Vietnamese Hair Extensions and Wigs: Which one is better?

I believe that there is more than one time you ask yourself which is better between Vietnamese hair extensions and Wigs? You want to buy hair, but you do not have an in-depth view on types of hair. To be completely honest with you, no one is the most perfect and incredibly outstanding than the other. In this article, I will show you details about Vietnamese hair extensions and wigs. I hope this information is beneficial for you, that can help you see which is the most suitable choice? Let’s continue scrolling down and reading it. 

What are Vietnamese Hair Extensions and Wigs?

It is difficult to differentiate them if you are not working in the hair industry. Even when a newcomer starts a new hair business, she or he may be unable to clearly distinguish between Vietnamese hair extensions and wigs? Actually, there are a large number of people who mistake them for the same. They just think that hair extensions and wigs are a cap on your head to make their hair fuller. However, there are many different features helping distinguish them.  

Origin of Vietnamese Hair Extensions and Wigs

Vietnamese women with smooth and voluminous hair in mountainous region
Vietnamese women with smooth and voluminous hair in mountainous region

In Vietnam, Hairs used to produce hair extensions and wigs are usually 100% natural. They are primarily from the hairs of Vietnamese women who usually live in the remote or mountainous areas. Sometimes, women also donate their hair to some charities.  

Those Vietnamese women usually reside in the mountainous areas in the northern regions of my country, Vietnam. These regions include Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lang Son and many other provinces where Vietnamese women get a tradition to grow long hair with the purpose of purchasing. These are developing or even poor provinces of my country, so many people are living in an insufficient state or even under the poverty line. As a result, a large number of women inhabiting mountainous areas have a tendency to grow and then sell their hair to get an additional amount of income to feed their families. Those women are between 16 to 40-50 years old, in their daily lives, without shampoo and treatment products, they take care of their hair by natural and herbal substances. Therefore, their hair is so sturdy, bouncy and smooth.

Regarding females who are donors, they age from 16 to over 30 and then the collected hair experiences the distribution process before officially moving to the production process to make a perfect hair extension or wig. It is inevitable that the sources of hair come from such a limited place and donor, we can make sure that the hair quality is always in the pink.

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Vietnamese Hair Extensions

High-quality Vietnamese hair extensions from Gruda Hair
High-quality Vietnamese hair extensions from Gruda Hair

Firstly, I will talk to you about the potential development of Vietnamese Hair Extensions in the current age. People are more and more concerned about their physical appearance. They view every part of their body as a precious asset, and hairs are no exception. In recent years, the hair business has emerged as a profitable industry and attracted many people to enter this field. Hair Extensions are gaining huge popularity in European and African countries because of several reasons such as the loss of hair, thin and weak hair, the desire to change hairstyles… 

Vietnam Hair factories are often operated by a domestic scale production; although the appearance of many commercial companies and large scale hair factories is increasing. Export markets of Vietnamese Hair extensions are diverse, ranging from Asia, African to the US, UK. Hair extensions are made from human hair or synthetic hair.  Even in some nations they are from animal hair, but this rarely happens in an official company. However, Vietnamese hair extensions are made from 100% natural hair collected from Vietnamese women. Depending on different people’s needs, but in general, people use hair extensions to make their hair long and voluminous. There are many types of hair extensions. Depending on customer’s demand, they choose to apply different hair extensions.

Up to now, Vietnam is a large wholesale hair vendor in the world. It can supply hundreds of thousands of tons to the world and significantly contribute to economic growth. In Vietnam, there are a large number of companies and Vietnamese hair extensions are highly appreciated not only because of the top-notch quality, but also the reasonable price. In the hair market, the price of Vietnamese hair extensions is slightly higher than Chinese and Indian hair extensions, but the quality is better. 

Vietnamese Wigs

High-quality vietnamese wigs from Gruda Hair
High-quality Vietnamese wigs from Gruda Hair

Apart from the production of hair extensions, a wig is a head of hair. Normally, people make it from either human hair or synthetic materials. In the present world, people use wigs for a wide range of purposes such as a cosmetic accessory for changing of many styles or a must-have item. In many cases, actors often wear costume wigs as an impressive way to successfully portray characters in movies. However, nowadays, people commonly use wigs to hide and disguise hair thinning and hair loss. 

In Vietnam, not only hair extensions but also wigs are made from 100% natural hair from Vietnamese women. It hands-down depends on personal choice but real hair wigs have dominated the demand for synthetic wigs. People realize that  investment for themselves is usually worth. A smooth and beautiful hair usually makes a significant contribution to increase women’s self-image and self-confidence. 

Types of Hair Extensions and Wigs

Hair extensions

African market

3 popular types of hair in African market: Hair bundle, hair weft, hair bulk
3 popular types of hair in African market: Hair bundle, hair weft, hair bulk
Hair bundles

I would say that hair bundles are really a great choice for you if you want to add length and volume to your hair. The length and volume of hair you want totally depends on your desire. You can determine the cut, color, styles of this hair in many ways. 

A bundle that you can think of as a pack of hair extensions. Normally, the part of the bundle is sewn and then, we call it “the weft”. They come in 1 really long weft, rolled into the shape of a bundle. Depending on individual preference, some people choose to cut the bundle into manageable pieces.

From the bundles, they can be installed with the sew-in method, clip in, micro-ring or other techniques.

Hair weft

Hair weft is a collection of hair strands which are woven on a strip to create a weft. Wefts may vary depending on length and volume. The function of weft is so versatile that hair manufacturers usually use it as a semi-permanent to apply a partial and full head for clients. 

This hair is widely popular because when being applied onto head, it is a natural and sustainable method which does not require and heat, glue or chemical process.

Hair bulk

It is known as a bundle of hair with no weft. Hair bulk is really healthy and flexible. Not undergoing chemical treatment, hair bulk is shiny, smooth and easy to style and it retains almost all the features of natural hair. Another reason why many females are keen on this hair is due to the reasonable price. The price is based on their quality, length, weight and textures. 

Bulk hair is also used to allow people to create into many different ways such as making weft hair, wigs, tape-in hair, clip-in hair…

US-UK-EU market

4 types of Hair extensions
4 types of Hair extensions

Hair business is a diverse and large industry, so firstly, to have a brief view, in this part, I will show you the several basic different types of hair extensions. 

Tape-in hair extensions
Tape-in hair extensions
Tape-in hair extensions

Like they sound, tape-in hair extension is a kind of hair extension attached to sticky tabs. When applying tape-in, it is necessary to align and stick them near the root of your original hair. However, to adopt them successfully, they are done with a heated tool that can heat up the glue. And when you remove it, you need a glue remover.

They are a semi-permanent method of hair extensions. Tape-in is one of the easiest and quickest hair extensions applications. Tape-in is very lightweight and it certainly brings you a sense of comfort when you apply them. Because of the light characteristic, tape-in hair extensions are applied to a vast amount of hair. They do not cause much tension, damage and breakage to the original hair. 

Tape-in is widely used in the world and has huge popularity among celebrities and top stylists. Because of favorable features such as well-blended and natural appearance, tape in hair extension is widely well-beloved and becomes one of the most prevalent choices among women.

Clip-in hair extensions
Good tape-in hair extensions from Gruda Hair
Good tape-in hair extensions from Gruda Hair

Like tape-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions are a perfect hair extension method. I believe that tape-in and clip-in hands down are the best choices for many women. Clip-in also can be applied and removed easily. They can add length and volume for women without causing great damage to the natural hair. It often takes you 15-30 minutes to clip at home by yourself without the help of hairstylists. Wow, it is so convenient and flexible. Moreover, there is no need for you to resort to any chemical hair products or hairstyling tools. Consequently, it means that there is zero damage to your natural hair when you apply it. I suppose that this can help explain why clip-in hair extensions are one of the most popular among various selections. 

Clip-in hair extensions mainly adhere to a base weft with readily sewn clips. When applying, all you have to do is to clip the pieces to your own hair. 

Sew-in hair extensions
Sew-in hair extensions
Sew-in hair extensions

They can be known as “Weaves” – a long weft of hair. The way to apply them is comparatively similar to the clip-in hair extensions. The hair is either braided and sewn using a needle and thread or it involves a micro-ring to stick to the original hair. 

The application process usually takes several hours. This method must be done by a hairdresser to avoid unnecessary damage, because it is an extremely difficult and technical application. The tight application places pressure on the scalp and this is one thing you should consider that this type of hair extension is so heavy on your head when applied. Therefore, it causes great tension and damage to your original hair. That’s why it does not work well with thin or lighter strands of hair. Generally, this method is predominantly suitable for those with thick and heavily textured hair.

Micro-link hair extensions
Micro-link hair extensions
Micro-link hair extensions

They are also known as micro bead hair extensions. These beads are made of aluminum or copper and coated with black and brown ink so that it seems to look like natural hair. Therefore, this method can blend well with your own hair. These are applied by attaching tiny wefts of hair to small sections of the natural hair with a small silicone-lined bead. This application must be done by a hairdresser because it takes you several hours to apply it and requires some special tools and difficult techniques. It is necessary for you to use heat or glue to secure the bead to the hair and tighten it to hold it in place. If not installed properly by a professional, it can be detrimental for your own hair. If you attach it too tightened, it can cause strain and pull at the roots. 


Lace wigs

Among various kinds of wigs, lace wigs are one of the prevalent choices of countless women. These wigs contain the lace and I would say that the lace plays an important role in deciding the natural appearance. The lace is similar to your scalp, it can adapt to the color of your own scalp when you wear it. The wig’s hair fibers are tied individually to the lace so that it can bring you a natural look. It gives you a sense of having your natural hair which is smooth, voluminous and bouncy like that. 

In lace wigs, there are two types: lace front wigs and full lace wigs

The lace front
Lace front wig: lace covers a front part of head
Lace front wig: lace covers a front part of head

The primary difference between lace front wigs and full lace wigs is the base. Lace front wigs, as its name called, contain lace only in the front of the wigs, At the back, it is made with a stronger and thicker material and the hair stands at the back are attached in wefts to this material. Actually, the thicker weft is quite comfortable and easily fits your head. Lace front wigs provide you a natural appearance and a good amount of volume while having an extremely affordable.

The full lace
Full lace wig: lace fully covers the head
Full lace wig: lace fully covers the head

As I said before, the main difference between the lace front and full lace is the amount of lace. As it is called, the full lace wigs have a base that is totally made of lace. Unlike the lace front wigs, the back part of wigs are also made from lace. This means that the full lace wigs are much more versatile and flexible because people can wear in many styles. It can offer a wide range of hairstyles. In addition, you should remember that the better quality accompanies the higher price. You know that, in order to make the full lace wigs, they also require more sophisticated techniques compared to the other. 

In general, both wigs have both advantages and disadvantages. Lace front wigs may be better for the newcomers because it is more reasonable and easier to apply. They are cheaper but can bring you voluminous hair. In the meantime, the full lace wigs are more complicated to apply because it requires more time and effort, you have to adjust it naturally. However, the more outstanding benefit is that it is more versatile because you can change hairstyles in many ways you like. To illustrate, you can style into up-dos and ponytails. 

Monofilament wigs

Monofilament wigs: Every hair strand seems to be grown from scalp
Monofilament wigs: Every hair strand seems to be grown from scalp

These hairs are similar to lace wigs, but there are some basic differences you need to know. In monofilament wigs, every individual hair strand is tied to the base that mimics the way the natural hair grows from our scalp. Therefore, the hair looks incredibly natural, bouncy and voluminous and we may find it hard to find the scalp when hair is covered fully. Because of its special characteristic, these wigs are gaining a great popularity among females. Moreover, it is also more durable than a lace base. 

In this post, I will clearly show you two common types of monofilament wigs. 

Single monofilament wigs

These wigs contain hand-tied hair fibers throughout the wig to create a natural look. These wigs allow you to part your hair anywhere on the head, but you can still keep the comfort because they ensure natural-looking scalp skin shows through where you part the wig. 

Double monofilament wigs

These wigs have the same feature and functions as single monofilament wigs. However, the only difference is that double monofilament wigs have an additional layer of glass silk which hugely bring more natural appearance. Glass silk imitates the natural scalp skin of people’s original hair. Moreover, it is also beneficial for the protection of the scalp from the hand-tied knots in the wig. With these merits, double monofilament wigs are super perfect for anyone with a sensitive scalp. 

Combination Wigs

As it names, we call it “combination wigs” because it is produced by 2 methods: by manual and by machine. Specifically, combination wigs feature machine-sewn wefts in conjunction with strategically-placed hand-tied hair fibers. With this manufacturing way, it is such an affordable alternative to 100% hand-tied wigs. 

Read until here, I think you may wonder that the cost of operating machines is expensive, but I said this is an affordable alternative. Well, actually, machine-sewn wefts are used to fill most of the space on the less-visible back and sides of wigs. In the meantime, the most visible and noticeable parts are usually the top, crown or sections along the common part lines. It is necessary for those parts to be hand-tied to give the most natural-looking and attractive. 

The fewer hand-tied fibers are, the less costly the price is. Besides, the manufacturing process is less time-consuming and labor-intensive. Wow, it is the opposite of a full monofilament wig. 

Generally speaking, this makes combination wigs a more affordable alternative and it still offers a natural look and realistic hair movement. 

The advantages of Vietnamese Hair Extensions and Wigs

Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Advantages of Vietnamese hair extensions and Wigs
Advantages of Vietnamese hair extensions and Wigs

More affordable

Compared to Wigs, Vietnamese hair extensions are relatively lower than wigs. However, when applying some types of extensions, you have to pay extra for hairstylists and some special tools.


Clip-in or tape-in extensions are easily removed and applied. It is such a time-saving method. Users can remove or wear without bothering to cause a negative impact on their original hair. Moreover, with human hair extensions, you can change various hairstyles and give yourself a new look when you can color, bleach or apply hairdressing tools on human hair extensions. Commonly, Vietnamese hair extensions and weaves have a tendency to have long-lasting results when being applied. When you glue or sew it in a proper way by the support of a hairstylist alongside the appropriate care, it can last a number of months. Moreover, due to the strict and meticulous methods of application, hair extensions are much more secure. In some cases, it can withstand some unpleasant situations and environments.  

Natural appearance

 I suppose that hair extensions are an optimal way to create preferred length and volume as long as you like without suffering from nervousness because your hairs are not good enough and spending years growing hairs. Therefore, the amount of hair extensions can be added depending on your preferences and the volume of natural hair. Moreover, hair extensions are hidden under your natural hair and incorporated into your hair, the results would look and feel much more authentic. 

Vietnamese Wigs

High versatility

Wig sets acquire a huge reputation because they are much more versatile. You can put them on and remove them effortlessly. With the design similar to a cap, it is so easy to put them on. Furthermore, the availability in a variety of lengths, colors, styles or patterns allows wearers to change their wig styles on a daily basis to well match outfits as well as occasions.

More safety

Compared to hair extensions, when you apply them, they easily cause tension and damage to your hair. You have to do all ways to stick them to your hair, especially sometimes you have to adopt heating to glue it to your scalp. 

Better solution for hair-based diseases

The better benefit of wigs than extensions is that it does not attach to natural hair. Therefore, they can be worn for almost anyone. Wigs are a great remedy for balding and hair loss whether it is due to health or genetics. Because of daily removal, you also have time to take care of your original hair and your hair has space and rest to recover and develop. 

The disadvantages of Vietnamese Hair Extensions and Wigs

Disadvantages of Vietnamese hair extensions and Wigs
Disadvantages of Vietnamese hair extensions and Wigs

Vietnamese Hair Extensions

More expensive maintenance

They can be costly to install and maintain. Actually, getting extensions installed can be time-consuming and expensive. To apply micro-link hair extensions, tape-in or sew-in extensions on your head, you need to pay to get the support from a hairdresser. Moreover, the time and cost required for aftercare appointments can be involved. Depending on the volume you want to have, the price would vary, but from such a long time, the cost of beauty care is always high. 

Cause some hair problems

Applying hair extensions means that they would cause tension to your hair. It is not suitable for those having thin hair strands. Improper care and application (for example: braiding hair too tight) can lead to the breakage of hair and hair loss. When using extensions, people often keep them for a longer time than wigs. Therefore, your natural hair does not have enough space and time to grow and to be cared for. 

Vietnamese Wigs

Removal problems

Actually, there are many arguments involving some drawbacks about Vietnamese wigs that I am going to talk about. Commonly, it is necessary for you to remove wigs at night because you can not sleep in them. It means that you need to remove and reapply it daily. This could be time-consuming for several individuals and you know that it can also reduce its longevity. However, looking at the bright side, we can consider it as a chance to brush, style and take care of your natural hair everyday. Moreover, they can easily fall off at any time because they are not secured to the scalp, especially, when you are excitingly doing anything else. In many situations, it is impossible for you to put on a wig, for example swimming.  


Wigs can easily fall off at any time because they are not secured to the scalp, so a wearer must be careful in order not to let it slip or fall. In many situations, it is impossible for you to put on a wig, for example swimming. Besides, in the summer season, people certainly feel unpleasant and hot while wearing a wig. Therefore, it can lead to some disease–related scalp and irritation for those who have sensitive skin. In general, the frequent use of wigs may trigger the natural hair getting suffocated and damaged.


Every type of hair has both benefits and drawbacks. Depending on your needs, the choice is for you. I will show you a table below to give you a clear view. 

Table comparison: Advantages of Vietnamese hair extensions and Wigs

AdvantagesVietnamese hair extensionsVietnamese wigs
FlexibilityCan have a large number of hairstyles regarding styles, color…The availability of length, colors, patterns. You can change wigs daily to have a new image.
Natural appearanceThey are incorporated into the original hair, so it gives a natural look. Wearing wigs means that you seem to have long and voluminous hair.
SafetyClip-in hair extensions are the safest method.Wigs can be removed daily, allowing you time to take care for wigs as well as your natural hair.
PurposeBoth of them are remedies for hair loss.Both of them are remedies for hair loss.
Table comparison: Advantages of Vietnamese hair extensions and Wigs

Table comparison: Disadvantages of Vietnamese hair extensions and Wigs

DisadvantagesVietnamese hair extensionsVietnamese wigs
MaintenanceMore expensive because you need support from a hairdresser to put them on your head. Moreover, you also have to pay for aftercare appointments.Daily removal shortens wigs’ lifespan.

Damage to hair
Have to use some heating tools or chemical substances to attach them. Besides, improper application may result in hair loss.Fully covering your hair can lead to hair-based scalp, irritation and heat.
ComfortThey are usually applied for such a long time, it may cause harm or irritation for your natural hair and scalp. Be careful as they easily fall or slip.
Table comparison: Disadvantages of Vietnamese hair extensions and Wigs

Where should you buy Vietnamese Hair Extension and Wigs?

Vietnamese hair factory - Gruda Hair
Vietnamese hair factory – Gruda Hair

In Vietnam, there are numerous reliable hair factories where you can choose to buy hair extensions or wigs. Here is the post: Top 10 best Vietnam hair factories you should look at.

The best address I want to recommend to you is Gruda Hair factory to buy Vietnamese hair extensions with top-notch quality. Gruda Hair acts with the slogan “Never sell bad products to ruin your hair business”. More than 10 years of working in the hair industry, we are proud and confident to become a reliable partner and friend at present and in the future. Gruda Hair is making an enormous effort to provide the best quality products as well as customer service to meet customers’ expectations. Our mission is to bring success and satisfaction to you and to develop itself to make the Vietnam hair industry have a stable position on the global scale. In the current hair market, Gruda Hair gains the competitive advantage over other manufacturers because of product quality, price and customer service.  

Here are some products of Gruda Hair:

Diverse products from Gruda Hair
Diverse products from Gruda Hair

If you have a demand to buy hair extensions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales managers are always available to support and provide information about products for you. Feel free to contact us for more information: Ms. Sophia (WhatsApp: +84901365892).

We are always here to provide the best service for you. You can visit our website and some e-commercial sites to choose hair extensions you like.