Vietnamese Remy Hair: Everything You Need To Know

Vietnamese Remy hair is now gaining the huge popularity in the hair industry because of many good characteristics. Let’s explore about Vietnamese Remy hair in this post.

Remy Hair is one of the most loved and sought-after hair types in the human hair market. The famous source of Remy hair in this market is particularly Vietnam Remy hair. 

From definition to characteristics, care, and some other helpful information about this hair type, all will be in our article below.

About Remy Hair In Vietnam

Vietnamese Remy Hair
Vietnamese Remy Hair

Hair Remy Vietnam has been trending strongly in the hair market. Thanks to that, Vietnam has risen to become the top country supplying quality Remy hair. 

So what is Vietnamese Remy hair? To understand this type of hair more deeply, let’s find out its definition and outstanding features.


Vietnamese Remy Hair is 100% derived from Vietnamese people, and they are the synthesis of hair of a group of Vietnamese people with similar or nearly similar characteristics.

The hairs are all aligned in one direction of the cuticle, so the hairline and the tip are all adjusted in the same direction. 

Typically, Remy hair is obtained from Vietnamese women between 18 and 35.

Remarkable features

Due to being made from 100% natural hair with strict purchasing and production processes, Remy hair brings natural beauty and outstanding softness.

In addition, you can trim, color and shape according to your preferences with this hair type.

In addition, Vietnam’s Remy hair is a wise choice for renovating and upgrading hair. Because they bring the ultimate shine and can combine well with many different hair types in shades. 

Origin – Remy Hair Regions of the World

Many countries around the world give Remy hair options. Typical are some of the following countries: 

Remy Hair from Vietnam

As mentioned above, Vietnamese Remy hair is 100% natural hair of Vietnamese women. We will help you understand more deeply and better about this type of hair in the following sections of the article.

Remy Hair from Brazil 

Remy Hair originates from the provinces of Brazil. This hair type is thick, soft, and wavy in its natural state.

On the other hand, with various colors and lengths, Remy Brazilian hair is one of the equally ideal options for a shiny and soft option.

Remy Hair from India

Remy Hair India is known for its uniquely long and thick quality. Currently, Remy hair from this country occupies a high position in the list of famous hair suppliers. 

There are many Indian national Remy hair choices because the volume offered is immeasurable and varied.

However, this hair type is straightforward to curl in bad environmental conditions or wet weather. You should consider this factor before buying if you are looking for options for straight hair.

Remy Hair from China

As you can see, Chinese Remy hair is the cheapest hair on the market.

This type of hair is usually coarse and thick. Texture requires chemical treatment before hair extension. But for the same reason, Chinese Remy hair will lose its natural shine and have a rough surface.

What are the characteristics of Vietnam Remy hair?


Vietnamese Remy hair’s first feature that needs to be mentioned is:

  • ideal softness
  • smoothness
  • not easy tangling

 Therefore, it can be that they have a very long life and durability. 

They look incredibly natural because the hair strands have cuticles in the same direction as natural hair. In addition, it can bleach and color very well.

Therefore, this hair type is a good suggestion for the hair extension option you are looking for.

Remy vs Non-Remy

Remy Hair VS Non Remy Hair
Remy Hair VS Non Remy Hair

There are actually 3 basic types of hair: Virgin hair, Remy hair, and Non-Remy hair. 

Each type of hair has its advantages and disadvantages, according to which they also have different uses.

Here, we will send you some information to help you better understand the Non-Remy hair type and how to distinguish Remy hair from this hair type.

Non-Remy hair is also 100% human hair, but it is collected from many different people. 

Because of that, the direction of the hair’s cuticle layers is often mixed.

On the other hand, this hair type often does not keep the straightness for long. In return, they will very soon be curly or tangled.

To create Non-Remy hair, the supplier or manufacturer needs to use chemicals such as abrasives or acids to treat the cuticle and remove the rough surface.

In the process of creating them, the high concentration of acids causes the moisture in the hair to be significantly reduced. Manufacturers overcome this problem by coating them with a silicone layer to keep the hair shiny and smooth.

After a period of use, you will notice that your hair gradually becomes dry, tangled, and even frizzy because shampoo will cause the chemicals in the hair to disappear slowly.

Thus, with the desire for long-term use, Non-Remy hair often receives little love or encouragement to use.

How To Distinguish

We send you a guide to distinguish 2 types of Remy and Non-Remy hair as follows:

  • The cuticle of Remy hair has the same dimension and smoothness, not easy to tangle as the Non-Remy hair type.
  • From the outstanding advantages that Remy hair brings. Indeed, most of them are more expensive than Non-Remy hair.
  • Remy’s hair looks more natural and has a better quality.
  • Remy hair has more strength and longevity than Non-Remy hair under the same care conditions.
  • Compared to Non-Remy hair, you have more coloring and styling options with Remy’s hair. 

Why should you choose Vietnamese Remy hair?

There is no denial of the excellent quality of Vietnamese Remy hair. The following reasons will help you answer why you should choose to buy this hair type.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Vietnamese Remy Hair
Reasons Why You Should Choose Vietnamese Remy Hair


Do you agree with that? Not all expensive goods or services are of the best quality. Hair Remy Vietnam is clear proof of that statement.

The affordable price does not reflect the quality of Vietnamese Remy hair. 

This hair type of Vietnam has a reasonable price because Vietnam is a country located in the raw material area, and the cost to hire workers at the manufacturing plants there is relatively low. 

That also saves a lot of production costs for Remy hair factories in Vietnam. 

Also, for the above reasons, the price of Vietnamese hair is an advantage that makes many hair wholesalers choose Vietnamese Remy hair to start a business.

According to the evaluation of hair traders or hair wholesalers, the price of Vietnamese Remy hair is exceptionally suitable to bring economic efficiency and high profits in business.

Thus, Vietnamese Remy hair is the number one choice for you or any consumer when looking for a good product at an affordable price for hair extensions.

High quality

Thanks to a healthy lifestyle, eating, and regular care, Vietnamese women’s hair is naturally soft, strong, and healthy. 

In addition, Vietnamese Remy hair is 100% human hair; they are sourced from healthy donors and have not been chemically treated.

Besides, when collected from women, Vietnamese hair will have to go through strict quality checks by hair experts at hair factories in Vietnam. 

The qualified hairs will be in production. After going through the quality inspection step again, the new Vietnamese Remy hair will be sold to dealers or hair businesses.

Thus, you can rest assured that Vietnamese Remy hair products will have the best quality when they reach you.

Diversity of product lines

The professional hair experts at Vietnamese Remy hair factory have long experience researching and producing hair in high potential hair markets.

Accordingly, the diversity of products from Vietnam’s Remy hair can be clearly seen:

  • Weaving for hair extensions: Including straight weave, wavy weave, curly weave, horizontal hair extension 
  • Closure in middle part, free part and three part
  • Hair Ponytail: virgin hair extension, silver hair extension, thick hair extension, curly hair extension


What can I do with this hair? Some designs of Remy Hair Vietnam may surprise you

Vietnamese Remy hair can be dyed

One of the significant concerns of users when buying Remy Hair is the source of its formation and whether it mixes.

If yes, the hairs are prone to frizz, tangles, and not in alignment. With this type of hair, you use chemicals to process and dye them, they will be very vulnerable, and the color will not be uniform on all strands.

However, Vietnamese Remy hair has a natural and robust black color in itself; that’s why you can dye almost all shades for this hair type, from dark to light.

Vietnamese Remy hair can be curled

Vietnamese Remy hair is inherently strong, so this is the first choice for curling hairstyles for consumers. 

You can heat curl your hair like your natural hair or use styling tools like a blow dryer or iron. 

However, you need to keep in mind one thing: just like natural hair, Vietnamese Remy hair will not be perfect when subjected to too much heat. 

Therefore, to keep them last longer, apply a heat protectant to curls before using a hot iron or dryer to curl or shape them.

How to take care of Remy Hair?

Use a comb to detangle hair and make it straight
Use a comb to detangle hair and make it straight

You should use a wooden comb to make your Vietnamese Remy hair straight, and make sure you do it regularly to keep it in tip-top shape.

In haircare, you should use good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep the softness and shine of this hair type.

For simple styling like sparse bangs, you can feel free to apply them as they won’t harm your hair.

Vietnam’s Remy hair styling is vibrant and diverse, but it’s better to consult or advise experts in this field to get the best use.

How to recognize Vietnam Remy hair?

Your hair is short or thin, and you desire to own fuller and more beautiful hair. Our recommendation to you is to look for the option of Vietnamese Remy hair.

However, the variety of Remy hair types can put you at risk by choosing the wrong or buying fake and poor quality goods. 

You do not need to be an expert or need to own modern technology; note the following to ensure you can choose the right high-quality Vietnamese Remy hair.


It will have an intact cuticle that has not been treated with any chemicals.

You can test the softness of your hair by feeling the curls go through your fingers. Please make sure they’re smooth in the right direction of development.

In case your fingers can’t go through it quickly, and you notice resistance in your hair. It is possible that there is a good chance that your hair has mixed with hair from other origins.

Fire test

This method will help you test with more accuracy. Note that the original hair from Vietnam will turn to ash when burned.

In contrast, when burned, hair that has a mixture of other hair types will turn into a sticky texture with an unpleasant synthetic smell and will harden after cooling. You may also notice white smoke when burning.

These are the most visible and recognizable signs to know if they are the original Vietnamese Remy hair.

To perform this fire test method, you need to light a few hairs immediately after receiving the hair or in your own home.

Top Vietnamese Remy hair Supply Brands

Some of the top Remy Hair Supply Brands in Vietnam that we refer to the following could be an ideal choice for a hair supplier you can work with.

Gruda Hair Factory – Top 1 Remy Hair supplier in Vietnam

One of the leading and most reliable Vietnamese Remy hair suppliers is Gruda Hair.

Gruda Hair - A reliable Vietnamese remy hair distributor
Gruda Hair – A reliable Vietnamese remy hair distributor

This manufacturer has more than 20 years of experience in the hair field and 10 years of experience in penetrating the global hair market. Without a doubt, this is the ideal hair supplier and business partner you are looking for. Up to now, Gruda Hair has established a wide network with countless clients across the world. They are from Nigeria, South Africa, the US-UK, France, Russia, Europe, Italia, Ghana, Brazil… 

Not inferior to other leading hair suppliers, Gruda Hair’s products are also exceptionally diverse: shoulder-length hair, wavy curly hair, pixie and tail curls, ruffled wigs, lace wigs, fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions, hair pieces, closures, clip in hair extensions, micro link hair extensions,  hair wefts, tape in hair extensions with 2 main qualities: Virgin hair and Remy hair and 3 grades: Single Drawn hair, Double Drawn hair, Super Double Drawn hair. All of them are 100% Vietnamese human hair. 

Here are the images of Gruda Hair’s products

Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair

Queen Hair 

Queen Hair is one of the well-known high-quality Vietnamese hair manufacturers and suppliers in the hair market.

You can buy Vietnamese Remy hair at factory price. They will also advise on services to help bring high economic efficiency and maximize profits for your business.

In addition, this brand also accepts hair styling and hair coloring according to customer requirements. Accordingly, Queen Hair’s products or services are highly diverse with many utilities.


SARA International Joint Stock Company with the brand name MCSARA is one of the leading companies specializing in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of Vietnam Remy hair products to customers worldwide.

The brand’s Vietnamese Remy hair materials guarantee 100% Vietnamese women’s hair without being treated or soaked in chemicals. 

Therefore, the products of this hair type always keep their softness and meet customers’ needs in the global market.

You can completely trust MCSARA Hair’s products because a strict quality control system tests their hair products before being shipped to customers.

Moreover, MCSARA also offers many types of Remy hair, providing a wide variety of choices for consumers. They offer Bulk, Clip-ins, Tape-ins, Sew-ins (weave hair), Keratin extensions, Lace closure, Wig…

Elsa Hair

Brand Elsa Hair has 10 years of experience in this field, so they know and understand each market’s buying habits and needs in the world.

Their office has a professional sales team with high professional skills and knowledge of the product industry, and they are always ready to advise customers when buying and support 24/24. 

It will be the ideal brand choice if you wish to have a deeper understanding of Vietnamese Remy hair products.


Apohair is the first supplier of hair extensions in Vietnam since the 1990s, and they deal with both wholesalers and retailers of hair.

This brand is also well known as one of the best suppliers of quality hair extension materials globally.

Their services include Customer support, various delivery services, careful packaging, and labeling.

Beautiful Hair Factory

Beautiful Hair Factory provides 100% women’s hair in bulk and high quality. It could be the perfect choice for any chemical or untreated product you’re looking for.

Their campaign is to find and trade with multiple clients worldwide and partner with merchants in the dynamic hair extensions markets.


How do you know if your hair extensions have good quality?

Run your fingers through the hair extensions; if you feel soft to the touch and can separate them easily with little or no shedding, the hair is of high quality. 

On the other hand, if your fingers are difficult to move and the hair is tangled and even falls out, this type of hair is of low quality. They can be mixed or chemically treated.

How long does Remy’s human hair last?

Remy hair extensions are worth buying because they have the durability that lasts much longer than other hair extensions. 

With regular care and maintenance of Remy hair extensions, you can have your hair with an ideal lifespan, an average of 8 months or even more.

What’s the difference between Remy and human hair?

Virgin hair is 100% natural human hair that has not been chemically treated or dyed. 

Remy’s hair is also human hair with the cuticle in one direction, but it can be dyed or treated hair. 

They are from 100% human hair, which comes from human donated hair, the floor of a hair salon, or even a corpse.

Can you wash Remy human hair?

Clean water will prevent the weakening of the cuticle, and you should use a mild shampoo to remove salts or other chemicals from your hair is exposed. 

Like regular shampooing, it’s essential to provide the right conditioners to ensure they stay moist and vibrant.

Why are my hair extensions breaking?

If the hair extensions are too heavy, they can cause your hair to break. Hair extensions can also be damaged when the extension is attached too tightly. 

In addition, the combination of weight and stress on the hair follicles can cause hair loss, also known as traction alopecia. 

The above can be some of why your hair is damaged. In addition, there are other external factors such as Shaping, curling, and dyeing hair.

Is Remy the best hair extension?

Remy hair is the most premium human hair on the market and the number one choice for hair extensions because it gives the most natural look. 

In addition, Remy hair lasts longer, ensures long-lasting shine and vitality, and is easier to maintain, care for, and style than conventional synthetic hair.


Above is all the necessary information you need to know about Vietnamese Remy hair.

Finally, it can be affirmed that, with high quality, durability, and reasonable price, Vietnamese Remy hair is the ideal choice for customers worldwide.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t forget to contact us. We’re always ready to answer your questions and provide helpful tips and great recommendations for the best possible experience.

In the case, you need our response immediately, you can contact us via this phone number (Our sales manager: Ms Rosa: +84902106091). 

To have the best detailed knowledge about hair extensions and Vietnam hair, let’s continue to follow us.