How To Care Your Natural Hair Under A Wig Cap: Things To Consider

Wigs are always considered the perfect choice if your natural hair has problems. They not only help protect the natural hair but also make it easy to create many different styles without causing too much damage to oily skin and hair. 

However, even when using wig care, you also need to take care of both your wig and your real hair to help them stay clean and grow. Today’s article will help you learn about how to care for your natural hair under a wig cap.

How To Care For Your Natural Hair Under Wigs

A charming girl with a beautiful curly wig
A charming girl with a beautiful curly wig

Here are a few helpful tips for how to care for your natural hair under a wig cap that you can refer to:

Oil your hairline

Normally, when you use a wig, it will cover the hair roots and as you know, it is the place for hair to grow and develop. However, when the wig is constantly in contact with the hairline, it will create friction and lead to your hair’s edge being dry, thin, or broken over time. So this is scary and worrying, isn’t it?

To be able to solve this situation, you should consult your hair conditioner or shea butter before using the wig. You should oil the hair roots and minimize the friction between the wig and the hair roots to help them best protect the hair roots.

Oil Your Hair To Provide Nutrients As Well As Make It Smooth Preventing Tangles And Breakages
Oil Your Hair To Provide Nutrients As Well As Make It Smooth Preventing Tangles And Breakages

Moisturize and seal your hair

The use of hair spray or shine is always something that many people use because they will create a high shine for the hair and you should also care and take care of your natural hair like that. With moisturizing and massage, you can take care of and nourish your natural hair in the best way. 

The method is quite simple, first, use a sufficient amount of moisturizing spray and then use from root to tip. Next, use a cream moisturizer and apply it evenly on your hair, and don’t forget to massage it.

However, because the scalp is quite sensitive, you should choose products carefully to limit irritation due to product incompatibility. 

Wear a Silk Bonnet to Sleep

After a long tiring day at work, taking off your wig is essential. Similar to the way you want to have a sleep to rest after a long day, so is the wig. All you need to do is simply take them off and put them in a dry place, then go to sleep. In addition, you can refer to wearing a Silk Bonnet to Sleep because they will help prevent the dryness of the hair and help the hair always have certain moisture after waking up.

Wear A Bonnet While Sleeping To Protect Hair
Wear A Bonnet While Sleeping To Protect Hair

Clean your scalp

Even when wearing wigs, you also need to clean them regularly because when used daily or used sparingly, your scalp still secretes oil and this can cause itching and flaking or even dandruff on oily skin. Therefore, if you keep your scalp healthy, all you need to do is wash it thoroughly and combine it with a conditioner. 

Scalp Exfoliation By Pure Coffee Powder Natural AHA Rosemary And Caffeine, then wash your hair by clean water
Scalp Exfoliation By Pure Coffee Powder Natural AHA Rosemary And Caffeine, then wash your hair by clean water

You can use it with a foaming cotton pad or a specialized shampoo to massage your scalp. After washing, you should dry it thoroughly and let your hair dry naturally instead of using the heat from the dryer to dry it. Finally, use a moisturizer to keep your hair soft.

Take down your cornrows often

Because you often use wigs and it is difficult to braid or style with natural hair. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to your natural hair and trim it regularly or braid it to thoroughly clean the roots. 

Massage your Scalp

Massage Your Scalp Gently
Massage Your Scalp Gently

Regular use of wigs can cause your scalp to have reduced blood flow. Therefore, choosing a scalp massage can help you easily overcome this condition. Thanks to that, the blood will circulate well as well as help your hair grow better. 

Take your Wig off Before Bed

Take Off The Wig Before Sleeping
Take Off The Wig Before Sleeping

As shared above, remove your wig before going to bed to give your scalp a rest and your natural hair can grow. In addition, this also helps limit the breakage of the wig.

Shampoo your Hair

The key to healthy hair is to keep it clean. Even if you use a wig every day, this is extremely important to help your hair last over time. If you do not use it often, you should clean the wig about once a week, and if you use it daily, you should clean it about 2-3 times a week. Do not forget to choose a shampoo that contains many nourishing ingredients to help limit hair dryness and breakage. 

Use a Wig Cap

Use Wig Cap Before Wearing Your Wig
Use Wig Cap Before Wearing Your Wig

Wig Cap is one of the great choices to help protect your natural hair. They will act as a protective layer between the natural hair and the wig and make the use of the wig simpler and easier. Using the wig cap is quite cost-effective, it helps you protect the natural hair. In the long term, obviously, it would be very beneficial. 

Avoid Damp Hair

Whether it is a wig or real hair, you should limit your hair to become sticky and sticky because at this time there will be a lot of bacteria growing and growing. Moisture, oil from the hair combined with body temperature, and temperature from the environment will cause the wig to quickly appear mold, germ growth, and cause damage to real hair. 

And there is one thing you should keep in mind that you never go to sleep when your hair is damp. Make sure it is dry, it is a way to care and protect your hair from growth of mold, irritation or germ. 

Be Careful When Braiding 

Braiding or tying hair is one of the popular forms that girls often apply to help real hair not be sticky when using wigs. However, if you often tie your hair, it will make your hair break and weak, and tangle a lot. Maybe that habit of tying your hair will make your hair break down faster over time.

I do not mean that you must not braid your hair, just be careful. Because, it is a common way to braid hair before wearing a wig to make it neat. 

However, braiding hair for a long time can not give enough space for your natural hair to grow. Moreover, it also creates pressure on your natural hair. Therefore, you should loosen your braiding more often and take care of it meticulously. 

Taking a break is really important. After a period of regular use of wigs, you should also let your scalp rest, and “breathe” for a few days. This is like providing air and sunlight for natural hair to contribute to making them healthier.


How do you take care of natural hair under a wig?

Here are a few things you need to know about how to care for your natural hair under a wig cap:

  • Make sure you are using a wig cap under.
  • Do not forget to wash and take good care of the wig and real hair. 
  • You can consider choosing a wig with a closure or frontal (A lace frontal and a lace closure: Everything you need to know) depending on your needs and preferences.
  • Adjust the mesh so that it hugs your real hair.
  • Use a good shampoo and comb to keep your hair smooth.
  • You should take off your wig when you sleep.
  • Don’t forget to let your real hair rest after a while of using the wig for too long.

How do you keep natural hair moisturizing under a wig?

After you get home, remove the wig cap from your head and let your hair rest and relax for about 10-20 minutes. Next, you rinse your hair with water and then use a specialized shampoo to clean it. Then, you clean it just like your real hair and dry it when you’re done. Note that you should not use wigs if they are not dry.

Will wearing a wig help my natural hair grow?

Using a wig is always one of the effective and safe choices so that natural hair can rest after a period of chemical dyeing or frequent use of heat machines to style. Besides, when using a wig, you can also easily style, curl and dye freely without causing any effect. Moreover, they will also be the part of the hair that is exposed to pollution and dust every day instead of natural hair.

Does wearing a wig cap damage hair?

No, because the wig cap is usually made of cotton material with the advantage of absorbing moisture out of natural hair and keeping it dry and cool. Besides, cotton is also abrasive, so it cannot affect the user’s natural hair.

How do you protect your edges under a wig?

In our opinion, you should use Velvet Wig Grip Band under the wig to protect the hair edges from breaking during use. This headband is made of extremely soft velvet material, so it will help prevent the wig from directly next to the edge.

How do I prepare my natural hair for a wig?

When preparing my natural hair for a wig, you should braid your entire head. Braids will help make sure your hair looks natural and doesn’t appear squishy. In addition, tying the hair into a bunch or even twisting it can help keep the natural hair from being affected by the wig. However, do not tie for too long and often because it will cause natural hair to break.

How do you keep a 4c hair moisturizing under a wig?

You can use the right conditioner on the braids that you have braided. We can recommend Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. 

However, the choice of which oil to choose will depend on your needs, hair, scalp sensitivity, etc., you should not arbitrarily use miscellaneous products on the market because it will cause skin damage. The head is irritated and gradually becomes more sensitive. 

In addition, you can refer to the moisturizing spray from the house Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture LOC.

Currently, there are many different brands on the market. Therefore, before buying, you should consult and read the comments of previous customers to buy the most suitable one. Alternatively, you can also go to the experts and ask for their help. 


Here is the information on how to care for your natural hair under a wig cap that we want to send to you. It can be seen that, whether using wigs or real hair, the care and use of nutrients for them is important and necessary to both help natural hair recover after being affected by dyes, and copper heat machines. time to help the wig last over time. 

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