Bone Straight Hair Price In USA: Everything to know

Do you wonder about the Bone straight hair price in USA? Hair industry is booming all around the world, and the U.S is not an exception. The demand of this market is so high and the customers is difficult to satisfy because of the high standards. Moreover, the fact is that having a beautiful hairstyle is not enough to take care of it. In fact, in many cases, you will need a procedure called hair extension to connect bone straight hair samples to get the desired long hair. 

However, like many other beauty methods, using bone straight hair in the USA also requires spending a certain fee. So how much will it cost us, and what should we pay attention to when performing this trick? Let’s find out with me right in the article below.

What is Bone Straight Hair?

Bone Straight Hair at Gruda Hair Factory
Bone Straight Hair at Gruda Hair Factory

Basically, bone straight hair is a hair extension product, and you will need to use special tricks or tools to create bonds between the product and real hair instead of simply putting it on like a wig. Usually, common and normal.

True to its name, bone straight hair is not curly even a little, but it is completely straight from root to tip. To achieve this remarkable smoothness, the manufacturer had to use many chemicals and apply heat to the surface of the hair to hold and straighten.

However, you do not need to worry about the chemicals because most of these substances have disappeared through chemical reactions after the final treatment.

Characteristics of Bone Straight Hair

Characteristic Of Bone Straight Hair
Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair

Unable to bend

As I mentioned above, Bone straight hair is a hair product that has been treated to achieve impressive smoothness and straightness, so it is not unusual for this product to have straight hair. 

However, the main problem here that you need to care about is that we cannot make any more changes to the Bone linear hair models, whether expensive or cheap.

With the impact of many chemicals and heat, most of this hair has become stiff, so you will not be able to curl into a wavy hairstyle or a pixie haircut anymore. 

And trying to manipulate it will not only bring no change but also waste our time and effort because right after the impact, the hair will collapse again and lose its style. Because of this feature, you do not need to use any additional devices such as curlers or straighteners when using this type of hair extension.


In the past, Bone straight hair used to be quite thin products and lacked the necessary thickness and shine. 

However, at this time, thanks to advances in processing technology, this type of hair extension are not only thicker but also much smoother and shinier. So it’s not too strange that this hairstyle can attract a lot of attention from many users of different ages. 

In addition, this smoothness provides a comfortable feeling when using the hair and creates a soft style for the user.


Of course, with a product subject to heat and chemicals like Bone straight hair, we can’t ask too much for durability. However, this hair extension still has much more durability than other competing products.

Besides, the hair care process will also be much simpler because straight hairstyles do not need to have expensive chemicals or tools, and of course, we will also save a lot of time and money with certain effort. For this reason, Bone straight hair is always the right choice for those who do not have enough time to take care of their hair.


Currently, bone straight hair is a very popular trend. Because the long hair after joining will create a luxurious, calm, and soft look for your face, thereby making makeup and coordinating with clothes and accessories simpler.

Characteristic Of Bone Straight Hair
Characteristic Of Bone Straight Hair

Types Of Bone Straight Hair 

To better distinguish Bone straight hair types from which to price these products easily, you will need to refer to the classification that I am introducing below. Currently, they often use 2 types of variety on the market, and I will mention both.

Types Of Bone Straight Hair
Types Of Bone Straight Hair

By quality

  • Single Drawn: At a glance, it isn’t easy to distinguish Single Drawn from products of other categories. However, if you pay close attention, the authenticity will help you answer questions about the type. Because basically, every Bone straight hair product is a combination of many curls of different lengths, and Single Drawn only has about 50% of the hair at the same distance. The remaining 50% is a combination of many different sizes. Because of that, you will see the hair look thick at the top and thin at the end, and the overall product will not look very real. But in return, the price of Single Drawn is not high and quite popular on the market today.
  • Double Drawn: In essence, Single Drawn and Double Drawn are no different when both do not have many improvements in terms of texture. Instead, the difference lies in the fact that the number of hairs of the same length in Double is 60-75% instead of 50%. So you will find these wigs are thick and full from top to bottom and give a more realistic feel. So the price of Double Drawn will also be a bit higher than products like Single Drawn.
  • Super Double Drawn: 80-85% of Super Double Drawn’s hair is the same length. Structural changes such as a significant increase in hair density or an increase in product thickness will make the hair extensions more beautiful and realistic. And it is because of this difference, Super Double Drawn has the highest price among all 3 types of hair.

By structure

With classification according to structure, we can divide Bone straight hair into two categories: Products made from real hair and products from synthetic hair.

  • Straight human hair: Real hair comes from many different sources and manufacturers will process and re-adjust it with heat and chemicals to create the right straightness. Because real human hair always has a certain curvature. Real human hair is always superior to synthetic hair in many different factors. But in return, the price of real hair will be higher than synthetic products
  • Synthetic hair: In contrast to real human hair, synthetic hair is made of synthetic fibers such as nylon or acrylic to create the feel of real fur as much as possible. After the shaping process, the manufacturers will process it through chemicals and heat to create the style. Synthetic hair’s weak point is its watery texture and poor durability, but on the other hand, these products are cheap and extremely easy to find.

The Average Of Bone Straight Hair Price In USA

First, you need to know that Bone straight hair will have a different price in each country, so when considering the value of a wig product, the comparison between prices in other countries can cause judgments. 

Fortunately, Bone straight hair is not too high in the USA, and almost everyone can choose the right product for them. The average price will range from $10 for the cheapest to $50 for the medium and $100 for the high end. In addition, some high-quality real hair products will be $ 150 or more.

The average prices I mentioned above apply to your purchases at retail stores or small distributors. If you intend to buy in bulk, the discount will be higher, thereby reducing the price of a product.

Factors Affecting Bone Straight Hair Price In USA

Factors Affecting Bone Straight Hair Price In U.S
Factors Affecting Bone Straight Hair Price In U.S

Origin of hair

There are many different hair supplies that US distribution companies are using to create Bone straight hair models. We can mention countries such as Vietnam, China, Peru, India, and Vietnam as the source of the best quality hair. The main reason for this statement is that Vietnamese people often use natural hair care methods such as herbs and other natural essences instead of chemicals. So hair products from this country are also quite expensive compared to other hair sources.

Moreover, when it comes to the true origin of Vietnamese Bone Straight hair, it is 100% natural human hair. The sources used to make hair extensions come from Vietnamese women, mainly living in the mountainous regions. These areas are: Cao Bang, Lang Son, Bac Giang, and many other provinces where Vietnamese women get a tradition to grow long hair. Sometimes, hair also collects from donors.

Vietnamese Women In Mountainous Areas With Long And Healthy Hair
Vietnamese Women In Mountainous Areas With Long And Healthy Hair

Those women are between 16 to 40-50 years old, in their daily lives, without using shampoo and treatment products, they take care of their hair by natural and herbal substances. Therefore, their hair is so strong, bouncy, soft and smooth. Regarding females who are donors, they age from 16 to over 30. It is inevitable that the sources of hair come from such a limited place and donor, we can make sure that the hair quality is always in a good state.


Of course, the longer the hair, the higher the price because collecting and processing will be more difficult and time-consuming. So you need to consider and decide the appropriate length to avoid causing too much waste.

The length decides your natural look as well as the thickness and volume of hair. Because length is a factor deciding the price, so you should find out your favorite as well as suitable types.


Synthetic products are always cheaper than natural products derived from human hair, and the same goes for Single Drawn if we compare them with Double Drawn and Super Double Drawn. So you should not ignore the structural factors if you want to find a product with a suitable price.

However, I advise you that Investment into yourself is always profitable. Do not hesitate to buy the high-quality hair extension products. Because in the long time, it is more cheaper when it comes to durability, flexibility, smoothness and natural look. The best choice is always natural hair extensions along with Double Drawn and Super Double Drawn


Can bone straight be Colored?

My advice is that we should not dye Bone straight hair because this product is quite sensitive to dyes, especially the product line made from real hair. However, you can still dye colors with deep tones if you want.

How long can Bone straight hair last?

The best products will last for about 3 years if you use them daily, and this number will increase with less use. However, every product is unlikely to last for more than 5 years.

The durability, actually, mainly depends on the frequency of your using as well as the ways you care for your hair extensions. So, in order to keep your hair last long as much as possible, you should be careful and take notice.


So we have learned together about Bone straight hair prices In the USA. Hopefully, the information you have collected in today’s article will have little to do with choosing and using hair extensions.

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