How To Take Care Of Hair Extension: Complete Guide For Newbies

Using hair extensions is one of the top choices of many customers. Because, currently, there are many ways to fix unsatisfactory hair. However, to always have the most beautiful hair, you must follow certain habits and principles.

When you go for hair extensions, the length and style are complicated or simple. Having certain manipulations and understanding and taking care of them properly will make your hair last longer and longer.

Of course, not everyone knows the methods to properly take care of their hair. This article brings you the basics and a few simple tips for your hair extensions.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair Extension Products
Hair Extension Products

Hair extensions are made from human hair or synthetic hair. Even in some nations they are made from animal hair, but this rarely happens in an official company. In fact, the world of hair extensions is so diverse that it can even make you overwhelmed to learn. All styles, ways, or styles have different names.

Don’t worry as well as be discouraged. And you just need to understand simply that hair extensions are artificial or natural hairs created and dyed into different designs.

So what is the use of hair extensions? These hairs will be bonded or clamped to your hair. It does away with previous hairstyles that don’t fit or cater to your diverse beauty preferences.

Things To Consider For Caring

The connection of hair

Surely this is something you should know before you want to take care of your hair extensions in the best way. Many stylists or salespeople will advise you thoroughly about the style, but along with that, there will be many people who won’t tell you.

So if you are not sure what your hair extension is, take some time to find out; it is very important to the process you take care of.

Each hairstyle, such as clamps, large joints, small joints, and fiber connections, has its notes on durability and time and how to use heat and chemicals separately. So understanding is a priority.

Hair condition

Usually, your hair and the hair extension will have different conditions. When taking care of them together, there are many problems such as hair falling out because it doesn’t fit or this product is suitable for real hair but not for hair extensions.

Even so, you can completely overcome this problem by restoring real hair before doing it. Or better yet, self-care at home for a certain period.

Hair extensions are often of better quality than real hair, so when deciding to change a new look. It’s a pretty big deal that needs to be properly considered.

Advice from a counselor

It is what we always encourage every customer when using the service; the advice from the expert always helps you a lot. It is certainly not harmful to consult such advice at all.

Moreover, they are also the people who understand your hair condition and the most relevant knowledge. From there, these tips will be more objective and subjective.

How To Take Care Of Hair Extension?

Take Care Of Hair
Take Care Of Hair


Healthy hair has a lot to do with taking care of and nourishing them. Usually, hair extensions will take a lot of care to make them healthier.

Haircare time also depends on the hair type, and there are hair extensions; you will treat them with real hair. As for the clamps, they are often especially nourished with their nutrients.


Real hair extensions are often quite dry and less shiny than real hair, especially when we have dyed or permed straightened. That’s why polishing plays a very important role.

Shining makes us more confident with our hair and keeps our hair longer and more durable during the extension process. Like other types, hair extensions also require more attention to polishing.

Prevent damage

Because they are hair extensions, they cannot save the nutrients that the scalp provides while still subject to many external influences. It makes them much more susceptible to damage.

To make your hair extensions healthier than taking care to prevent damage is a criterion that cannot be ignored.

Knowledge of hair health

It is a must when you want to take care of your hair in the best possible way. It will be the first thing for finding the right products and the basis for considering related issues.

With just one to two minutes with various gadgets on the internet today, the knowledge about the hairstyle you need will appear in full. The next step is to note the features and make a selection.

Good food

To have the strongest hair, external care is never enough; nutrients from the inside also play a particularly important role in the process.

But what does strong root hair have to do with hair extensions? As a bridge between the head and the other type of hair, if it is not strong, the joints or its head will be very easy to slip, uncertain.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to this during the care process.

Suitable heat level

With a hair extension, the ability to recover is much worse than real hair from the durability. So what is the right temperature level is very important when caring. Because when damaged, it is not possible to improve the appearance and gloss on its own.

So when choosing heat levels for hair extensions, low to medium heat levels will be more appropriate. It won’t be too strong or too sudden, which is good.

Sleep smart

You need to take care of your hair in many sequences and certain operations like the makeup process. In particular, it is very important to make sure they are always in the best condition or not subject to negative impacts.

While sleeping, try to keep them far enough away, and don’t press on your extensions. The weight will cause them to break or fall out of your joint. Although it is quite difficult, try to control and take care of them while sleeping.

Moisturizer supplement

When touching your hair extensions, you often feel they are much drier than usual, right? Such a condition is a manifestation of severely dehydrated hair.

To create degrees, you can supplement with moisturizing care products or nutrients or sprays. All methods may be appropriate.

Specialized equipment

Specialized Hair Equipment For Caring Hair
Specialized Hair Equipment For Caring Hair

Styling machine

In fact, hair extensions are quite easy to style, but not all machines are suitable. Devices with many heat levels, slow operation, and minimal impact on the machine will be most appropriate.


Many problems occur with hair extensions when using a dryer, such as hair breakage, broken connections due to their power, and wind power is too great. From the ground up, the movements you buy should be easy to adjust.

The importance of a comb

For hair extensions, a comb is really important in the process that you take care of or use. The comb should have a spacing suitable for large or small joints.

A comb with the right tooth-width apart will greatly reduce the negative impact on your extensions.


How often do you have to maintain hair extensions?

Usually, it will be every 3-5 weeks, and the ways to maintain hair extensions are mentioned, such as transplanting and rewiring. It will help prolong the life of your hair and make it stronger.

If you do not want to take care of it at the salon, you can completely do it yourself every day at home with products and easy manipulation.

How long do hair extensions last?

The longevity of hair extensions depends largely on the quality of the hair and the care process. A set usually lasts from 1-3 months, and then they often happen to lose termites, and damage.

Are hair extensions hard to take care of?

If you are a person who likes and takes care of your hair, then this should not be too difficult for you. It is only a bit complicated to choose the right product, and the other criteria are quite easy.

People must note that because hair extensions are quite fragile and fall, experts have given a lot of advice and practical tips for you to follow easily.

What are the side effects of hair extensions?

When you have hair extensions, you can see a lot of breakages, sometimes even making the head heavier.

In addition, it also causes discomfort and hair diseases such as fungus, and greasy hair. Putting pressure on real hair makes it difficult for it to grow out.

Do extensions cause hair loss?

This problem has a lot to do with the quality of each person’s hair, but in reality, the extension does not cause too much hair loss.

But for those of you with weak and strong hair, you need to choose more carefully when learning the model and type of connection to avoid problems and keep it longer.

How much does hair extension cost?

In the hair industry, there is no fixed price for hair extensions. The price of hair extension vary depending on the hair sources, time to produce, high skill level of craftsmen, or even currency of the nation you import hair extension.

However, the first thing always decides the price of hair extension is quality of hair including human hair extensions and grade of hair.

In this post, I will give you the reference of price table of hair extension of Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnamese hair factory.

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn


Have you given yourself some useful hair care tips after this article? Hope the knowledge that we have mentioned will be of use to you!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate leave comment below. In some case, you need to be answered quickly, you can contact us or our sales manager (Ms Rosa: +84902106091). Because team sales staff of Gruda Hair is 24/7 to support and respond to customers immediately. Our hair consultant and sales staff are always available to support and help you.

To get more information about Vietnamese hair products as well as hair suppliers, let’s contact Gruda Hair to have the best consultation.

To get more information about Vietnamese hair products as well as hair suppliers, let’s contact Gruda Hair to have the best consultation.