7 strategies to start a successful hair business in 2022

You must have strategies to start a successful hair business. Hair industry has been an increasingly lucrative business in recent years. Therefore, many people desire to enter into this field. Hair extensions target both women and men, accompanying the number of hair-related diseases such as hair loss, ingrown hair,…This leads to the growing demand. People always consider hair as a precious asset. Hair is an indispensable part of our body. It significantly contributes to enhance people’s beauty, self-image and self-confidence. 

However, to become successful and prominent in this hair industry is not an easy thing. It requires many factors, not only determination but also smart and effective strategies and operations. I would say that each company must have its own strategies to become different from competitors and surpass them. 

In this post, I will display some essential strategies as well as tips that are necessary to have. I hope they are beneficial for you and your hair business. At that time, you may not apply all of the strategies, but I believe some of them are helpful for you. Let’s keep scrolling down and reading this article. 

7 strategies to start a successful hair business in 2022 are below.

Adopt Marketing tools effectively

Marketing Tools are important to develop business
Marketing Tools are important to develop business

Importance of Marketing tools in your hair industry

It is undeniable that in the digital era, marketing is an indispensable part in every business and hair companies are no exception. Marketing is a strategy that businesses do to advertise their products. It is a way to give necessary information to customers. Thanks to marketing strategies, customers can have a broad look at products. I would say that if you have good marketing strategies, the conversion rate is likely to increase and you can sell your products. 

In the hair industry, marketing can show the quality, color, hairstyles of hair extensions and so on. It helps educate clients about the products.

Nowadays, there are many ways for you to use marketing tools in an optimal way to advertise and raise people’s awareness about hair extensions. As we might know that, over recent years, we have witnessed the domination of several giant social platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and WhatsApp. On top of that, it is advisable for you to set up the company’s website. It is because when customers want to have additional information about products, the website is a great tool for both of us. Moreover, the establishment of a website can build trust and show your business is reliable. 

How to use Marketing tools?

I believe you will wonder how to run the marketing well enough to sell products.

The common solution for you is that you must have splendid and high quality videos and pictures of hair extensions and then you upload them on social platforms. When you show excellent photos and videos of your products, customers can know about the state of products.

However, if you are a newcomer to the hair industry (you may be a reseller, owner of salons, hair service supplier), what will you do to have products? The answer is that you can ask the hair suppliers about the pictures and live videos of the goods. Then, you post them to advertise products to customers, they will know how beautiful your hair is.

Another important strategy you must remember is that when you design and fix the images to make hairs more gorgeous, you need to add the contact of sales manager. It is because when customers want to order hair, they can contact you immediately. You may wonder why a sales manager is. Actually, the position of a sales manager increases trust among customers. Customers have a tendency to feel intimate with an individual instead of a whole company. 

Some popular social platforms for you to take advantage

Some popular social platforms you should use to PR
Some popular social platforms you should use to PR

These social sites are both prevalent and free, so it’s time that you take remarkable advantages of them to start your hair business and grow it to succeed. However, please remember “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, so don’t be daunted when you don’t make sales. Be patient and keep staying focused and efforting.


The destination customers come first when searching for hair extensions is exactly your website. They may come across online shops, but they may be suspicious of the shop’s honesty. If you own an official website, you can spread all the features and information of products, including hair extension products, prices, samples, promotion and so on. Containing these is incredibly beneficial for you to gradually build trust for your hair business. 


These days, Facebook is hands down the largest social media site in the world, having monthly active users around 2.9 million. Thanks to Facebook, we can connect to almost all parts of the world. You can create posts by uploading images and videos of products on your fanpage and other groups related to hair products. Moreover, you can even set up a group sharing knowledge and experience about hair business tips to attract additional customers.


Instagram is quite different from Facebook, because it intensively focuses on images. That images are dominated on this platform is very helpful for beauty products. You can share and upload gorgeous photos of products. Looking at beautiful images makes customers greatly believe and drives them to buy hair extensions. Besides, you can make use of Instagram Reels to create vivid short videos about hair. Videos are reliable sources to persuade customers to engage themselves in buying action. 


Currently, Tiktok is a platform attracting huge numbers of users at a drastically quick rate. Tiktok allows users to make short, looping videos with special effects and musical layouts. Video-driven content provides a variety of unique marketing opportunities. Looking at products via video is really objective, it can build brand awareness, build trust and engage audiences. 

As a result, nowadays, many brands take advantage of Tiktok to advertise products. Moreover, you can hire influencers to use and review your hair products on Tiktok. Apart from uploading images to show hair extensions, you can create videos sharing tips and knowledge about hair extensions. It can prove that you are truly a hair expert. 

Focus on customer services and prioritize customer experience

Prioritize customer service to create positive impression for customers
Prioritize customer service to create positive impression for customers

Do never think that everything is done when you sell the hair and the customer pays you. Especially, you are working in the beauty sector, it is incredibly necessary for you to take care of customers because the majority of customers are women. 

The happier customers are with your brand, the longer you stay with them. If you treat your customers badly and ignore their pain points or customer service emails, it means that you are killing your business by yourself. 

In the modern world, people have a wide range of selections. If you fail to attract and retain customers, your hair business can encounter a crisis and go bankrupt. In order to stand out than competitors in this field, you must deliver a superior customer experience that outperforms their competitors.

Customer experience is considered as the impression you create with your customer. And this impacts their attitudes and perception of your brand and touchpoint of customer journey. 

According to some statistics, 1 in 3 customers will leave the brand they love after just one bad experience. People always see hair as a precious asset. Therefore, it is no surprise that they are willing to leave if you can not live up to their expectations. 

For your hair business, advising customers to customize hair extensions is an example of treating customers. I am sure that many clients still do not have a deep knowledge of hair. Therefore, it is important for you to give them careful advice and consultations. The more enthusiastic you are, the more loyal customers are. 

The satisfaction and comfort of customers about the hair and the service is a starting point in every business let alone hair business. 

Use feedback and reviews

Review from previous customers helps build trust and reputation
Review from previous customers helps build trust and reputation

As we know, in our developed society, people have an overwhelming number of selections. If you fail to build trust, customers can never come back to see you. Among potential competitors, to have a solid position, it is necessary for you to take advantage of the strategy called “Word of Mouth”. You can use feedback, reviews from previous customers to show for new customers. In many situations, reading comments is an important factor helping customers decide whether they should buy or not.

When you read as far as here, you may think I am not rational. This is because you are a newcomer, you have not sold any products before to get feedback. Well, I have an answer for you, do not worry a lot. At that time, you should freely give your products to several individuals. Tell them “Let’s use them and give me comments”. Whether positive or negative ones, they are similarly valuable. And you should show all of them. If the comments talk badly about hair extensions, let’s think you are having a chance to learn from mistakes and to grow your businesses.  

Living standards are increasingly better, people always focus on their physical appearance, so they are more and more cautious when purchasing any beauty products. To sum up, building a good reputation is vital to the success of your business. 

Analyze your competitors

Analyze competitors to gain more experience
Analyze competitors to gain more experience

I believe that learning from competitors is one of the most effective ways. To be successful, you must not be afraid and feel shy to learn strategies and analyze from your competitors. They are reliable sources for you to gain a deep knowledge from products as well as self-study to discover more. It can give you some basic foundation knowledge and the way you should operate your hair business. 

In the hair industry, looking at competitors, you can recognize that hair business companies or hair sellers take advantage of social websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as a method to advertise products. This is because these platforms focus on image. Regarding the support of some influencers, they will hire young influencers who work in the beauty sector or those having a hugely positive influence among young generation. Another example is that you can see sometimes your competitors make forms to get reviews and feedback from customers, create minigames monthly to attract more customers or offer discounts and special gifts. Yeah, you can follow these tips and over try hard to do better and get more desired results. 

I think the most beneficial thing from analyzing competitors is that you are likely to explore their shortcomings. They may have weaknesses in hair products, customer care, decoration of stores and so on. Discovering them and reflecting on your own hair business, you have to attempt to turn it into a strength in your hair business. For instance, when entering into hair stores of competitors, you realize that they hang out hair out of reach of customers or lack payment methods or anything else that you feel it would cause discomfort for customers. You take notice of this and do not make the same mistakes. 

Learn from competitors and always be creative to improve your hair business and make it stand out from them. Particularly, your field focuses on beauty and self-care, so it is more important to be open-minded to new ideas and different perspectives.

Research and incarnate customers

Understanding customers is vital deciding you are successful or not
Understanding customers is vital deciding you are successful or not

To make more profits in any aspect, one of the keys you should focus on is the desire and pain points of customers. And then you turn them into your strength in your hair products, you can sell products.

Incarnating customers is an indispensable part during the process you run your hair business. You must raise questions about customers as much as possible and then answer those in a detailed way. After many times doing so, you are likely to gradually have a profound understanding of customers.

For example, you may try to think of customers suffering from hair loss, what should they wear types of hair extensions? For those wanting to change hairstyles, what should you sell? Are there barriers preventing customers from buying your products and what are they? And so on. 

You must know that you are working in a beauty sector, remember that you never discriminate against customers or think that you uniquely focus on young women. The thing I want to say here is: The need to distribute all the customers into different groups to build a suitable strategy for each group. Nowadays, not only females but also males do expose themselves to hair-related diseases. Therefore, it is no surprise that both of them have the demand to own hair extensions. 

Understand your products and keep up with trend

Having a profound understanding of products to consult clients
Having a profound understanding of products to consult clients

If you do not understand your products you want to sell, never think of starting your own business. You seem to be irresponsible for your life and customers if you do not know anything about your products. 

Having an in-depth insight into your products is a first step to be successful. People consider hair as a valuable asset. It is inevitable that when buying hair extensions, they will ask everything to choose the best one for themselves. Therefore, you need to know about products to consult your clients. 

Understanding products and markets is extremely important. You can keep up with trends instantly to satisfy and enliven customers. This can be seen as a strategy to make you become more outstanding than competitors. Moreover, it is advisable for you to update the beauty and fashion trends from fashion capitals. If you possibly adopt for your hair business, you may witness a boom in sales. 

Be consistent

Stay focused and be consistent
Stay focused and be consistent

When you start your hair business, the old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” must apply here. Although all of us know that nothing is a silver bullet, people often have a tendency to be impatient and rush to do everything to make profits. You must remember that you open a business does not mean you are going to immediately start making money. 

It takes time to let people know who you are among various hair business owners, so it is necessary for you to be strategic, work hard and focus on your goals. 

I believe that during the time when your hair business is not making profit, it is a wonderful chance for you to reflect on what you have done. There are any issues with your hair products (you hair extensions are shedding), customer services (not responding immediately). If you want to exist and thrive, other possible issues would give valuable lessons.


In this post, I show you 7 necessary strategies that you should follow to have a successful hair business. I do know that some tips that it is not suitable for you to apply at a time. However, let’s refer it and adopt it into your realistic situations. Taking advantage of marketing tools effectively, understanding customers and products, focusing on customer experience and be consistent is a crucial factors that you must keep in mind.

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