What Are The Differences Between Straight And Bone Straight Hair?

If you are interested in the hair extension industry or simply pass through the shops or agencies that provide related services, you have certainly seen straight and bone straight hair at least once.

However, are you sure you understand all the features and distinguish the two designs above?

If the answer is no, and you want to learn more about these two designs, this article is for you. The information below does not simply answer questions about differences between straight and bone straight hair but also includes a lot of advice for you to maintain and improve the quality of the product.

Therefore, whether you are a customer or a person starting a hair extension service business, do not take your eyes off the screen because you certainly will not want to miss such useful information as above!

About Straight Hair

Straight hair is the most basic hairstyle, the main form for suppliers to create products with designs that meet customers’ needs.

In addition, you can also use the product with this design directly as a hair extension without going through the styling step. For a better understanding, here’s all the information you need to know:

What is straight hair?

Straight hair - natural look, smoothness
Straight hair – natural look, smoothness

Simply put, straight hair is completely natural hair, smooth, straight without heat and chemical treatment.

In terms of weight, this hair type is much lighter than the wavy options yet has a more dramatic shine. Thanks to its smoothness and rather high quality, this style is one of the top choices of many girls.

Asian countries such as India, China, and Vietnam are the main suppliers of straight hair. Because in these countries, the vast majority of people have naturally straight black hair.

All of the above features make up the advantages of this hairstyle: perfectly straight, natural, smooth, and high quality.

In addition to the concept of natural hair, sometimes straight hair refers to hair samples processed in the factory to have colorful colors. However, the above products still meet the criteria of keeping the natural straightness of the raw materials.

Types of straight hair

Types of Straight hair: Wigs and Hair extensions
Types of Straight hair: Wigs and Hair extensions

Currently, you have two main straight hair options: wigs and extensions.

In particular, hair extensions are still basically hair with a natural straight texture. This type of product can be designed to combine with various accessories such as tufts, microbead clips, or clips.

Unlike hair extensions, straight wigs are just a collection of about 3 bundles of weft hair and a tight one. As a result, this product has better coverage and provides a higher aesthetic effect than the conventional joint.

About Bone Straight Hair

Before pointing out the difference between the two most popular options today, let’s take a look at the most basic information about straight hair with bones:

What is Bone straight?

Beautiful ladies wearing bone straight hair
Beautiful ladies wearing bone straight hair

Unlike completely natural straight hair, the smooth straightness of this product mainly comes from the impact of machines and tools.

However, the product still retains the required softness and shine. And because of the above advantages, this hair type is the favorite choice of many women worldwide, especially women in African or Latin American countries.

Types of Bone straight

Currently, on the market, you can find three main types of straight bone hair:

  • Single Drawn: The main identifying feature of this product is that the top is quite thick, while the middle is tapered and the tail is thin. Also, because of the above structure, the product with this design has the lowest price among the three main options available.
  • Double Drawn: the most distinctive feature of this style is that it is thick and full in all three parts of the top, middle, and bottom.
  • Super Double Drawn: this is an upgrade of Double Drawn; this hair contains about 85-90% of fibers of the same length, providing a high degree of naturalness when used. However, along with an authentic, natural feel and aesthetic appearance comes the price tag, which is quite high compared to today’s average.

Differences Between Straight And Bone Straight Hair

As you can see, the two options above have a lot of similarities. For example, they are both smooth and receive a lot of attention from women worldwide, especially Latin American women.

However, in reality, the two hairstyles above still have differences. Even the above differences also directly affect the user experience and the price of the product.

Therefore, to be sure which product is right for your needs, you should consider a range of differences below:


Although both products are of natural origin, the texture of each product is different. Based on observations and feelings, you can easily distinguish two types of products with just this criterion, specifically:

Straight Hair

As mentioned in the previous section, straight hair is natural human hair that has not been treated with chemicals or heat.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of this type of product is its naturalness. From the wavy or the thick, it’s hard to tell the difference between this product and real hair. However, this unprocessed product is certainly difficult to compare with straight hair in terms of shine or straightness.

The above difference is even more obvious after washing. After using chemicals, your hair will likely become wavy, less flat, and lose shine. To overcome this situation, you can resort to the help of oils or creams. You need to pay attention to the amount of oil during use and minimize use on the scalp to avoid stickiness.

Finally, when comparing textures, naturally straight hair will be heavier than a bony refined product of the same thickness. According to some tests, in the same style of tie, you will need up to 400g of hair to get the most natural look, while for straight hair with bones, you only need 300g.

Bone Straight Hair

When dealing with straight hair with bones, agents, manufacturers will use steam and heat, and finally, use herbs or chemicals to improve the condition of the product.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when straight hair with bones has outstanding shine. Users do not need to use additional conditioning agents or perform complicated care operations to regain natural straightness even after washing.

Texture: A table comparison

CriterionStraight HairBone Straight Hair
TreatmentNot be treated with chemicals or heatUse steam and heat, and finally, apply herbs or chemicals to gain great smoothness
LookNaturalExtremely smooth, outstanding shine
After washingBecome wavy, less flat and lose shineDon’t need to adopt conditioner or sophisticate care
A table comparison regarding texture


Straight Hair

Natural straight hair has never been exposed to heat and chemicals before so it will be the first choice of stylists. Or simply, if you want to style it yourself, you will appreciate this natural straight choice.

Especially if you need to dye, you can choose only this type of product. Because before the dyeing step, you will need to bleach, and this operation is only successful, giving the desired smooth straight result if the hair has never been treated with heat or chemicals before.

Bone Straight Hair

Meanwhile, despite not being the ideal choice of stylists, straight hair with bones receives a lot of attention from ordinary users.

Because in case you do not need to style yourself or perform complicated dyeing and bleaching operations, choosing bone straight, you will certainly be satisfied with the product quality. This hairstyle will not let you down from the thickness, softness, and minimal care required.


With the above differences in quality and applicability, it is not difficult to understand that there will be a clear difference between the two options. If you are a business person who sells this item in large quantities, you will certainly understand and be interested in the difference in the price of each product:

Straight Hair

Natural straight hair costs more than manufactured products or products that do not meet the criteria of straightness, smoothness, and healthy shine.

However, it must be admitted that this type of product has a slightly lower cost than bone straight hair.

Bone Straight Hair

Bone straight hair has a higher price tag than traditional hair because processing factories need to perform more stages to produce this product.

Besides sorting and synthesizing input materials, factory workers also need to process input materials with chemicals and heat. In particular, if you are looking for products with many colors, the factory also has to perform additional steps of bleaching, dyeing, and styling.

In addition to the problem of production steps, the cost of the product is also affected by the structure. For example, Super Double Drawn products that own 90-95% of hair of the same length, the rest with short hair will have a high price, even many times higher than traditional products.

Popularity at the market

After comparing both options based on texture, applicability, and price criteria, you should now have your answer on the popularity of each product. It is not out of the principle that the higher the user’s demand, the more diverse the quantity and type; the difference between the two types of products has been very clear when considering this criterion, specifically:

Straight Hair

This hair type is a popular choice of professional stylists and users who want to change the style and color themselves. Therefore, you almost do not have many options for these simple products.

Bone Straight Hair

Customers today are very fond of bone straight hair because of its flexibility, ease of use, and transformation.

In addition, hair service companies are also very fond of this hairstyle because it is easy for the company to source large quantities and import the best sources.

Uses, Price, Popularity at the market: A Table Comparison

CriterionStraight HairBone Straight Hair
UsesHeat and chemical free hairApply chemical treatment
PriceHave a slightly lower costA higher price tag
Popularity at the marketPopular for stylists and customers who want to change style and colorPopular because of flexibility
A table comparison between straight and bone straight hair regarding uses, price, popularity


With the above information, perhaps you have found the answer to the question about the difference between these two seemingly similar products.

However, the hair production and supply industry are larger and more complex than you think. In addition to the questions related to the difference, surely you have not less than once asked yourself questions about how to inspect, care for and use this special accessory carefully.

And this article will answer some of those questions for you:

Can bone straight hair be straightened?

As mentioned earlier, bony straight hair won’t need styling. And all those activities that try to style it can put stress on the hair or mess it up because, in the process, free fibers appear.

If you want to renew your wig, whether curling or straightening, you should not do it because one of the best ways to maintain the shine of this type of product is not to apply additional force, heat or chemicals.

How do you treat bone straight hair?

Without using heat or chemicals, you still have plenty of safer ways to affect and improve the condition of your bony straight hair. In particular, the simplest but also safest and most effective operation that you can do every day is to brush the tail to limit tangles.

How do I take care of my straight human hair?

Haircare is a long journey that requires quite a bit of patience. However, you can completely maintain your routine to get a perfect hair set. Some good care habits that you should retain include:

  • Care gently: do not use strong impact such as pulling or scratching.
  • Use conditioners: do not use conditioners on the joint. Besides, do not use too much gel, oil, or cream on the scalp and the entire product to avoid the phenomenon of stickiness and damage to the skin.

When not in use, store the product in a designated area. You need to avoid damaging the product by preventing surrounding objects from rubbing against the product.

Which country has the best bone straight hair?

Vietnam is one country that provides the best straight hair with bones today. The reason is that Vietnamese women’s hair is straight and smooth. Besides the traditional method of care, minimizing the use of chemicals instead of herbs is also why the output products have great shine and health.

As a result, manufacturers will not spend too much money on processing and styling while still owning top-quality output products.

What is the difference between human hair and bone straight?

Straight yarn is the most important factor in distinguishing between the two types of products above.

To identify straight hair, you need to look at the straightening ability, especially the beautiful wind movement of this product.

Does bone straight hair curl?

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to style this product because any impact can affect the texture and overall quality of the product.

How do you revamp straight hair?

For a wig that is both authentically soft and comfortable, here are the steps you can take to refurbish the product:

  • Step 1: Use natural oils as a therapeutic layer. Some of the best and most popular oils that you can find today are Moroccan oil and coconut oil. With only about 30 minutes of incubation under a shower cap, your wig will have the great softness and a pleasant scent.
  • Step 2: Clean the oil with shampoo. An important note in this step: let the water run in the same direction as your hair to limit tangles.
  • Step 3: Moisturize: You will need a little conditioner in this step. In particular, do not forget to pay attention to the tops to increase the natural buoyancy of these areas. The position on the back of the neck also reflects the condition of being loose or floating, so you should also pay attention to this position.
  • Step 4: Also, if you have time, use a shower cap. Because the closed design of the hat will help retain heat effectively, thereby improving the air conditioning process.
  • Step 5: Dry. If you want to use the dryer, be careful about the temperature and handling to avoid damage and tangles. However, it is better to use the manual drying method: squeeze out the water gently, then squeeze out the excess with a dry towel. Finally, put the product on the stand and wait for the hair to dry naturally.

Where to buy Straight Hair and Bone Straight Hair in Vietnam?

Vietnamese hair factory – Gruda Hair
Vietnamese hair factory – Gruda Hair

These days, in Vietnam, there are a large number of hair factories distributing Vietnamese wigs and hair extensions all over the world. It is undeniable that hair industry is booming. To know more about Vietnamese hair factories, you can refer to this post:  Top 10 best Vietnam hair factories you should look at.

Now, the most reliable address that I highly recommend to you is Gruda Hair factory. Gruda Hair is a hair business operating with an ultimate goal to supply 100% natural hair extensions around the world. This business longs for creating a perfect beauty for all users and help clients successfully start their hair business by providing first-rate hair extensions.

Established in 2008, Gruda Hair is one of the top manufacturers of raw weft, wigs and hair extensions in Vietnam. Over many years of development, Gruda Hair has established a global business network with the many countries from different continents such as the USA, Nigeria, France, Germany, UK, etc – an undeniable proof for its reputation and position in the hair market.

To meet all the clients’ demands, expectations and criteria, there are countless hair products that are sold and manufactured by Gruda Hair.

Here are some products as an example:

Various products from Gruda Hair - a reliable Vietnamese hair factory
Various products from Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnamese hair factory
Various products from Gruda Hair - a reliable Vietnamese hair factory
Various products from Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnamese hair factory


As the information mentioned in the article, the differences between straight and bone straight hair are shown in the criteria of texture, usage, price, and popularity.

With a series of sharing and comparisons above, you probably have an overview but no less in-depth about hair types and the hair market in general.

And hopefully, with the knowledge gained, you can confidently choose the right product for your personal use or your business purposes.

Especially in case you are a stylist, custom wig designer, wish you always master the above basic differences to choose the most suitable style for your customers.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly via this phone number (Our sales manager: Ms Rosa: +84902106091) to get supported instantly. We will try to give the most comprehensive and complete answers in order that you can untangle your problems.

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