How To Find The Most Reliable Hair Extensions Supplier To Import Hair?

In this post, we will discover the answer to the question “How to find the most reliable hair extensions supplier to import hair?”, if you want to import hair.

Do you agree that hair has a lot of influence on appearance? However, not everyone has long, beautiful hair and much more. Accordingly, hair extension is the best choice for them.

This is also the reason why many people are now keen on in such hair extensions. 

The Leading Hair Supplier Worldwide

Making the decision to choose the right hair supplier for your business is certainly not an easy thing, if you are new to the market, this decision is more difficult than ever. 

Knowing this, the helpful content below is all you need. Let’s take a closer look at the top hair suppliers around the world. 

We believe that one of them is the ideal choice you are looking for.

In general, hair suppliers come from many different locations, with Asia, Europe, and South America being the three largest supply sources globally. 

Therefore, the hair sources here are usually of higher quality and more popular than the hair sources from other regions. Below are our findings and analysis.



Hair suppliers in this country gradually developed strongly and are now fully able to manufacture hair extensions themselves and become reputable suppliers for many hair retailers around the world. 

A Vietnam hair factory - Gruda Hair
A Vietnam hair factory – Gruda Hair

According to statistics, we found that the wholesale hair suppliers here only have a single source of hair, which is the natural hair of indigenous women, including 2 main types: Virgin hair (collected from only one donor) and Remy hair (collected from several donors sharing the same characteristics of hair).

  • Virgin hair comes from buying directly from a woman, who mainly lives in high mountains, where they have a habit of growing hair and then sell it to have additional income to feed her family. 
  • Remy Vietnam hair is also derived from natural human hair, which is cut or shed. This hair type is of high quality and is a little mess due to being sourced from many different sponsors. 

However, after rearranging, the hair cuticle can still be kept and the quality is good enough to produce it into high-quality hair extensions products. 

Thanks to their healthy lifestyle, their hair is always of excellent quality and is the best version of Virgin hair or Remy hair. 

Traditional Vietnamese women believe that beautiful hair is hair that has not been styled, dyed, or bleached before. Therefore, when being harvested, the hair of Vietnamese women is intact and natural. This can explain the soft, shiny, and bouncy hair. 

In other words, the hair cuticle remains well and the resilience is amazing. 


One of the most famous suppliers in the world, especially in Asia, is China’s wholesale hair supplier. 

A Chinese hair factory supplying hair extensions
A Chinese hair factory supplying hair extensions

In China, hair distributors have decades of business history. Along with that, they have a pretty decent source of hair with certain popularity. 

Their hair source comes from two main sources: indigenous women and imported hair from abroad.

Chinese woman’s hair

It is noteworthy that the hair of this country’s women is decreasing day by day as a result of urbanization. As a result, only a small number of Chinese women in rural or mountainous areas sell their hair for a living. 

The rest often live in developed areas and have a higher standard of living. Because of that, they will prioritize going to salons to take care of their hair instead of selling them.

Actually, when society is increasingly developing, the awareness about beauty is enhanced among women. Chinese women have never been willing to cut, trim their hair for profit. Therefore, the hair source from Chinese women is extremely rare. 

For hair collected from salons, in terms of quality, it is not of very high quality. Hair is often thin, weak, and prone to tangles and even breakage at first. This makes them very difficult to restore, process, or care for to prolong their life. Moreover, if they are used to produce hair extensions, people will treat them chemically to bring a bouncy, glamorous, soft and smooth look and touch for hair. Obviously, the hair quality is low. 

From abroad outsource

Currently, this is the main resource of Chinese wholesale hair factories. They import hair from neighboring countries such as India, Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. However, the majority of hair is imported from India because of the enormous availability. The price of Indian hair exported to China is cheap. When being transported back to China, hair is subjected to chemical treatment, acid process… to finally become perfect hair extensions products labeled as best, high-quality Chinese hair extensions.


Hair extension is a lucrative industry in India, generating employment, income and revenues for millions of people. Nowadays, the Indian hair extensions industry is flourishing at a fast pace. It can be considered one of the most noiseless and busiest in India. India is a global hair extensions exported across the world. That’s why many Chinese factories invest in facilities and have employees in India to collect the country’s original hair. It is true that many nations have to depend on India to have a human hair source. 

More clearly, Indian hair comes from two main sources: hair collected from temples and hairballs.

  • Temple hair: Literally means hair collected from temples. In temples or pagodas, because Hindus have a deep belief in God and gods, every year they go on pilgrimage and pay their respects. They have a tradition of praying, and in order to make their prayers come true, they will shave their heads and make sacrifices with their hair. 
Indian Women Are Shaved Their Hair For Gods
Indian Women Are Shaved Their Hair For Gods

Then, this hair is used to sell to hair suppliers at a relatively cheap price. Hair is usually virgin hair, but sometimes it will mix and turn into colored or uncolored hair, this is determined by the wholesale hair supplier.

  • Hairballs: This is also Indian hair. Indian women especially have a habit of picking up the hairs that fall out when combing their hair. They consider it a part of their body that cannot be thrown away. 

In addition, in the public baths of this country, there is also a large amount of female hair loss. Then, by collecting the hair from the above 2 sources to dry and clean, it finally got a new name: a hairball. 

In general, for most non-dyed hair, both their price and quality are low. 


Cambodia’s hair is not too famous in the market. This is because the wholesale hair suppliers in this country are often small in scale. After that, their products are not very diverse. The main source of hair is from the local Cambodian woman, the quality of the hair may have different evaluations.

A Woman In Cambodia Is Checking Hair Extensions
A Woman In Cambodia Is Checking Hair Extensions

In general, Cambodian hair extensions feed the American beauty market. These days, Cambodian hair has attracted to black women. Particularly, African American women owning a hair business have a tendency to collect or import hair extensions from women in Cambodia. Then, they will sold imported hair in the United States or on the international scale.

In Cambodian, women selling hair is a way for backup plan for vulnerable women. According to the statistics of the World Bank, 4.5 million Cambodians are living in the near poor conditions. Their poverty actually pushes them in the vulnerable conditions. As a result, they sell hair to make income and send their children to school.


United Kingdom 

UK hair is generally a natural blonde of high quality. They are usually natural hair and collected from local people, in addition, some are imported hair.

There is no denying that British domestic hair is rare and expensive. Because of the high standard of living, not many people agree to sell their hair for money. Therefore, this source of hair is very scarce.

Imported hair is from Asian countries. Its primary color is black, so they need bleaching first. It is important that if the source is qualified virgin hair, the bleached hair is also of very good quality.


Russian hair is very beautiful and natural. The truth is that its color never fades. As the characteristics in genes of Russia, hair extensions in Russian often have the light color.

Russian Human Hair
Russian Human Hair

Do you know? The Russian silky hair that comes from wholesalers to resellers is blonde, which is also rare and expensive. 

Russian hair extensions are the finest items in terms of human hair extensions. It can be said that in the hair industry, Russian hair extensions are not widely heard as much as Vietnam, India or China hair industry. However, when it comes to quality, it is undeniable that Russian hair has an outstanding reputation due to human care, light natural color and best quality. 

However, when it comes to hair extensions created by bleaching or dying, it will never last as long as natural hair. Hair source of Russian hair extensions is from Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. This Virgin hair has never experienced chemical treatment and comes from remote agriculture areas. Women living in those places traditionally let their hair grow until their wedding day. Clearly, Russian hair extensions are made from 100% Caucasian Virgin and Remy hair. Therefore, it is the best and healthy Virgin hair. Along with the top notch quality, the price is undeniably high. 

Like hair extensions in many nations, Russian hair extensions also offer a wide range of several installation methods. Depending on each client’s wish and need, Russian hair factories will offer the best items to satisfy customers’ demands. Among Russian hair extensions, tape in hair extensions are the most prevalent and well-versed.

South America

Brazilian hair

Hair source of Brazilian hair is from local people or imported from other countries such as India, Malaysia. There is one interesting fact about Brazilian hair you need to know is that it holds a curl much easier than other hairs from other nations. 

Brazilian Hair Extensions
Brazilian Hair Extensions

For the best quality Brazilian hair, you can make sure 100% real, virgin, human hair is provided. Actually, Brazilian hair is really thick and quite coarse, because when making a wig, you often need fewer bundles to make the full and voluminous effect. 

In terms of diversity, Brazilian hair is super versatile. You can color-treat it, heat-style or style in any looks you want. 

Peruvian hair 

Peruvian Hair Extensions
Peruvian Hair Extensions

It is extremely popular especially among Black women. Discussing the characteristics of Peruvian hair, it is thick, straight and slightly wavy. In terms of texture, it is coarser than Brazilian hair. Peruvian hair is lightweight, but provides more volume and looks natural and glamorous for African-American women. Peruvian hair is 100% Virgin and Remy hair, and comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths. 

Common Type To Choose From

Another important factor that you need to consider when starting or running a hair business is to understand all hair types and hairstyles. 

Because it will help you make business decisions easier. 

So keep reading for much-needed information.

Human Hair

This hair type includes 3 main types: Virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair.

Virgin hair

It is simply undisturbed hair, which has not been subjected to any chemical treatment. More specifically, this is the type of hair that is not permed, bleached, color-treated, or dyed.

The quality of Virgin hair is extremely high, it is the best version of hair. It is known as Virgin because hair is collected from only one donor.

You know, your hair will never be able to return to its natural state after it has been treated or dyed. 

When you dye your hair, just once, you’ve lost the best of virgin hair forever.

Remy Hair

The term “Remy” refers to both the characteristics and methods used to create hair products and styling. Remy’s hair has a unidirectional cuticle, which means the hair roots all go in the same direction.

Remy Hair is from several donors sharing the same hair features. Like Virgin hair, the cuticle of Remy hair is still intact. 

Non-Remy hair

In a little more detail, the hair cuticles due to not being cleaned by the suppliers will easily peel or run in both directions, they look very tangled and messy. 

Both the roots and ends of this hair are often mixed together. 

Non-Remy hair is from temple floors, hair salons, and random vendors.  Due to the difference in quality, you cannot expect Non-Remy to undergo the same meticulous selection process as Remy products. Manufacturers often collect Non-Remy from random suppliers to save maximum costs. 

When using this collection method, the directions of the cuticle become messy, leading to the inevitable problems of breakage, tangling, and blurring. 

Moreover, because of their low cost, they are quite popular and widely used by many people.

Remy Hair Vs Non Remy Hair
Remy Hair Vs Non Remy Hair

Synthetic Hair

Unlike natural human hair, synthetic hair uses artificial polymers combined with resin to create. So the quality definitely can’t be as good as human hair. To give users a similar look, feel, color and styling capability as human hair, the fibers used to make synthetic hair are put through numerous chemical processes. 

Synthetic Hair Extensions
Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions or wigs often have a tendency to be ready-to–wear. They are available in countless textures (straight, wavy and curly), colors and lengths. Therefore, definitely, the most appealing aspect to synthetic hair is that it is often worn right out of the box with no extra styling. The curl pattern is permanently set. 

Considering diversity, synthetic hair extensions obviously lack versatility. Because of the low quality, it can not be styled to look many different ways like human hair extensions. Simultaneously, the lifespan of synthetic hair is shorter than real hair. With proper care, it can last about 4-6 months or even a year. 

Popular Hair Extensions

For African Market

Hair weft
Hair Weft
Hair Weft

It is a collection of hair stands that are woven together. Wefts can vary in length and volume depending on individual preference. 

This type of hair is so common among hair extension users, because this method is sustainable and does not require any heat, glue or chemical process when applied onto your head unless you change its style. 

Hair bulk
Hair Bulk
Hair Bulk

It is a hair bundle with no weft. At the time hair is in the form of bulk, it can be in the original shape because it has already undergone the distribution process. 

Bulk hair allows hair suppliers or hair salon owners to create many diverse types such as wigs, tape in hair extension, clip in hair extension, weft hair…

For US-UK-EU Market 

Segment in those markets is relatively different from in Africa. Women living in these locations have an inclination towards clip-in hair extensions, ponytails hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, micro link, sew-in hair extensions, …

Here is the image of some popular kinds of hair extensions in the US-UK-EU Market. 

Tape In Hair Extensions
Tape In Hair Extensions
Sew In Hair Extensions
Sew In Hair Extensions
Micro Link Hair Extensions
Micro Link Hair Extensions

How To Choose The Most Suitable Supplier

There is no doubt that the hair industry is a hot industry and has great economic potential. 

Therefore, now is a great time for you to profit from this lucrative business. To compete and win, you will need great wholesale hair suppliers.

The following are important steps to help you or anyone who wants to enter this potential industry choose the right and ideal supplier.

Things You Need To Consider To Choose The Most Suitable Suppliers
Things You Need To Consider To Choose The Most Suitable Suppliers

Research And Make A List

The first step is to thoroughly research information on top hair suppliers and choose a quality wholesale partner that suits the amount of capital you intend to spend.

Therefore, take a close look at the news we mentioned above. Believe that you will make the best choice.

Plus, different hair types have different costs, so budgeting is important when you want to open a hair salon or start a resale business in general.

Reliable Information

When choosing any supplier, what you need to pay special attention to is their reliable information.

For example, is there a guarantee that they perform? What are their terms of sale? Obviously, if they are reputable hair suppliers, all of this information will be on their website. 

Do not hesitate to visit the supplier’s website, and make sure your cooperation decision is the right one.

In addition, information about returns and shipping times is also important to consider. Finally, if one of these pieces of information is missing, you may want to find another seller.

Request A Hair Sample

In case you are hesitant to order a large number of products of unknown origin, this is a perfectly reasonable request. 

Ask the seller to send you straight, wavy, or other patterns. Then you use it for yourself or colleagues by dyeing, drying, and incubating hair methods. Next is tracking how well it is doing.

In short, design is a great way to get the best quality feel. Furthermore, placing a small order can help you ensure a better understanding of the samples. 

If you find the effect they bring is great or more. You can be more confident the next time you order in bulk.

Read feedback and comments

I believe that reading feedback from previous customers is extremely significant. Reading them will help you understand more about a hair company’s personality and the way they operate and care for their customers. 

Comments and feedback is solid evidence confirming that a hair company exists and you can trust.  

Confirm physical evidence

It is important for you to check the existence of hair companies and hair extensions products before placing an order. It is true that any real hair company has a physical location. To identify it, you need to require it to make a video call and show you real hair products, office’s facilities, equipment and staff. 

You should be careful for every step, because as you know the hair industry is increasingly profitable now. Therefore, many people take advantage of it to scam other hair buyers. 

Tips & Tricks

We understand how overwhelming and difficult the challenge you have to face when entering a hair business for the first time. 

You will need to do a lot to impress your employees or make the most of your resources to provide prompt service to your customers and successfully establish wholesale/retail customer and customer groups. 

Here are some suggestions to help you start a hair business. Don’t miss it if you feel you have difficulty in this hair extension business.

Conducting surveys and consulting directly

Understanding the needs and desires of customers is a prerequisite for the success of any business, hair business is no exception.

Finding solutions for valuable customers in many ways. They will come right over and fix the problem for you. Because they want useful solutions.

Some specific needs are as follows:

  • Good products for thinning hair.
  • They may need other products if their hair is too thick.
  • Hair care and maintenance products.

In short, based on advice or your own testing of a client’s hair, you may find the product offering more helpful. 

As long as you keep the strategy right, reselling hair suppliers is a lot easier than you think.

Effective Sales

Did you know? A newly opened hair salon requires not only the high skills of a professional hairdresser, but also many tricks to attract customers. 

Overall, the main goal of this is to implement an effective sales policy.

One of the easiest ways to get your customers’ attention is to give them a discount. We can have many ways to reduce prices, for example:

  • Lower costs for customers who book as early as opening day.
  • Discount other percentages when customers choose combo package.
  • Reduce or provide other services to old customers who come.

However, there are several other solutions you can come up with when you are confused about how to reduce the price to match your audience and store.

Let’s continue reading! 

Provide a wider variety of products and products for customers to choose from

There are many ways to increase revenue in terms of the number of products and services provided to customers.

Offer additional services: Make sure your business offers a wide selection of hair extensions that you can apply it quickly and simply.

For instance, if you own a hair salon or any kind of business, consider offering clients deep care treatments or even color polishing services. 

Offer variety: The simplest way to increase sales in a single visit is to offer a wide variety of products to complement the service offering, if any, especially in-store. Make hair. 

Proactively selling, providing services: As a hair supplier, it is important that you always have a ready-made introduction and sales promotion method.

In fact, getting product recommendations is sometimes a valuable service that customers both love and look forward to.

It is therefore a simple habit for your employees to be ready to inform customers about the products to recommend them and why. 

Show your business professionalism

Last but not least, it’s about showing the professionalism of the business you own.

You know, a business with high professionalism in both sales and excellent customer service always receives more love and trust from people.


Where do most hair extensions come from?

There is an exception to every rule, but in general most human hair extensions come from primary sources in India (especially southern India), Malaysia, Cambodia, and China. 

How do you know if a hair vendor is legit?

It’s a good idea to visit customer review sites for the online hair salon you want to buy from, or do some quick Google searches for the brand name along with other reviews. 

If most of the reviews are negative or the total number of reviews is too small, you may want to reconsider ordering from that supplier and opt for some other more reliable brand.

How can you tell the difference between real and fake hair?

The best way is to use bleach to test on a few hairs.

Cut a few strands of hair from the product you bought and apply bleach to it.

This can be a bit extreme, but if you want to know if the hair you bought is fake or original. 

Or another way is to conduct a fire test.

If the hair smokes and burns back up while smelling like burnt hair, it’s definitely real hair. Conversely, if you see it melt into a ball and smell like burning plastic, this is the most obvious sign of a fake.

What is the highest grade of a human hair?

Grade 10A is the highest quality hair you can buy, and also the most expensive. 

That’s because this is 100% virgin, unprocessed hair that comes from a donor with a thick tail and strong structure. That’s why you can dye it without causing much damage.

Is Remy hair good quality?

Remy hair is the best quality of human hair because the cuticles remain intact. By aligning and preserving the cuticle of the hair in the direction, it ensures the natural look of the hair extension.

How thick should hair extensions be?

If you value the volume of your hair extension, think about increasing it from 100 to 150 grams. 

For fine to medium hair, 100 to 125 grams of hair extensions are a reasonable choice. While hair is medium to thick, the best weight is between 125 and 175 grams


So now you have useful information on how to find the most reliable hair extension suppliers.

Hope this article of ours really works great for you to use.

Finally, don’t forget to follow our website to stay up to date with the latest news about hair extensions and other related products and services.

If you have any hair-related questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to support and get advice to you!!!