Where To Buy Hair Extensions In Nigeria? Useful Tips From Experts

In this article, let’s learn about the places which sell hair extensions in Nigeria and where you can get the best quality hair extensions.

Hair extensions are one of the business types with high economic potential. It is also the most accessible type of business for those who want to start a business. Nigeria is an ideal market for those who want to build a famous hair extension brand.


About hair extension industry

In modern society, people increasingly have a tendency to prioritize their appearance. Therefore, there is no doubt that beauty services and fashion gain a huge popularity on the global scale. People always focus and care for their look a lot. This lead to the prevalence of hair products, including wigs and hair extensions. Nowadays, the hair extensions industry is witnessing a rapid upward trend. In particular, the African market has higher demand than other continents. It is because African women have a high sense of fashion in hair extensions. They adore hair extensions because hair products look good and beautiful when they wear them. Besides, many women consider hair extensions as an indispensable part of their life. Because they make a significant contribution to their beauty and natural look. 

In the future, the hair extension industry is going to thrive more and generate thousands of jobs for citizens as well as lucrative profit and income for hair sellers, wholesalers, retailers and hair business owners. Therefore, I would say that, for those who want to enter this field, do not hesitate until you have enough time and knowledge about hair extension. Just do it as soon as possible because you will learn deeply and quickly through hands-on experience. Hesitation just makes you waste your valuable time. 

In the African nations, Nigeria is the country that has the highest demands on hair extensions and this is a fertile land for people to start a hair business. 

Therefore, this post is written to give you detailed information about hair extensions market in Nigeria and where to buy them. 

Great opportunity for hair extensions brands in Nigeria

The high demand for hair extensions leads to incredible benefits for hair extension brands in Nigeria. Women in Nigeria are willing to pay large sums of money to have their Hair done anywhere. Because Nigerian women love hair extensions that bring them the most beautiful, attractive and natural look. Nigerian women have really a high sense of fashion and self-beauty. They also have special features that make others be impressed. 

Moreover, Nigerian hair extensions are not only supplied domestically but also have the potential to be exported to other countries. Actually, the Nigerian Hair industry is flourishing. In Nigeria, many women make a livelihood by doing hair-related jobs. In terms of economics, the export market for Nigerian hair has annually recorded a growth rate of 7%. One of the biggest reasons for making Nigeria become a big hair extension exporter is that Nigeria is a country that owns a wealth of natural resources. They enable Nigeria to produce a large number of hair products. 

Apart from that, Nigeria is also a home to many high-skilled hair laborers. Therefore, it is possible for them to produce a wide range of products from weaves to braiders, extensions and wigs. As a result, Nigerian hair is always in the good pink.

With all reasons listed above, the Nigerian market is a gold mine for any hair extension brand in this market.

The origin

Hair extension brands in Nigeria mainly import products from countries with a vast source of human Hair from their residents. Hair factories will collect Hair from hair donors and sell it to hair wholesalers in Nigeria. These days, there are 3 primary markets where Nigeria imports hair. They are: Vietnam, India and China. I will provide you with information about hair sources of each nation. 


Vietnamese Women In Mountainous Areas With Long And Healthy Hair
Vietnamese Women In Mountainous Areas With Long And Healthy Hair

In Vietnam, hair is directly harvested 100% from Vietnamese women who reside in the mountainous regions and use herbal and natural substances to take care of their hair. As a result, you can be assured that Vietnamese hair is strong, bouncy, silk and more importantly it is  durable and versatile. 

Vietnam hair strands are straight and thick. It is really proper to style in many different ways you want such as coloring, bleaching and device-styling. As a result, over the years, Vietnam is always a reliable hair exporter for Nigeria. 


Indian Hair Extensions
Indian Hair Extensions

This country is also a big market for hair importers in the world. It can produce massively to sufficiently provide hair extensions on a global scale. Indian hair is famous for being fine and free from chemical treatments, making it an ideal source for wig and hair extensions production. Like Vietnam, India has a long history in hair production. Therefore, its partners always feel secure when cooperating with Indian hair factories. There is one thing that makes sources of Indian hair different from other nations is that there are various and diverse sources. Hairs are from temple, village and barber-shop.

  • Temple: A nation with a huge religious population of hindus, people sacrifice their hairs as one the beliefs. After women donate, the temple authority will arrange auctions or offer incentives and then hair is distributed
  • Village: The majority of the hair comes from women’s hair combs and brushes.
  • Barber-shop: Hair is primarily gathered from the floor sweepings of barbershops.


China Hair Extensions
China Hair Extensions

It is undeniable that China is a leading hair importer in the world. People in China are less willing to sell their hair, making it more difficult to have adequate sources of hair for hair extensions. As a result, China seeks to import hair from other nations. China buys more than 85 percent of its human hair from India. The major source of Chinese hair imports is India, followed by Japan. In actuality, the price at which India exports human hair to China is rather low in comparison to the overall market.

As I mentioned before, Chinese women are not willing to trim their hair to buy. Therefore, to produce a large amount of hair, China has many ways to have enough sources. Shockingly, this even imports fallen hair, known as Non-Remy hair from India. Then, in the hair factory, hair is acid processed and then becomes a smooth and beautiful appearance with vibrant colors after being colored. China is famous for reproduction and hair is no exception. 


Product classification of hair extension brands in Nigeria based on origin: According to this classification, hair extension brands in Nigeria usually have 3 product categories: Virgin, Remy, and Non-Remy hair extensions.

Virgin hair extensions: Virgin is natural human Hair; they have not been processed by any chemicals, whereby the cuticle remains intact. Therefore, this hair type is straightforward to shape, such as bleaching, dyeing, and curling. It is collected from one person therefore it has top-notch quality.

It can be that this is the highest quality product of the hair extension brand in Nigeria.

Remy hair: It is multi-donor Hair in the same bundle. Like Virgin Hair, the cuticles remain intact and oriented in one direction.

Remy’s Hair appears smoother, shinier, and healthier than other hair types.

However, because Hair comes from multiple donors in a bundle when bleached and dyed, Remy can give a variety of hair colors.

Non-remy: Since the epidermis runs in both directions, a greater acid concentration is required. The initial investment for this hair type is relatively small, but you will spend more time taking care of them after the first wash.

Hair extensions brands in Nigeria often opt for Virgin Hair. As a result, businesses will reach more customers. Products in Nigeria promise to bring the best quality and experience to consumers.

Grades of Hair extensions

In the hair industry, to be able to distinguish hair easily, they are divided into 3 grades: Single Drawn Hair,  Double Drawn Hair, Super Double Drawn Hair. To be specific:

  • Single Drawn Hair: This hair only has 40-50% of the hair having the same length, the rest is shorter. Single drawn hair is the thinnest of all grades. Therefore, the production cost is not more expensive. And obviously, it is more affordable for the clients to purchase and lightweight. 
  • Double Drawn Hair: This hair is almost thick from the top to the bottom. 70-85% of the hair has the same length so that the hair is really thick. The cost is more costly and it also takes more time for craftsmen to produce.
  •  Super Double Drawn Hair: It is the most beloved item of a large number of African women. It includes 85-95% of hair strands that have a similar length. Therefore, it always can significantly increase the volume and length for users. With those factors, it is the most expensive hair pieces among 3 grades of hairs.
Single Double And Super Double Drawn Hair
Single Double And Super Double Drawn Hair

Where To Buy Hair Extension in Nigeria?

Places To Buy Hair Extensions In Nigeria
Places To Buy Hair Extensions In Nigeria


This helps you shop for the right hair extensions quickly by giving you easy access to thousands of products and allowing you to order with any device, anywhere, and at any time.

This hair business (formerly Human Hair Nigeria) is a trusted Nigerian and International online shop for 100% quality human hair.

The head office of Hairporium in Lagos, Nigeria.

It has helped thousands of women in Nigeria and worldwide access original and high-quality wigs, extensions, and affordable luxury wigs.

Here’s a guide to help you visit hairporium.com and get quick access to the specific product you’re shopping for and ordering:

  • Brazilian Hair: The Brazilian Hair category includes different styles like straight, wavy, curly, etc. These Hairs are pure human Hair and very durable. They are tangle-free, odor-free, and do not spoil.
  • Peruvian Hair: This category has a catalog of different Peruvian Hair Types. They are 100% natural human hair, and they are very durable. They also don’t shed, don’t tangle, and don’t smell either.
  • Malaysian Hair: This category contains Malaysian Hair Extensions. Malaysian Hair is 100% virgin human hair. They last a long time and don’t have any problems with shedding or tangling.
  • Closures and Frontals: This category allows you to shop all types of Closures and Frontals for human Hair.
  • Colored Hair: This hair category contains some featured human hair. If you’re shopping for human or blonde hair colors, this is the place to review them and order them.

SalonLabs Virgin Hair Extensions

Salon Labs Virgin hair Extensions specializes in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of high-quality wigs.

Salon Labs Virgin hair Extensions product range includes Wavy, Curly, Straight, Remy, and many more.

This brand received many positive feedback and reviews about the product’s quality and service.

Salon Labs Virgin also gives you a lot of choices with many convenient features. In addition, the product’s price compared to the quality is very good.

As can be seen, Salon Labs Virgin hair Extensions promises to be an excellent destination for your choices.

Onitsha Market (Anambra)

If you are interested in the market in Nigeria, you will surely know Onitsha (Anambra) because this is the largest market in terms of both size and number of items.

At wholesale prices, at the Onitsha market, you can find good quality unprocessed human hair samples at reasonable prices.

In addition to offering hair extensions, the Onitsha market is also a place of interest if you are looking for Hair related accessories.

If you’re looking for high-end products, especially Hair that hasn’t been heated or chemically treated, these stores at Anambra certainly won’t let you down.

Ariaria Market (Aba, Abia)

Ariaria Market is famous for selling locally produced goods.

Currently, the Ariaria market is associated with the hometown name of “made in Aba” and “made in Nigeria” items.

The quality of the goods is increasingly guaranteed. Especially when it comes to Hair, it is impossible not to praise the quality of the supplies you can find at this Ariaria market.

In Ariaria, you can find quite a few stalls offering 100% natural, cuticle-free Hair. Another advantage that makes Ariaria confident in the list of the top hair market in Nigeria is the highly competitive price.

Balogun Market (Marine, Lagos)

Balogun Market offers most of the items you need at affordable prices.

If you only consider hair and related products, you can find the most suitable product at the Balogun market. Because here, the bulk trader or small family business offers a wide variety of processed and untreated items.

With Hair from bulk merchants, you can freely choose products with various designs. You can even order and request products based on your needs and standards.

Lareina Hairs

It is a famous hair extension brand in Nigeria, established in 2018. Lareina Hairs offers straight hair extension products at various levels.

Coming to this hair firm, you will have a great experience because they are always dedicated to giving you the best Hair with a focus on reliability, customer service, and great value.

Some Of The Best Wholesale Suppliers In Nigeria

Several Reliable Hair Suppliers For Nigeria
Several Reliable Hair Suppliers For Nigeria

If you are looking for a reliable wholesale hair supplier in Nigeria to help you grow your business and provide you with high-quality hair extension products, you should not miss this list.

Gruda Hair – Top 1 Vietnam hair distributor

It is a Vietnamese hair factory – the top Vietnamese hair manufacturer. It has provided and distributed natural hair extensions all over the world. Gruda Hair’s mission is to provide consumers with a fantastic natural hair experience while also assisting others in starting their own hair business. Gruda Hair’s ambition is to become an international hair distributor and gain a high position in the industry.

With more than 14 years of experience, clients of Gruda Hair are from all over the world: They come from: African nations, Nigeria, the US, the UK, Russia, France, Germany…

About products, Gruda Hair supply a wealth of hair extensions products such as: bulk hair, hair bundles, hair weft, wigs, clip in hair extensions, closures, frontals,  tape-in hair extensions, micro-link hair extensions, ponytails and so on. 

In terms of hairstyles, they are: curly hair, wavy hair, bone straight hair. They also distribute afro kinky hair, pixie hair and body wavy hair with vibrant colors.

Here are some photos of products of Gruda Hair.

Hair Bulk of Gruda Hair
Hair Bulk of Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions from Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions from Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair

Hanossa Hair

This is one of the most reliable natural hair extension producers in Vietnam. With over 13 years of expertise in the hair market, Hanossa hair can profoundly understand the various expectations, concerns, and wants of consumers.

Hanossa guarantees that clients will feel secure when using its hair. Because it offers 100 percent natural hair obtained in bulk from Vietnamese ladies and machine weft with high quality without any chemical treatment.

A wide range of products from Hanossa Hair are: keratin hair extensions, hand-tied weft extensions, tape hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, flip-in hair extensions, machine weft extensions, and so on.

Hair Extensions Of Hanossa Hair
Hair Extensions Of Hanossa Hair

Queen Hair

Established in 2010, throughout the years, Queen Hair has continuously upgraded and improved the manufacturing process to provide better, more affordable hair extension products in Nigeria. 

Queen Hair offers customers items made of 100 percent genuine hair at reasonable pricing. Queen Hair consistently receives good marks from consumers for their enthusiastic customer service and high-quality hair extensions.

Many forms of hair in Queen Hair are natural and come in a variety of hues and textures. Weft hair, bulk hair, closure, frontal, keratin, clip in, wig, and so on are examples. Queen Hair also offers a variety of hairstyles and colors, offering customers more options.

5S Hair

This firm is one of Nigeria’s leading Vietnamese hair extension suppliers, providing high-quality Vietnamese human hair. It has a large selection of hair extensions including tape hair, weave hair, keratin hair, and other hair extensions. Tape-in, invisible tape, V-tip Hair, I-tip Hair, U-tip Hair, Microlink, Nano ring, Machine Weft, Bulk Hair, Hand-tied Weft, and so on.

5S Hair is a dependable and experienced hair provider for all customers, having dedicated many years to this industry.

Luna Hair

It is one of the hair extension suppliers. They specialize in hair extensions with many styles such as wavy Hair, wavy Hair, and ponytail.

Luna Hair offers high-quality products and services to hair sellers, vendors, and online shop owners all over the world. Its ultimate goal is to become the leading global manufacturer for all countries. The working principle of Luna is to place the customer at the center. 

There are three categories, based on thickness: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn hair. Luna Hair provides a wide choice of hairstyles to pick from. Hair is extremely strong and smooth, making it both durable and adaptable.

Tips & Tricks

There are many different types of hair extensions on the market today. How do you know which wing is right for you?

We have some tips to help you choose the right and valuable hair extensions.

Consider your hair length and weight

Before you buy hair extensions, consider the length and weight of your natural hair. This will help you determine the type and weight of extensions that will work best for you.

Consider advice from a hairstylist

It’s best to consider your hairstylist’s advice. They have received training on working with all different types of extensions and know what works well for your needs.

Consider the original hair color

Your extensions need to blend in with your natural hair. Therefore, you need to decide on the harmonious shades of the colors in the hair extensions to best match your original hair color.


Can I buy my hair extensions?

Although you can technically wear your hair extensions, the only hair extensions you should wear yourself are Clip-Ins.

It would help if you looked to other certified hairstylists to install the best extensions.

Do hair extensions cause hair loss?

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume to your Hair or increase your natural length, a great advantage is that hair extensions do not cause hair loss for you.

Which extensions last the longest?

Hair extensions will last the longest because they bond with your hair strands. You can keep these extensions for 3-6 months or even longer, depending on how much care you take and how often you use them.


Thus, you have received most of the information about hair extensions and the top-recommended places for you to choose to buy the right and good quality hair extensions.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to accompany you and bring you the best experience.