Tips To Make Synthetic Hair Become Smooth And Bouncy

In this article, let’s learn tips to make synthetic hair become smooth and bouncy.

Using hair extensions or wigs is not too strange these days. You can easily choose or change almost all the styles you want.

Among them, synthetic hair becomes the preferred hair type for the needs. The main reason is because of the low cost, while the maintenance requirements are not too great.

Everything About Synthetic Hair


Colorful Synthetic Hair Extensions
Colorful Synthetic Hair Extensions

As its name sounds, synthetic hair is produced by man-made fibers like nylon or acrylic. The fibers experience various chemical processes to have a similar look, feel, color and styling ability as human hair. 

These synthetic strands can be made into weaves, extensions or wigs as an alternative to human hair. 

Obviously, the price of synthetic hair is always cheaper than this of human hair. However, in the hair market, sometimes, hair sellers can increase the price, so you should be careful when shopping for hair extensions. 

Benefits of synthetic hair

It has many different characteristics so there are also factors that make synthetic hair have more benefits than human hair products.

Cheaper cost

Cutting-edge technology application makes synthetic hair production be produced fastly and effectively. As a result, it requires less effort and expertise of staff. Compared to the human hair products, they are usually created by skillful craftsmen. Therefore, the price is much more expensive because it requires high maintenance and effort.  

Diverse color options and styles

Synthetic wigs are made with factory produced fiber. It can mean that it can be made in various colors. 

Therefore, it can be understandable that when you shop for hair products online, the synthetic ones always have more color options than human hair.  

With the availability of the synthetic strands, hair factories can produce a wide range of hairstyles without worrying about the damage for hair like when they produce hair products from natural hair. 

Synthetic hair looks and feels like real hair

The reasons why many women are keen on synthetic hair extensions can be explained. It is because it is an alternative to human hair. From this, it can prove that the looks and feels of synthetic hair are perfectly similar to human hair. Therefore, it can give them a natural, attractive and charming look as well as voluminous hair. 

During the production process, the fibers and colors are meticulously blended to look and feel like human hair. 

Comparison: Natural Hair and Synthetic Hair 

CriteriaNatural hairSynthetic hair
QualityHuman hair is a premium choice. There is nothing that can be compared to the feel and movement of human hair. With its strength, it is easy to change styles as well as detangle. All the strands go into the same direction, making the human hair smooth, bouncy and durable.Synthetic hair easily gets tangled. It can not be endured in many harsh conditions. If you heat it a lot, it can damage easily. 
DurabilityWith the proper care, human hair can last up to years, about 2-5 years. Fibers made into synthetic hair can not have a long lifespan. It may last up to 6 months. In the case, your frequency of use is high, its lifespan may be shorter. 
PriceAs we know, obviously, human hair is much more pricey because of the outstanding characteristics. It requires less effort and has cheaper sources. Consequently, the cost of it is not as expensive as real hair. However, I would say that this hair is suitable for those who have a limited budget if they do not have enough money for high-quality products like real hair. 
CareTo have a long lifespan, obviously, it always goes along with careful care. You need to wash, care, and massage human hair regularly in order to make it always look new and sustainable. Synthetic hair, actually, requires minimal maintenance. Because synthetic hair is what is called “retain the style”. 
Versatility Human hair can be styled in many ways. You just need to buy natural straight hair. Then. if you want to change different styles, you can curl or bleach or dye it. However, you should remember not to excessively put pressure on it. Synthetic hair rarely can be changed into different styles. Because when it is bought, it is fixed into special styles like deep wavy, curly…Moreover, its strand is too weak to be alter the hairstyles,  

Factors You Need To Consider To Avoid Synthetic Hair Damage

Beautiful Synthetic Hair
Beautiful Synthetic Hair


Synthetic hair dryers

They are often used in the form of a headband, they will rarely have to use the dryer if you don’t have a problem that makes your hair wet.

Because they are synthetic fibers, they react quite violently to heat sources, especially to large degrees. Therefore, when using it, you also need to really consider it.


When used for a long time, they often lose their original shape. Specifically, you can imagine them as real hair, and when used, if the hair is curly or curled, the folds may be lost.

Using a styler is actually not a bad idea. You will be able to try out new looks with your synthetic hair. But pay attention to the temperature of the device.

Hair Drying

During hair drying, if you don’t really consider them, it is very easy to make your hair dry or tangled. It’s really not that strange.

However, when using devices or simply wiping your hair with water, you need to pay attention to issues such as drying gently, in layers, and not applying too much force to them.

Make sure they are completely dry when you store or use them, otherwise synthetic hair with your strands will create scents that make you uncomfortable.


A suitable comb is really quite important to the process of maintaining as well as making your hair bouncy and soft. My advice is that you should have two different-sized combs for you.

Usually, large combs will cover the entire hair, then small combs will be used to slowly detangle. Remember not to tug at them, as your synthetic hair will soon be free of a single strand.

Indeed, the right comb is ideal for bouncy as well as shiny hair.

Tips To Make Synthetic Hair Become Smooth And Bouncy

Tips To Make Synthetic Hair Become Smooth And Always Beautiful
Tips To Make Synthetic Hair Become Smooth And Always Beautiful

Surely the first step to having soft and bouncy synthetic hair, proper care and maintenance are indispensable. Because low requirements do not mean no.

There are many different protectants for synthetic hair today, you can choose or consider their suitability for your budget. A specialized product always gives better results.

Then there is maintenance even during storage, a fragrant paper is a great thing for every storage. Make sure that when you continue to use them they are not too uncomfortable

Gentle in use

Of course, when using them you should be gentle with them, also because no matter how firmly connected or attached they will be affected and peel off the glue.

Just imagine, when you are attending a big party and accidentally pull down your wig, they are unsightly, right? So try to master your strength.

So usually synthetic hair will be used in serious and formal cases. From there, considering when to use will be quite easy.

Storage precautions

After using synthetic hair for every event or any purpose, don’t forget to store it carefully. They will be very susceptible to those rats or termites.

Storing anything in a box or bag always saves you a lot of problems as well as avoids problems.

Moreover, this storage also ensures that your hair is always in the best condition and has a longer shelf life. Along with the convenience of searching. It would be annoying to need it and not find it.

Washing them the right way

Basics of washing synthetic hair, you can imagine them being quite easy and comfortable. However, to keep your hair from getting tangled and always smooth, you need to pay attention to these issues.

  • Do not wash with water that is too hot or too cold.
  • Wash with a special detergent.
  • Dry in a shady place
  • Avoid dust or insect-rich areas.
  • Dry at a suitable temperature.

All of the above steps, when done correctly and correctly, will greatly contribute to ensuring your synthetic hair is always good as well as used for a long time.

Standard drying

It is really necessary if you do not have time for manual drying in a shady environment or on rainy days. Synthetic hair is fibers that are easily deformed by high temperatures.

Therefore, level 1 in the dryer or 25 degrees is the most ideal temperature for your hair. Really don’t be hasty or impatient, or a lot of trouble will happen.

Moreover, when drying your hair, you should dry it in a straight line with normal hair as well as in a style with hair that creates a style. This will somewhat reduce tangles as well as ensure softness.

Remove tangled hairs

Usually, synthetic hair has zero detangling and self-healing ability, so when there are tangled hairs, you should remove them immediately to avoid pulling other strands that damage the hair.

You won’t be able to imagine how a few tangled strands of hair can have a terrible effect on the beautiful hair you are keeping. Therefore, be careful and pay attention to them.

Although this is just a rather small detail, even if not too many people notice it, it is a great tip to keep your hair looking shiny and beautiful.


How do you make synthetic hair bouncy?

You can refer to the steps and notes below.

The first thing is to take care of your hair properly. At the same time, to style the hair to become more bouncy, gels or hair sprays are indispensable.

Next is synthetic hair, the thickness of your head really plays a very important role. Therefore, hair loss should be minimized as much as possible.

How do you make synthetic hair soft and silky?

The simplest thing you can do is bathe them with your favorite scents. There is nothing that a cleaner does not meet.

One more trick when doing this is that we can add a little fabric softener. Since synthetic hair is actually fabric-like in texture, softening is pretty much the same.

They really work with these problems, so don’t worry about it working or damaging your hair.

How do you make synthetic hair look new again?

For synthetic hair, the restoration will be relatively easy and quick. So really, you don’t need to be too scared about your hair not being able to return to the way it was.

With just a few simple steps, all problems will be solved, that is, use dishwashing liquid or warm water to clean them. It is especially important to note that we will not be using hot water.

First, we take out the wig to be cleaned and then gently shake them to remove all the dust, so dot the dirty parts to reduce time. Next, apply the solution, it can be directly or using a flask.

The second way with the solution, you should put them in the box and spray evenly, then rinse with water. So it’s back to the way it was.

How do you refresh a synthetic wig?

Synthetic wig
Synthetic wig

In just a few easy steps, your synthetic wig will be fresh and ready to use!·

  • Mix laundry detergent with fabric softener. Detergent acts as a shampoo, while fabric softener acts as a hair conditioner. Soak your wig for an hour or overnight in most extreme cases.
  • Continue rinsing in cold water until the water becomes clear and then pat dry. You can do this using a dry towel or towel.
  • Place it on your wig stand or foam wig head. 
  • Use a roller and curl your hair, then use a steamer if possible to steam the synthetic fibers into place. Then, let it air dry or use a hair dryer.


With such detailed as well as clear suggestions, I hope it will be easy to find your synthetic hair care skills and tips to become softer, and shinier.

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