Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair Price In Nigeria: Characteristics & Types

If talking about the place that owns many forms and provides the largest number of hair extensions today, the name Nigeria will appear first in many people’s minds. Indeed, you can find a wide variety of hair extensions from simple to complex here and know which styles are most popular by observing the changes in this market. 

Recently, Vietnamese Bone Straight hair is the most popular form of floating hair, thanks to many different advantages in terms of price and quality. If you do not know the price and the benefits of this impressive hair, do not miss today’s article.

What is Vietnamese Bone Straight?

Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair
Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair

Basically, Vietnamese Bone Straight is a much higher quality hair extension when compared to other hair types available on the market today. These products are from 100% real hair, and as its name suggests, Vietnamese Bone Straight is from Vietnam. 

Another feature of the product is that it has undergone special processing processes such as pressing and stretching to get the right straightness and smoother to serve users’ needs better.

Characteristics Of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair

Top 2 remarkable features of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair
Top 2 remarkable features of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair

High quality and long durability are the two most outstanding factors that this hair product from Vietnam possesses. Of course, not many competitors have these two characteristics, so Vietnamese Bone Straight always has a certain position in the market today.

With the quality factor, we can easily recognize it because of the impressive smoothness of the product. 

In essence, Vietnamese hair has a soft outer structure but a supple inner core. When we combine these two factors, we get strands with high shine that come from outstanding smoothness and, at the same time, are not uncomfortable to wear because they are soft and light.

In terms of durability, thanks to the supple hair available, unless you deliberately trim it, even if you exercise vigorously or are in hot temperatures, Vietnamese Bone Straight will not break or tangle quickly.

Vietnamese Bone Straight Grade

Single Drawn and Double Drawn of  Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair
Single Drawn and Double Drawn of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair

Currently, there are a total of 3 different types of Vietnamese Bone Straight that you can find on the market. Except for the similarity in origin and hair quality, all these hair extensions have differences for us to classify. Accompanying these distinct elements is the suitability for many different uses.

Single Drawn

Single Drawn by itself is not a hair pattern with a seamless design. This product consists of many curls of different lengths combined into sections. With this simple connection, you will see that the hair will look thick at the top and thin at the end, and the overall product will not look very realistic.

Single Drawn is the easiest-to-find hair extension model on the market and the most accessible price for the majority of users. It can be that despite not being as high-quality as the other two products, the popularity and price are the decisive factors for the popularity of Single Drawn.

Double Drawn

It is almost impossible for you to notice too many differences between Single Drawn and Double Drawn straight hair price in nigeria because the difference between these two types of Vietnamese Bone Straight hair lies in the external appearance. 

If Single Drawn is many curls with different lengths, with Double Drawn, the manufacturer only chooses sections of hair with the same size. So you will see these wigs are thick and full from top to bottom. 

When we look at it, we will have a more real feeling.

With higher quality, of course, the price of Double Drawn will also be a bit higher than products like Single Drawn.

Super Double Drawn

Super Double
Super Double Drawn of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair

It is a significant upgrade of Double Drawn and is also the best quality product in all 3 types of Vietnamese Bone Straight hair. Also, sections of hair with the same length but more than 90% of the hair on a product are the same lengths. The hair density increases significantly, leading to an increase in product thickness and making the hair extensions more beautiful. From there, bring a more luxurious and attractive beauty.

As the best product, it is understandable that Super Double Drawn is also the highest priced product compared to Single Drawn and Double Drawn.

The Average Vietnam Bone Straight Hair Price In Nigeria

Single Drawn and Double Drawn of  Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair
Price of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair in Nigeria

It is not surprising that we cannot find the same price for Vietnamese Bone Straight hair in Nigeria. Because with 3 different hair types, of course, there will also be 3 different prices that users need to pay to own. However, if only calculated as an average, the wig price for this extension will range from N9,000 to N60,000.

In which the cost of each product will be, in turn,

  • Single Drawn: The average price of Single Drawn products is quite low, only about 9,000 to 20,000 NGN depending on the length you want to use.
  • Double Drawn: Because of the higher quality than Single Drawn, it will cost you a lot more money to own this Vietnamese luxury hair. Specifically, the cost will range from 20,000 to 40,000 NGN, and also, depending on the length, and the price will increase or decrease.
  • Super Double Drawn Bone straight hair price: 40,000 to 60,000 NGN is the amount you will have to spend if you want to own this product. Although the price is quite high, in terms of quality, this number is completely reasonable.

The Reason For The Differences In Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair Price In Nigeria

Factors leading to the differences in price of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair in Nigeria
Factors leading to the differences in price of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair in Nigeria

We often talk about the quality that determines the price of Bone Straight hair. However, in practice, the concept of quality will be associated with the factors below that I will list. In addition, several other factors also play a significant role in the cost level.


With the import from a country located in Asia, the cost of transporting, preserving, and handling Vietnamese Bone Straight hair will significantly impact the price of one of these products.

In addition, the origin of Vietnam itself is also a testament to the quality of the hair, thereby determining the cost that a person has to spend to own Bone Straight hair. The main reason for this statement is that Vietnamese people often use natural hair care methods such as herbs and other natural essences. Besides, they also limit the use of chemicals, so the quality of Vietnamese hair often comes from the hair itself, not from chemicals.

Material of hair

Real human hair always costs more than hair made from plastic, silk, or other synthetic materials. Because of the most important factors with wigs, such as durability, authenticity, and smoothness, almost synthetic fiber wigs can never be compared with real hair. 

In addition to using 100% real hair, Vietnamese Bone Straight hair is also real quality hair from Vietnam, so the cost will certainly be higher than wigs from synthetic fibers.

Hair texture

In terms of hair texture, Bone Straight Hair is always smooth and it seems that it has a limited hairstyle with short and long length.

It is necessary to avoid creating hairstyles from Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair. It is because if you do that, your hair may bend and its quality is not as good as previously.


Not only Vietnamese Bone Straight hair, but surely we all want every product we own to be durable. Therefore, the issue of durability also has a great influence on the cost of the product. It can last up 10 3 years if you better care for them. And with most products in general and wigs in particular, the more durable, the higher the price because manufacturers use the best tools to make the wig last for a long time.

Choose a high-strength wig if you don’t want damaged and falling hairs. Usually, high-strength weaves are more meticulous than medium-strength ones.

How To Maintain Super Double Bone Straight Hair Extension

Ways to maintain Super Double Bone Straight Hair
Ways to maintain Super Double Bone Straight Hair

To maintain the durability and quality of Vietnamese Bone Straight hair, you should strictly follow the recommendations that I am about to mention in the next part of the article.

Use the right care products

With the connection through joints, the hair extension will certainly not be as strong as normal hair. So we will need to focus a lot on hair care products. However, choose gentle types to avoid damaging your hair.

Brush properly

To keep your hair in good shape, you should regularly brush your hair. In addition, the best combs are those with large blades to expose more hair and reduce hair loss. Also, remember not to brush it while it’s still wet.

Keep away from heat source

Vietnamese Bone Straight hair products are from real hair, so basically, this hair type is quite sensitive to heat, and in the process of processing, the hair has also been to a lot of heat from the machines. So if there is continuous exposure, the hair will be damaged more seriously.


So we have come together to find out Vietnamese Bone Straight hair price in Nigeria and other important information about this quality hair extension product. Hope today’s article can help you use and choose to buy these products.

Now, if you have any questions, don’t forget to leave a comment below so we can give you a specific and timely answer.

Finally, do not forget to share this article to as many people as possible who may be interested in this issue to make it easier for them to make their decision.

Where to import Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair to Nigeria

Gruda Hair
Gruda Hair
Gruda Hair Factory
Gruda Hair Factory
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Gruda Hair
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Gruda Hair Sale Combo

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Here are some products of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair of Gruda Hair

 Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair Products
Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair Products
 Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair Products
Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair Products

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