Vietnamese Hair And Brazilian Hair: Which One Is Better? 

Most hair lovers know about Vietnamese hair extensions and Brazilian hair, right? Both Vietnamese Hair and Brazilian hair are increasingly popular and well-versed on the global hair extensions market. For those who are new to hair, it will be difficult to know which type of hair best suits their needs and price. 

Today, we will learn together about Vietnamese hair and Brazilian hair: Which one is better? 

What Is Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian Hair Extensions
Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair is a popular hairstyle with good texture and thick hair. Whether natural or permed, they blend well with your hair texture. They are mainly known for their softness and smoothness, but their hair is quite thick. 

Unlike other hair from different countries, Brazilian hair has an outstanding characteristic that when facing humid conditions, it encounters better to prevent frizz.

This hair type will bring natural shine every time you use it. You won’t need to bundle too much to get the full look with your natural hair because they are already the right thickness. 

Brazilian girls and women are really beautiful, obviously, Brazilian hair is, too. Wearing hair extensions made of Brazilian hair can give such a glamorous look. 

Most companies and distributors often import Brazilian hair because they are the most popular type on the market today. Moreover, the availability of Brazilian hair is a decisive factor that predisposes countless hair factories or clients to import it. 

They come in different textures from straight, and wavy to curly, and come in a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from. A plus point for this hair type is that it has the ability to hold the style from straight, wavy to curly quite well and does not appear tangled like some other hair types appearing on the market. 

What Is Vietnamese Hair?

Raw Vietnamese Hair

Vietnamese hair is a type of hair collected directly from Vietnam. This type of hair is usually donated by donors, cut, and then undergoes a cleaning process to be reused and creates extremely high-quality wigs and extensions. The availability of hair sources in Vietnam is high. Hair source is primarily from Vietnamese women living in mountainous regions in northern areas of Vietnam. Hair donors are often from 15-45 years old. The limitation in a group of people makes Vietnam hair so durable, bouncy and always healthy. 

Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Vietnamese Hair Extensions

With the simple lifestyle of Vietnamese women, they will have a lifestyle and diet that helps their hair become extremely shiny and smooth.

One of the reasons why Vietnamese hair is so popular in the market is because it has high quality, smooth, natural shine without using any chemicals. The way Vietnamese people take care of their hair is also quite diverse. 

For middle-aged people, they will often use natural herbs such as locust, and grapefruit peel to help smooth hair as well as prevent dandruff.

Young people will have more variety in choosing shampoo products for themselves, but it is still important to keep clean, smooth hair. 

After washing, they will often combine the use of serums, essential oils or hair growth stimulating oils.

You may find it hard to believe but Vietnamese raw hair has different lengths and thicknesses but will be up to 30 inches in length. 

Vietnamese hair vs Brazilian hair Comparison

To know which Vietnamese hair and Brazilian hair is better, we will evaluate based on the following criteria:

The origin 

Vietnam hair Brazilian hair
– Vietnamese hair usually originates from 100% of Vietnamese women and will be taken mainly from the northern mountains regions of Vietnam. These areas have a low urbanization rate, so the hair affected by factors such as environment and chemicals is not high. – If Brazilian hair can be obtained from many different sources, Vietnamese hair will only be obtained from Vietnamese people. And it can be silk or virgin hair, so it will have an extremely beautiful, smooth shine. – Meanwhile, Brazilian hairstyles often come from South American countries. Brazilians generally do not sell or cut because they have personal or religious reasons. Therefore, to be able to convince Brazilians to cut their hair is not an easy thing. As we know, Brazilian women are more beauty-conscious. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for them to shave their head. 
– Brazilian manufacturers greatly imported a large amount of hairs from India. Then, then process it when it comes to their factory and finally export hairs as high-grade Brazilian hair. Besides, Brazilian hair will still have a certain amount taken from the Chinese market and produced and styled. Therefore, in Brazil, there will be quite a few different hairstyles such as in Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Peru, Malaysia, and France. 

The texture

The biggest difference between Vietnamese hair and Brazilian hair is the texture of the hair every time you look at it, touch it to feel it.

Vietnam hair Brazilian hair
– Vietnamese hair (from the North) is similar to Chinese or Japanese Hair, but due to the milder climate, the hair will also be softer and silkier. 
– Vietnamese hair has a thicker cuticle than Brazilian hair. Besides, Vietnamese women rarely curl or straighten their hair. Therefore, their hair is quite good quality and rarely appears dry, tangled, and broken. There are quite a few people who can keep their natural hair for a lifetime without using any chemicals or heat curlers. With strong hair, even hair up to 30 inches long and incredibly soft. 
– Brazilian hair is characterized by soft, strong, and characteristic thickness. This type of hair has many different textures and styles such as smooth, wavy, or curly. So, when compared with other hairstyles, Brazilian hair type is always appreciated for its ability to hold a good shape and not need too much care.
– However, if Brazilian hair is not of Brazilian origin, it is a different story. In fact, it’s Indian hair. Besides, Brazilian hair is also evaluated to be resistant to external influences or the use of chemicals.

The price

Vietnamese hair and Brazilian hair prices are quite different, so the comparison is quite difficult. Normally, the price of Brazilian hair will be higher than that of Vietnamese hair because of the brand factor, the ability to interact with advertising of Brazilian hair is stronger. 

However, when buying Vietnamese hair, there will be less risk than buying Brazilian hair types because Vietnamese agents and distribution stores are always reputable and reliable. 

They will not mix impurities during the production process so the quality is always 100% guaranteed. 

Which One Is Best For You?

Based on the above information and factors, we can see that both types of hair have extremely great textures. 

Many people have tried both and dyed themselves at home with excellent results. Therefore, it is difficult to choose what is the best and most suitable hair type because depending on the needs of each person, it is possible to choose the right hair type.

Brazilian hair is assessed to have many different textures and colors from wavy, curly, straight, kinky, and Spanish waves. 

It often has a characteristic color of blonde and gray. While Vietnamese hair is usually straight, wavy with black, slightly chestnut brown color is extremely natural and beautiful. 


Is Vietnamese hair better than Brazilian?

Vietnamese hair is softer and smoother than Brazilian hair. The natural hair color of Vietnamese people is always black and is quite suitable for African-American women or Africans and even European women In addition to the quality and price of Vietnamese hair. Men are quite reasonable, affordable, and durable over time.

Is Vietnamese hair the best hair?

That’s right, Vietnamese women’s hair is among the best in the world thanks to the meticulous way they select and care for their hair. For middle-aged people, they will often use natural herbs such as locust, and grapefruit peel to help smooth hair as well as prevent dandruff. 

Young people will be more diverse in choosing shampoo products for themselves and they often combine with the use of specialized combs to wash their hair and relax their scalp and hair after. A long day of work and study. 

The above reasons also helps us to understand why Vietnamese hair is of high quality and extremely worthy of what you spend. 

Which country has bone straight hair is the best?

According to Gorkom’s share, Vietnamese hair often has straight, smooth, shiny features with a high concentration of black pigment. 

This is quite important, and necessary when you choose to buy a Vietnamese hair type to use because if you want to dye light tones such as smoky gray, red, or platinum, you will use bleach. 

For hair samples with a black content, you may have to bleach 1-2 times or more to achieve the best possible color. 

Is Brazilian hair the best?

Brazilian hair is also rated as the second-highest quality in hair extensions because they are also natural hair and have never undergone the use of chemicals. Currently, this type of hair is soft, thick, and also quite durable over time.


Thus, today’s article has shared with you Vietnamese hair and Brazilian hair: Which one is better. It can be seen that choosing which is the best hair type with Vietnamese hair or Brazilian hair is quite difficult to know. 

It is important that you consider what type of hair is right for your needs and economic conditions. If you like nature and durability over time, Vietnamese hair is a perfect choice. 

And if you don’t have a lot of money, Brazilian hair is not perfect. In addition, if you are a person who often likes to change hair color, you may consider Brazilian hair because it will not take too many bleaching times like Vietnamese hair. However, as long as it feels right, you can choose your favorite.