Top 10 Markets For Buying Hair In Ghana 2024 [Must Read]

Top 10 Markets for Buying Hair in Ghana

Hey there! Looking to get your hands on some fabulous hair extensions in Ghana? I’ve got the inside scoop for you. There are so many markets and suppliers to choose from – it can get overwhelming trying to figure out where to even start. Well, don’t worry, I’m here to point you in the right direction.

In this little guide, I’ll share the top 10 hot spots for scoring quality human hair in Ghana. Whether you already run a salon and need to stock up on supplies or just want to know where to shop for your own personal use, these are the prime locations you’ll want to hit up.

We’ll talk about which markets have the best wholesale vendors, plus a few tips and tricks for navigating the options. I’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about the whole hair extension industry in Ghana. Things like pricing, quality concerns, import regulations – you name it.

Key Considerations For Choosing Top Hair Markets in Ghana

1. Quality

First and foremost, superb quality rules over all. We invest our hard-earned cedis into glamorous manes with high expectations of long-lasting elegance. So forget those stalls peddling obvious synthetics that tangle and shed faster than last year’s trends. I scope out sellers focused exclusively on Remy and virgin human hair, ethically sourced from India, Brazil or Peru for that luxe feel and longevity. Bonus if they showcase physical samples – displaying top-tier confidence in those flawless locks!

2. Affordability

Now such supreme quality needn’t demolish our budgets! Ghana’s competitive hair markets keep celebrity styles attainable for us normal fashionistas. I start bargain hunting bundles around 15-20 USD, sometimes less with a friendly haggle. Many established vendors and factories also run weekly sales, specials and loyalty programs that make fab hair even more affordable. Regular check-ins on social media means I never miss a money-saving moment! With the right deals, I keep my gorgeous glam flowing while saving extra cedis for killer dresses.

3. Variety

My moods swing faster than Accra’s weather, so I need variety in my stash to stay fierce! Beyond standard closures and wefts, exceptional markets proudly offer diverse colors, sexy lengths and fab textures for an ever-changing style journey. Blunt bobs one week, auburn mermaid waves the next – the versatile possibilities empower whatever look my trendsetting heart desires! I also check that vendors offer customization for unique lace shapes, lush frontal bangs or other bespoke hair styling needs.

4. Good Customer Service

Last but not least, a market wins my loyal business through exceptional customer service. Knowledgeable staff with specialized product guidance eagerly match solutions to my hair wishes. With recommendations for flawless styling and tips for maintenance, I get excited to debut my new look! Reputable sellers also offer hassle-free return policies between 7-15 days for any reasonable mishaps. Wig tangles happen, so that flexibility provides peace of mind to try new brands.

Top 10 Markets for Buying Hair in Ghana

1. Makola Market, Accra

Accra’s largest market, Makola is an expansive hub offering an almost dizzying selection of hair options. As you navigate through the organized chaos, you’ll discover aisles dedicated solely to wigs, weaves, braids and hair accessories in a range of textures, lengths, colors and origin countries. Both international and locally manufactured hair is readily available at Makola Market, alongside skilled craftsmen able to install, style and customize choices.

Makola Market
Makola Market

Brimming with energy and color even on weekdays, Makola Market provides prime people watching opportunities. You’re as likely to spot women experimenting with 30-inch goddess locs as celebrities discreetly shopping for luxury wigs. Activity peaks in December ahead of the annual festive frenzy. With its combination of variety, value and convenience, it’s no wonder Makola Market has earned renown as a longstanding hair haven.

Makola Market 1
Makola Market 1

2. Kantamanto Market, Accra

Renowned as a textile and fashion hub, Kantamanto Market deserves equal fame for housing aisles overflowing with hair options of all kinds. The market’s lower level is particularly dense with independent stylists and small businesses selling hair pieces and tools alongside fabrics ranging from traditional kente cloth to modern lace prints. You can readily source supplies to braid, twist, loc and weave to your heart’s content!

Don’t let the disarray daunt you – Kantamanto offers abundant choice coupled with lively energy that visitors often find highly entertaining. Keep a close eye on stated hair origin and texture, however, as quality control varies. Synthetic blends may be passed off as pure human hair, particularly for weaves and wigs, making careful inspection essential.

If you seek authentic African styles, Kantamanto Market stocks the largest collection of Ghanaian yarn braids around. Locally crafted with innovative techniques, these braids replicate protective styles like box braids using synthetic fiber mixed with just 10-30% human hair. Affordability makes these trending faux looks accessible for everyday wear.

3. Adabraka Market, Accra

Where Accra’s professional stylists source supplies for their salons, Adabraka Market brims with hair essentials for clientele craving variety and value. In vast covered halls with permanent stalls, trusted traders sell their wares to shoppers ranging from celebrities and socialites to students and office workers.

Adabraka Market Accra
Adabraka Market Accra

While Adabraka Market harbors quality products, its wholesale suppliers also cater to mid-range buyers through discounted sales of excess stock. Come afternoon, reductions kick off to shift soon-to-expire hair pieces. Savvy shoppers swoop in for Brazilian bundles, Peruvian deep wave weaves and blond wigs as prices tumble.

With specialty traders for every style imaginable, Adabraka Market also overflows with tools, accessories and styling products guaranteed to elevate your look. serum and edge control. If you seek professional guidance or installation, skilled braiders run makeshift salons interspersed between stalls as lively music pulses.

4. Tema Station Market, Tema

Situated close to Ghana’s bustling harbor, Tema Station Market provides prime access to imported hair flowing through the nation’s shipping routes. Traders source in-demand products directly from exporters to guarantee originality and premium quality for discounted prices.

Tema Station
Tema Station

As seaside waves crash in the background, market shelves overflow with bundles of silky Brazilian straight weaves, raw Indian temple hair and thick Mongolian curls. For those craving European glamour, the market also stocks blond and brunette wigs mimicking Caucasian texture. Visitors rummage through the options, sourcing waist-length looks one day and bobs the next depending on shifting style whims.

Given Tema Station Market’s specialty trade, expect somewhat higher prices than average markets but with the payoff of original, salon-grade human hair options. Vendors sell direct to the public or supply resellers for other regions. Don’t forget to haggle for additional deals – friendly banter is all part of the experience!

5. Osu Oxford Street, Accra

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Osu Oxford Street in downtown Accra houses high-end salons and specialty hair outlets catering to the fashion and beauty elite. International brands mingle with homegrown Ghanaian boutiques stocked with premium selections. Given prime real estate and glitzy surroundings, retail prices run higher here but are balanced by exceptional quality and customer care.

Osu Offox Market
Osu Offox Market

Luxe hair lounges like Baacity Hair Lounge focus exclusively on sourcing top-tier virgin human hair from countries like Brazil, Peru, India and Cambodia for custom wig creation. Extensive hand-tying and delicate bleach knots help these stunning pieces emulate scalp realism. With bespoke construction starting around 5,000 cedi, the final look seamlessly fits the client’s head shape.

Adjacent stores house sparkling displays of loose bundles promising silky textures, wholesale hair shops with arcades of wigs in every hue, and hip salons fusing hair braiding with next-level nail art. Osu Oxford Street invites an indulgent beauty experience fit for style icons across the globe.

6. Kejetia Market, Kumasi

As the Ashanti Region’s commercial epicenter, Kejetia Market serves style seekers across central Ghana through its sprawling size and scope. Alongside exotic spices, traditional crafts and bold textiles, Kejetia’s clothing section overflows with traders retailing hair goods sourced across Africa and beyond.


Discerning shoppers browse rows of synthetic and human hair wigs in classic styles before moving onto displays of loose hair for braiding. Texture options span tight kinky curls to loose wave patterns extending beyond the waist. Given Kejetia Market’s scale, competitive pricing allows customers to refresh styles frequently without overspending.

Kejetia Market Traders
Kejetia Market Traders

For lovers of traditional hair arts, Kejetia Market houses experts specializing in Ghanaian cornrow styles, yarn braids and vivid hair adornments. Intricate half-moon patterns, checkerboard plaits and goddess fishtail braids help celebrate West African heritage and natural beauty through imaginative styling. Seek out small salons within the market halls for immediate installation.

7. Aboagyewa Market, Tamale

In Ghana’s Northern Region, Tamale’s Aboagyewa Market serves as a main commercial center for communities across the kingdom areas previously home to ancient kingdoms and vast savannah grasslands. Although better known for its traditional crafts and cottons, Aboagyewa Market offers a respectable range of human hair and synthetic extensions.

Styles favored by Northern Ghanaian women feature prominently, including braided lace wigs and weaves replicating popular social media looks. Locally constructed braids, twists and weaves worked in traditional Northern styles also abound thanks to Tamale’s strong hair dressing culture.

Pearl and cowrie shell hair accessories shine from market stalls, inviting customers to get creative with embellishing everyday styles. Hair traders stay actively aware of national trends, quickly sourcing and supplying shifts like hot pink braids or waist-length Havana twists. For everyday hair essentials or to experiment with regional styles, Aboagyewa Market is well worth a visit.

8. Kweiman Zongo Market, Nima

Although off most travelers’ radars, Kweiman Zongo Market in Accra’s heavily Muslim Nima neighborhood provides specialty hair catering to local cultural style norms and religious beliefs. Nestled next to the area’s central mosque, the market’s tight corridors reveal modest full-coverage wigs, hijabs and intricate turbans for men, women and children.

Mimicking natural black hair, the hip-length wigs respect Islamic tenants urging women to keep beauty private while allowing experimentation with volume, texture and styling. Shoppers also find wholesale distributors carrying stretchy underscarves, ornate headwraps and vivid hair jewels beckoning creative flair behind closed doors.

Kweiman Market’s hair selections fully support Nima residents in adhering to their faith while enjoying beauty enhancements. By sourcing directly from local warehouses, costs run 50% below standard retail despite nearly identical quality. Venture beyond the market perimeter to discover equally well-priced salons blending hair styling with traditional henna painting and threading.

9. Takoradi Market Circle, Takoradi

As the gateway to Ghana’s Western Region, the bustling Takoradi Market Circle acts as both a commercial hub and cultural melting pot for the surrounding coastal communities. Given the fashion-conscious nature of Takoradian women, the market overflows with hair stalls bursting with variety.

Takoradi Market Circle
Takoradi Market Circle

Afros, braids, weaves and wigs in synthetic and human hair options flood shelves and hang from rafters to entice shoppers. Locally owned enterprises import selections from around the world, undercutting salon prices for every day beauty seekers. Competitive pricing allows frequent style switching from bob cuts to waist-length goddess locs. Authenticity varies so examine closely before purchase to avoid surprises. With skilled braiders stationed around market corners, you can transition fresh looks immediately after rocurement.

People And Vendors At Market Circle Takoradi Ghana
People And Vendors At Market Circle Takoradi Ghana

10. Agbadza Market, Ho

Situated among the lush Volta countryside, Agbadza Market in Ho provides a commercial lifeline for towns near the Togolese border. Alongside the expected textiles, produce and handicrafts, Agbadza Market houses a respectable hair section suiting the needs of Volta women.

The market’s central corridor features around a dozen hair vendors offering pre-made synthetic wigs, human hair weaves, and loose braiding hair sourced internationally or woven regionally. Given Ho’s position as a smaller regional capital, selection skews affordable to accommodate local incomes. However, the emergence of traded goods and trends from nearby Lome, Togo infuses modern influence – think fierce green bob wigs and 16-inch passion twist braids.

Agbadza Market also shelters several hair braiders creating stunning looks in situ for discerning clients. Ghanaian box braids interwoven with cowrie shells and Ewe-style cornrow patterns Channels local cultural beauty and ingenuity through accessible market hair trade.

FAQs about Wholesale Hair Suppliers in Ghana

1. Is there any hair manufacturer in Ghana?

Domestic hair production in Ghana is limited. While there are some smaller manufacturers, most retailers source hair pieces from international suppliers, largely in Asia and Nigeria. The high quality and reliable availability from these regions allows Ghanaian companies to keep up with demand. Expanding local production faces challenges like machinery costs and sourcing adequate local raw hair.

2. Where do Ghana hair wholesalers source their hair?

To stock their shelves, Ghanaian hair wholesalers import mainly from Asia and Nigeria. The consistency and competitive pricing they provide has made places like India, China, and Vietnam go-to trade partners. By developing relationships with overseas exporters, wholesalers can get the volume and variety Ghanaian customers seek. An openness to foreign supply chains allows them to thrive in a growing beauty market.

3. What are the prices of products from hair suppliers in Ghana?

Examining the costs of hair products in Ghana reveals a range of pricing depending on aspects like hair quality, extension types, and the suppliers themselves. There are affordable options for various budgets, though prices generally sit on the higher end.

4. What should I consider when looking for wholesale hair suppliers in Ghana?

When evaluating wholesale Ghanaian hair vendors, one should weigh crucial considerations around reputation, extension quality, product variety, pricing models, and customer service. Comparing multiple suppliers on those fronts allows for informed decision making.

5. Should I buy hair in Ghana or import it from Vietnam?

Opting to buy from a domestic Ghanaian company or importer from Vietnam necessitates balancing key preferences and needs. Local vendors provide ease of access and shipping while Vietnamese hair often promises high-grade extensions at competitive costs. Carefully weighing factors such as quality consistency, value comparisons, and supplier reliability helps determine the better supply chain option.

Blue Modern Company Profile Presentation   1
Gruda Hair Factory
Gruda Hair
Gruda Hair


When it comes to purchasing high-quality hair extensions in Ghana, there are many excellent options to choose from. Several reputable wholesale hair suppliers cater to the diverse needs and budgets of hair business owners as well as individual consumers.

Among the top hair extension providers in the country are 2V Hair Factory, Becky Wigs, Darling Hair, and Hair Senta. These companies offer competitively-priced bulk hair purchases for salon owners along with pre-made wigs, weaves, and clips for retail customers.

For those seeking luxury hair products in Ghana, Rosegold Beauty Shop, Salon Labs, Ponny Hair Extensions, and Legacy Hair are go-to destinations. From silky Peruvianstraight bundles to lustrous Brazilian curly options, these vendors provide premium human hair sourced from around the globe. Their exceptional quality does come at a higher price point however.

Finally, value-focused outlets like Gyanti Human Hair Enterprises and Classic Hair Extensions allow both salon and personal buyers to stretch their budgets further. While still ensuring durable, tangle-free hair, these affordable market stalls and warehouses provide an option for working with limited funds.

Across Ghana’s bustling trade centers and markets, there are first-rate extensions available to meet diverse customers’ locks needs and financial means. With some savvy shopping at the country’s numerous hair outlets, beautiful, head-turning options are readily within reach.