What Makes Differences Between Single And Double Drawn Hair Extensions?

Those who have purchased human hair extensions may be inquisitive about the differences between single drawn and double drawn hair. When you acquire human virgin hair extensions, you may come across these specific concepts that you are confused with. There are two types of drawn hair: single drawn hair and double drawn hair.

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Single Drawn Hair and Double Drawn Hair

1. Definition of Single Drawn Hair Extensions

Each bundle of hair is taken from a single contributor.

The single drawn closely resembles our natural hair. It’s actually quite thick at the root, with some weathering and thinning as it progresses to completion.

Single-drawn hair is the standard thickness available in many hair extensions and is a common choice among hair extension users. A typical single drawn hair bundle will have approximately 50% full length hair and 50% various length hairs.

A single-drawn extension is one of the most common extension types since it requires less effort to handle and is also low-cost.

Due to its all-natural surface, single-drawn hair was chosen by numerous clients. As you know, when natural hair grows from our scalp, each hair does not expand in the same way. The hair will come in a variety of sizes. As a result, single-drawn hair is the best option for consumers looking for a natural look.

2. What is the Double Drawn Hair Extensions?

Double Drawn Hair Extensions have shorter hair removed by hand, and workers reduce the hair ends by hand so that the entire package maintains the same volume from top to bottom. 

This technique will improve the quality of your hair extensions and give you a fuller appearance.

Naturally, double-drawn hair extensions cost more, but the quality and quantity are superior, and they will last much longer.

When hair extensions are defined as “double-drawn,” it means that the bulk of the shorter hairs are removed and replaced with longer hairs within a bundle of hair. This means that the hair would be thick from root to tip, as the majority of the hair in the bundle (nearly 70-80%) would be the same length.

3. Prominent characteristics of Single and Double Drawn Hair Extensions

3.1. Similarities of Single and Double Drawn Hair

Hanossa Hair Factory has consistently provided high-quality double and single-drawn hair. All double-drawn and single-drawn hair is made entirely of 100% virgin human hair; no synthetic or blended hair is used. A reputable and reliable resource can help you look more attractive and natural.

We would like briefly go through the differences between Single Drawn and Double Drawn hair. We distinguish between single drawn and double drawn hair based on the following characteristics: hair ends, hair quality, hair lengths, hair accumulating source, hair costs, and their benefits and drawbacks.

3.2. Distinctions between Single and Double Drawn Hair

      CriteriaSingle Drawn HairDouble Drawn Hair
Hair Ends  The hair extensions incorporate numerous lengths of hair, resulting in thicker hair on top, tapering at the center, and being thin at the ends.Double-drawn hair is all the same length inside out. The hair is thick and very well with a regular basis. As a result, the thicker double drawn ends.  
Hair Quality  The longer the length of the hair, the thinner the ends will be for this Single Drawn hair quality. Because the quality of this hair is the lowest, it is also the cheapest.This type of hair extensions is the highest quality hair. To get a smooth and polished look, the hair is placed in similar lengths.  
Hair Lengths  Every human hair grows in cycles. Some are actively growing, while others remain inactive. This is why a single drawing might come in a variety of sizes. Single-drawn hair denotes that only the shortest hair has been chosen, which is usually 2 or 3 inches. As a result, if you have 18′′ of hair, some of your hair will undoubtedly be as short as 14, 16″.  All hair lengths, including short hair, look great with double drawn hair. Even women with chin-length bobs can wear double drawn extensions and have it look like their own hair because it’s so thick from top to bottom.
Hair Collected Resource  The each package of hair is drawn from one contributor. The single drawn hair replicates the genuine hair we have. It is actually thick at the root with some weathering as well as thinning towards completions.A double drawn hair is always created from many benefactor hair. It is impossible to make it from a single donor hair. Many of the double drawn hair bundles appear thick, and the density is consistent from the top to the bottom of the hair bundle.  
Hair Costs  Because there is less effort involved in processing and manufacture, single-drawn hair is one of the most popular hair extension types on the market. This results in a lower price.Double drawn tape hair extensions are more expensive than single drawn one. You will undoubtedly spend more for double drawn raw hair, but the quality, volume, and longevity of the hair will well outweigh single drawn hair extensions.  

4. Which one is better?

4.1. Single Drawn Hair

4.1.1. Benefits

  • The single drew hair extensions can be used to lengthen your own growing hair while maintaining a natural appearance.
  • The single pulled hair comes from a single donor and is made up of a variety of different lengths.
  • The cost of single drawn hair extensions is reasonable and fits into most people’s budgets.
  • The cost of producing single drew hair extensions is low priced

4.1.2. Drawbacks

  • Along the way, there are a lot of short hairs.
  • The tips are thinner than the top, making it a scraggly appearance.
  • To solve the problem, most ladies trim around two inches off the ends.

4.2. Double Drawn Hair

4.2.1. Benefits

  • The resource of double drawn hair comes from a single donor, however shorter hairs are removed by hand rather than by machine.
  • The hair is 80-90 percent the same length, resulting in extremely thick tips.
  • From top to bottom, you can count on a consistent length.

4.2.2. Drawbacks

  • Double drawn hair extensions are expensive in terms of price and cost.
  • Because the double drawn hair extensions are thick from root to tip, the strands will be quite heavy.