Reasons Why You Should Trim Your Hair: A Guide For Newbies

A regular haircut is also one of the pretty good hair care habits that many people apply. However, many people still have not formed that habit, so in today’s article, we will find out together the reasons why you should trim your hair.

What Is The Significance Of Trimming Your Natural Hair?

Trimming is the process of removing unwanted hair by using specialized tools including scissors and hairpins with the ultimate purpose of promoting and helping the hair become healthy and grow well. 

From this, you also can increase appearance as well as change hairstyles to bring a new look. 

Why Do So Many People Not Regularly Cut Their Natural Hair?

Trimming Hair
Trimming Hair

Here are 2 prominent reasons why many people do not regularly cut and trim their natural hair:

They are afraid of losing the natural length of their hair 

If you are looking to grow long hair to easily style or style it. Simply because your face suits long hair, regular trimming will reduce your chances of achieving your desired length ratio.

You fear that trimming your hair means it is a way to undermine your beauty. But I think you should remember that sometimes, changing hairstyles or cutting hair into shorter length is a way to change yourself. You will feel refreshed and reenergized. Or even you will find that you become a new person when changing or cutting hair. 

Normally, natural hair can grow about ½ inch/month and in about 6 months you can see them about 3 inches long. However, depending on the quality of the hair and the care of each person, the length of hair growth will be shorter or longer. 

In addition, regularly trimming your hair every 4-6 months will only take a little bit of your hair and still keep the length you want and let your hair grow.

However, if you don’t trim your hair, you won’t get the length you want, which means you’ll notice your hair growing much more slowly. The reason is that not trimming regularly will cause hair to split ends, break, dry, and fibrous.

They are quite lazy

I think laziness is the reason for many people. They do not trim their hair regularly which means that they are too lazy to cut by themselves or go to the salon. 

For example, they feel like lost time every time they go to the salon and have to wait for hours for my turn to cut, trim, style, or can cut myself at home. But it also takes a lot of time and they am afraid they will not be as beautiful as when going to the salon. 

Many people want to try to learn a few ways to style their hair online but are afraid that they can’t do it or cut it badly, which will make their faceless beautiful. Therefore, they still procrastinate the trimming hair process. 

When Is The Right Time To Trim Your Natural Hair?

Many people still wonder when is the right time to trim natural hair. So, to answer that question, we will send you 4 different times and stages when you should trim your natural hair for it to grow well:

The Right Time For You To Trim Your Natural Time
The Right Time For You To Trim Your Natural Time

Fairy Knots

Tiny little hair extensions will form in the trunk or ends of your natural hair and make you feel like you lose a lot of hair or become tangled every time you brush it. Therefore, this is the time to cut and trim your natural hair.

Split Ends

When your hair is often exposed to harsh weather conditions or you overuse the heat machine such as styling, curling will make your hair tangled, and split ends.

Split ends are one of the most obvious signs of damaged hair as well as weakening hair. Therefore, if you do not take care of split ends, they can damage the entire hair shaft and damage the rest of the hair. 

Therefore, when you see your hair showing signs of split ends, let’s trim it. 

Frizzy Ends

Curly or deep hair will make your hair messy. Therefore, if you find that your frizzy (perming) hair leads to stretching or deep hair growth, you should trim your hair to make it grow better.

Excessive Breakage

The condition of dry, frizzy hair is quite normal that many people encounter. However, when you brush or wash your hair and find that your hair is falling out a lot, you should trim it back so that it replaces the old hair and grows new hair.

4 Basic Benefits Of Trimming Natural Hair

Many people still do not understand the real effects and benefits of trimming their hair naturally, here are 4 basic benefits that you should know to regularly trim your hair.

4 Benefits Of Trimming Natural Hair
4 Benefits Of Trimming Natural Hair

To help retain length

As shared, regular hair trimming will help hair grow longer and faster. You should cut to get rid of split ends, and dry hair – this is like removing damaged hair while giving space for new hair to grow and develop.

To get rid of split ends

The condition of split ends happens quite often and will affect the natural hair. So, every time you comb or wash your hair, you will find your hair falls out quite a lot. Besides, the frequent use of heat machines such as curling, blowing, styling, … is also the cause of split ends quickly.

So, if you don’t get rid of damaged hair early, your natural hair will become thinner, frizzy, and untidy.

To correct hair damage

As shared, overuse of hair exposure to heat machines will make your hair condition worse and worse. 

Therefore, the safe treatment that hairstylists always recommend to their customers is to regularly trim and not forget to combine the use of additional oils, moisturizing serums. After trimming your hair, if you want your hair to grow fast, please refer to products that help stimulate hair growth.

Currently, on the market, there are quite a few products that help stimulate hair growth and are prepared in spray and oral form. With a spray form, they will usually be extracted from grapefruit essential oil. The oral form will come from many different brands and contain many vitamins to help stimulate hair growth best. 

To promote overall healthy hair

Trimming your hair will help keep your hair healthy. After cutting, you will realize that removing and brushing will be simpler, easier, and save time. In addition, you will also notice a difference that the hair is thicker, growing well from root to tip. 

Frequency Of Natural Hair Trimming

With the above sharing, you probably also realize the importance of regular hair trimming, right how often a haircut should be, it will surely be a question that makes many people wonder, especially girls who want long, healthy hair to style. 

According to experts, you should trim your hair about every 4-6 months. However, if you want to get rid of damaged hair, experts recommend trimming it once a month.

However, that is just an average time, because the hair quality and hair growth time of each person is different. So, you don’t necessarily have to follow the 4-6 month period, if the hair grows fast, you can completely cut it about every 2-3 months. 

3 Notes You Need To Know When Cutting Natural Hair 

No matter what you do, there are always precautions and this natural haircut is no exception, here are 3 notes you need to know when doing a haircut:

  • You must not use non-specialized scissors such as kitchen scissors, sewing scissors, or office scissors for trimming. These scissors will curl your hair and easily appear split tops, more damaged. Therefore, you should only use specialized scissors in hairstyling. Besides, you should make sure that you only use the scissors for the purpose of cutting your hair and have no malicious intent to cause other dangers.
  • Do not cut when your hair is dry or too wet. Dry or too wet hair are two weak states and if cut at this time, it will quickly break and damage the hair. Therefore, you should only cut when the hair is having a certain amount of moisture and is carefully moisturized.
  • You should not trim your hair too much, but give it time to grow. The reason is that by being too hasty, you can easily make a mistake about the required length of your hair or even hurt yourself or your hair by touching it too much. However, this does not mean that you should not cut, but you should take the time to remove the ends of your hair that are showing signs of split ends and damage.

Popular Natural Hair Trimming Steps 

If you don’t go to the salon but do it yourself at home, here are a few tools you need to prepare before trimming: professional hair scissors, a wide-tooth comb, tongs hair.

Here are the steps to make your own hair cut at home:

  • Step 1: You need to make sure your hair is always moist, clean, and separate, and don’t forget to remove it, divide your hair into different parts for easy hair removal. You should use a wide-tooth comb for brushing and detangling.
  • Step 2: Use a comb to divide your hair into different sections. You should use specialized clips to divide your hair into equal sections.
  • Step 3: After removing the hair, you will use a wide-tooth comb to shape the ends of the hair to be trimmed and finally cut gently and slowly.


Above are the reasons why you should trim your hair that we want to share with you. Hopefully, the article will help you to style and cut your hair to reduce dryness and breakage. 

Do not forget to share this post with your family and friends if you find it useful. Leave the comment below when you have any questions. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.