How To Do A Quick Weave Ponytail Easily At Home

These days, a quick weave ponytail is increasingly popular because of several characteristics of this hairstyle. It is so flexible and durable. Moreover, it also requires low maintenance and time-saving application. Depending on your desire regarding color or volume, you can add the amount of hair extensions you want. If you want your hair to be extremely long and voluminous, it’s fine, you just need to apply a thick weave. 

It is undeniable that weaving ponytails is the best approach to help you keep a secret about thick and bouncy hair. It helps you to fake smooth and voluminous hair until you make it. To accomplish this hairstyle, it is unnecessary for you to resort to the help of a professional or aspiring hairstylist. All you need to prepare is the proper equipment, the carefulness and patience to complete the task. And more importantly, it is your huge desire to have a natural appearance with a quick weave ponytail that can help you do meticulously and thoroughly.

What Is A Quick Weave Ponytail?

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Women wearing a quick weave ponytail

To begin with, we will discover a quick weave. Have you ever wondered: What is a quick weave? Alright, the answer is here for you. Let’s scroll down and keep reading. 

Actually, a quick weave is simply the use of hair extensions that are usually glued or pinned into your natural hair. The purpose of this method is to add more volume to your hair. Therefore, for those who want to have thick hair and are so bored of other normal hairstyles of hair extensions, they can give it a try. It can bring them a new look, a new person. That’s so nice to think about their appearance with this hairdo.

Following that, the next part is about a quick weave ponytail. Now, I will talk to you about it. Weaving is all about using synthetic or natural hair extensions (upon hair extensions you bought, but I advise you to invest in natural hair extensions. In the long run, it turns out to be economic because of its durability) to add volume to your ponytail. 

A ponytail with weave hair is a type of weave hair augmentation that comes in the form of an instant ponytail. You can attach it to your natural hair with pins or clips, this can create a safe connection to your natural hair and keep the quick weave ponytail safe and sleek in a long time. Thanks to this hairdo,  you can change your hairstyle on a regular basis because it comes in a variety of hair surfaces. 

Necessary Tools For A Quick Weave Ponytail

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All tools you need to prepare

Preparation is always vital. Here’s what you need to create an easy quick weave ponytail beautifully at home by yourself.

  • The hair weave according to your preference (You should find the product that will blend with the texture and color of your natural hair)
  • Hair moisturizer of your choice
  • Hairbrush and comb
  • Stick pins
  • Non-alcohol hair gel
  • Hair scrunchies
  • Hairspray
  • A low heat dryer

Step-by-step To Make A Quick Weave Ponytail

The most important part of this post is here. Let’s read carefully in order to do a quick weave ponytail at home on your own. As I said before, this application is so easy to do. As a result, don’t worry so much. Let’s be confident and believe that you can make it easily and successfully. So, now, jump to the ways to make it. 

Step 1: Start with clean hair, moisturize and remove the tangles

Combing hair is the first step
Combing hair is the first step

The first step is always essential, because it creates foundation and decides how your hair looks. Brushing your hair is to smooth it down. Then, moisturizing your hair helps ensure your hair to be hydrated. Importantly, it is irrational for you to skip the detangling step. Actually, detangling your natural hair protects your hair against breakage and makes combing your hair effective. 

Step 2: Part your hair to decide where the ponytail is applied.

Parting hair before weaving
Parting hair before weaving

Depending on your preference, you can wear it up, down or even to the side. Therefore, the next step requires you to divide your hair in the way you like. 

When parting your hair, let’s make your part straight as much as possible. And the indispensable tool is comb. Using a fine comb to make a clean part.

Step 3: Create your ponytail by natural hair

Doing a bun
Doing a bun

Beginning this step by using a suitable amount of gel onto your hair. Then, you lay down your ponytail in the position you want. Make sure that with this step, you have already prepared hair scrunchies. It is because you need them to hold your own ponytail in a stable place. 

Remember that you must use a moderate amount of gel. If you do so, when you’re done, your hair should look sleek, but it shouldn’t feel drenched. However, if you apply excessive gel, it will speed up the dry time and your hair will easily accumulate some unwanted substances.

Step 4: Lay the weave on the table and double it by folding in a half. 

This step makes your hair much easier to work with. Because, when you make it shorter by folding it in a half, you can cut down the amount of time spent on wrapping hair extensions around your own bun. One bundle or pack of weave should be enough for a ponytail. Because, this hairdo can easily put an enormous stress on your head. However, if you want more volume, you just need to repeat this step. 

Step 5: Fix the weave with stick pins at the base of your bun  

To keep ponytails in a long time, this step needs to be done carefully. Secure the loose ends of the weave with stick pins at the base of your bun. Two pins should be enough to get this step done. 

Step 6: Wrap the weave around your bun until your hair is hidden. 

Cover completely buns by doing a quick weave ponytail
Cover completely buns by doing a quick weave ponytail

This is the most crucial step. It is important to wrap the weave as close to the base of your scrunchie as possible in order to cover it firmly. Wrap the weave around your bun or braid until it completely covers your hair. Begin at the top of the bun and work your way up.

Remember to wrap the weave tight enough in order that it can not fall out, but loose enough in order that it does not cause too much tension on your real hair. 

When you’re out of weave, secure your ponytail with stick pins. The use of stick pins at the beginning and at the end is vital.

When you finish this step, it means that you successfully do a quick weave ponytail. 

How To Care The Weave Ponytail After Doing It

When you finish applying a weave ponytail, it does not mean that you do not need to be concerned about it. The following time is the period you need to take care of it to keep your ponytail healthy, sleek and in a good condition for a long time. 

To get a more natural appearance, you should take some strands and make them fall on your forehead as well as hide the wefts of the weave. 

There is one thing you should remember that your hair must be dried before you go outside. For this step, if you are in a hurry, you should use a low heat dryer. Moreover, there are some ways for you to let your hair dry. For example, you can tie your hair down with a silk headscarf. Or you let your hair naturally dry when doing your makeup or getting dressed, ect. 

The next tip is not compulsory. But you know, there is nothing meaningless when it comes to the care for our body. I encourage you to use a soft hold spray. It would be incredibly beneficial in the long run. Using a hair spray allows you to keep the appearance with a long, sleek, voluminous ponytail for a longer period of time.


In this post, I have shown you step-by-step how to create an easy quick weave extension at home easily without the need of any hairstylists or hair professionals. You need to take notice that before doing, it is vital for you to prepare all the necessary tools I talked about above. 

And more importantly, you need to follow each step that I guide to achieve the desired results. Finally, I hope you can do that on your own and do not forget to share this post with your friends and families and colleagues if you find it so useful.

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