How To Buy Virgin Hair In Vietnam? A Complete Guide For Newbies

In the current age, Vietnam is emerging as a leading hair extensions exporter. In this post, I will guide you how to buy Virgin hair in Vietnam.

Many sellers are selling various hair types for different purposes on the world market today. One of the hair types that experts and consumers love the most is Vietnamese virgin hair. 

This article will provide information about Vietnamese Virgin Hair products with outstanding advantages and how to find the best product for you. 

Definition Of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Vietnamese women living in the mountainous regions with long and voluminous hair
Vietnamese women living in the mountainous regions with long and voluminous hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is currently a hot keyword in the world hair market. Virgin hair products are hair that has not been treated with chemicals obtained from a person who donate or sell hair. Yes, a person. Unlike Remy hair or Non Remy hair that is collected from multiple donors, Vietnam virgin hair is cut from only one donor. Therefore, the hair is guaranteed to be fresh and never treated before the production process of hair extensions. 

Most of the donors are women living in high mountain areas or rural areas in the territory of Vietnam. Here, women often let their hair grow from a very young age, rarely cutting their hair. Therefore, the obtained hair products are usually of considerable length, satisfying buyers’ requirements. As a result, hair strands of Vietnam hair virgins are better and more durable than other types of hair because it is healthier and has a perfectly intact cuticle layer. 

The Vietnamese have a saying that “the tooth, the hair is the corner of the person,” so Vietnamese women are very attentive to hair care. They often wash their hair with herbs available in the area, giving the hair the most natural beauty and value. 

Moreover, the shopper will carefully select and carefully preserve the hair products after cutting from the seller before delivering them to the consumer. Products will always be in the best condition. This gives the product an advantage over hair originating from other countries. 

Characteristics Of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

A Girl With Voluminous Hair Thanks To High Quality Virgin Hair Extensions
A Girl With Voluminous Hair Thanks To High Quality Virgin Hair Extensions

The common feature of Vietnamese hair is that it has a straight and smooth texture. The hairs of Vietnamese women do not have coarse curls like Cambodian or Brazilian hair; on the contrary, they are long and very soft, not easily twisted or tangled into knots. 

Moreover, Vietnamese women often have a habit of taking care of their hair with natural herbs, especially those living in rural areas. To wash their hair, they use water cooked from lemongrass, locust, basil, or grapefruit peel. These botanicals allow hair to stay strong, shiny, and smell good. 

When using this hair type, you do not need to use too much force to brush your hair. Due to the straight nature of the hair, Vietnamese Virgin Hair products are very easy to comb with a comb. So you don’t have to worry about your hair falling out. 

Most Vietnamese Virgin Hair products have the natural black color of melanin pigment, which is the natural hair color of Vietnamese women. 

Many hairstylists and users highly appreciate black hair color, because it is suitable for many different body types. 

Whether your skin color is white, blonde, or tan, black hair color is also reasonable. 

Even for square or angular faces that are very picky about hair color, black hair color also brings harmony and satisfaction to the user. 

In addition, if you want to have straight hair with different colors, bleaching and dyeing Vietnamese Virgin Hair is also very simple.

The hair quality with strands made up of successive cuticle layers of Vietnamese Virgin Hair allows for good coloration when dyeing. Thus it keeps the beauty of the product for a long time. 

How To Buy Virgin Hair In Vietnam?

It is necessary for those working in the hair field to read this information. This post will guide you in detailed steps to successfully buy the Vietnamese Virgin with high quality and reliability. 

Choose the reliable distributor in Vietnam

Obviously, before buying Virgin hair, the most important thing is to find a reliable hair factory supplier that can become a trustworthy partner and friend. No products, no business. Right. These days, there are a wide range of hair factories, so you should be careful. I will show you some useful ways to recognize reliable hair suppliers. 

Verify companies’ brand

A company must have websites and other social media websites where all product-related information can be uploaded. Moreover, they also publish complete information about their phone number, email address, awards, company license, and social media account on official websites to gain more reliability and competition. Your mission is to go through them all and make sure that those are exact.

Check photos’ hair extensions products

A company has a logo, catalog, brochure… and they will be presented on the image related to products. Therefore, you need to take notice of them because this is an important indicator for approving the products and determining the professionalism of this hair supplier.

Read feedback and comments 

To have more information about companies’ personality and the ways they work, reading the comments and feedback from previous customers is vital. 

Feedback From Gruda Hair
Feedback From Gruda Hair

Confirm physical evidence

You should not order anything if you find no evidence or signals that the firm is honest. Obviously, a reliable hair company must have a physical location. To identify a genuine hair factory, ask hair suppliers to send images and videos of their facilities, including staff, products, and equipment. You can then ask them to make a video call so you can thoroughly inspect it.

Where to buy Vietnamese virgin hair products?

There are many Vietnamese hair factories distributing Virgin hair extensions outside here. However, in this post, I will recommend Gruda Hair – a top reliable hair factory in Vietnam. 

About Gruda Hair

Feedback From Gruda Hair
Gruda Hair Factory

It confirms its position as the largest provider of hair products in Vietnam, with over 14 years of expertise in this sector. In the current time, it establishes a strong position in the global hair business. With over 3000 hair suppliers globally, Gruda Hair Vietnam has been viewed as the most trusted hair distributor in various countries ranging from Africa to Europe.

The key values of this hair organization are reasonable price and good customer service. The aim of Gruda Hair is to provide all females with an extraordinarily natural and gorgeous appearance by providing the greatest hair extensions products. Furthermore, Gruda Hair is always willing to assist clients in establishing a profitable hair business by providing high-quality hair extensions.

About Gruda Hair’s products

It mainly provides 2 qualities of products for customers: Virgin hair and Remy hair. Moreover, Gruda Hair factory offers a wide range of products with 3 grades, including  Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Super Double Drawn hair. In addition, this company also provides customers with numerous hairstyles: bone straight hair, afro kinky hair, burmese curly, pixie hair, deep wavy hair, funmi curl, wavy hair, egg roll, tip twist curl, straight hair, …

Hair Extensions Products' Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products’ Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products' Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products’ Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products' Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products’ Gruda Hair

Customers’ feedback

It has many loyal customers coming from different continents in the world such as: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, US – UK, Germany, Italia, Nambimia, Cameroon,…

Here is some feedback that Gruda Hair has gained from its customers. 

Customers Feedback For Gruda Hair
Customers Feedback For Gruda Hair
Gifts Gruda Hair Sends To Our Customers
Gifts Gruda Hair Sends To Our Customers
Video feedback of a customer

Buying process

After finding a satisfying factory, the next step is to buy Virgin hair products.

Contact sales staff

On websites or social media accounts, there are several telephone numbers of those who are always available to support you. You just need to contact them through WhatsApp. 

List the products

When deciding to trust and have a buying relationship with a hair supplier, feel free to ask any question you still do not know. They will answer you wholeheartedly. They can give you the best advice to help you order the products you want. 

List the Virgin hair products you want to order so that sales staff can provide and make an invoice for you. You should carefully and properly list products to avoid making unexpected mistakes. 

After you successfully order Virgin hair, hair factories will calculate the total fee, including shipping, and send you an invoice bill to pay.


You import Virgin hair from foreign nation, some points you need to consider to transfer money successfully to the Virgin hair suppliers. 

  • If you are a citizen living in the nation using USD as a means of payment, you can directly send money to the seller’s bank account or Paypal.
  • If you are from a nation that does not accept USD as payment.  Sometimes, you may encounter exchange-rate-related difficulties. Therefore, you can send money through Paypal to make a payment.
  • If you are from Nigeria, the most common method used is through Naira agents. It is convenient and time-saving because it takes within 24 hours. Moreover, there are other transfer agents you can use: Western Union, Bank transfer and Remitly. 


The way hair suppliers ship to you also depends on where you live. 

  • If you are from Nigeria, it is easy to solve shipping problems. We can recommend a reliable shipping agent for you. 
  • If you are from another country, we can deliver Virgin hair products to you by UPS and DHL.

Everything You Need To Consider

Factors You Need To Consider
Factors You Need To Consider

Cost: Buyers have to pay for samples

Vietnamese Virgin Hair is a product with high to very high prices in the international market because of its superior features. Rarely is any other hair as long and thick as Vietnamese women’s hair. 

The smoothness and straightness of the hair are also featured that consumers love in this product. You can use Vietnamese Virgin Hair for many cases with different purposes. 

Whether you use them as a hair model or as a wig, leave them natural or color-treated. Because of this versatility, the price of the large product is much higher than that of other hair types. 

The price of Vietnamese virgin hair products fluctuates greatly depending on many factors. Longer hair products will naturally cost more. In addition, the higher the quality of the hair, the higher the cost will be. Depending on your budget and usage needs, you can find a hair model at a suitable price. 

If you buy virgin hair in Vietnam at markets, the price will usually be lower, but the hair quality will be comparatively similar to those bought at reputable stores. 

At the stores, experts will carefully select hair samples after cutting and collecting them before delivering them to consumers. Only the stores keep the hair samples of the highest quality and guarantee the used unique preservation methods. Therefore, you should look to buy hair at reputable stores to get the best products. And obviously, the cost is more over-priced but this investment is worth. 

Weight and length

In today’s market, length of products are from 6 to 32 inches. Because Vietnamese women’s hair is usually very thick, with this length, the product will weigh about 50 to 100 grams per hair sample. Depending on the purpose and needs of hair use, you should pay attention to choosing products with appropriate length and thickness. 

Delivery time: up to 7 days

When buying virgin hair in Vietnam, you will need to wait for the seller and the shipping unit to deliver the product to you. Depending on different conditions, such as the geographical area where you live, the distance of transportation, and the time of customs clearance, the products are waited up to 7 days or more to reach the consumer. In Vietnam, the hair extensions industry is domestic-scale production. Therefore, Vietnamese hair factories only produce hair extensions products for each order, doing that is a good way to always keep hair in good condition. However, the waiting time may be longer compared to the China hair factory which follows the mass production. 

Moreover, in the context of the Covid 19 epidemic affecting the whole world, the shipping time of the product may be longer than usual. So if you need to use Vietnamese Virgin Hair, you should calculate the time to order early to ensure the product will reach you not too late. 

Payment methods 

There are many payment methods when you buy Vietnamese Virgin Hair. Sellers often prefer to use methods that allow international money transfers and are less restricted by national borders such as West Union, Paypal, or MoneyGram. Ask if the store where you are purchasing the product can accept payment in any form. Having a payment account using these electronic methods will make your transactions much more convenient and faster in the digital era. 

How To Know Which Is The Best Virgin Hair?

Vietnamese Virgin hair
Vietnamese Virgin hair

Visual perception 

Vietnamese Virgin Hair has very distinctive and easily recognizable characteristics. Overall, among the hair types available in the world, this is the thickest and strongest hair type.

High-quality products are usually long, thick, and smooth hair models. The hair strands must ensure a large diameter, and the layers of keratin are closely aligned to create the shine of the hair. Dark hair color due to the high concentration of melanin pigments is also an evaluation criterion. 

Experts rely on these characteristics of the hair to distinguish the quality of the product. Those with long experience can tell the difference between virgin hair and Remy hair just by looking. 

Thanks to careful care, high-quality hair samples will be very strong, and not easily broken. Therefore, bleaching hair for coloring also has little effect on the durability of the product. Hairstyling is also easier. When choosing to buy high-quality Vietnamese Virgin Hair products, you will be very assured of the product’s longevity. 

Touch perception 

Just looking is not enough to confirm the quality of the hair sample. Touch and feel are also important. Good hair is a product that feels smooth and cool to the touch. Quality products don’t get tangled when you run your hand through your hair, allowing your hands to run them through quickly. 

You can also use this method in differentiating virgin hair from Remy hair. However, there are cases when determining product quality is very difficult, requiring testers to have high expertise and experience. 

Advantages And Disadvantages 

Some Pros And Cons Of Vietnamese Virgin Hair
Some Pros And Cons Of Vietnamese Virgin Hair


Highly natural 

Hair is a part that Vietnamese women pay great attention to, so Vietnamese virgin hair products are of very high quality. Vietnam is also a country with many unique herbs and traditional remedies, allowing Vietnamese to nourish their hair without the use of chemicals. 

Their shampoo is made from betel nut, locust, lemongrass, grapefruit pee, iridescent grass, etc. These plants are all very useful for smooth and shiny black hair. With a habit of herbal hair care, Vietnamese virgin hair products are guaranteed to be highly natural, conquering even the most demanding customers. 

Black high versatility 

Virgin hair is unique and distinct genetic trait of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese hair has a high amount of melanin pigment to create a natural black color, this is a hair color that is suitable for many different skin tones and face shapes. 

In addition, the hair is straight so it is easy to style. When using Vietnamese virgin hair products, you can straighten or curl your hair as you like. Because of the high compatibility, you can use Vietnamese virgin hair for many different purposes. 


Thick and strong hair material allows bleaching with strong detergents without excessive damage. The softness and shine of the hair are also a great advantage, making it easy to comb and limiting breakage. Therefore, Vietnamese virgin hair products often have a very long life due to other hair types. 


Difficult to remove color 

Along with the advantages, Vietnamese virgin hair also has disadvantages that you need to consider. 

The amount of melanin that makes hair black accumulates very high in each hair, which means that if you want a hair product dyed with light colors, you need to bleach your hair with strong bleach or bleach many times. This can reduce the quality and shine of the hair. 

High cost

In addition, another major disadvantage of Vietnamese virgin hair is its high cost. The rare superiority of the product makes the price of the hair model continuously increase. 

You need to spend a lot of money to be able to own a high-quality Vietnamese virgin hair product. However, in terms of the advantages and longevity of the hair model, this is completely worth it. 


What is the source of virgin hair in Vietnam?

Vietnamese virgin hair is a product obtained from Vietnamese women and has never been chemically treated. Most of them live in the countryside or in the high mountains, often using herbs to care for their hair. Therefore, the hair model ensures the inherent natural beauty. 

How to care for Vietnamese virgin hair? 

You should wash your hair 1 to 2 times a week with shampoo products of natural origin or limit detergents. When cleaning the hair, massage the scalp and hair gently, avoiding scratching and pulling hard to hurt the hair. After washing, it is necessary to use appropriate hair conditioners and moisturizers. This step keeps your hair smooth and shiny. 

When combing, choose a wide-tooth comb to straighten your hair before using smaller-tooth combs. This will help limit hair loss and increase the hair model’s life. 

What are bleached hair colors from Vietnamese virgin hair? 

Hairstylists can process Vietnamese virgin hair products to dye them into different colors. 

Due to the high amount of pigment, hair products from Vietnam often have to undergo a thorough bleaching treatment. But thanks to its thick and strong characteristics, the quality of the hair sample is usually still very good after properly bleaching the hair. 

After bleaching, coloring Vietnamese virgin hair is very simple. The tight keratin structure and closely spaced straight cuticles allow the hair sample to easily adhere to the color and keep the color longer. 

Currently, bleached hair can be dyed into many different colors such as smoky tones, and bright colors such as yellow, orange, purple, ombre, etc. Vietnamese virgin hair products are very suitable for dyeing these colors, bringing satisfaction to users. 

Is Vietnamese virgin hair suitable for Basic curly styles? 

Have. Vietnamese virgin hair is mostly straight, so it’s easy to style. Hairstylists can use the product to create hairstyles that are very popular on the market today such as big waves, curly noodles, loose waves, and natural curls, … easily. More difficult curly hairstyles such as pixie curls, and curly tails also do not make these products difficult. 

Thanks to the uniformity in the properties of the hair pattern, when using Vietnamese virgin hair for curly hairstyles, the life of the hair model can be very high. The hairs stay in place for a long time and very rarely experience dryness or breakage. That’s why experts highly recommend this product. 

How long does Vietnamese virgin hair last? 

The hair fiber’s natural thick and strong nature allows for a significantly longer product life than other hair types on the market today. If you take care of your hair properly, Vietnamese virgin hair products can 6 years or more. So you don’t need to worry when using the product. 


This article has given us basic information about Vietnamese virgin hair and How to buy virgin hair in Vietnam. If you still have questions, leave a comment so we can get in touch and help you out. 

Feel free to contact us to get more information about hair extensions and Vietnam hair factories through this via phone number (Ms Rosa – sales manager: +84902106091)