If You’re A Hair Retailer In Lagos, Don’t Miss This Out

Hair is a booming market in African countries, especially Nigeria. A good opportunity also means a handful of competitors. Back in 2017, the hair care market was valued at about 116.4 billion Naira in Nigeria (Statista, 2017). This number reflects how big this opportunity is for not just you but also everyone. In order to stand out, a hair retailer in Lagos needs to have competitive edges. One of the most common and effective way is lower the price by better supply chain management. This means that you choose your business partners (suppliers, distributers, etc.) who offers the lowest price. However, this strategy might not be suitable for long-term success. Instead, opt for partners with high quality products/services and reasonable price. Stick around till the end of the blog in order not to miss out our analysis on this.

About Vietnamese Hair Factory

With the mission to help woman feel confident and beautiful every day and to bring valuable products and services to the international markets. We provide quality products. Vietnamese raw hair is 100% unprocessed human hair, collected from healthy donors,  with no nits nor lices. It is crated by skillful workers with many years of experiences in hair production. If you want to know more about it, you can visit our website here 
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Gruda hair Factory

The differenences between Vietnamese hair and China hair?

Vietnam hair  is very famous for good quality of hair at a reasonable price. Moreover, the healthy sources of hair donors make the hair become durable in a long time of using ( it can be up to 2-10 years if customers know how to take care properly. The price is estimated to be reasonable, just from 9.3 USD/bundle.

China hair factory is widely known for industrial-scale production and cheap products due to the availability of cheap labour and advancement in the increased use of technology. Therefore, the price of hair in China market can be considered to be quite cheap. But according to many wholesale hair sellers, China hair is quite nice for the first time but then becoming tangled and shedding easily.

Both Vietnamese Hair and China Hair also have both advantages and disadvantages. Depend on your purpose of using, your ability to wait production time or your budget that we come up with the best choice.

Buy Chinese Hair If YouBuy Vietnamese Hair If You
Don’t want to wait for production timeDon’t mind production time
Want hair with cheap priceWant hair with hight quality
Want a variety of hairstyles Want your business to be sustainable

For a deeper analysis of Vietnamese and Chinese hair, click here

The benefits when you buy hair extensions from Vietnamese hair factory?

CategoryVietnamese HairChina Hair
Durability6-12 months1-6 months
PriceFrom 9.3 USD/bundleFrom 8 USD/bundle
Grades of hairSingle double hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn and VIP5A,6A,7A,8A,9A,10A,… 
Availabilityproducts will be crafted once orders are placedAvailable in stock
QualityBlend well with most natural ethnic hair texturesSynthetic fiber is visible (not only does it look cheap but the quality is also disappointing )
Comparison between Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair

Quality is our top prority

The quality is the most important advantage of Vietnamese hair when we put it in the comparison with different types of hair from other countries. Gruda hair is extremely durable and easy to style, as well as smooth and silky. Instead of using multiple stages and chemicals to soften or smoothen hair, as is the case in other hair extension markets, Vietnamese factories only comb the hair and bundle it into different bundles to have the perfect coarse hair product for hair extensions creation. As a result, it is extremely popular, particularly in Lagos. Gruda hair is long and thick as a result of their meticulous hair care, and long hair is considered the beauty standard of Vietnamese worman.

hair products from Gruda Hair

Price is reasonable

Vietnamese worman hair is affordable compared to other countries. Because, firstly, Gruda hair is produced by well-experienced factories that have optimized the production process. Therefore, operating costs are minimized to make Vietnamese hair cheaper. Secondly, labor costs are cheap thanks to the large population of working age. Finally, Gruda hair factories are usually built near the raw material areas and then, Gruda hair is shipped straight to the buyer instead of through a third party. Morever, Vietnamese government always encourages to export other countries so almost no tax fee is charged.

Dedicated and caring service

We always care customers before and after buying. We support clients 24h/24, answer all questions, help you find the best choice and also make products according to any customer’s requirements. For mutual benefit, we can negotiate.

hair products from Gruda Hair

How much does Vietnamese hair cost?

We have production line factory and advanced technology. Then, their price is resonable for you. Here is the price of Grudahair factory. It provides most siutable for all customers.

price list
Weft Straight Price List
Closure & Frontal price list
Closure & frontal price list

How is the ordering process?

Step 1: Visit our website to look for your product

Step 2: Contact us

Choose your favorite and call our Hotline at +84902106091 with a detailed description including texture, length, color, etc. You can also reach out to our sales representatives directly via our Whatsapp number. We have a professional team that can help you in languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Step 3: Product choice confirmation

Confirm your final choice of types, descriptions, and quantities with us.

Step 4: Invoice Receivement

We’ll send you an order confirmation with an invoice.

Step 5: Payment

You confirm invoice and make payment. When we get your funds, our factory will start producing.

Step 6: Waiting patiently 🙂

Every day, our factory will provide you with an update on the status of your hair creation. You can call us whenever you want to see your goods in our production via video call (This privilege is just applied in our Gruda Hair factory)

Step 7: Final confirmation

When we finish your production, we create a video call for you to assess the quantity of hair. WE ONLY SEND YOUR ORDER ONCE YOU ARE SATISFIED.

Step 8: Shipment

Before being sent to Logistics Providers, orders will be wrapped.

Sounds like a whole lotta steps? Haha!

Excuse us, we just want to give out information as detailed as possible so you can understand easiler.

If you need our help, you can contact through this

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Why should you buy hair at a reputable Vietnamese factory?

There are many Vietnamese hair factories nowadays, however not all of them guarantee user quality. When you don’t choose quality hair, it might give the consumer a sensation of urgency and even irritate the scalp in persons with sensitive skin. As a result, if you go cheap and acquire hair that is harmful to your health and does not satisfy your aesthetic standards, you will be wasting your money. You should purchase high-quality, long-lasting hair. If you want to have beautiful, safe hair, come to Gruda Hair; we always supply you with the most prominent and appealing goods.

hair products from Gruda Hair