What Are The Reasons Why Women Love 18 Inch Straight Hair?

In today’s article, we will learn about why women love 18 inch straight hair.

According to you, what is the ideal length of hair? Many girls will feel that a haircut will suit their face and personality better than when they have long hair. However, if you are a girl who loves long hair and can easily mix and match different clothes and makeup, then a straight 18-inch long hair will be a perfect choice.

Everything About 18-Inch Straight Hair

Have you ever wondered what kind of hairstyle is straight hair or what is 18-inch straight hair? Here is the information we will give you about the 18-inch hair type, including definition, characteristics, and durability.

What is 18-inch straight hair?

There are many different types of straight hair on the market. This type of straight hair tends to be shiny because the surface reflects more light than curly hair models. Of course, we are talking about natural hairstyles and the impact of styling. Or, to put it simply, when your hair is dry and straight without any curling or heat effects, that’s straight hair.

18-inch straight hair is the hair length, and it is about 45 centimeters. You can easily style or heat this hair. You can observe the actual full size of this hair model.

18 Inch Straight Hair
18 Inch Straight Hair

Characteristics of 18-inch straight hair 

To be able to learn about the essential characteristics of 18-inch straight hair, here is the information we want to share with you:

How long is an 18-inch hair length?

When it comes to 18-inch straight hair, we will talk about the length of the hair first. The length right from the name shows that. Usually, this length will be measured from the root to the end of the hair (from the tip – to the hairline). This 18 Inch can also be considered a moderate length, suitable for creating all hairstyles and fashion styles for girls. If you feel that a measurement unit like that will be challenging to convert, 18 inches is equivalent to 45 centimeters.

How long is 18 inches of hair in body height?

18 Inch Straight Hair Reaches The Middle Hair
18 Inch Straight Hair Reaches The Middle Hair

Besides the exact measurement of your hair, you can thoroughly consider the length of your hair with your body height. Typically, 18 inches of straight hair will reach midway across your back. However, this measurement is only relative, not absolute, because each girl has a different body. So, 18-inch straight hair can be long or short depending on each person’s body, but some people like this length because it suits their body.

Source of 18-inch straight hair

Where can you buy 18-inch straight hair? Where is the most suitable and convenient? Currently, there are 3 significant hair extensions  exporters worldwide in Asia, including Vietnam, India, and China. All countries apply advanced and modern technologies to their products. Products from Vietnam are always at the top in quantity and quality when exported to foreign markets. 

Currently, on the market, there are countless models of 18-inch straight hair in particular and hair extensions in general. Therefore, if you want customers to trust and choose your products, make sure that you are careful from the first stages, such as choosing hair and designing and manufacturing them. Only when done meticulously and carefully, you  will get back the trust of your customers.

Can I bleach and dye my 18-inch straight hair?

When using 18-inch straight hair, many people often ask if they can dye or style them. The answer is yes if the product you buy is natural hair and has not experienced any effects from dyeing, styling, or regularly using heat machines to style. So you can cut or dye with 18-inch straight hair as you like. However, you should not overdo it because that will make 18-inch straight hair quickly damaged and not durable over time.

In which country is 18-inch straight hair famous?

It will be pretty challenging to know which country this 18-inch straight hair is famous in. Because it seems that 18-inch straight hair is a standard for many women and they order this hairstyle. 18-inch straight hair is actually popular among girls in many nations. 

This hairstyle is so diverse and flexible, the users can create different looks by changing the hairstyles by curling or using heating devices. 

In Nigeria, women are incredibly keen on this hairstyle because it brings maturity but are equally attractive and extremely attractive to the opponent.

Why is 18-inch straight hair trendy?

A beautiful woman with charming 18 inch straight hair
A beautiful woman with charming 18 inch straight hair

Currently, 18-inch straight hair is a trending hairstyle in countries. You can come across a celebrity like MC, actor, or singer to has 18-inch straight hair when on television. Here are 2 reasons why 18-inch straight hair has become a trend among young people recently:

Suitable length

Currently, quite a few people can keep 18-inch straight hair because this is average hair length. However, whether the hair is long or short depends on many different factors such as shape, face, personality, lifestyle, or even job characteristics. 

18-inch straight hair is the right size for everyone because of its simplicity and ease of styling. Usually, the hair will belong to the back, and many girls are delighted with their long hair. Women can easily cut or style it with that length without worrying that it will be damaged and cannot be “repaired”.


18-inch straight hair has a standard length, with that length women can change their look in many ways. Different styles can bring them fresh appearance and create many styles suitable for a number of events or occasions. People are enormously creative to change their look. 

Hairstyles with 18-inch straight hair

Here are popular hairstyles from 18-inch straight hair that you can refer to choose from:

Flipped out straight hair

Straight, long, and black hair is always the standard for your beautiful women of all times. When combined with the shapes and movements of the body, that hair will create elegance and charm.

A Girl With Flipped Out Straight Hair
A Girl With Flipped Out Straight Hair
Neat long layers

This layered hairstyle will make your hair thicker (suitable for girls with thin hair). In particular, if the care process is too complicated or you don’t have much time to take care of your hair, you can refer to this hairstyle because they are the perfect and most suitable choice.

A Girl With Neat Long Layers Hairstyles With 18 Inch Straight Hair
A Girl With Neat Long Layers Hairstyles With 18 Inch Straight Hair
Wide surface braid

This hairstyle brings the most charm to straight-haired girls. It may take you a long time to style a hair and be satisfied with it, but we think it will suit every girl with this hairstyle.

Braided Hair Created From 18 Inch Straight Hair
Braided Hair Created From 18 Inch Straight Hair

The combination of accurate hair color and a little other color highlights your hair as well as your face to make you more personal and attractive.

Highlight By Brown Hair Color
Highlight By Brown Hair Color
Half-up hair

There are quite a few different styles you can choose this half-tied hairstyle because it will make the girls more personality.

Half Up Hairstyle After 18 Inch Straight Hair Is Curled
Half Up Hairstyle After 18 Inch Straight Hair Is Curled

Things you need to consider before curling

The simplest option when you want to style with 18-inch straight hair is to let your hair straight, loose, and fly with the wind. However, if you are a girl with a strong personality, you can freely style as long as you like and suit. Here are a few notes you need to know before styling with 18-inch straight hair:

  • Face: Any girl will spend a lot of her time standing in the mirror. Therefore, before you want to style 18-inch straight hair, you should look in the mirror and try to imagine if you suit that hairstyle or not. Thanks to that, you will know whether to keep your hair long or short and choose the most trending hair model to style according to.
  • Hair quality: Hair quality is also a factor that affects more or less the styling process because if the hair is too weak, the styling will not last long, and it will be pretty easy to fade or straighten over time.
  • Personality: Depending on your nature, what color you like, such as smoky gray or platinum to consider, and style with 18-inch straight hair.
  • Lifestyle: The lifestyle or nature of work is also a factor you should consider when styling. For example, if you work as a doctor or a chef, you should not let your hair be too long because it will probably be damaged. You are falling or falling in the lab when you do surgery or food during cooking. However, if you work as an office worker or a teacher, you can completely keep your hair long and style it to your liking.

Lower maintenance

There are 3 primary qualities of straight hair: Single Drawn Hair, Double Drawn Hair, Super Double Drawn Hair

3 Grades Of Hair Single Double And Super Double Drawn Hair
3 Grades Of Hair Single Double And Super Double Drawn Hair

In general, straight hair and 18-inch straight hair is one of the beauty simple types which helps users to save time to take care of or create beautiful but complicated hairstyles. In those days, you are not in the mood to change your appearance, you are still attractive and graceful with smooth straight hair reaching to the middle of your back. Sometimes, you can change your hairstyle by using styling hair tools and products. 

Moreover, for straight hair, you can easily detangle it. If you are relatively serious about taking care of it, 18 inch straight hair can maintain good quality as initial. 

18-inch straight hair extension types

To be able to talk more clearly about 18-inch straight hair extensions, we can be divided into 2 main groups:

  • Based on origin, product brand. We will introduce to you 5 popular brands from Vietnam, South Africa, China, Russia, and Brazil.
  • Based on the production method, 18-inch straight hair can have several different products such as a wig, closure or sewn-in hair. 

18-inch straight hair extension types based on brand

Here is the basic information about 18-inch straight hair extensions in countries that we want to share with you:

18-inch human hair Vietnamese straight hair

18-inch straight hair extensions Vietnam is a type of hair derived from the natural hair of Vietnamese women. Here, there is a healthy living environment, the weather is favorable, so the hair is quite soft and smooth at a highly reasonable and affordable price, and anyone can buy it to use and experience

18-inch Chinese straight hair

It is also one of the famous suppliers of 18-inch straight hair extensions in Asia and the world in general. 

Unlike hair from Vietnam, this hair type is cheap because it is often made from synthetic fibers instead of natural hair. Therefore, production costs are pretty economical, so they are reasonable, but according to some customers, they are not durable over time.

18 inch South African straight hair

South Africa is famous for selling 18-inch straight hair extensions. This straight style is always favored by women in the country because they are reasonably priced, affordable, and diverse from different manufacturers.

18-inch Brazilian straight hair

18-inch straight hair extensions from Brazil are among the most luxurious brands today. They have a high cost and good quality – because most of them are imported from overseas markets. However, hair extensions in Brazil come from many different brands and brands and are divided into separate segments. Depending on economic conditions, you can buy products in the high-end or mid-range segment.

18-inch Russian straight hair

Russia is also a giant market providing 18-inch straight hair extensions globally. Natural Russian hair can be golden, soft, and silky. However, the source of goods in Russia is not abundant, and many manufacturers always have to wait for imported goods from other countries to produce and then distribute to the market. 

In some cases, 18-inch straight hair extension products are produced in Russia, its hair source are from some nations such as Vietnam, India and China. Then, this raw hair goes through styling and treatment, the final products will have a relatively high price in the market.

18-inch straight hair extension types based on installation

Here are the most prominent and popular hairstyles of 18-inch straight hair extensions in markets around the world that you can refer to:

Best straight hair wig

18 Inch Straight Hair Wig
18 Inch Straight Hair Wig

Having natural baldness or using chemicals to lose hair, 18-inch straight hair extension is one of the perfect choices. This type of wig is usually made up of 3 bundles with 1 tie, so they will help cover your entire head. However, this hair model is quite expensive.

18-inch straight hair sew in 

18 Inches Straight Human Sewn In Hair
18 Inches Straight Human Sewn In Hair

Braided hair is always a popular hairstyle and never goes out of fashion over time. The most common method is to use 18-inch straight hair extensions in a stitching (sewing) method.

This hair type will create braids between layers with specialized needles and curling thread. This method is relatively safe and can be used for about 2-3 months or longer if you know how to take care.

Where To Buy 18-Inch Straight Hair?

In this post, I will provide you with the most dependable address that specializes in offering the best hair extensions, including 18 inch straight hair to consumers all over the world. It is Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnam hair factory.

About Gruda Hair

Founded in 2008, Gruda Hair has 14 years of experience in the hair industry. As a result, this firm now has a stable global position and a far better understanding of its clients. Gruda Hair has established global networks with over 3000 distributors and retailers. Gruda Hair’s mission is to provide every women an extraordinarily natural look, confidence, and sense of satisfaction by providing them with the best hair extensions.

This hair factory has a large number of wholesale and retail customers from all over the world, including Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Italia, Germany…

About Gruda Hair’s Products

Gruda Hair factory offers a wide selection of hair products. It can provide customers with the most natural looking as well as increasing volume and length. Here are some product photos.

18 Inch Straight Hair Products
18 Inch Straight Hair Products
Hair Extension Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extension Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extension Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extension Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extension Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extension Products Of Gruda Hair

About Gruda Hair’s price

Depending on the types and qualities of hair extension products, the price of each product can vary. As long as you need the price table, I will show you the price of Gruda Hair.

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair


Above is the information about 18-inch straight hair that we want to share with you. Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you better understand this hairstyle and choose the right hairstyle for your face, personality, and nature of work. 

If you find this post beneficial, do not forget to continue sharing it with your friends. Let’s continue following us to update more interesting information in the future.

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