How To Detangle Braided Hair? A Guide For Newbies

Braided hair can cause tension to the scalp, therefore, it it important know how to detangle it. However, braided hair is a typical hairstyle favored by many women around the world today. It helps to honor the unique beauty of your body. So how do detangle the braided hair? 

The best way to untangle your hair after a braid is to use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb not to affect the hair and cause much tension. Moreover, you can use a little more shampoo or conditioner for stubborn areas, and you will detangle them easily. Continue reading below to learn more about how to untangle braids! 

What Is Braided Hair? 

Braided hair is a hairstyle that is tied together by many different braiding and tying operations. Braided hair allows for the expression of personality and a robust and attractive style. 

Girls With Braided Hair
Girls With Braided Hair

At the same time, it also contributes to expressing the distinct beauty of women. 

To untangle braided hair usually takes quite a while. It will take us about 4-5 hours to unravel medium-length braids. With longer hair, it may take longer or even an entire day to detangle. So what should be done to make the debugging process faster? Stay tuned for more information below!

How To Prepare Hair Before Detangling Braided Hair? 

Undoing your braids requires a certain amount of energy and persistence. Because if you do it too quickly and pull your hair hard, your hair will break and fall out a lot. And as such, it is tough to recover.

Before you step into untangling your braids, you need to know what you need for the upcoming operation. Here’s what you have to prepare to detangle your hair quickly and effectively

Preparations Before Starting To Untangle Braids
Preparations Before Starting To Untangle Braids

Keep the braids clean

Is it necessary to keep the hair clean when removing the braids? Yes, much needed. Before detangling your hair, you can use antiseptic oil to soothe the scalp to make it more convenient to de-tangle. If you remove it directly, your scalp will be damaged and cause a long-term headache that seriously affects your health.

Wide-tooth comb

You can also untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb. You should look for a quality comb with unquestionable durability to ensure that it does not deform when performing hair removal operations. If you can’t find any wide combs around your house, it’s OK to use your fingers to detangle them. Your fingers will be a great assistant for untangling tangles in the hair and soon bring the original smooth hair.


The liquid referred to here can be shampoo, conditioner, or balm. They act as aids to making the debugging process easier and faster. Or, if you don’t have any oils, you can use some warm water and put your braids in. It will be softer for your subsequent removal operations.

If you want your removal process to go smoothly, don’t forget to prepare the above tools!

How To Detangle Braided Hair?

Hair oils or household items will be ideal to detangle braided hair. So what is it? Each aspect’s specific characteristics and implementation will be presented in detail in the article below!

Use hair oil

Using Hair Oil To Detangle
Using Hair Oil To Detangle

You can put a few drops directly into tangled hair and rub them to create volume for more effortless detangling with a hair conditioner. Continue to use your fingers to massage the hair conditioner into the hair. Note, when doing this operation, do not pull your hair firmly because this can tighten the curls and seriously affect your scalp.

Then take a wide-tooth comb and start untangling from the end of the knot. Try to slow down and brush your strands off the knot. And don’t move the knot up until you’ve successfully removed the bottom of the knot. To increase the effectiveness of this solution, you should choose moisturizing conditioners instead of regular conditioners because they will soften the hair better and give better detangling results. If you can’t do this yourself, you can refer to and do it the way below!

Use household items

Household Items Can Help Remove Braids
Household Items Can Help Remove Braids

Your hair can become tangled for many different reasons. Maybe it’s just a simple tangle from the braids or because there’s something in the hair. So how do you detangle your braided hair when there’s something between the strands? If you need to remove the substance, try freezing them first by bringing the ice and braids together. Use your fingers to melt the rest of your hair and continue using the conditioner to melt the rest. After that, use a wide comb to remove that part of the hair. 

In addition to ice, vinegar or peanut butter are also perfect suggestions for removing specific substances or dirt from the hair. But, if you don’t have all of these, you can cut that curly hair. You need to massage these into tangled hair for a few minutes and brush them back afterward. And you will see the magic happen. Your hair will be much softer and easier to detangle. 

Below, I will suggest specifically how to wash your hair with apple cider vinegar. I’m sure you’ll like it. Specifically: 

  • Step 1: Untangle the braids 
  • Step 2: Prepare shampoo, including 2 cups of water and 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (the dosage can be adjusted to suit the capacity and depth of the bucket or basin)
  • Step 3: Put about 5 drops of rosemary or tea tree oil in a bucket or basin and mix well.
  • Step 4: Dip your hair completely into the bucket or basin, making sure your scalp will also be harmonized.
  • Step 5: Soak your hair for about 3-5 minutes to soften the hair and use your fingers to remove the remaining tangles. Or you can also soak for a longer time if your hair is too dry. But you need to make sure not to soak them thoroughly for more than 8 minutes.

Then, rinse with clean water to completely remove the apple cider vinegar. Should wash through 2 times with clean water to be sure.

How To Take Care Of Hair After Removing Braids

After detangling, your hair can be damaged, and you need to find a way to restore them. If you let the damage linger, you will regret it. Here are some ways to take care of your hair after removing braids. Please scroll gently so as not to miss important information! 

Tips To Take Care Of Hair After Removing Braids
Tips To Take Care Of Hair After Removing Braids

Gently combing

Take your time and make sure you gently detangle your hair with your fingers. It is the best way to reduce typical hair damage. At the same time, it also aids in hair resiliency. Combing with your fingers means that you have to separate the hair and smooth them gently and carefully. 

However, with narrow tooth combs, it is best not to use them because it will cause your hair to fall out or even will affect your scalp.

Head washing

The shampoo is the popular solution of choice for post-braid care. It helps restore deep into each layer of hair for softer, stronger hair. Not only that, but it also effectively cleans the scalp for your comfort. However, you need to consider the line of shampoo you choose carefully. Make sure it’s quality and reputable to provide the best nutrients to restore your damaged hair.

Deep hair care

If you think your hair is deeply damaged, use an extra hair conditioner. They will help penetrate deep into the hair and provide long-term protection for your hair. You will incubate your hair for about 20-30 minutes about how to use it. With this aspect, you also need to pay special attention to the product’s origin. They must be quality products that can meet your care needs.

Trim your hair

Removing damaged ends and creating a new hairstyle after braiding is also a good idea for you. Trimming is an essential part of long-term hair growth, and it helps hair grow faster than average. However, you need to be careful to let your hair rest for up to two weeks before performing styling operations. Because if you cut too much and the time between cuts is too short, it will seriously affect the health and growth of your hair.

Some Notes For Hair After Removing Braids

After untangling your braids, there are things you can or can’t do with your hair. So what does it include? Specifically:

  • Untangle braids slowly: Braids should be removed gradually to ensure that they do not affect the hair roots and scalp. If you pull too hard, your scalp will also be damaged and affect your health later. The most typical symptom of this action is that you lose sleep.
  • Do not use many shampoos and conditioners simultaneously for hair care: Using many types of shampoo at the same time will make the hair not adapt and cause damage back. Or even it causes hair loss more than visible.
  • Do not cut your hair many times: Cutting your hair many times after removing it is not recommended because it will slow down the growth rate of the hair and make it more frizzy.
  • A healthy diet: After detangling, eating scientifically and rationally is also an effective solution for damaged hair care. Accordingly, supplementing with adequate vitamin A and B vitamins through the diet will help support hair growth and health.


The above article has detailed how to detangle hair after braids. Braids can be difficult to remove, but they will become straightforward if you persevere. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the problem and be able to detangle your hair at home. 

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Thank you for reading!