The detailed knowledge: Top Hair Suppliers In Ghana

Here are the ways that we choose the top hair extensions suppliers in Ghana for you. So, let’s look closely and read carefully.

It is clear that in the steps to own a hair extension, it is certainly important to choose a suitable supplier. In Ghana, it is not too difficult for you to find a distributor or shops that sell them. However, in order to be able to make the best choice for all options in terms of price as well as quality, we need to consider and pay a lot of attention.

Identify Hair Extensions Supplier In Ghana

Clearly defining for yourself what hair extension suppliers you want in Ghana is the first important consideration. For example, if you only have personal use requirements, small and medium-sized reliable distributors can completely meet your demands.

As for the distributors, they will usually equip the production line with their own production. So they are much more suitable for commercial purposes or development for dealers.

Usually, there will be many choices for you, but hair extensions suppliers in Ghana are here if they are large suppliers that obviously supply a large number of products for business stores. And then, if you buy for your personal use, it is not common for you to buy directly from the hair factory. You will buy hair extensions at hair stores, markets or hair salons. 

Nowadays, it is not difficult for you to find a wide range of hair extensions at suppliers in Ghana. You can have effective and devoted experience and consultancy if you look to reliable vendors and distributors who specialize in hair products.

Is Hair Extensions Supplier In Ghana Really Good?

Factors To Decide Ghana Hair Extensions Are Good
Factors To Decide Ghana Hair Extensions Are Good

The durability of the product

With hair extensions, no matter which distributor you go to, its durability is always highly appreciated as well as the first priority selection criterion. Because no one wants fast-aging hair.

In Ghana, you will be tested for the durability of your hair along with reviews from customers to make sure the hair extensions products you want to buy are of good quality. However, if you do not want to spend too much time checking everything, let’s look for large and professional distributors. 

They will ensure your use process according to the instructions with the time commitment when solving problems that arise is also much easier. That’s why you can rest assured with suppliers in Ghana.

Cost that you have to pay

In fact, the prices of distributors will often have a lot to do with the business area. In Ghana, the price of each hair extension is generally affordable in terms of income.

Staff consultation

There are many requirements for the care of consultants, moreover, if a supplier is not able to take care of customers or solve these problems poorly, many problems and difficulties can happen.

However, we really appreciate suppliers in Ghana. They actually have very enthusiastic customer service staff, especially at the top distributors.

Perhaps this is the reason why in Ghana, hair extensions distributors are gaining a huge amount of revenues. They even have a lot of business relationships with foreign distributors.

So you do not need to worry too much about this selection or care at the distributors or suppliers in Ghana.

Customer service: Instructions and answers for questions

Not everyone has the basic knowledge as well as the ability to clearly understand the types of hair extensions, prices, and suitability to their needs and business.

That’s why at distributors, whether big or small, you should really choose places that provide complete guidance as well as answer questions for users enthusiastically.

In Ghana, you will receive basic instructions on how to use hair extensions with your purchase, which can be more specific if you have a need. At the same time, the questions posed to the distributors will also be answered quickly. As a result, if you are a buyer, do not hesitate to put the questions to your supplier. In every situation, they are always willing and ready to answer and give the best service to you. 

Even so, when we ask for guidance or ask questions, they need to be clear. There are many questions that are asked in the wrong direction that make hair suppliers confused and the answer not as expected.

However, this criterion is considered good and quite good compared to the common ground. Therefore, you can rest assured when choosing distributors here.

Things To Consider Before Finding Hair Extensions Supplier in Ghana 

Things To Consider Before Importing Hair From Ghana Suppliers
Things To Consider Before Importing Hair From Ghana Suppliers

Physical location

First, what do you expect from a hair extensions supplier? Perhaps the first criterion that should be met is the address or maybe the geographical location. Physical location of a hair supplier is one of the most reliable pieces of evidence, it proves this hair shop is real in life. To avoid scamming, it is necessary to confirm the physical address of any hair shops in Ghana. 

No one wants to spend time traveling a long distance to go shopping, so a close supplier is always ideal.

However, if you have trouble finding their address, don’t worry, Google Maps will solve this problem in the best way. It will help you easily identify the hair extensions supplier.


After reviewing the stores that have the most suitable location for you, the next thing is to check their reputation. A transaction with any unscrupulous hair extensions supplier in Ghana will cause a lot of trouble.

To choose the most reputable hair extensions supplier, you can choose the following criteria:

Number of customers

Whether or not there are many buyers is closely linked with reputation. Because simply, if the quality is not guaranteed, then surely no one wants to experience it at the hair extensions supplier one more time. A large number of loyal customers are also an evidence to affirm the positive influence of this hair store.                                         

Supplier seniority

In fact, operating time is also one of the criteria to determine the credibility and assurance of customers. It is clear you will be more assured with an experienced supplier. A hair company with many years in the hair industry will have products in the available conditions. They have more experience so all the procedures can be processed quickly. The suppliers know where to find the hair source. They will have groups of highly skillful craftsmen. Therefore, it is better for you to choose an experienced hair supplier. 

However, not every option is the best in the long run, you can try to consider suppliers because they will have more incentives and much more affordable prices.

User Reviews

Obviously, it’s always a good idea to look at reviews from previous users. Sometimes it even determines a lot to the user whether to buy or not.

If the supplier has a lot of good reviews, they really deserve it. If there are a lot of bad reviews or a balance between the two, you can consider their limitations. Reading the negative comments that previous users used to make and seeing how the owner of this hair store responded, you can clearly evaluate the customer service quality and attitude of them towards clients. 

From there, offer the best fit for your needs for suppliers in Ghana and hair extensions on demand.


Actually, quality plays the most important role for every supplier in Ghana. They all try to maintain as well as ensure them at the best level. This criterion will vary depending on each customer. To have a stable position in the market, the quality of every product should be prioritized. 

For example, if you only use or sell hair extensions to users with normal needs, their quality will be slightly lower. This also means lower prices.

As for the consumer segment or audience, the need for which you aim is larger, the quality will need to be improved. There will be many distributors for you to choose from. 

With different qualities, you can find the most premium or cheapest hair extensions from the same supplier in Ghana.

Product models 

Except for personal purposes, often users or stores will look to suppliers that give them more choices. Though they might just be about a fork in hair extensions.

In Ghana, too, to be able to choose the best supplier, the variety of models is always one of the criteria taken into consideration. However, there are now many specialized stores.

For example, they will only specialize in the production of natural or artificial hair extensions, or with different designs. These suppliers are worth considering if you have similar needs.

So whether a supplier is really good as well as the quality depends a lot on the needs of the customer. So determine in advance whether you want to target hair extensions.


Currently, there are many suppliers in Ghana, they are of comparable quality as well as competitive with each other. So whether the price is appropriate or not will really decide quite a lot.

However, if you are looking for a supplier with reasonable prices, most of them will not be too big of a brand. So often we will choose the new. But it is not always true, because the experienced factory has a more strategic plan to attract and serve the best experience for customers. 

Even so, if your target audience is high-end users. They are willing to pay a large amount for hair extensions.

Then the supplier’s high-quality products will be really great.

Service Quality

For any supplier, service quality is also really important. In Ghana, it even largely determines the reputation as well as the ratings of the stores.

So your requirements for these criteria need to be higher than usual, such as with criteria from customer care, to warranty service and shipping. 

They always need to meet the best requirements, so the new supplier is qualified and worthy for you to buy. Any problems that arise if not properly resolved, you can completely get help from the switchboard.

Top Hair Extensions Suppliers In Ghana

Darling hair

Website of Darling hair store
Website of Darling hair store

The greatest motivation and inspiration of Darling hair stems from the love of hair. In every action of this company, Darling hair relentlessly expresses its love towards hair despite no hair. For it, hair is not only an indispensable part of a person or a precious item when regarding hair extensions. Also, they view hair with many special and meaningful features. Hair represents strength, confidence, beauty and independence. All these are the key factors making the whole African woman unstoppable when going onto every journey. 

From this, it is clear that Darling hair comes because it is dedicated to providing the best styles, the best quality of hair with the most affordable price. 

In Darling hair, there are a wide range of classic and premium collections that can quickly satisfy a large number of customers regardless of the demanding ones, particularly braid, weave, crochet,…


SalonLabs - one of the most famous hair products shop
SalonLabs – one of the most famous hair products shop

This hair firm provides the premium quality real hair extensions to customers in Ghana. When customers shop for themselves, they are worry-free, because the SalonLabs specializes in offering high quality hair wigs and hair extensions. As a long history and experienced hair company, it is undoubted that the products of SalonLabs are diverse such as Remy Indian Temple Bulk Hair, Straight Human Hair, Lace Closures, Lace Frontals and 360 frontals, Lace Wigs, Remy Clip in Hair Extensions, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Halo Ring Extensions, Colored Hair Streaks, Pony Tail, Micro Ring Hair…

Basically, the hair source of Ghana hair factory is primarily imported from India. After being imported, hair will be processed and converted into a smooth, silky, bouncy form. 

 Becky Wigs

A wide range of products are shown to sell in Becky Wigs
A wide range of products are shown to sell in Becky Wigs

It is one of the most trending wholesale hair distributors in Ghana. It is located in Kojo Thompson Rd, Accra – a populous destination. Definitely, it is convenient for itself and customers to buy and sell hair, generating a huge deal of profit. 

With the slogan “Love is in the hair”, Becky Wigs are always making an enormous effort to offer the best quality hair products for customers.  The love and best services for customers is directly shown through the products they provide. The top hair products of Becky Wigs are wigs and hair extensions products such as clip in, tape in, hair bulk, pony tail, sew in, weft,…

 Legaxy Hair 

One of the promotion of Legaxy Hair
One of the promotion of Legaxy Hair

Established in 2014, Legaxy hair is one of the most experienced and reliable hair distributors in Ghana. With the effort to bring the most beautiful and high quality hair products, it has built a great reputation and a wide range of networks with numerous clients all over the world. 

As other hair companies, a diverse range of hair products in Legaxy hair is wigs, closures,  Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair In Bulk.

Top 25 hair vendors/ hair suppliers in Ghana :

Tips & Tricks To Follow

A woman is dying hair for a customer
A woman is dying hair for a customer

Ask professional stylists

Referring as well as seeking advice from experienced people is always one of the optimal solutions for your choice. Really we will get useful knowledge from them.

Professional stylists know very well the needs and markets of most hair extensions. That’s why they not only give you useful advice about good distributors but also about customer needs.

If you don’t know real-life professionals in the field, forums and groups are great places to learn. However, it requires high selectivity.

Or simply, you can hire or schedule a consultation with a professional stylist or expert group to map out the basics.

Hear from the locals

Maybe the best or reputable suppliers or supply enough essential items don’t have an address near you. It makes you have to go further to other areas.

And of course, to choose the best supplier, the evaluation of the surrounding population is also really important. Because a business or store will really be worth working with if a wide range of customers make positive feedback to hair shops.

So if you come from another place or are a foreign customer, try to ask the people around for more information about the supplier door you plan to visit.

This inquiry and consultation are quite common in Ghana, so you don’t have to worry too much about having trouble asking questions. 

Determine your exact needs

As you know, each brand or supplier of hair extension in Ghana will definitely have products that excel in a certain line of products or specialties.

Therefore, accurately determining your own needs makes the job of choosing a supplier more convenient and easier. In addition, they also make the choices more accurate.

For example, if you have a need for hair extensions, please refer to the distributors who specialize in them in your place or neighboring areas, then search for price, quality, and other criteria.

Face-to-face meeting 

To achieve certain trust and exchange efficiency, face-to-face communication will bring more efficiency to you. So, if possible, choose the best exchange method.

Not only will it make communication more comfortable, but it will also help you better understand your audience and the attitudes of your collaborators. From professionalism to handling.

Moreover, meeting and exchanging directly will avoid the risk of scamming or encountering poor-quality goods. Even so, you also need to choose reputable places such as the company headquarters or right at the store.

Check the legitimacy

There are many suppliers selling hair extensions that are illegal or not properly registered, they will be terrible and cause you a lot of trouble.

In Ghana, illegal business is strictly controlled, but due to high profits, many people still use and trade counterfeit and smuggled products.

If you do not have too much experience or the ability to distinguish the real from the fake, ask at least one expert to accompany you to identify.

Also if you decide to cooperate with any suppliers, check their legitimacy. To make sure the related incidents will not cause trouble for you.

This legitimacy can be checked by business licenses or certification numbers. As a party to the transaction, you absolutely have the right to know them.


Prepare contracts if needed

If we have personal transactions with suppliers, they may not be so necessary. But for stores or large volume businesses, a contract is a must.

You will not know that there may be problems arising or occurring during your cooperation. Therefore, all problems should be protected and resolved by law.

Moreover, the contract also takes the form of a guarantee and protection for your interests when purchasing. Such as agreements on the quantity or design of hair extensions.

Keep receipts carefully

There are many problems that can arise while you shop for hair extensions at distributors in Ghana. For example, it is not suitable or there are errors that are discovered only after the rain is over. 

And of course, they will only be resolved when you have an invoice or have a basis to verify which supplier you purchased from. So keeping bills is especially important with products like hair extensions.

When there is a problem or any problem arises, the user will usually solve it with you by providing the purchase invoice. It will then determine the date and time of the program you are applying to.

For example, if they have a promotion or are in the period of exchange, try the product. If you no longer have the receipt, there are certainly other ways to verify it. 

However, it is really time-consuming and can be frustrating for you. So, to ensure your legal rights and interests, please be careful with your receipts when buying goods in Ghana.

Ask the support switchboard

Calling to ask the support switchboard at each supplier in Ghana is not a bad option. For example, if you find it too difficult to use your hair extensions, there will be support staff.

Or when any problems arise before, during, or after your purchase. The customer support call center will help you answer them.

In fact, nowadays in Ghana, these features are really popular, especially in the fields of care and beauty like supplier hair extensions.

So if any problems arise, this will be the most convenient solution. Especially for customers who are far away or have busy work.

Determine the cause of the problem

To solve any problem, it is better to identify or identify who is responsible for solving it faster and more accurately.

For example, during a purchase transaction with a hair extensions supplier in Ghana, when the product arrives at you with a defect or is not the same as shown in the picture.

The first thing you need to do is take a video of the product, from the most comprehensive to the error you notice or product inconsistency. In addition, it is also important to check the integrity of the product packaging.

If the boxes show signs of tearing or impact, which means they are not intact, you should first contact a shipping intermediary to get a solution. Then contact the seller.

If they are entirely the fault of the seller, you will contact them directly to receive appropriate compensation. If not, there are consumer protection centers or agencies in Ghana.

Beware of any form of scam

As you know, we can actually be deceived by a lot of sophisticated tricks of non-professionals. Every year there are many incidents that happen. 

There are many methods, such as promotions or marketing consulting. Usually, they will be aimed at new and less experienced shoppers.

Therefore, choose reputable sellers to avoid being scammed. Our advice is that you do not rely too much on internet sales and surprisingly cheap products.

In fact, they will never be as promised. Or worse yet, you could lose a sizable deposit per trade. So be careful with them.

List 100 hair vendors in Ghana:


What is the best hair extensions brand?

To answer your question, let’s first define our own needs for hair extensions. For example, whether you use it for yourself or for business. What is the target customer?

For example, for personal use, any distributor in Ghana can accommodate you. The domain is a requirement for hair extensions that are not so special.

And if you want to open a store or provide a long-term audience, richness and diversity are necessary. Large distributors or businesses will give samples that and more reasonable prices.

How do I find the top-quality hair vendor?

The simplest way to find a good supplier is to make a list then filter by your needs and choose the best fit. It can include criteria like price, quality along with images.

To find out the best suppliers for you, you can refer to the popular options on the market. However, to achieve the best effect, having a separate source always brings better results.

Next is to determine the customer needs or customer goals that you will aim for. From there, choose the most satisfying supplier, if they have the same quality and price. Consider service.

Where do the best hair extensions come from?

Currently, the market for hair extensions is becoming more and more popular and highly effective. Finding a place that provides and performs these jobs in a reputable way is actually quite easy.

However, the best shops usually appear in the larger cities in Ghana. Because it not only fully meets the needs of the supplier’s experience or qualifications, but also the facilities.

Of course, you can also find good quality stores in your local area. But in fact, if you want the best service, you should still choose the big distributors.

What company makes hair extensions?

You want to look for companies that do hair extensions to choose from as well as consider the most reputable for your needs. They are completely public on beauty forums.

So you can easily search or choose them for yourself. However, the prices of these distributors can be quite high if your income is normal.

Which extensions last the longest?

There are many different formats for extensions, but they will have different usage times according to each type as well as quality, care, and maintenance.

For example, with hair extensions, their time can last up to over 6 months if you use them properly and have a dedicated care plan.

As for the other hair types or hair, clips will give a longer time, but it depends a lot on the frequency as well as the maintenance. Because in fact, wigs are very easy to fall out of.


Choosing as well as finding hair extension suppliers in Ghana is actually quite easy and there are many choices. However, you also need to be really careful with them.

In addition to the ways to identify and choose suppliers in Ghana, we hope that the additional sharing on how to solve the question will be useful to you. 

Hope you will soon find a satisfactory manufacturer that is most suitable for you. Thanks for reading!