have to keep in mind to rinse your hair extension with clean and cold water. You also have to shampoo your hair at the same day.

Easy removal and replacement

If you prioritize comfort when being in an alone state and do not want any pressure on your head, you are more likely to undo hair extension. If it is your situation, I would say that tape in hair extension is the best ideal option for you when you alternate your hairstyles or like to return your original hair. 

It just takes you from 15 to 20 minutes to undo. During the removal process, it requires you to use a specialized removal solution for hair extension. This substance helps you to make tapes slide out gradually and naturally without the need for pulling.


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Tape in hair extension is certainly the best method on the current market. If you are new to extensions or want to change your styles, sincerely I would say that you should give tape-ins a try. Certainly, you will not regret getting the tape in hair extension. Easy to apply, easy to remove, lower maintenance and risks, and wonderful durability – Woa, you should try it. I hope you can get the most attractive and pleasant experience with tape in hair extension. 

In Hanossa Hair, we have a wider range of selections regarding human hair extensions: from tape in hair extension, clip in hair extension to sew in hair extension and even more.

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