Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Do you wonder how to make your hair grow faster? 

Is there any method to help stimulate hair growth other than changing the diet? 

Do you know any functional foods that help reduce frizz, breakage and grow more hair? In today’s article, we will learn together about tips to make your hair grow faster.

How Does Hair Grow?

It is a fact that, when you were born, the hair follicles also followed, growing over time. Of these, there are about 100,000 follicles located on the scalp of each person. 

When hair is broken, AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) has shared that it is quite normal to lose about 0-100 hairs/day and anyone can experience it. 

Hair grows from the root at the bottom of the hair follicles under your skin and the blood in the scalp will go to these hair follicles with the task of providing oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots to help your hair grow better day by day. 

As it grows, the hair pushes through the scalp, passing through the oil glands. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, thanks to this oil gland, your hair will become shiny and soft. 

Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

If you are trying to make your hair thicker and grow faster, staying shiny will be like a skin process. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, on average 1 year, hair grows on average about 6 inches or sometimes less. Depending on the condition of each person, the hair also changes in length.

However, there are quite a few women who want their hair to grow quickly but do not know how to do the most useful thing. Please refer to the tips to make your hair grow faster than we share below:

Get frequent trims

Trim Your Hair Frequently
Trim Your Hair Frequently

This may not sound reasonable because if you want long hair faster and stronger. You can’t often cut them. 

However, in the opinion of hairstylist Michael Duenas, although cutting your hair won’t make your hair grow faster, it will help you get rid of split ends and breakage. 

By eliminating that breakage, your hair can grow faster. In addition, regular trimming will also help hair have a certain shine, volume, and softness.

Eat the right diet

Eat the balanced diet
Eat the balanced diet

Owning long, strong hair depends not only on which hair serum you use but also on nutrients you bring into the body. A New York-based dermatologist, Francesca Fusco, MD shared that to be able to promote rapid hair growth, you need to nourish them from deep within. 

So what are the foods that help hair grow faster? 

Usually, products rich in protein will be the main ingredients that make up the hair. Therefore, try increasing the amount of protein in your daily meals such as fish, beans, meat, or healthy grains. 

Even if you are a person who does not like to eat meat or one of the above dishes, you should still maintain a high-protein diet for fast, strong hair growth. 

According to Dr. Fusco, women who are not provided with enough nutrients will cause hair loss normally. 

Besides protein-containing products, you also need to add other vitamin ingredients such as vitamins A, C, and E and other substances such as zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids,…

Besides, you should also stay away from shampoo products. Those contain detergents or are not suitable for the scalp because they can lead to a more sensitive scalp. With the wrong products, you will find your hair quickly greasy. 

Add a hair-healthy vitamin to your a routine

If your daily diet is not enough to provide you with nutrition, add foods. function. You can find a multivitamin formulated and labeled: for hair and nails. 

These products often contain important, essential vitamins such as biotin, and vitamins C, and B to help support the health of your hair. In addition, these products will also help the skin become more beautiful. 

Shampoo less and hydrate more

The frequency of shampooing is also one of the causes affecting your hair growth. 

According to Paves, you should only wash your hair 2-3 times a week. And, it will allow the natural oils to penetrate the hair and will help the hair hydrate itself and recover more quickly. 

If you want your hair to look longer and thicker, choose products labeled “products to help thicken hair” which are quite popular on the market.

Experts at GH Beauty Lab say: Regular use of oils and conditioners will help make your hair smoother, and limit breakage and damage. Liana Zingario, a New York-based hair stylist, also shared that incubating your hair regularly about 1-2 times a week will help make hair strong, and smooth and stimulate blood circulation to help hair become longer over a short period of time. 

Lay off the bleach

Bleaching will turn your hair back to platinum and from a darker color to a light blonde. 

As hairstylist Elizabeth Hiserodt, now working at Cutler Salon, New York explains that: when the cuticle of the hair is damaged by bleach, they are at risk of breakage and split ends. Therefore, you should not overdo the use of chemicals to style your hair if you want to own smooth, fast-growing hair.

Avoid excessive heat styling

The opinion of Ken Paves – a famous hair stylist in LA shares that: you should stop regularly styling, and changing hairstyles too much. If you often use heat machines, reduce the frequency of using them to limit tangles, breakage, and split ends caused by hot temperatures. 

Brush hair regularly

Brush your hair regularly
Brush your hair regularly

Going to bed with frizzy hair is likely to make you feel more tired and sluggish. However, you can stroke or brushing your hair is also one of the best actions for your scalp. 

Meri Famous hairstylist  Kate O’Connor at Cooper in West Hollywood, CA shared that: Using a comb to comb will help distribute the amount of scalp in the hair and help the hair stay naturally moist. You should do this action every night, before going to bed to help keep the scalp healthy. 

Keep your showers cooler and focus on scalp care

Bathing in hot water can dehydrate the skin, strip it of moisture, and make it rougher. 

Similarly, if you wash your hair but use too hot water, it will make your scalp dry and brittle faster. Therefore, Paves recommends washing your hair with a moderate amount of warm water in the winter and using cold water in the summer. 

In addition, during the washing process, don’t forget to gently massage with your hands. Or you can combine the use of specialized shampoos. This way is extremely popular on the market to help better blood circulation and also make the scalp more charged if you just wash your hair with your hands normally. 

Protect hair from physical damage

Hair will often break more when it’s wet, so you should detangle it before washing it. Sabina Wizemann, a senior chemist at the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab, said that exposure to water will swell and stretch the hair shaft. 

In addition, if you brush your hair under stress, it will make your hair more and more prone to breakage.

If you have to mess your hair when wet, do it the right way: apply conditioner from the roots to the ends, combined with the use of a gentle wide-tooth comb to remove and reduce friction, comb from the ends of the hair.  

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Sleeping On The Satin/Silk Pillowcase Is Helpful For Hair
Sleeping On The Satin/Silk Pillowcase Is Helpful For Hair

You can have nicer, smoother hair if you choose a quality pillow. Assistant professor of dermatology  Jesleen Ahluwalia, working at Mount Sinai, NYC, said: Using silk pillows will help to hold hair better and limit tangles and breakage after a long sleep.

If hair loss appears less and less, your hair will be able to grow longer and faster. Good Housekeeping Institute conducted an experiment to choose the best silk pillowcase to suggest to customers.

Try using minoxidil

Beauty April Franzino introduced a Women’s Rogaine. This cosmetic bottle contains the active ingredient, minoxidil, and has been FDA-approved to help prevent hair loss. 

For faster and more effective hair growth, please refer to using Minoxidil Hers 2% on the hair roots. 

Consider talking to your doctor about hair loss

You may be thinking about seeing a doctor to deal with your frizzy, broken, or too thin hair. In the US, statistics show that 1 in 4 women will have thinning hair. 

According to Dr. Joyce Davis, natural thinning of hair can be due to diameter or genetic predisposition to breakage. In addition, there are also some hormonal reasons. Therefore, you need to supplement nutrients as well as functional foods to improve the condition of your thinning and slow down and eventually avoid frequent hair loss.


Above are the tips to make your hair grow faster that the article wants to share with you. Hope the above sharing has helped you to take better care of your own hair. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to get advice. To get more information about hair extensions or hair suppliers in Vietnam, let’s consult with us. We will try our best to bring the best service and support for you. 

Thank you for reading!