Top Hairstyles For Long Face: 13 Trendy Types For 2022

Today, we will learn together about top hairstyles for long face to choose the most suitable hairstyle.

Each face has its own characteristics and is suitable for different hairstyles. For example, people with round faces often tend to choose hairstyles that help cover their faces to make them smaller. 

Sarah Jessica Parker, Hilary Swank, Liv Tyler, and Kelly Reilly are people with long faces but they are extremely skillful in choosing hairstyles to enhance their faces and make themselves more individual. 

Choosing the right hairstyle is also easy to enhance your figure, you can make your long face look perfectly oval or at least give it a sweet, seductive look. 

Best Possible Hairstyles For Long Faces

The following are typical examples of top hairstyles for long faces, but first, you need to understand the principles of lines and texture in hairstyles so that they can be easily edited to make it suitable for your face. Catching those ideas will make the girls become more personalized and attractive.

You can reduce the length of your face with your forehead. If you keep your bangs flat, you’ll see that they’re covering part of your face and making your hair appear shorter. 

With straight bangs, horizontal or slanted bangs are also quite suitable for helping the face become more compact. However, you also need to consider the ideal length and proportions for your hair and face. If the hair occupies ⅓ of the length of the face, it will be considered the most balanced ratio.

You should try to create width on both sides of the face with horizontal, diagonal lines. In addition, wavy curls, horizontal bottom lines will give you the feeling that the width is right for you. For girls who are pursuing a bob hairstyle, you should not leave the back part more than the front part because that will not be beautiful and impressive. 

The girls also avoid leaving too much hair on top, braiding long straight hair along the face or especially not wearing bangs, ponytails or other high bun hairstyles, long hairstyles without layers. Besides, if you don’t like thick hair and want to try with layered hairstyles – currently trending in 2022, you can go to the salon and ask the stylists there to style it for you.

Hair color is also a factor you need to pay attention to. Because the highlight will help create size for your side bangs. If your hair is too long, try dying an ombre with a dramatic tail while the top and middle of the hair are quite gentle.

Top Hairstyles For Long Face

Here are the hairstyles that are quite suitable for girls with long faces:


Hairstyle with bangs makes this girl so charming and attractive
Hairstyle with bangs makes this girl so charming and attractive

Whether Liv Tyler’s hair is quite thick or the female star has a parting style still can’t be delicate. Their choice is thin bangs for long faces. Bangs are not only trending this year but also especially flattering for long faces, helping you hide a large forehead. In addition, they will also make your eyebrows appear thicker.

For the desired results, you should choose slightly loose bangs. This is also the magic formula for bangs that balance with your facial features. 


Although there are many different long and straight hairstyles, bangs are one of the longest face styles that the article wants to send to you. One of the good examples is the almighty Gisele Bündchen’s locks. With the flowing layers of hair that are loved by many people, it will be an ideal hairstyle choice for girls with long faces.

Black long layered hairstyle
Black long layered hairstyle

The soft layers of this beautiful hairstyle will frame the model’s face perfectly, instead of making your face look longer.

The lob

If you are looking for a new hairstyle to flatter your hair, layers are also a good choice. Then, style yourself like Ashlee Simpson and try it out with a stylish and stylish for this summer.

Hairstyles are now quite suitable for long faces because they will give you a sense of the width of the face shrinking, especially when you try to casually try to pull out a messy strand of hair.

Bouncy long black lob hair
Bouncy long black lob hair

In addition, the side braid hairstyle like Ashlee Simpson also creates the effect of making the face more round. 

Waves and curls

Beautiful girl with suitably beautiful hairstyle
Beautiful girl with suitably beautiful hairstyle

Another clever way to “cheat” the width of your cheeks is to style with bouncy curls, such as Kelly Rowland. With this mermaid-like hairstyle will suit all faces, especially long ones. 

For example, Kelly Rowland, when we look at it, we all see that this lob hairstyle brings much more balance. In addition, you also need to remember to avoid creating too much hair at the top of the head because the increased hair height will also make you or the opposite people feel that your face is longer than before.


Technically, Ombres is a form of hair shade (hair dye) rather than a hairstyle but they are still considered a great choice for those with long bangs or long faces. For example, with this hairstyle, we will see Khloe Kardashian as the most prominent and attractive.

We tend to be attracted to sections of hair with different colors. This hairstyle will put us in the top or bottom half of the opponent’s head. The magic is that they make your face shorter and rounder. 

Ombre Hairstyle
Ombre Hairstyle

Side parting

This hairstyle will give you balance in your facial features, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was quite fond of this hairstyle. They give girls a glossy, luxurious feel like Hollywood stars in the 1940s when they won Oscars,…

According to Gökhan Vayni, a well-known hair specialist at Vera Clinic, has shared that: one side of the hair will create a rounding or softening effect on the face and they are usually quite neat and tidy. This hairstyle goes well with any style of your dress or makeup. 

Side parting hairstyle that is luxurious
Side parting hairstyle that is luxurious

Aligning the comb with the brow bone will help them become more attractive. In addition, you can use a small amount of wax to help maintain this shiny, attractive hairstyle throughout a long day of active study and work.

Middle parting

Option to part the middle and leave the hair to the sides is also a suitable choice for people with long faces. For example, Kim Kardashian is quite fond of this hairstyle and when she wears this parted hairstyle, it also makes her luxurious, always more attractive.

Middle Parting Hairstyles
Middle Parting Hairstyles

According to share from Gökhan Vayni, the middle-parted hairstyle can be considered the best choice because it will give the impression of a smaller, rounder face while enhancing the jawline and cheekbones of the face, especially if you’ve cut and styled the layer before. To get the middle-parted hair, you should not cut your hair short but instead should keep your hair as long as possible.

Heavy fringe

Thick fringes are a hairstyle for people with long faces because they can be easily parted perfectly. For example, Jessica Biel styled this hairstyle and added a pretty straight cut. The fact that they keep the bangs on the eyebrows to bring extremely attractive hair and suitable for all ages, situations, jobs,…

According to hairstylist experts, these bangs will help your face feel rounder, especially in terms of your mouth and chin. 

Besides, this type of bangs holds for a long time, is durable over time and is suitable for both thick or thin sharpened hair. This style will be slightly different from the bangs above because stylists will use combs, scissors and their specialized tools to create a straight section from the top of the head to the front of the ears. 

A wavy hair with heavy fringe
A wavy hair with heavy fringe

They’ll then trim it down so it doesn’t get too thick, or stay the same with thin hair (but still tweak it a bit for evenness).

Long fringe

Long fringe and layered hairstyle
Long fringe and layered hairstyle

If you feel that leaving a part of your bangs on your forehead is a bit hot and entangled, why not try a long side-swept bang like Kate Winslet. This hairstyle will help balance the shape of the face and, importantly, is extremely easy to style. You can tie or let your hair down with this hairstyle.

In the opinion of stylists: long bangs are a good style. And, they can be made into long bangs or layered hairstyles if you want. This cut will also work best with straight hair and wavy, wavy hair. However, if you have hair that is difficult to curl or have a ring-shaped hairstyle, styling and maintaining it during a long day of work or activity will become more difficult. 

Pixie cut

This pixie haircut is always a great choice for girls with long faces because they will make the jawline, neck and cheekbones stand out. For example, Lupita Nyong’o is quite fond of this hairstyle. Besides, this hairstyle is quite easy to take care of. And, you don’t need to go through too many steps or spend hours styling before going out. 

According to the opinion of Nicole Petty, hair care expert working at Milk + Blush shared, this hairstyle is a great choice for those who have natural hair that is slightly ruffled like “shrimp noodles” and suitable for everyone, especially for busy people. 

The reason is because you will not need to spend too much time taking care of and protecting them. All you need to do with this hair is simply wake up and get out of bed to greet the day and do your personal daily chores.

Besides, this pixie style will help highlight the contours of your face and make you sharper and more personal, so if you are a girl who loves personality and likes change, try this pixie style right away. 

Pixie cut hairstyles
Pixie cut hairstyles

Pageboy cut

Ashlee Simpson’s cut is striking, shiny, and extremely flattering for those with long faces. In particular, they are quite suitable for those with thick and bouncy hair.

This hairstyle was quite popular in the 1950s – 1960s, however, recently they have suddenly become hot again. The pageboy cut has a straight cut that falls below the ears and will turn more downward. With this hairstyle, it is important that you get the bangs long in the front and merge the rest towards the tail.

Pageboy cut haircut
Pageboy cut haircut

Chin length bob

Black chin length bob
Black chin length bob

A hairstyle like Taylor Swift used to wear in the past is one of the most suitable hairstyles for people with long faces because they will make your face look smaller. The important thing is that this hair is suitable for all ages. Therefore, whether you are young or middle-aged, you can cut and style it.

In the opinion of Nick Willis – master at Charles Worthington Salon shared that: if his clients love a sharp, luxurious look, then a chin-length bob will definitely be the top advice. 

Because this hairstyle will highlight the contours of your face. Additionally, this haircut also requires precision and after drying you will have shiny hair right away.

Besides, you can combine with heat protection to protect your hair as perfectly as possible.

Textured bob

Modern textured bob
Modern textured bob

A textured bob, like Julianne Hough’s is a hairstyle that cannot be ignored for those with long hair. The hairstyle is quite sophisticated because first you need to cut it short and create a wavy style. However, this hairstyle will make you look more personal without bangs. However, at the same time, it also suits with flat bangs or side-swept bangs.

As shared by Nick Willis, the movements and facial contours from this textured bob will make the face feel smaller. However, they also require stylists to be very skillful in handling and styling. Besides, if you decide to have this hairstyle, you should use extra hairspray to keep the best hold like Bumble and Bumble surf spray,…


Above are the shares about Top hairstyles for long face that the article wants to send to you. As we can see, there are many different hairstyles that girls with long faces can choose from. It is important that you choose a hairstyle that not only hides the flaws. But, it also enhances the inherent features on the face.

Hopefully, this article is helpful for you and do not forget to share it with many others. 

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