Summer Hair Extensions Trend In 2022: A Complete Guide & Tips

In today’s article, we will learn together about the summer hair extensions trend in 2022. So that we can choose the most suitable hair models for us.

If you are a frequent user of hair extensions and are looking for the hottest hair trends this year but don’t know which is the best and most suitable choice, this post is for you.

If short hairstyles become hot over time, long hair will never go out of fashion. Because long hair is easy to create many different styles and colors. 

Hair Extension Trends For 2022

Some hair extensions trend for 2022
Some hair extensions trend for 2022

Currently, on the market, there are quite a few different types of hair extensions. They make you wonder which is really the “trend” of this year. Please refer to the following hair samples:

Straight & Sleek

If you have had a straightener before but have not used it for a long time, now is the time to wipe and clean the dust in the straightener. Because they are about to return to the trending track in 2022. 

A Girl With Straight And Sleek Hair
A Girl With Straight And Sleek Hair

In 2022, straight, shiny hair will become trending and a hair stylist once shared that. Wondering whether to style them or not, immediately choose a long, smooth hairstyle. So they are both out of fashion and extremely suitable for all different spaces and places such as going to school, work, or going out. 

(Extra) Long Lengths

Another trend is longer hair extensions. At salons, the number of customers coming to hair extensions in recent times has increased sharply. 

Typically, clients will ask for hair with lengths of 18 – 25 inches (basically, they will come to your chest or to your waist). In addition, at some other salons and if customers prefer to choose long hair, 30-inch hair extensions are also an option.

The choice of how much joint length will depend on the preferences and styling of the customer. However, there are hairstyles that you can keep as long as possible. In addition, your real hair will only be able to grow about half an inch per month. So the best way to easily get that hair is to make an appointment right at the salon for the staff to contact, advise, and fastest support. 

Layered Hair

It has always been considered nostalgic for the 90s. Because they don’t just stop at straight hair and are divided into layers. 

A Beautiful Girl With A Straight Layered Hair
A Beautiful Girl With A Straight Layered Hair

Accordingly, this 2022, not only in terms of length, but this layered hairstyle will also be popular again. The hair will still be beautiful and thick with many different layers of hair. So, you can make any part look beautiful.

If you are a modern person and want to try a new hot-trend hairstyle, go to the salon and tell them to do a layer style.

Beach Waves

One of the hairstyles that never go out of fashion is the wave. The soft, flowing waves are sure to delight and wear them all year long.

Styling waves at home also becomes much simpler. Because the hair extensions will keep the waves like a mermaid’s tail for quite a long time.

A Beach Wave Hairstyle Hot Summer Hairstyle
A Beach Wave Hairstyle Hot Summer Hairstyle

In addition, at hair salons, there are quite a few customers who have the option of incorporating light plucking into their hair texture and defining wavy hairstyles to become more fashionable than ever. 

Bouncy Blow Drys

For a long time, we have always preferred hairstyles that quickly fold in. And don’t need to spend too much time taking care of and nurturing them. Because not everyone has a lot of time to do that. 

According to hairstylist Louis: 2022 will be the return of bouncy blow drys. This hairstyle does not take too much time to care for and style. And you only need 1 blow-dry to change your appearance within 15-20 minutes. This allows you to achieve absolute results when combining the dryer with the air.

Drying your hair with specialized dryers will help blow hot air onto damp hair and make it soft, shiny, and free of frizz. If you’re looking to try bouncy blow drys, book an appointment with the salon for new hair and a more perfect look.

Big Curls

Whether your hair is naturally curly or not, they don’t matter too much with the best extensions. The trend of 2022 is big curls and is extremely suitable for wigs and real hair.

Big curls will be the first choice for long hair extensions. In addition, they also bring vibrancy, boldness, and charm that make your hair always extremely bouncy and attractive. 

An Amazing Bouncy Big Curls Hairstyle
An Amazing Bouncy Big Curls Hairstyle

Baby braids

Baby braids are the perfect choice for those who love the boho look or enjoy attending parties and festivals. However, baby braids are not always suitable for everyone because braiding can cause much tension for hair. For those who have hair that is thin, weak and fragile, actually baby braids are not an advisable option. Also, if you want to be creative, combine baby braids with wavy hairstyles for summer 2022.

Baby Braids Hairstyles Is Extremely Cute For Girls
Baby Braids Hairstyles Is Extremely Cute For Girls

The ’70s treatment

You don’t have to have a bob or bangs to suit the 70s style. This year, this long hairstyle has been treated more diversely with layers, tassels, or fringes. Curls are a bit wild – they will look more Western than Asian women. 

70s Hairstyle
70s Hairstyle

Also, rock-n-roll hairstyles may not suit everyone’s style. Therefore, you should try to change a creative hairstyle that suits your face and personality better.

The Botticelli bob 

The Botticelli Bob Is Becoming A Hot Trend In This Summer
The Botticelli Bob Is Becoming A Hot Trend In This Summer

It is also known as water waves, which will be extremely suitable in spring. If you often watch music shows or fashion shows, you can see that celebrities often tend to choose this hairstyle for Gala, and award ceremonies.

Botticelli bob features a mid-section and minimal volume at the roots that will have a slightly triangular shape and look a bit like a “thatched “hairstyle with hair. This hairstyle often brings freedom, youth, and freedom to the stylist.

In recent times, Botticelli bob often styled on this hair and used extra hair extensions every time in the summer to keep your real hair from being overloaded or uncomfortable by the heat or length.

For hairstylists there is always a requirement:

  • Creating natural waves in the hair to bring to the Botticelli bob will allow the waves to burst out in the Botticelli style.
  • If you do not have natural waves, you should immediately try the Botticelli bob trend that is extremely hot right now. Many people will feel quite comfortable with wavy hair with braids or micro curling iron to get the look they want. 

90s middle partings

Inspired by Botticelli’s bob, many hair stylists feel the movement with parting hairstyles following the 90s.

90 Middle Parting Hairstyles Throwback To The Popular Hairstyle
90 Middle Parting Hairstyles – Throwback To The Popular Hairstyle

One factor can easily affect the length, and texture of the other hair together. And will give you an amazing center part hair and will completely change your look.

In particular, for celebrities, it doesn’t matter if their hair is straight, wavy, or wavy. But they will focus on parting hairstyles more because of the charisma they bring to the face.

To style 90s middle partings correctly, you should use a tail comb to stroke back from the middle to the roots. You can completely do the stroke from the bridge of the nose or between the eyebrows to ensure that they are perfectly positioned, and symmetrical with each other. 

In addition, each time you style your hair, you should stand in front of the mirror in a balanced position – not to lose your body or completely put your weight to the side, so you can create a perfect hair part.

One of the best tips is that you should part your hair immediately after you wash it. Because when your hair is still damp, it is easier to follow the shape we create. 

This will allow you to practice giving your hair the most natural look possible. In addition, parting your hair when your hair is still damp will also make drying easier and make your hair more voluminous than ever. 

Besides, if part of your hair is bumpy, straighten them while still damp and tuck them behind your ears, don’t forget to use extra clips to hold your hair when needed. 

When you leave it in this position until it dries, about 50% of your hair will be under control and have a more stable volume than usual. 

Sculptural up-dos

It will become quite popular at festivals this summer because you can see various designs on many famous figures like Megan Thee Stallion, Gigi Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens, Bella Hadid, and Billie Eilish,…they bring a classic look but are no less attractive.

It offer a level of fashion, lift and hold like a gloss on glass, while here it gives shine to the hair. 

Sculptural Up Dos Hairstyle Will Prevail At This Summer
Sculptural Up Dos Hairstyle Will Prevail At This Summer

You can combine the use of sprays to make your hair easier to style. 

If you want to give Sculptural up-dos a try, go for mousses or gels, such as Evo MacGyver Multi-use Mousse – one of those products that penetrate quickly and evenly. And you can too. Make a ponytail for your hair.

However, you should note that there are no specific rules for how much gel or mousse to spray and how to pose it. It is important that you feel interested and satisfied with what you have been doing. So that, you can make yourself special and more attractive in the eyes of others.

In addition, you can completely combine Sculptural up-dos with the middle or break part with a high hairpin on the top or a little high on the nape of the neck. The choice of hairstyle will also depend on the preferences of each person.

Rapunzel lengths

The name of this trend is quite easy to understand. You can see many idols who have modeled with them like Kim Kardashian, Simone Ashley, Anya Taylor Joy, and Blake Lively,… This hairstyle is suitable for all seasons but the best is probably still summer.

A Women In Bouncy And Voluminous Rapunzel Hairstyle
A Women In Bouncy And Voluminous Rapunzel Hairstyle

Tape extension will be one of the effective ways to save money and help increase the length if you want. They can be quickly joined or removed. 

In addition, with this style you can also reuse them many times. You can use them once to attend an event and then take them off, store them, and use them again if needed.

Sky-high pony

Many people feel quite interested in this Sky-high pony style. They suit even when you wear a crown, lift your face up. And then, you move with steps that exude elegance, charisma, and confidence.

An Attractive High Sky Ponytail
An Attractive High Sky Ponytail

A sky-high pony is quite suitable for people with shoulder-length hair. Because it can give a floating feeling when tied up. Instead of using a classic headband, you can secure the ponytail with an elastic item. In addition, if you have too much hair, you can combine it with spray to fix the hairs together.

Top Summer Hair Color Trend

If we have learned together about the summer hair extensions trend in 2022, surely it is indispensable for the hair colors that “make rain and wind” on the market today, right? Here are the top summer hair color trends that you can refer to:


Blonde balayage is always one of the most fashionable hairstyles and colors for girls with natural brown hair. They will include the perfect combination with gentle shades and are applied to the scalp, the dark brown color, and natural hair. A layer of bold color but extremely natural, and light, and help your hair stand out like never before. 


Peach Hair Is So Attractive And Youthful
Peach Hair Is So Attractive And Youthful

A few curls of peach color will make her hair suddenly pink, bouncy but not too dark, too loose. The peach color is also in the top 5 hottest summer hair products today. If your hair is in a natural light color or has been breached, you can easily dye peach color at home without spending too much time going to the salon to wait for hours. 


An Attractive Girl In Platinum Blonde Hair
An Attractive Girl In Platinum Blonde Hair

Shadowed roots and the platinum blonde is always a trend of all time, not just this summer of 2022. This color brings a personality and sharp look to the girls. 

Bleached platinum curls will help to combat the boldness of natural hair. Most of the current US-UK or KPOP idols are quite fond of this hair color. 


A caramel balayage can be a hair color that stays for a long time. This color is also quite suitable for people with warm skin. Caramel always gives users comfort, lightness, and attraction more than ever. Quite a few celebrities have chosen this hair color for a long time.

Pastel Balayage

Pink Pastel Balayage Hair Color
Pink Pastel Balayage Hair Color

For many people, summer is the season of rest as well as fun parties and festivals with relatives and friends. So what will be the right choice of hair color to match the sparkling, attractive clothes. 

Perhaps, Pastel Balayage is the first choice. If in the past Pastel Balayage caused many criticisms, now they have gone upstream and become the color of summer and vibrant parties.

Money Piece

The money piece trend has returned from the 90s with the promotion of idols like Dua Lipa,  Jennifer Lawrence, and Beyonce. The name of this hair color comes from the notion that the look will make you “expensive”, much more luxurious.

However, this hairstyle will also require you to spend more time taking care of it. After each wash, you should spend time adding hair serums to limit split ends and tangles after a while. This hair color is considered to be hot both now and in the future. 

Money Piece Balayage

Caramel Balayage Hairstyle
Caramel Balayage Hairstyle

Money piece balayage will help make use of every angle of your face. They highlight the advantages and minimize the disadvantages. However, with this hair, you also need to take care of it, combining it with the use of different serums. In particular, with money piece balayage, when walking in the sun, it will become extremely prominent and attractive.

Funky Colored Money Hair Piece

If you are bored with normal hair colors, try mixing colors together in a funky-colored money-piece hairstyle. This change will make your face brighter along with the hair looking extremely attractive, fancy, and equally floating.

Ashy Money Hair Piece

Ashy Money Hair Piece
Ashy Money Hair Piece

If you are fond of gray or simply want to change the color of blonde or brown, honey color in your hair, ashy money piece hair will be the choice you should consider. With hairs that start at the front and will provide a natural, long-lasting effect.


Above is the information about the summer hair extension trend in 2022 that the article wants to share with you. As can be seen, now there are quite a few different hairstyles that you can choose from, as long as you feel like it and they suit your face and personality.

Next, in addition to the hairstyle, the choice of colors is also extremely important because they will help highlight and highlight the personality, making the face brighter. Hopefully, the above sharing will help them to own the hair with the best hair color to comfortably have fun in this summer of 2022. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about hair care, hair tips, information about hair extensions and hair factories. We are always available to support you.