How To Buy Hair From Vietnam: Step By Step Guide

Do not miss out this post guiding you how to buy hair from Vietnam. Vietnam is a big hair extension distributor all around the world. This post is very beneficial for you as a client having demand to buy hair or as hair business owner.

Hair extensions products from Vietnam always have a great attraction across markets from Asia to Europe and even Africa. Therefore, it is not unusual for many manufacturers to start setting up their headquarters in this country to develop their business. 

However, with the change coming from these manufacturers, buying products with users will become more difficult in many aspects. So if you want to own the best quality hair extensions from Vietnam, you should not ignore my article today. Because the report will not only answer the question of how to buy hair from Vietnam but also provide much other valuable information.

Characteristics of Vietnamese hair

The current market is always for products from Vietnam with positive reviews, and that’s why hair models from this country have become quite popular with users in many countries. It can be that the following characteristics make these hairstyles special.

Characteristics Of Vietnamese Hair
Characteristics Of Vietnamese Hair

Natural beauty

Thanks to the development of science and technology, many chemical hair care products are also born to serve many different needs. However, with a structure that is not very durable, when we expose our hair to many chemicals, it will cause damage to the inside even though the outer shell is still normal.

Although not the country is too lagging behind the world and still has chemical hair care products, Vietnamese people do not like these methods. 

Instead, they often use natural hair care methods by taking advantage of herbs, essential oils, and many other natural remedies to nourish and beautify their hair. Therefore, products from Vietnam always possess a natural beauty that is impressive and healthy.


As I mentioned above, the Vietnamese people’s proper hair care habits give their hair products impressive strength compared to many competitors. 

So the durability of Vietnamese hair extensions will certainly be much higher. If you pay close attention, you can see that the outer tissue of the hair strand is very soft, but when pulled or cut, it is very flexible. And when these two factors combine, we will get a quality and durable product.

Impressive shine

Vietnamese hair extension products are usually quite solid and thick in texture to create iridescence for the surface and create a luxurious feeling for the user. But despite being quite thick, these products do not feel heavy. But on the contrary, if you try to touch them, you can feel the impressive smoothness that each hair possesses.

What’s The Best Hair To Buy In Vietnam?

As a major hair supplier, it is not surprising that Vietnam provides markets worldwide with many different hair extensions with a full range of styles and quality. However, when it comes to products worth buying, you can consider two real human hair models, Remy and Virgin because these two products possess both extremely high-quality structure and function.

Vietnamese Human Hair Extensions
Vietnamese Human Hair Extensions

Remy’s Hair

Remy’s hair is a type of hair extension derived entirely from real human hair without mixing synthetic hair. Remy products themselves do not come from a single source but can come from many different sources and donors.

The most recognizable feature of Remy’s hair in terms of texture is its consistency when the hair surface has not undergone too much impact from chemicals or heat. With so much less influence, the hair’s cuticles remain intact with the same orientation and include similar cuts and lengths. And this texture also gives strength to the hair.

Virgin Hair

Like Remy’s hair, Virgin hair is 100% derived from real human hair. However, unlike Remy, Virgin is made entirely from a single person’s hair. Therefore, the hair quality and the shine that this hair type possesses are uniform and unique. 

With Vietnamese hair always having high structural quality, the uniformity will increase the beauty many times over. And this is also the reason that Virgin hair costs much more than many other products.

Steps To Import Reliable Vietnamese Hair

Once you have determined that you want to buy hair extensions from Vietnam and what type of hair to buy, you can start the buying process by identifying the right manufacturer, then making the transaction and receiving the goods. And to get the most accurate choice, you need to consider the steps below carefully.

All Steps For Importing Hair From Vietnam
All Steps For Importing Hair From Vietnam

Find sources of goods

There are numerous hair firms on the market nowadays, so it is critical that you research and choose a reputable one that can meet your needs and standards. To find a reliable source, you should investigate the Vietnamese hair market thoroughly. There are various methods for identifying reputable hair providers.

In the current context, it is not difficult to find hair suppliers, but the main problem is how the quality of the products will be. So, in addition to searching on search platforms like Google and Yahoo, which contain information about most hair manufacturers from Vietnam, you will need to try to find information from other outside sources.

There are several factors that you need to consider:

  • Verify hair supplier’s brand regarding phone number, email dress, social media platforms, logo, location of this hair company that are public on its website.
  • Check their products through videos and photos uploaded on the Internet.
  • Read feedback and comment from the previous customer.
  • Confirm physical evidence by making video call to see hair extensions products and hair factories.

Check supplier quality

You can only check the rate online because of the geographical distance. But that does not mean that we can neglect this important step. So it would help if you took the time to check out their website, Instagram, or page on social media platforms. Also, don’t forget to check out videos or photos and customer testimonials from various sources to avoid staging.

This is an essential step that you must not skip while looking for a dependable supplier. You should not order any things if you find no evidence or signals that the firm is legitimate. Obviously, a reliable hair company must have a physical location. To identify a genuine hair factory, ask hair suppliers to send images and videos of their facilities, including staff, products, and equipment. You can then ask them to make a video call so you can thoroughly inspect it. When you consider them to be a true hair manufacturer, the organizations respond immediately and are eager to carry out all of your requests.

Direct contact

After the preliminary identification and inspection are complete, we can contact the manufacturer directly through the applications and addresses provided by the company. Please note that you need to request a factory review via video to be sure, in addition to texting or calling.

Several numbers have been posted on websites and social media pages. Collect one of them and then contact us over WhatsApp; there is always sales staff available to assist you. Gruda Hair, with over ten years of expertise, offers to totally support you and lend a helping hand to your success; please contact us to be consulted.

Refer to the price list

If you are satisfied with what the manufacturer provides, please do not place an order to buy quickly. Now you need to ask them for samples and a price list. Part of this requirement is to find anomalies such as too high or too low prices, while the rest is for you to compare with other hair suppliers.

In this step, you need to contact many different manufacturers and then compare the price lists that the hairdressers provide to find the most suitable workshop for your needs.

Place a buy order

After you have done all the above steps, you can place a buy order, check the records and wait for the goods to arrive home.

When deciding to enter into a purchasing relationship with hair suppliers, you must mention any hair varieties you require so that hair vendors can deliver and create an invoice for you. If you are a newbie, the hair factory will provide you with appropriate assistance. You should carefully and properly list products to avoid making any unforeseen mistakes.

After successfully ordering hair extensions, hair factories will count the total price you need to pay, including shipping, and send you an invoice bill to pay.

Payment to import hair from Vietnam

After you have decided on the best providers and hair extensions for you, the next step is to make a payment. In the case, you live in a foreign country, there may be some points you need to consider in order to successfully transfer money to the vendor.

  • You are a citizen of the country and use USD as a means of payment, the exchange rate is not a barrier, and you can transfer money directly to the seller’s bank account or Paypal.
  • If you are from a nation that does not accept USD as payment. You may occasionally encounter exchange-rate-related difficulties. You can send money through Paypal to make a payment.
  • If you are from Nigeria, the most popular technique is to take advantage of Naira agents. The most significant advantage of using Naira agents is that you may pay in your home currency. It is convenient and saves time because it is completed within 24 hours. You can also utilize Western Union, Bank Transfer, and Remitly, which are all reputable transfer agents.

If you don’t have much experience and you want to transfer USD to your supplier, Gruda can recommend a trustworthy agent in Nigeria. Gruda Hair is always accessible to assist you at any moment.

These are some of the most typical issues that hair importers face. All of these circumstances can be avoided when you are familiar with the process after the first or second time experience. So, don’t worry a lot. 

Shipment to import hair from Vietnam

When it comes to this step, the shipping method varies greatly depending on the country in which the buyer resides.

  • If you are from Nigeria, we can recommend a reliable shipping agent who will save you money in the process.
  • If you are from other nations, we can ship products to you through UPS and DHL.

You must always remember that selecting an acceptable provider is critical, because we sometimes require smart tactics to properly deliver hair extensions to you. In actuality, human hair is a unique and delicate product, thus you may encounter issues or have your package canceled or even confiscated at the airport when importing Vietnamese hair. To prevent this unpleasant circumstance, Gruda Hair would list your orders as synthetic hairs, ensuring that you would receive your hair without difficulty.

Receive product and give feedback

After receiving your order, you should thoroughly inspect it and, if possible, provide feedback to the hair providers. Therefore, best quality is widely shared.

Sharing and giving feedback is an essential part for hair business to develop from the mistakes (if have). This is an important process that hair factory needed to improve itself and customer experience. From this, gradually, hair manufacturers can correct from mistakes and fully satisfy you.

Therefore, do not hesitate to leave any comment feedback regardless of negative or positive ones, they are fine.

Is It Safe To Buy Vietnamese Hair Online?

Buying and selling in the online environment always has risks, and we can only accept them. However, if you follow some important notes, you can completely keep yourself safe from sophisticated scams. If you do not know these rules, you can refer to them below.

All Those Things You Need To Consider When Buying Hair Online
All Those Things You Need To Consider When Buying Hair Online

Buy only from reputable hair manufacturers: Of course, there are always manufacturers known for their reputation and quality in the market, and your priority should be on these names; although the price may be higher or the waiting time is long, but it is still worth our trust.

Compare prices between hair providers: A very low price can also signify a scam. So comparing prices can give us an anomaly.

Read hair salon reviews: In addition to good reviews, it’s also important to check for bad reviews. Because the limitations of the brand will appear most clearly in these sections.

Read Vietnamese hair salon policies: You shouldn’t do anything or make important decisions without carefully reading the guidelines.

What Should Be Done To Ensure The Quality Of The Source?

To ensure that the goods are always in good and complete condition when we need to use them, you can check or follow my instructions below. If combined with diligence and diligence, your ability to have a stable source of goods can be up to 99%.

Careful research

With so many sources available on the internet, looking up names one by one will be extremely boring for most of us. However, consider whether the feeling now and the loss of money and effort when choosing the wrong manufacturer are balanced. So try to research and review all the providers carefully.

Regular order tracking

Not just placing an order, you can rest assured and ignore it without tracking the order. The practice has proven that many risks can occur when a package is in transit. Therefore, regular order tracking can help us manage delivery time and arrange if something goes wrong during transportation.

Choose multiple partners

Performing a transaction with a single potential partner can bring convenience and many economic incentives. However, you should still consult many different manufacturers to have backup plans and easily buy the necessary products at the most favorable prices.

Thoroughly check

Of course, we can’t skip the test. Here you need to check everything as thoroughly as possible, from the order to the unit price and even the goods after they arrive.

Where to import Vietnamese Hair?

Vietnamese hair factory – Gruda Hair
Vietnamese hair factory – Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair – a reputable Vietnamese hair factory – is the greatest address I can recommend to you. Gruda Hair, a renowned Vietnamese hair factory, was founded in 2008. It has risen over time to become one of Vietnam’s largest manufacturers of raw weft and hair extensions. It retains a stable position on the world stage in this area. Gruda Hair’s mission is to supply high-quality hair extensions that meet customers’ expectations and enhance the beauty of all women throughout the world. It has loyal customers from all over the world, including the United States, Nigeria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, demonstrating its reputation and position in the industry in the hair industry. 

This company provides a broad range of options for clients in terms of color, hairstyles, and even price to maximize customer satisfaction. As a result, buyers have numerous opportunities to get any hair extensions they desire. Wigs, bulk hair, hair extension wefts, clip-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, closures, frontals, ponytails, and so on along with a variety of styles and brilliant hues. In addition to hair varieties, there are numerous hairstyles from which clients can choose: from straight hair to curly hair, natural color hair to bleached or coloured hair. Some of the popular hairstyles are bone straight hair, pixie hair, afro kinky hair, and body wavy hair with in a variety of colors: piano, chocolate brown, blond hair, red wine.

Here are images of hair products in Gruda Hair:

Vietnamese Hair Extensions Of Gruda Hair
Vietnamese Hair Extensions Of Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions Of Gruda Hair
Vietnamese Hair Extensions Of Gruda Hair


And here is all the important information for you to answer the question of how to buy hair from Vietnam. In this article, I show you all the necessary things you must know before deciding to import hair from Vietnam. There are some critical points to prepare before importing hair also shared in it. So, you must be read carefully. Hopefully, the knowledge that I have brought to you through this article will help your process of using and purchase hair extensions.

If you have any issues, please leave a comment below. However, in the situation, you want to be responded quickly: please contact us directly via this phone number (Our sales manager: Ms Rosa: +84902106091) to get advise and support instantly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Because team sales staff of Gruda Hair is available 24/7 to support and respond to customers immediately. To get more information about Vietnamese hair products as well as hair suppliers, let’s contact Gruda Hair to have the best consultation.