The Most Popular Nigerian Hairstyles: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

It is inadvisable for you to ignore the most popular Nigerian hairstyles. Keeping up with the trend not only helps you enhance your self-beauty but also get new ideas about hair extensions to facilitate client in the case you are a hair business or salon owner.

If you are looking to learn more about hair extensions in Nigeria, do not miss our article below. Owning a hair extension has always attracted a lot of attention from girls, so now what hairstyles are there and how I match my hairstyle will be something that any girl is highly interested in. 


Nigeria has the biggest demand for hair extensions among African countries. Because, women in Nigeria are willing to pay a large amount of money to have their hair beautified. Because Nigerian ladies adore hair extensions that give them the most gorgeous, appealing, and natural appearance.

This makes it a fertile ground for people to establish a hair company as well as other foreign hair companies get access to Nigeria. 

In Nigeria, hair extension demand is growing in Nigeria, so hair care has become a multi-million dollar industry. If you plan to go deeper into this industry and develop it, you need to prepare yourself with a solid amount of knowledge.

Hair extensions in Nigeria are one of the most prominent products, and they provide academic business opportunities for the people here. According to recent reports and studies, Africa’s dry hair industry is worth about 6 billion USD/year. 

For example, Muma Gee – a famous Nigerian singer, shared that she spent about 500,000 nairas for 1 hair extension made from 11 sets of hair.

The truth is that hair extensions in Nigeria do not come from Nigeria because the quality of these local people’s hair is not as good as expected. All current Nigerian hair extensions come from many different countries such as Vietnam, China, and India.

Therefore, if you are trading hair extensions in Nigeria, you should choose for yourself an address that provides wholesale hair with the best quality, high quality, and huge and reasonable profits.

Top Most Popular Nigerian Hair Extensions Hairstyles

Straight hair

Straight hair is one of the most popular Nigerian hair extensions.

Silky straight hair

Silk Straight Hair
Silk Straight Hair

What do the girls think about saying goodbye to wavy curly hairstyles and changing with long, straight, smooth hair? Regular styling in the summer makes your hair gradually more frizzy. 

Therefore, consecutive hairstyles will be the solution to help your hair become stronger but still retain youthful and attractive beauty. This hairstyle is quite simple and easy to do. If you are a trendy girl, you can slightly curl the tail to add highlights to the hair.

Medium bob hair

Medium Bob Hair
Medium Bob Hair

This bob hairstyle is almost similar to the short hair extensions in Nigeria. With this hair, it will have a moderate length and will bring a youthful and dynamic look to her every time she walks down the street.

This hairstyle is considered suitable for all different face shapes. The feature is that the hairline is slightly lowered at the collarbone position and will increase the highlight of your face.

Blunt Fringe Cut

Straight hair with a blunt fringe cut is a perfect combination. To have a hot summer with the gorgeous look, you should consider this hairstyle. 

Actually, I can say that this is one of the easiest weave-on styles to make in Nigeria. 

A Girl With A Beautiful Blunt Fringe Cut
A Girl With A Beautiful Blunt Fringe Cut

Curly Hair

Curly short hair is the 2 most famous beach hairstyles that Nigerians often choose. People are easily captivated by the seductive beauty of this short curly hair. This hairstyle will bring elegance, nobility, and no less charm. Another plus point of this hairstyle is that it is suitable for all face shapes. Overall, this simple hairstyle never goes out of fashion over time.

Natural wave curl

Natural curly hair is one of the hairstyles that currently capture the hearts of young people today. She will not need to spend too much time and effort to keep the style or curl her hair in a specific direction with natural curls.

Natural Wave Curl Hairdo Flatters All Face Of Women
Natural Wave Curl Hairdo Flatters All Face Of Women

Even if you have light or dark skin tone, these Nigerian hair extensions will flatter your face and make you shine in every frame. Especially in the summer, this naturally curly hair is a perfect choice for those who love floating waves.

A slightly curly hair – big bang

Curly curls gently hugging the face will help hide the flaws on your face and make the girls highly fascinated. In this hairstyle, you can easily consider the length of the bangs. 

A slightly curly hair - big bang
A Slightly Curly Hair With Bang

Usually, they will be on the eyebrows – this is also the ideal length for bangs to make it easy for girls to style every time they go down the street. You can combine curls with short-medium lengths because they will make them more youthful, dynamic, and attractive.

Curly Centre Part

The curly centre part hairstyle is always on the trend. This hairstyle flatters the faces of all Nigerian women when they wear it.

Curly Centre Part Gives Volume To Hair
Curly Centre Part Gives Volume To Hair

Women can achieve a beautiful appearance with this hairstyle with human and synthetic extensions. You can use wigs or closure to get the look.

Full Afro

This hairstyle will give you the most voluminous hair. Your hair will look thick and long when you apply this hair extension. 

A Girl Look Attractive With Full Afro
A Girl Look Attractive With Full Afro

Barrel Curls

To have a new look, sometimes, you can change your hairstyles into barrel curls. It has never gone out of style and is loved by many Nigerian women. You can achieve the pre-curled weaves by using hair styling devices or roller sets to get the look. 

A Splendid Barrel Curls
A Splendid Barrel Curls

Tip Twist Curl

Tip Twist Curl – Popular Nigerian Hair Extension Styles is a tubular style with an 8-inch length. The curl can be maintained for up to three years with proper hair extension care when performed by highly competent workers. Traditional black is a top selling at several hair distributors. This demonstrates how popular this hairdo is in Nigeria. The ladies are simply smitten with the fullest, most exquisite look their hair gives them.

Tip Twist Curl Hairdo Brings A New Look
Tip Twist Curl Hairdo Brings A New Look

Pixie short hair

The short pixie haircut is an active hairstyle with the hair cut short at the nape of the neck and the sides often longer than the top. This hair extension will be suitable for all ages, and all styles and at the same time, give you physical beauty, flexibility, and charm.

Classic pixie hair

Classic Pixie Hair
Classic Pixie Hair

This hairstyle is one of the styles chosen by girls with personality. As a classic pixie haircut, it will bring a dynamic and healthy beauty. Hair extensions in Nigeria will also reflect the girl’s personality.

The weather is often hot in the summer, so this short pixie haircut will be the optimal choice for personality girls. In addition, you can thoroughly combine with dark red lipstick to enhance your charming beauty and increase the highlight and attraction.

Pixie hairstyles with deviated bangs

Pixie Hairstyles With Deviated Bangs
Pixie Hairstyles With Deviated Bangs

Pixie hairstyles with deviated bangs not only bring youthful and dynamic beauty and exude a luxurious and aristocratic beauty. These Pixie hair extensions will have a reasonably short length and will get you a comfortable feeling when you step into the summer.

Combining these slanted bangs will help the girls become softer and more aristocratic. She can combine them with hairpins or earrings to increase the highlight.

Stylish pixie hair for women over 60 years old

Stylish Pixie Hair For Women Over 60
Stylish Pixie Hair For Women Over 60

What do girls think about Pixie short hair (only for women > 60 years old). Not only does it create a variety of transformations that make them look younger, but it is also extremely suitable for all ages.

With rich hair texture, Nigerian short hair extensions will also give middle-aged women a classy, ​​age-appropriate look or even make them look a few years younger.

Deep wave hairstyles

Deep waves are one of the most popular hair extensions in Nigeria.

Wavy black hair

Natural Wavy Black Hair
Natural Wavy Black Hair

Are the girls often impressed and attracted by bouncy, shiny hair? The curl and thickness of the hair are quite impressive. With this Nigerian hairstyle, you can ultimately own yourself with beautiful and charming hair. Wavy black hair will leave sexy girls, you can style it with one side of the braid and the rest of it fall over your shoulders.

Natural curly Lob hair combined with bangs

Natural Curly Lob Hair With Bangs
Natural Curly Lob Hair With Bangs

This hairstyle is considered the perfect choice to enhance the luxurious and aristocratic beauty. We cannot deny the popularity and beauty that it brings. In daily life, the soft, natural, curly Lob hairstyle combined with hair will give the girls a dynamic but equally sexy look. 

Depending on the length of the hair extensions, she can transform her own bouncy, romantic curls according to her preferences or suitable for situations such as going out, going to a party, …

Layered Fringe

A Layer Fringe
A Layer Fringe

This hairstyle is a different version of the blunt fringe. However, the bangs are not cut straight across. They are more softer and symmetrical. We start shortening the hair at the middle and increase the length at all sides.

Gelled ponytail

Gelled Ponytail
Gelled Ponytail

With the inherent features, the weather all year around in Nigeria is dry and scorching hot. Therefore, Nigerian women are keen on high ponytail hairstyles because of its convenience.

To get this look,  you can pack your weave, however, to look smooth and neat, a ponytail should be laid beautifully with a gel.

Gelled Bun

Gelled Bun
Gelled Bun

This hairstyle is also the same feature as a gelled ponytail. It will bring a sense of convenience for Nigerian women during the hot weather. The main difference from gelled ponytail is that the ponytail is wrapped in itself to create a bun.

Ombre Weave

Ombre Weaves
Ombre Weaves

The ombre weave hairstyle gains a huge popularity among Nigerian women, especially the young individuals. This hairstyle gives users a vivid and energetic look, they will look fashionable when wearing it. 

The ombre look can be obtained by bleaching and dyeing the hair extension. However, these days, users always buy the hair extensions available colored. You can find it in the hair markets or hair salons. 

How To Take Care Of Nigerian Hair Extension Styles

Besides the hairstyles that we share above, taking care of your hair to become beautiful is also one of the most critical factors.

How to brush

  • You should use a wide-tooth comb or a specialized comb for hair extensions.
  • The method is quite simple, and you just need to divide your hair into left and right sections and start combing from root to tip. However, in the process of combing, you should not brush when your hair is wet because that will make your hair more susceptible to damage and breakage.
  • The frequency of implementation is about 2 times/day (morning and evening).

How to wash

One of the important notes when taking care of hair extensions is that you have to take care of them just like your natural hair.

  • Do not forget to comb the Nigerian hair extensions thoroughly before washing, and do not use excessive force on the hair.
  • First, you need to wet your hair and wash it from top to bottom, then use your fingers to massage the oily skin between the links.

In addition, you need to pay attention:

  • It is recommended to use a shampoo that contains a moisturizer, a shampoo with good moisturizing properties will provide the necessary amount of moisture for both your natural hair and your extensions.
  • Also, if possible, wash your extensions separately from your real hair. Separate hair care and shampooing will bring superior results for both hair types.


Thus, today’s article has shared helpful information about Nigeria’s most popular hair extensions. In general, with each different design, it will be suitable for different faces, ages, or styles. You must choose the right technique to make yourself more confident and attractive in the eyes of everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to support you and bring you the best experience.

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