Where To Import Hair Extension? The Ultimate Guide For You

Places to import hair extensions are shown below. Hair extensions are one of the products that receive a lot of attention in the current haircare market. Because this is the main material for us to perform hair extensions to increase hair length quickly without deep intervention. 

It is also because of this popularity that more and more different hair supplies appear, but the more choices, of course, the more difficult it is to make a decision. So in today’s post, I will not only guide you on where to import hair extensions but also on how to choose the right supplier.

Overview of hair extension industry

We can witness that regardless of difficult situations, beauty services can continue, let alone when our lives are getting back to normal. In the less distant future, high demand in hair extensions surely experiences a rapid upward trend. Therefore, I would say that hair sellers, wholesalers and retailers must get ready and carefully prepare to gain the competitive edge over other competitors. If you intend to enter into this field, do not hesitate, you are just wasting your time. 

In the current day, the market of hair extensions is increasingly expanding. And it promises to become a thriving business and generate millions of jobs for people and lucrative income for hair business owners. These days, living in the modern day, the self awareness of people towards beauty is significantly enhanced. Like clothes and cosmetics, for a large number of women, they consider hair extensions as an indispensable part in their lives. 

Nowadays, there is an undeniable fact that there is a growing desire among the young population, not only for females but also males. And this phenomenon is expected to increase demand for dyed, colored, or bleached hair. However, many women are unwilling to style their hair in a variety of ways because their hair can be damaged or their hair may be susceptible to hairstyling. As a result, hair extensions are created as an alternate strategy, allowing them to easily design their own hairstyle. 

Apart from that, there is a truth leading to the high demand for hair extensions. A large number of people in modern days are increasingly suffering from hair-related disorders.

So, to sum up, the growing awareness of beauty and the suffering from hair-based diseases are the two primary contributors resulting in the huge popularity of hair extensions on the global scale. 

Where I Can Import Hair Extensions

Hair extensions products

It is undeniable that hair is a booming industry. In the modern world, people have a tendency to prioritize self-image, that’s why beauty services and fashion still gain a huge popularity despite stringent lockdowns and economic downturn caused by pandemic at a global scale. When local or national restrictions are lifted, individuals immediately go to salons to upgrade themselves. So, if you are a hair business owner, I believe that you can acknowledge this opportunity. So, below, this is the part I will introduce the best part which supplies the hair extensions.

You need to know that there is not only one country that supplies hair to the whole world, but in fact, there are many countries involved in this industry of hair extensions. 

Of course, there will be some countries that are more famous for the quality and size of distribution, but that does not mean that we can ignore or misjudge the smaller but potential supplying countries. 

So that you can easily imagine the extent of the places where one can import hair, I will list some of the most famous countries who are big contributors for you to consider where to import hair extensions.


Of all the areas in the world, Asia is the place which supplies the biggest number of hair extensions for the rest of the world. When it comes to store distributing hair extensions, Asia gains the highest position in terms of numbers and quality of hair. In Asian continent, there are 3 nations famous for exporting hair extensions on a global scale. They are: China, India and Vietnam. The hair products of these countries are always highly evaluated and attract a wide range of clients who love hair extensions and consider them as an indispensable part in their life. In this post,  I will give you detailed information about these 3 markets as well as the most outstanding features of their products. 


In addition to Asia, America is also a major source of hair extensions that we cannot ignore. Usually, you will hear a lot about Brazilian hair but in fact, almost every product from this continent can be called by this name. So basically, this continent has only one hair model, which is Brazilian hair.


Hair extensions in Europe are widely known as high-quality hair extensions. Almost 90% of the hair extensions which are stored in European warehouses originate  from Russia. The natural blond hair from hair products is of outstanding quality. Hair extensions from Europe are regarded as one of the most premium beauty items. That makes people from all over the world really adoring them. However, due to a scarcity of hair as well as the top-notch quality of hair, hair extensions coming from European hair warehouses incredibly cost an arm and a leg for many people. 

What Are The Characteristics Of Hair Extensions In Each Country?

In this section, we will look together at the characteristics of each hair type from the countries I listed above. By evaluating these characteristics, we can make the most reasonable judgment as to which source is suitable.

Vietnamese hair

Import Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Import Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Talking about the properties that Vietnamese hair possesses, it would be a big omission if we do not mention the texture of these products. 

No chemical applied

It can be said that the thickness, smoothness, and natural color of Vietnamese hair are the textural features that make these products both attractive and outstanding.

Hair extensions originating from Vietnam are inherently black or maybe dark brown, but no matter which color of the two names above, it is certain that it is an available color and no interference of any chemical.

Thanks to that, many customers love this feature because it can bring natural beauty to the hair extension and does not make too much difference if used with real hair. The main reason that Vietnamese hair extensions can possess these characteristics is because of the people here saying no to chemicals as well as reasonable hair care.

Durability and Versatility 

In addition, the Vietnamese hair extensions as mentioned above have a very full and thick hair texture as well as a certain degree of smoothness. Therefore, the average lifespan of hair extensions in Vietnam can last up to years if properly cared for. Moreover, in terms of versatility, it is easier to use the hair from connecting or wearing and really when styling. These products are also known for their durability as they do not undergo chemical or heat treatments, thus ensuring the natural beauty and structural strength of each strand of hair.

Chinese Hair

Import Chinese Hair Extensions
Import Chinese Hair Extensions

High technology applied

In contrast to Vietnamese hair extensions, Chinese products are often pre-treated hair extensions of impressive quality. Surely we are not too unfamiliar with the processing technology as well as the technical human resources that this country possesses. 

So from preparation to manipulation and even the machines used to create hairstyles in China are quite developed. That’s why hairstyle lovers often choose Chinese hair extensions for their needs.

With the heavy use of heat and chemicals, Chinese products are often difficult to re-style or perform operations such as coloring. In return, the variety of product models can solve almost all the needs of users around the world.

Quite low quality

Another factor that you need to pay attention to is that Chinese hair extensions are easy to fall, tangle, and ruffle after a short time of use. Two main problems affect the durability of these products and cause damage. 

First of all, we must mention that using too many chemicals and heat to style will damage the structure of the hair, thereby reducing its lifespan and durability. 

The second factor is that these products are a collection of both Remy and Non-Remy hair collected from many different sources, thereby causing unevenness in texture.

Indian Hair

Import Indian Hair Extensions
Import Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair is usually a mixture of Remy and Non-Remy hair because the hair parts that makeup hair extensions are derived from human hair loss, then packaged into rough bundles of about 6-24 sizes inches.

When talking about hair extensions originating from India, the most common feature that appears is the very characteristic color that this hair type possesses. 

Indian hair has a dark brown color, not normal brown or jet black like Vietnamese hair because the sun in India has directly affected and faded the hair color even though the original color is still normal black.

Indian hair products are usually quite simple with some popular styles like deep waves, natural waves, and smooth straight so you don’t have to worry about your hair being subjected to a lot of heat and chemicals. 

However, the quality of the hair is not good. So, Indian hair extensions have a lifespan of only a few months because, after a few washes, the hair becomes coarse and tangled and then falls out.

Compare Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian hair

If above we have learned together about the properties of each type of hair, in the following section, you and I will compare other important factors to get the most reasonable assessment.

Vietnamese hair

  • Hair source: Vietnamese hair is 100% real hair and originates mainly in highland areas where there is a cold and hot climate with a suitable amount of sunshine. It is these two characteristics that make the hair color and the quality of the hair always quite high.
  • Quality: In terms of quality, Vietnamese hair extensions are almost at the top of the list when compared to Indian or Chinese hair. With their standout elements, it’s not hard to explain why these products stand out
  • Price: Along with high quality, the price is certainly not low. And indeed, you will have to spend from $ 8.9 or more if you want to own these products. Plus, hair isn’t always available and you’ll need to wait if it’s out of stock.

Below, I will give you the table price of Vietnamese hair extensions from a reliable hair factory located in Vietnam. In the case, you are a newcomer or an experienced person in the hair industry. And you have an interest in Vietnamese hair extensions. I advise you to refer to it. 

Chinese Hair

Origin: Chinese hair does not originate entirely from native Chinese as many people believe. Instead, companies here source extremely diverse hair by collecting from many other countries in the region.

Quality: Because it is a mixed hair product, Chinese hair extensions are often difficult to determine the exact quality. In addition, in terms of styling, the quality of the items is relatively good, but after a period of use, we may have a different opinion.

Price: To be able to own Chinese hair you will need to spend a fee ranging from $ 7.9. This fee is in the medium range, neither high nor low.

Indian Hair

Hair Source: Indian hair extensions are real human hair but unlike Vietnamese hair extensions, these products are hair collected at temples through the custom of offering hair, not voluntarily. Therefore, the quality of these products is often uneven.

Quality: Indian hair is usually a combination of many hair types and between Remy and Non-Remy hair with a small amount of intact hair, so the quality of the products is often not so good. Besides, the combination of many different hair sources makes the similarity disappear, thereby affecting the durability

Price: Indian hair is the cheapest of all three models, starting at just $6.7 for a product.

Brazilian hair extension

Because the nature and geographical location are also different, comparing Brazilian hair with products from Asia will not be appropriate. That is why I will separate these products as a potential option from Asian products.

Brazilian hair does not originate from the Brazilian people. You can see that this product is somewhat similar to Chinese hair when it is a collection of many types of hair in South American countries in general. Although the product has a high variety, the quality of this hair type is different. Because like the Vietnamese people, the residents of South America take care of their hair by natural methods, then sell it to merchants and finally to the processing factories. And this is also the main reason behind the quality of these products.

With Brazilian hair, most of the time you will be able to find these products in straight or wavy form. Besides, the main feature of this hairline is that it has a high shine and holds curls well. These factors are very common in South Americans. So it is not difficult to understand that hair products are also inherited.

Table comparison among Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian hair extensions


Vietnamese hairChinese hairIndian hair
100% natural hair collected from Vietnamese women.Sources mainly imported from India.sources of hair from many different Indian women. In India, it has a tradition that women sacrifice their hair.


The price of hair from each country varies, it depends on the grades, length and volume of hair. However, in general, hair from 3 Asian nations is reasonable and suitable for all people in society. 

Vietnamese hairChinese hairIndian hair
At the affordable price, you can own hair products from $8.9 per bundleIt is relatively cheaper than Vietnam because of the lower quality. It costs $7.9 per bundleOf all nations, on average, the price of India is not as expensive as others. From $6.7, you can buy a bundle,

In terms of Vietnamese hair, I can show you the table price of Gruda Hair. It is a reliable hair factory in Vietnam that exports hair extensions on a global scale.

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn


Vietnamese hairChinese hairIndian hair
Collected from natural hair of Vietnamese women, hair is incredibly strong, bouncy and silk. It has perfect shape and during the production process, no chemical treatment is applied. Therefore, it has the top notch quality.Hair of Chinese is beautiful and smooth thanks to high technology applications. However, after a long time of using it, it quickly tangles and becomes weak. It is strong. However, hair is collected from different sources, so, every strand does not go the same direction. Moreover, to make it smooth, sometimes, it requires chemicals. Therefore, in terms of quality, it is lower than Vietnamese hair


Vietnamese hairChinese hairIndian hair
With the high quality, the lifespan of Vietnam can last up to years, normally from 1-5 years. In thOn average, Chinese hair can last 5-12 months.The lifespan of Indian hair is also the same as that of Chinese hair. 

Where to import hair extensions in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, there are a large number of reliable hair factories that supply hair extensions on the global scale. In this post, I will give you the information about Gruda Hair – the most trustworthy hair factory in the world. 

Gruda Hair is a hair company. Its major goal is to supply 100% natural hair extensions to people all over the world. With 14 years of development, it has built a global network with many nations and continents. They are: United States, Nigeria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, which is undeniable proof of its reputation and position in the hair market. 

Gruda Hair factory – A reliable hair factory

Furthermore, Gruda Hair offers a vast of options for customers to choose and buy whatever hair extensions they like.

They are: wigs, bulk hair, hair extension wefts, clip-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, closures, frontals, ponytails and so on.

Accompanying hair types, there are a large number of hairstyles you can unlimitedly choose. They are from straight hair to curly hair, natural color hair to bleached or dyed hair. Some of the significant hairstyles are bone straight hair, pixie hair, afro kinky hair and body wavy hair, and full of color choices: piano, choco brown, blond, red wine and so on.

Color Collection
Color Collection
Hairstyle Collection
Hairstyle Collection
Hair Extension Products
Hair Extension Products
Hair Extension Productss
Hair Extension Products


Along with the aforementioned impressive factors, the price can be quite high, which can go up to $25 – $45 for a set of 2 to 3 products. It can be said that Brazilian hair and Vietnam are the two most expensive hair extensions today.

So we have learned together about where to import hair extensions as well as a lot of information about countries and the hair models they offer. Hope this information will help you in the process of reviewing and choosing the right product.

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