Top Countries Supply The Best Remy Hair Extensions

Top countries supply the best Remy hair extensions will be introduced below in this post, check it out now!!

Along with the development trend of the fashion industry, the demand for hair extensions is getting more and more a priority of most modern consumers.

In particular, the most prominent is the Remy hair extension. In the hair market, Remy hair extensions are always desirably bought by hair vendors or hair business owners. Therefore, we witness a high demand on Remy hair extensions.

Whether you are a newcomer to the hair extension business or an experienced individual who has entered the hair industry for a long time, the post guiding the best countries to import hair is really beneficial. 

If you are still wondering where to buy Remy hair extensions, do not ignore the article below.

Because here, we will provide information about the top featured countries that provide this type of hair extension.

Overview Of The Hair Extension Industry

Overview Of Hair Extensions Industry
Overview Of Hair Extensions Industry

During the past few years, the hair extension market has flourished and has become one of the markets with great economic potential. These days, for fashion conscious individuals, hair extensions are their cup of tea. They view hair extensions as a means of enhancing their look. Apart from beauty-enhancing items, the expansion of the global hair extensions market is now in fashion by customers who suffer from hair-related issues such as alopecia, receding hairlines…

Because of the change in lifestyles, the high use in fashion and entertainment industries, the increased availability of products and other factors, the hair extensions industry is anticipated to be on the trend during the upcoming years. 

These above factors are likely to create the favorable conditions to drive the popularity as well as the value growth of the global hair extensions market. In this situation, there are an abundance of hair suppliers coming from different continents, different countries. They enter this market to make a profit and bring the best experience to customers.

Some famous countries that supply Remy hair extensions include Vietnam, China, India…

From many different perspectives, we can see that the quality of Remy hair extensions is an essential factor for any hair business and customers. 

So how do you find a reputable supplier? And where do you find the right product for your business at a reasonable price to move towards long-term cooperation?

The best answer to this problem will be in the article’s following parts: don’t skip it.


Vietnam Hair Extensions Product
Vietnam Hair Extensions Product

Many people think that Vietnamese hair is a high-quality product. Hair is soft, robust, low in chemicals, and can be bleached and styled comfortably. 

In addition, the price is quite reasonable regardless of the quality, and the time to use is long under all weather conditions.

Not to let you wait any longer, next, let’s look at the Remy hair extension from this country.


They are natural hair of Vietnamese people, collected from 100% of Vietnamese women’s hair (most of them are between 18 and 30). So the hair quality is always in the best condition. Those women are usually from mountainous regions in the northern part of Vietnam, where women have a tradition of growing hair and then selling it to feed their family. Those women have to labor outside, for instance, on the field. Definitely, their hair is exposed to various types of weather such as scorching hot, cool or freezing cold. Therefore, their hair is extremely healthy, durable, straight, thick and flexible. From this, we can say that Vietnamese hair is the best option to import hair for your hair business development. 

Vietnamese Women With Long And Healthy Hair From The Mountainous Area
Vietnamese Women With Long And Healthy Hair From The Mountainous Area

You can rest assured when choosing to use Vietnamese hair extensions because they stand out for their health, durability, and natural softness. Moreover, they also help you style as you like without worrying about hair loss.

In addition, Vietnamese women often take care of their hair with natural ingredients. They wash their hair with natural plant-based herbs instead of chemical shampoos to keep their hair soft and shiny. 

It is also why the durability of Vietnamese pure Remy hair is long, simply because they do not contain many harmful chemicals.


The Vietnam hair factory is famous for its cheap and diversified labor, advanced modern technology application. This helps reduce production costs for hair extensions, including Remy. Moreover, the current transportation system in Vietnam is better, so the shipping cost is cheaper than before. 

If you ask if the price of Vietnamese hair is the cheapest in the market, the answer is absolutely no.

Many people think that low price means poor quality. The price of Vietnamese hair extensions is not the cheapest but the most reasonable! 

It isn’t easy to find anywhere else with such high-quality Remy hair extensions on an ideal budget as in Vietnam.

It is worth mentioning that you do not need to worry too much about the price. Hair Remy Vietnam is divided into many different types to meet the purposes of users and sellers. 

Besides the expensive VIP virgin hair, you can consider many other affordable hair extensions that Vietnam offers.

Characteristics of Vietnam hair

Characteristics Of Vietnamese Hair
Characteristics Of Vietnamese Hair


The innate characteristic of Remy Vietnam hair is its natural black color and excellent durability. So in terms of hair color, they can harmonize well with women’s hair color in different countries. 

Also, from natural black, it’s easy to dye them in any color, such as red, orange, blue, pink, brown, and dark brown because of the thickness and health of hair. Due to the high quality of hair source, it can be created into diverse types and colors. However, it still holds its original smoothness and durability. 

With the top-notch quality of hair source, Vietnam Remy hair can be styled into many different curls and waves without causing damage like hair from other sources.

Natural appearance

As I said before, the original hair color of Vietnamese women is naturally black. Therefore, it can go well with various colors of Women coming from different nations or after dyeing or bleaching. 

It gives a fresh look to the user of a particular hairstyle much better than the black color produced by artificial dyeing.

Moreover, the remarkable characteristic of Remy Vietnam hair is smooth, bouncy, silk and thick, because it can give users the most attractive and charming look. 


About durability and strength: Vietnamese hair is famous for its long durability. 

During the production process, the Vietnamese craftsmen are known for their perseverance and ingenuity. Therefore, each bundle of hair is meticulously created by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

Before selling to domestic customers or exporting to foreign, they will also go through inspections to ensure the perfect quality. Remy hair extensions are derived from pure Vietnamese hair materials, including Vietnam hair, which will have a lifespan of up to 3-5 years.

However, you should remember that the durability of the hair depends on the care of the consumers. If you take care of it carefully and properly, it can last longer. 

Reasonable price

Hair industry in Vietnam has gained a good reputation for low labor cost production, high skill level of craftsmen and high-quality hair materials. Therefore, there is no doubt that the quality of Remy hair is always guaranteed. Thanks to the high number of laborers, the labor cost is comparatively lower than countries from Europe. And the increased availability of hair sources allows hair factories to produce a large amount of hair extension products.

With all of the above factors, the price of Vietnam Remy hair is relatively affordable for many customers than others regardless of the high quality hair products and long lifespan and diverse features. 


Chinese Hair Industry
Chinese Hair Industry

Human hair in China has become famous for its low price and has the widest variety of product options. Anyone looking to increase sales will turn to the supply of Remy hair extensions from this country.


China virgin human hair is of the highest quality as it is made of natural hair sourced entirely from the Chinese donor. 

Actually, Chinese people are not willing to sell their hair for profit, making it difficult for Chinese hair factories to have a large amount of hair to produce. Therefore, the best solution they come up with is to find stable hair sources from foreign nations. Among numerous countries, India is emerging as the most suitable choice with affordable prices and overwhelming hair materials. 

As a result, China imports the majority of human hair from India. India is a primary hair exporter for China, followed by Japan. After buying hair from India, Chinese hair factories will let hairs be acid processed, chemically treated to convert them into incredibly beautiful products as we often see them on videos or images uploaded. 

In addition, some types of hair also have a blend from many different sources, such as Cambodian hair, and Brazilian hair.


Discovering a reputable human hair factory in China, it can be seen that this is an option with low cost but gives you some significant advantages in terms of economic optimization. 

Are you looking for a place to wholesale human hair at a low price? This is a wise choice for your investment, and you can get a lot of profit from your hair business.

If you are a longtime business person, you will realize that Chinese hair is cheaper than Vietnamese hair. 

On the contrary, if you are a newbie in this field, you will probably need to consider the following principal reasons:

  • The large scale of production: Thanks to modern production techniques and large production scale, the price of Remy hair in China is relatively lower than others. Producing hair in bulk at once and selling it at wholesale prices dramatically reduces production costs and saves other related fees. Moreover, modern, advanced machines for production allow them to save on labor costs.
  • Mixed hair source: The domestic source of raw materials is not enough for production, forcing the factories and Remy hair extensions suppliers here to purchase hair from other countries. They mainly come from India, Cambodia, and Brazil. As we all know, the price of imported hair from the above countries is exceptionally low.  Moreover, hair manufacturers in China often import in bulk. As a result, the price becomes cheaper than ever.

Thus, because of the low price, Chinese Remy hair receives a lot of love and purchase from hair wholesalers worldwide. However, hair traders should consider hair quality above anything else in terms of long-term value. 

Your business can only sustain for a short time if you focus too much on low prices without prioritizing the quality of the products you provide.


As we mentioned above, Chinese Remy hair extensions combine hair types from different countries. Therefore, the characteristics of Chinese hair are pretty complex and varied. 

The following are some of the essential characteristics of this hair type that hair providers should keep in mind.

Characteristics Of China Hair Extensions
Characteristics Of China Hair Extensions

Lower lifespan

Chinese Remy Hair is beautiful at first, but its appearance can degrade after a short use time. 

Currently, the economy of this country is among the best in the world, so women here rarely trade hair for a living like in some other countries. This is also why Chinese Remy hair is often a mixed hair type.

As a result, compared to Vietnam hair, the durability of Remy hair in Chinese is not as much as Vietnam hair. 

Chemical treatment

Also because they are imported from many different sources, they will have to use strong chemicals to treat the cuticles and help improve the condition of the hair.

Thanks to advanced technology applications, there is no difficulty for China hair factories to produce the massively beautiful hair products. However, many of them have been treated chemically. 

Diverse products

In addition, there is no denying the great variety of products that China has to offer.

This is very beneficial for hair wholesalers who want to buy in bulk a variety of hairstyles. At the same time, it attracts a large number of customers, because the more diverse the product, the better it will meet the needs of customers.

In short, Chinese Remy hair is far superior in terms of price and variety. 

However, hair quality is something you need to consider carefully before deciding to cooperate or not.

Also, make sure you do your research thoroughly to choose a reputable Chinese hair supplier. Because this is an essential part of your business.


An Indian citizen is being cut their hair
An Indian citizen is being cut their hair

Nowadays, Indian hair is one of the biggest markets in the world. It can mass-produce and provide hair extensions on a global scale. Today, India is considered as the world’s leading exporter of human and synthetic hair extensions. To be honest, India is a trustworthy partner and exporter for many countries throughout the world. These countries buy unprocessed hair from India and then process it in their own factories. Following that, the chemical treatment makes the hair silky, soft, and bouncy. India has exported hair to over 30 other countries to date, with the number constantly increasing over time.

Having experienced the hair field for many years, the human hair business in India has become one of the most noiseless industries. 


Remy India Hair Extensions mean they are all 100% natural Indian hair, chemically untreated and with the cuticle intact from the donor when being collected. Having a long history in producing hair products, when cooperating with Indian hair factories or buying Indian hair, you can feel secure.  

Hair sources from India are taken from different places, from different people. 

In India, hairs are mainly taken from temples, where there are religious women, who shave their heads, cut their hair as an annual ritual, or consider it a sacrifice to show their hearts to the gods. spirit. 

Apart from the sacred location, Indian hair is additionally collected from rural villages and barber-shops. 

Nevertheless, among the hair collection sites, temples make the most contribution to the whole collected hair. 


With the development of India’s economy, it can be seen that the country has labor resources and the prices for products are very cheap, including hair products. 

According to the survey results, the hair price in India is much cheaper than other hair extension suppliers in the world, including Vietnam and China.

The cost of Vietnamese hair from manufacturers can range from $8 to $9 each bundle, depending on the color, quality, and type of hair that you wish to import.

Similarly, the price of Indian hair starts at $8 a bundle, which is slightly lower than the other.


Indian Hair Extensions
Indian Hair Extensions

Natural hair

Indian hair is from 100% natural hair from Indian women. Indian hair factories only use human hair, no animal fur to produce hair products. 

Moreover, during the production process, Indian hair factories do not mix synthetic fibers into real hair – a problem usually happens in Chinese hair factories. 

Indian Remy Hair thanks to its length, and soft quality. For many, it is a very obvious choice. And it can give users the most beautiful, elegant, attractive and natural look. 

Compared to Brazilian Remy hair, this hair type is usually smoother, not only has natural airiness, volume, and lightness but also can be styled and curled very easily. 

Incredible smoothness

In addition, its integration is much better than other hair types, because of the characteristic fine density it gives. 

However, they are prone to frizz in bad weather and humid environments, so you should consider using anti-frizz products when using this type of hair to ensure they stay in tip-top shape.

However, if chemically and acid processedly treated, Indian hair is more likely to be very weak, and easy to tangle and break.

The best Indian hair item is Virgin Remy Indian hair, it will be naturally dark in color and the thickness varies from good to medium. For this reason, this is the type of hair that is able to combine perfectly with the vast majority of consumers. 

What’s more, they are also very flexible. In their natural form, they range in texture from light to deep curls. It’s also easy to straighten for a nice straight look. 

They are also easy to tone up with blondes and lighter shades. I believe you have now understood why Indian Remy hair is the most popular hairstyle among hair extension options lovers.

As such, if you are looking for a flexible, natural texture with volume and shine, then Remy Indian hair is the right choice. 

Where To Buy Vietnam Remy Hair Extension?

Nowadays, there are many choices for people to consider every day. 

However, this will make them feel overwhelmed because they do not know which option they should choose. People can also become more skeptical because of the mass, mass appearance of fake or low-quality products. 

Therefore, when making a purchase, any consumer will tend to carefully select many different products in advance.

As mentioned above, Vietnam is the leading supplier of Remy hair extensions in the global hair market. So do you know where to buy Remy Vietnam hair extensions?

Read on for more details on the places you should buy and collaborate!

Gruda Hair

About Gruda Hair factories

Gruda Hair Factory - a reliable factory in Vietnam
Gruda Hair Factory – a reliable factory in Vietnam

It is one of the leading hair manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam.

All of their products are manufactured using the latest advanced technology and methods while creating excellent value at the hands of skillful craftsmen.

In addition, the products that this brand provides include materials and hair extensions for many countries around the world and many commercial customers in Vietnam.

In the end, the reliability of Gruda Hair is proven by the way they respond to their customers. Customer service is Gruda Hair’s top priority.

The company’s sales team is always ready to assist customers when needed. 

With a professional working attitude, Gruda Hair has gradually affirmed its position in the global market as well as gained the trust of consumers and commercial partners.

About products

The products they offer are very diverse, ensuring that they can meet the expectations and standards of customers. 

They understand that each customer has a different taste and need, so they always strive to create a variety of products and consider it a vital factor determining the success of your business.

The ultimate goal of Gruda Hair is to provide the best products for customers. In this hair factory, there are 2 main hair source qualities to make hair extensions products, they are Virgin hair and Remy hair. Gruda Hair factory offers a wide range of products with 3 grades, including  Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Super Double Drawn hair. In addition, this company also provides customers with hairstyles: tip twist curl, straight hair, bone straight hair, deep wavy hair, funmi curl, afro kinky hair, burmese curly, pixie hair, wavy hair, egg roll, …

Here, I will show you some images of hair extensions products in Gruda Hair.

Hair Extensions Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products Of Gruda Hair

To make your buying decision more easier, I will show you the table price of hair extensions products in Gruda Hair.

Price Of Hair Extension Single Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Single Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Super Double Drawn

Customers’ feedback

With more than 14 years in the hair industry, Gruda Hair has established a wide network of loyal partners and customers all over the world. The customers of Gruda Hair are from Namibia, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, Korea, Brazil, US – UK, Germany, Italia,…

Here is some feedback that Gruda Hair has gained from loyal customers. 

Customers Feedback For Gruda Hair
Customers Feedback For Gruda Hair
Gifts Gruda Hair Sends To Our Customers
Gifts Gruda Hair Sends To Our Customers

5S Hair Factory

Established in 198, It is the first hair factory in Vietnam. This is also one of the distributors of trusted quality hair products around the world.

This factory also buys and produces legal hair on a large factory scale. On average, 5S produces and distributes more than 2000kg of hair per month to major global markets.

In addition, 5S hair factory owns separate production factories, operating scientifically and optimally. Accordingly, the selling price of this brand is the best among other Remy hair extensions wholesalers in Vietnam.

Not only that, but they are also highly competitive in the world market. Remy Hair offers the best price so that every customer has the opportunity to experience the product. 

In addition, 5S hair factory also has branches in the two largest markets of the US and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which further affirms the quality and reputation of the factory.

In terms of customer experience, the staff is always ready to support 24/7 with high expertise, ensuring to solve all problems for customers.

Moreover, they also support customers with problems after purchase, ready to fix and redo on request.

K-Hair Factory

It was established in the 1990s and has now become one of the best suppliers of hair extensions in Vietnam. 

They commit to providing high-quality Remy hair extension products, promising to meet all the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of hair extensions, this brand is fully capable of delivering top-quality products and establishing a reputation in the global hair market. 

Because of that, K-Hair Factory has registered as the leading reliable hair distributor in many countries around the world.

With the motto: QUALITY IS KING, you will surely own the best quality hair at a great price when choosing this brand. 

Moreover, with innovation, constantly updating, upgrading, and perfecting machines and techniques to ensure the improvement of the production process of K-Hair Factory. 

Without a doubt, this is the partner, the companion of every customer.

Queen Hair 

Now, Queen Hair has become one of the top manufacturers and distributors of hair extensions in Vietnam with the Queen Hair brand.

So what does Queen Hair mean? It means discovering your inner Queen.

With this brand, every woman becomes gorgeous and beautiful in her own way by changing her hairstyle. It is an obvious fact that all women deserve to be beautiful like a queen.

At Queen Hair, every shopper receives the best assurance of product quality and excellent customer service at an affordable price. 

How To Import Vietnam Remy Hair Extension? 

If you are looking for a reputable hair supplier to start a hair business, you should follow these steps to avoid the risks of importing hair.

Choosing a Product

If you want to start a business, no matter what you’re going to sell, you need to conduct thorough market research. 

Because only when you understand everything about the product can you advise customers properly.

Hair extensions have many types, designs and uses. Make sure you have them in the palm of your hand.

Actually, when you run a hair business, it means that you have to meet the demands of customers. Although we know that products should meet the customers’ needs, before that, you should import diverse hair products so that customers can shop around your hair business.  If you have a limited number of products, customers won’t put enormous trust in you. 

Choosing a supplier

How to import Remy Vietnam hair from reliable suppliers?

When you are far away from a supplier, you probably don’t know who your supplier really is, let alone trust based on some information. 

However, you can still distinguish the real from the fake. Pay attention to the following information, they are a way for you to know which hair supplier is trustworthy.

  • Brand Name
  • Verified Information Subscriptions
  • Coverage
  • Physical Proof

Read feedback and comment

If it is a reliable hair business, definitely it will have many positive feedback and comments from previous customers. 

It is a beneficial way to check the reliability of a hair business that you have an intention of importing hair but do not know much about it.

Confirm physical evidence

Before identifying or finding any evidence and signal that this hair factory is honest, you should not order anything.

To make sure your choice is proper, you should contact the sales staff. And then require them to make a video call and show you the products as well as factories. After thoroughly inspecting, the next step is to order the hair products. These products should be suitable for your budget and customers’ preference. 

Contact a salesperson

Once you’ve chosen a reputable supplier you trust, get in touch with them via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., or whatever platform they join.

Place an order

After successfully contacting the staff, let them know your product needs such as length, color, style, etc.

Then they will guide you on how to order the product.


Is Remy the best hair extensions?

Remy hair is the most premium human hair on the market and is the number one choice for hair extensions because it gives the most natural look. 

In addition, this hair type has excellent durability, retains shine and vitality longer, and is much easier to maintain and style than synthetic hair.

How do you know if your hair extensions have good quality?

Run your fingers through each strand of the extension, if the hair feels silky to the touch and separates easily and with little or no shedding, the hair is of high quality. 

On the contrary, if you notice that your fingers are stuck and difficult to move, you even see hairs falling out. This indicates that the hair is of low quality.

How long does Remy human hair last?

Remy’s hair lasts much longer than other hair extensions on the market. 

By taking proper care of their extensions, you can expect your hair to last six to eight months.


Thus, you’ve got the most out of your top countries supply the best Remy hair extension. 

Hopefully, the information we provide will be the perfect guide for your choice.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t forget to contact us. Because we are always ready to answer your questions, ensuring the best experience for you.