How To Wash Curly Hair Extension? A Complete Guide From Experts

If you own a curly hair extension and regularly use them but don’t know how to clean them to help them stay like new and last over time. Today, we will learn together how to wash curly hair extensions.

How often should I wash curly hair extensions?

If you use curls, you don’t need to wash your hair as often as they won’t stick to your natural hair. 

However, if you know how to take care of them properly or remove them before going to bed and regularly wash/wash them after about 15-20 times of use will be the best. 

Regular cleaning will help clean hair, have longer-lasting durability over time as well as help hair quality, hairstyle keep the same style as when you first bought it.

Tips To Choose Accessories

When you are choosing the right hair products to wash your hair for curly hair, you should choose the best one with natural extracts or maybe the types of products but do not contain sulfates or alcohol because these two substances will dry out your hair and make your hair more and more tangled and broken, even if it is just a wig or hair extension.

In fact, natural hair is the driest type of hair if you don’t know how to take care of it. Therefore, if you use a shampoo product that contains sulfate or alcohol, it will make your hair dry and break more quickly over time. 

Besides, before buying any product, you should also take the time to learn, and analyze the ingredient list as well as read the reviews of people who have bought it before to know what is the one you really need. need.

A Step By Step Guide

Before shampooing and cleaning, you need to prepare tools such as a wide-tooth comb, detangling brush – or specialized comb for shampooing, shampoo suitable for the scalp – sulfate-free or alcohol, hair cream, and hair serum.

Here are the steps to wash and care for curly hair extensions (summer hair extensions trend in 2022):

Step 1: Wet your hair and use shampoo to clean

Wet Your Hair First Then Using Shampoo To Make Curly Hair Extensions Clean
Wet Your Hair First Then Using Shampoo To Make Curly Hair Extensions Clean

You can gently rinse your hair with warm water. When washing your hair, you should not use too hot water because it will make the cuticle of the hair dry, and frizzy as well as make the scalp more sensitive than ever. 

As shared earlier, please note that you do not use shampoos containing alcohol or sulfates to limit dryness and breakage.

If your hair is very dirty from frequent use but you feel it is prone to dryness, tangles, or frizz, clean it gently instead of scrubbing it too hard.

Step 2: Use conditioner

After washing, it’s time to give those dry curls some time to recover. Applying oil/hair conditioner from top to bottom, from the roots to the ends of the hair will help the hair to be smoother and more bouncy. Also, you need to make sure that the hair extensions don’t have a bottleneck and can move on to the next step in the care cycle.

Step 3: Combine the use of detangling tools

Comb/Brush For Washing Hair In A Smooth Hair
Comb/Brush For Washing Hair In A Smooth Hair

Currently, on the market, there are specialized combs for washing hair. I recommend you They will help keep the curls in place and keep your hair from clumping and tangling together. The use of this comb will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable every time you wash your hair, as well as the hair will be cleaned as carefully and meticulously as possible.

Step 4: Incubate your hair with a special hair product

This step is optional but in practice, they are essential for adding moisture to the texture of the hair. After applying the conditioner and repeating the above steps, you incubate your hair for the time specified by the product. 

The hair mask is a conditioner but has a thicker texture and can easily penetrate deep into the hair roots to help nourish and restore hair extremely effectively and make your curly hair hold for longer, and more beautiful.

Usage is quite simple, you just need to incubate your hair and then use the same comb for about 10 minutes to rinse it off with cold water and move on to the next step.

Step 5: Dry hair naturally

Dry Hair Naturally By Towel
Dry Hair Naturally By Towel

Many people often have the habit of drying their hair after washing. However, this is not advisable because the amount of heat emitted by the dryer is quite large. 

Therefore, if you intend to use a dryer to dry, you should only keep the temperature at 60 – 70% and not dry it too thoroughly.

It is still best that you squeeze out excess water and let your hair dry naturally thanks to the wind, which will not cause your hair to experience dry, brittle hair caused by heat.

Step 6: Combine using hair serum

Finally, when your hair is at a certain moisture level, combine it with a hair serum. Normally, you should choose products from nature with gentle fragrance and extract from coconut oil, argan oil will be the most effective. However, you should not overdo it on any one product but combine the steps and care processes together.

How Do I Store Curly Hair Extensions?

To be able to preserve the best parts of your curly hair, you should keep them in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. 

In addition, if you are more careful, you can buy a small box to store them easier. 

Alternatively, you can wrap your curly hair extension in a silk scarf or cap, or even a silk pillowcase to prevent curls from stretching. You can choose any type of preservation you want, as long as your hair doesn’t get tangled up and is easy to use next time.

How do I prevent curly human hair from tangling and shedding?

Following the above 6 steps of shampooing will be one of the effective methods to prevent curls and hair strands from sticking and knotting together.

If you accidentally find your curly hair tangled, you should not panic but use a wide-tooth comb to comb it from top to bottom. 

Or for some more difficult cases, you can fill it with water and combine conditioner and conditioner to easily detangle it without causing any damage to the hair. 

How To Wash Curly Hair Extension: Simple Rules & Tips

Some Rules And Tips When Washing The Curly Hair
Some Rules And Tips When Washing The Curly Hair

Comb with fingers

The first and most important factor is to use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair. If you want to take care of your curly hair, you should not brush your hair when it is dry because this will make them even more frizzy.

Instead, you need to start brushing from top to bottom and in the direction of the ponytail. You should not brush the side, upward, or in any direction you want because that makes your hair look like a “crow’s nest”.

Skip daily washing 

You should not wash your hair every day, especially with curly hair because it will make your hair straighten faster. Frequent shampooing will stretch and make fragile, dry hair strands much harder.

Therefore, according to experts, you should only wash 2-3 times a week and combine it with other care methods such as conditioners and moisturizers to make your hair smooth. Do not forget to use products with natural, safe and benign ingredients for your scalp. 

Use less conditioner

Some of you think that using more conditioner will make your hair more beautiful, but that is completely wrong. You should not abuse any type of hair conditioner because they will make your hair soft and frizzy.

Therefore, you should only use the right amount of conditioner to apply to your hair in each wash, and remember to rinse thoroughly with water to complete. 

Air dry

Instead of using dryers and heat machines to style and dry your hair, you should let your hair dry as naturally as possible. When hair is wet, it becomes more fragile and prone to damage than usual. According to experts, letting your hair dry through the air and natural wind will help your hair stay durable over time. 

In addition, after each wash, you should use a gentle soft towel to remove all excess water to help dry hair faster.


Above is the information about how to wash curly hair extensions that the article wants to send to you. 

Hopefully, detailed instructions on step-by-step cleaning as well as a combination of conditioner, hair cream and serum will help your hair smoother. 

Also, don’t forget to look carefully at the ingredients of the hair care product so you don’t buy those that contain sulfates or alcohol. 

One of the best suggestions for shampoos and serums is to contain ingredients with natural extracts.

If you find it helpful, do not forget to share with those surrounding you so that they also can know these tips. Feel free to contact us to get support and consultation about hair extensions as well as hair suppliers in Vietnam.