The detailed comparison: Synthetic and Human Hair Extensions

This post will give you best knowledge about the comparison between synthetic and human hair extensions.

Currently, there are many different types of wigs on the market and are divided into 2 main types, including human hair and hair made from synthetic fibers. Today’s article will provide you with basic knowledge when shopping and how to distinguish between wigs made from human hair and hair made from synthetic fibers.

What Are Synthetic Hair Extensions?

We will together define and characterize the types of synthetic hair and human hair to make it easier to shop:

Synthetic Hair
Synthetic Hair Extensions

First, we will learn together what synthetic hair is as well as the features they bring to the user:


Synthetic hair is hair made from good quality plastic, usually polyester, acrylic or polyvinyl materials. All these fibers are designed and bring out the most natural, eye-catching beauty of that synthetic hair. Wigs made from synthetic fibers are always cheaper than those made from human hair.  


To make synthetic fiber wigs natural, manufacturers have used single strands, monofilament yarns, or combined with two or three acrylic, poly filament, or polyester fibers to form the hairs. If you plan to buy a wig or hair extension made from synthetic fibers, it will be cheaper than other items made from human hair.

Accordingly, synthetic hair will be designed according to a unique process and can have many different colors and sizes to help meet the needs and fashion of the girls. Besides, some manufacturers have mixed synthetic hair and human hair to bring the most realistic wig products. 

What Are Human Hair Extensions?

Human Hair Extensions
Human Hair Extensions


Human hair extensions are 100% natural human hair collected from donors. Therefore, all the cuticles are intact, going in the same direction. Hair extensions made from human hairs remain smooth and silky throughout the lifetime. 

If you want to own a strong, healthy, smooth hair, you need to understand well about the quality of hair as well as its characteristics:


According to science, the structure of human hair includes:

  • The medulla is the innermost part of the feather, which carries fat and air. If your hair has a thin structure, the pulp is unlikely or even nonexistent.
  • The middle layer (cortex): This part is a collection of bundles of fibers containing dark pigments that give hair color. This layer will determine the strength and color of your hair.
  • Cuticle: The outermost part of the hair shaft comprises 5-10 layers of keratin overlapping each other. You can imagine this part like layers of fish scales. They will be responsible for protecting your hair from chemicals such as dyes, heat curlers, or bad influences from the outside environment.


Human hair is divided into 3 specific types, including:

  • Virgin hair: This 100% virgin hair can be as original hair, never used through any chemicals, and has a length, glossy, smooth standard. Because these hair types are of the highest quality on the market, they will also be quite expensive. However, when choosing this hair type, you will feel your hair becomes the most natural and beautiful.
  • Remy hair: Remy is also considered a premium choice. These hairs will have hair follicles arranged in the same direction; they are cut from the hide of young women and will be used to make wigs and hair extensions depending on the person’s needs. This type of hair has cuticles running in the same direction, so it will be quite smooth.
  • Non-Remy hair (Compare Remy hair and non-Remy hair): This hair is usually obtained from random barbershops by collection method. This type of hair will have the path of the cuticles becoming extremely confused, and it is challenging to avoid tangling during use. These problems will arise more when you wash or apply them to curl, dye, etc. However, this is not a typical hair type that manufacturers often use.

Comparison Between Synthetic And Human Hair Extensions

To make a comparison between human hair and synthetic hair, we will base it on the following factors:

Long-term endurability 

When it comes to durability, human hair can be available for about 6 months. However, in the case if properly cared for,  the lifespan of human hair can last up to years, approximately 1-4 years because of the top-notch quality.

In the meantime, synthetic hair can only be up to about 3-4 months (usually 3 months). In addition, they have differences in quality and hair texture. It is obvious that synthetic hair is always less durable than the human hair extension. Due to the lower quality of the hair sources, synthetic hair extensions are sensitive to heat and external impact. Nevertheless, they are easily heat styleable to change the curl pattern. 

Human hair will have higher water absorption, quick-drying, and a unique scent that synthetic hair does not have. During use, you can feel the most obvious difference, especially with synthetic hair. Sometimes, it will bring discomfort to the user.


Human hair will give a natural feel when you let your hair down (swirl) by hand because it has a natural structure. However, synthetic fiber hair will not bring such naturalness.

Human hair is always a high-end, top-priority choice because it is easy to change the style and less tangled during use. In addition, this product also has the advantage of being soft, shiny, smooth in motion, not stiff, fibrous, and dry like synthetic hair.

Human hair allows for easy styling and results in curls that last longer than synthetic hair when it comes to versatility.


As we all know, human hair is always more expensive than artificial hair. Of course, this also means that it will take you more time to care for and style natural hair than synthetic hair. Actually, both human and synthetic hair extension requires effort for caring because meticulous hair can significantly contribute to the longevity of hair. 

If you use natural hair, you need to restore and condition it regularly, just like taking care of your natural hair. 

And if you are a girl who is too busy with work, daily life, and limited time, you should choose artificial hair because you do not take too much time to take care of it.

Here, I will give you the table price of human hair extensions from a Vietnam hair factory – Gruda Hair

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double Hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double Hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn Hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn Hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn Hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn Hair

Easy care

Natural hair also needs regular care, massage, and styling. As for artificial fur, it is also relatively easy to take care of. The reason is that natural hair can keep its shape; they will not need to take a long time to re-style or can customize different hairstyles without taking much care.

With artificial hair, you need to wash it and dry it, and the hairstyle and style will return to the way it was. They will not force users to take care of themselves too much. However, it is advised you should also take care of the wigs you own so that they have a good durability.


Human hair extension is an optimal choice for those who need it to increase the volume and length of hair. Because it is strong, silk, bouncy and durable. With these characteristics, human hair extensions allow users to color, bleach, dye and use hairstyle heating applications to change the patterns. They have the same function as human hair on people’s head. It is so versatile and is beneficial for those who always try new look.

In terms of synthetic hair, it is limited to change hairstyles. If you  apply chemical treatments or excessive heat on synthetic hair, it will dry and easily tangle. 

How To Distinguish Synthetic Hair And Human Hair 

As we all know, natural hair and artificial hair are pretty difficult to distinguish if you are not in the industry. If you want to distinguish between choosing the right hair type, please refer to our two ways below:

  • Using water: One of the straightforward ways to distinguish natural hair from artificial hair is to use water. With synthetic hair, when wet, it will feel heavier, no longer keeping the original shape. With natural hair, even if you immerse them in water, it will still retain its shine and smoothness.
  • Test by burning: You can cut a part of your hair that you have bought. And then burn it directly on the fire. If the hair is flammable and creates an enormous flame, you buy artificial hair, and if the natural hair is burned, it will have very little smoke and have a characteristic burning smell. 

How Much Do Synthetic Hair Extensions Cost?

As shared above, artificial hair is always cheaper than natural hair. Because this type of hair will be made from different materials and has low production costs. 

However, you still need to be careful to buy the right product in the buying process. Although artificial hair, when purchased, will be cheap, they are not as durable as natural hair. 

Usually, if you choose a hair extension from natural hair, it will always be more expensive than artificial hair, providing better quality and durability. In addition, the price of a set of hair will depend on whether you choose natural or synthetic hair and the address where you select the store to buy it. 

Where To Buy The Best Human Hair Extension?

Gruda Hair - a reliable hair factory in Vietnam
Gruda Hair – a reliable hair factory in Vietnam

About Gruda Hair

One of the top nations to import human hair extensions is Vietnam. Vietnam has a long history of experience in the hair industry. In recent years, Vietnam has emerged as an important hair extension exported in the world. Thanks to the relentless effort in producing high quality products as well as improving the level of craftsmanship, the Vietnamese hair extension industry has gained a high position on the global scale. Its clients are from different continents in the world such as: African nations, French, Germany, the US-UK, Russia, Italia, Ghana, Ukraine, Brazil… This is evidence of showing that Gruda Hair has a stable position on the international scale. 

The best Vietnamese hair extensions I want to recommend to you is Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnam hair factory. With more than 14 years of working in the hair field, this expertises in this field and has a deep understanding of customer’s insight in terms of their pain points, desire, needs. From this, apart from distributing the best quality products, Gruda Hair does it best to prioritize customer experience to maximize their customer satisfaction. 

About products

Considering products, this hair company provides a wide range of products with different types and hairstyles. They are: hair bundles, hair wefts, tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, micro link hair extensions, sew in hair extensions, fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces, closures… with 2 main qualities: Virgin hair and Remy hair and 3 grades: Single Drawn hair, Double Drawn hair, Super Double Drawn hair. Regarding hair styles, it has: straight hair, bone straight hair, curly hair, deep wave hair, wavy hair, pixie hair… with vibrant colors.

Here are some photos of products from Gruda Hair.

Human Hair Extensions from Gruda Hair
Human Hair Extensions from Gruda Hair
Human Hair Extensions from Gruda Hair
Human Hair Extensions from Gruda Hair
Human Hair Extensions from Gruda Hair
Human Hair Extensions from Gruda Hair


How long do synthetic hair extensions last?

Artificial hair has a durability of about 1-3 months. In the meantime, natural hair can be 6 months to 1 year (if you know to take care and nourish regularly).

Can I heat-style synthetic hair extensions?

No, with artificial hair extensions, some parts when you style the curly hair (difference between deep wave vs curly hair). Or any hairstyle will be restricted. If the amount of heat is to the artificial hair, it will be pretty prone to melting and damage. While some synthetic fibers can withstand high temperatures, they cannot match natural hair.

The reason is that human hair extensions are from natural hair. Therefore, they can be easily styled just like you are using on your hair with a curling iron or roller.

Can I use styling products on them?

No. Styling products are often one of the main reasons artificial hair extensions tangle, break, and lose their durability over time.

While if you choose natural hair, it can easily wash and remove unwanted accumulations, artificial hair cannot do the same. Therefore, if you use styling products on synthetic hair, it will significantly reduce their lifespan.


Thus, today’s article has shared helpful information about natural hair and artificial hair. The choice will depend on each person’s economic condition. However, do not forget to take good care of them during use. 

I believe that for those being a hair business owner or being a client who has demand on hair extensions products, it is incredibly necessary for them to have a detailed comparison between synthetic hair and human hair extensions.  If you find this article useful, do not forget to share it with others in order that they can know it.

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