Why Nigerian Love Raw Vietnam Hair?

Raw Vietnam hair is a name that is no longer strange in the hair market.

In particular, people in Nigeria still constantly tell each other about the excellent quality of this hair type. They really adore raw Vietnamese hair and use them very wisely for their beauty or their hair business development. So why do Nigerians love Vietnamese raw hair so much?

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Definition Of Raw Vietnam Hair

Raw Vietnam Hair
Raw Vietnam Hair

Firstly, we will look through the definition of Raw Vietnam Hair. Normally, Raw Vietnamese Hair is a dark black and thick hair. The origin of it is from Vietnamese women who live in the mountainous region. Residing in such regions, they follow a simple and healthy lifestyle. They rarely take advantage of chemical products to take care of hair, instead, they use herbal and natural substances to maintain a healthy hair. All of these greatly reflect the quality of hair. 

Raw Vietnamese Hair is 100% natural hair, but remember that raw hair does not mean virgin hair. Because as we know, virgin hair is cut from only a donor while raw hair can be collected from various hair donors. There is a similarity that after the cutting process has already been performed, the cuticles outside of hair are still in good condition. However, Raw Hair is a collection of 3 hair qualities, it can be Virgin hair, remy hair or non remy hair.

 It can be non-remy hair because when the hair is collected, every strand does not harvest in the same direction. Therefore, do not mistake raw hair for virgin hair. 

After collecting, Raw Vietnam hair will undergo the distribution process to distinguish the quality of hair and then cleanse procedure. 

Characteristics Of Raw Vietnam Hair 

Characteristics Of Raw Vietnam Hair
Characteristics Of Raw Vietnam Hair

Before going into the reasons, let’s review some of the main characteristics of Vietnam’s raw hair.


There is not much difference between natural hair and raw hair. The similarity between these two types of hair lies in the chemical and heat treatment. 

Not only is it not chemically processed, but raw hair also does not need to be subjected to high heat. This is the same as for purely natural hair.

They are also known to be the purest and most natural hair on the global hair market.

The main feature of this hair type is its softness, shine, and health. Moreover, the inherent natural black color is suitable for almost any skin tone of the user. 

In addition, this is the type of hair that distributors around the world demand and love because of its excellent quality. They see Vietnamese raw hair as a way that allows them to get rich quickly. 

In addition to the outstanding international reputation of Vietnamese hair extension products, wholesalers or businesses are sure to attract many consumers from all over the world.

In short, raw Vietnam hair is the ideal choice for hair products with excellent quality and reasonable price, ensuring that any consumer can use it.

Grade of Raw Vietnam hair

Next, we will provide information about the grade of raw Vietnamese hair.

3 Grades Of Raw Vietnam Hair
3 Grades Of Raw Vietnam Hair

Single Drawn Hair

At this level, about 50-60% of hair is the same length, and the rest of the hair is of mixed length. This is the cheapest hair type in the category.

Double Drawn Hair 

Double Drawn Hair is the next level of raw Vietnamese hair, they have 60-80% of hairs of the same length, only about 15-20% of mixed-length hairs. 

Super Double Drawn Hair

This is the top-rated hair extension. Super Double drawn hair has 80-95% of hair having the same length. 

Therefore, during the manufacturing process, it requires a high level of standards of technology application and skill of craftsmen. Along with that, the price is more expensive than the other two.

However, in the long run, this investment is worth, because the high-qualities products go along with the longer durability. 

Along with that, they also require high standards in the manufacturing process.

Reasons Why Nigerian Love Raw Vietnam Hair

A Charming Woman With Beautiful Hair
A Charming Woman With Beautiful Hair

Without making you wait any longer, here is the most helpful answer to why Nigerians love raw Vietnamese hairstyles so much.

Origin: Natural hair

Raw Vietnam hair is sourced from 100% natural Vietnamese hair.

This hair type is collected from Vietnamese women who are usually between the ages of 18 and 35. Because of this, Vietnamese hair is really healthy, smooth, and shiny. From this, it can give them a gorgeous look with long and voluminous hair. 

Therefore, when using it, they are so feel confident to have a natural, attractive and charming appearance. 

High-quality hair

As mentioned above, raw Vietnamese hair is purchased mainly from Vietnamese women aged 15-30 years old. This is the age at which hair grows most strongly, hair grows very quickly if taken care of carefully. 

In addition, the hair is always strong and does not fall, tangle or split ends. 

Since they are derived from 100% natural human hair, the cuticles stay aligned. Consequently, it can keep hair in good condition for a long time. 

As I used to mention, the hair sources are mainly from Vietnamese women living in the mountainous region. They have a habit of taking care of their hair by using natural products. Therefore, you can feel secure that raw Vietnam is incredibly bouncy, healthy and silky. 

To have more specific information about how Vietnamese women care for their hair, you should refer below.

Vietnamese women take care of their hair in a special way that almost no other country has. 

Do you know what that is? The short answer is that they use nutrients from nature to care for their hair. 

In particular, they use dried locusts and boiled water to wash their hair. For grapefruit peel, there is also a similar way. In addition, they also use turmeric to maintain hair.

This is the traditional way of hair care for most Vietnamese women. The nutrients of natural ingredients will penetrate, going deep from the outer cuticle to the inner marrow of the hair. 

It can be said that natural shampoos contribute to very good hair care to help smooth hair, stimulate long hair faster.

The limitation of chemicals application

Vietnamese people often think that the most beautiful hair is black, straight, and smooth in the most natural way. 

Therefore, Vietnamese women will limit the use of chemicals in their hair. Especially for some people, who will say “No” to invitations to bleach, dye, or curl their hair, etc. 

Because in fact, the use of chemicals will make the cuticle of the hair vulnerable and flaky.

Moreover, instead of using a dryer to dry their hair, they often let their hair dry naturally in the air. 

Therefore, Raw Vietnam hair is one of the highest quality products in the categories that businesses supply hair around the world.

Strong hair

That is also the reason why they choose for themselves a simple daily lifestyle. 

Staying up late, getting up late, eating irregularly, eating snacks, etc. are things that rural women never do. Vietnamese women are always in the most positive and loving state. They are energetic and eager to do exercise, therefore, their hair is so good and their children’s hair. 

On the contrary, they will use the vegetables they grow themselves, eat the meat they raise. Accordingly, the food is always guaranteed to be the freshest and without preservatives.

Daily diet and simple lifestyle help Vietnamese women have the most beautiful hair. 

As you know, a healthy diet is very beneficial for the best hair growth.

Reasonable price

Last but not least. In the hair market, the price of Vietnamese raw hair is one of the most ideal products and is commensurate with the quality it offers.

To meet all the needs of consumers from the rich to those with lower incomes who can use this type of hair, manufacturers often set a lot of prices corresponding to each type.

Actually, I have to say that the price for Vietnamese raw hair is so affordable due to many reasons. The first reason is that the hair source is always available to produce for each order. Secondly, the labor cost in Vietnam is not as expensive as other nations in the world. Thirdly, the level of craftsmen in production is high and professional. All these factors contribute to the affordability of Vietnamese Raw Hair. 

Reasons Why Nigerian Love Raw Vietnam Hair
Reasons Why Nigerian Love Raw Vietnam Hair

Some Real User Reviews About Raw Vietnam Hair

The following reviews are completely true and accurate about raw Vietnam hair. Surely this is the most valuable source of data, having a significant influence on the choice of any consumer.

Beautiful hair products

The first advantage to mention is the extremely beautiful hair quality. As mentioned above, raw Vietnam hair comes from Vietnamese women with strong hair. 

Thanks to that, when they reach the users, everyone has to be admiringly complemented by the softness, in general, the excellent quality of this hair type.


The next highlight of this hair extension is its high durability. 

Most of the hair extensions are derived from pure Vietnamese hair materials, including Vietnam hair, which will have a lifespan of up to 3-5 years.

In addition, part of the durability of the hair depends on the care of the consumer.

Reasonable price

Raw Vietnamese hair is much cheaper than other hair types on the market. 

Therefore, hair dealers or wholesalers often import a large amount of raw Vietnam hair to both receive a strong discount and save many other shipping costs.

If anyone has ever cooperated with Vietnamese hair extension manufacturers or suppliers, surely they know that the consulting team of Vietnamese hair salons is always very enthusiastic. 

They are ready to contact you to advise and answer your questions, as well as regularly update the latest raw hair status. 

Besides, the hair extension consultants at Vietnamese hair factories always provide you with all information related to hair extensions such as dyeing, bleaching, and even instructions on how to start a hair extension business.

Overall, it is undeniable that Vietnamese raw hair is one of the most beautiful hair types in the world. 

With high quality and reasonable price, this type of hair extension will bring very high profit for hair traders as well as durable and beautiful hair for consumers.

Where To Buy Raw Vietnamese Hair?

Nowadays, in the hair world, Vietnam is emerging as one of the most reliable hair distributors. In the current age, a large number of Vietnam hair factories are positively and enthusiastically  entering into the hair supply chain of the world. Among various choices, certainly, you may be confused to choose the right ones. Therefore, I am here to recommend you the best Vietnam hair factory that you can completely trust to import hair extensions and raw Vietnam hair as well. 

About Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair Factory
Gruda Hair Factory

Established in 2008, Gruda Hair has more than 14 years of experience in the hair extensions world. With expertise in the hair field, Gruda Hair successfully deals with the pain points and lives up to expectations of many customers in the world.

These days, Gruda Hair has set up a wide network with many loyal customers from various continents such as: Nigeria, France, Namibia, Italy, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, and Southern Africa… 

Gruda Hair acts with the mission “Never sell bad products to ruin the beauty or hair business of customers”. Therefore, this firm tries its best everyday to provide the best products for customers. The ultimate goal of it is to have a high position on the global scale. Another is to beautify all the women in the world with more long and voluminous hair as well as to help hair business owners have a successful business. 

About products

If you want to buy Raw Vietnam hair, Gruda Hair is a can-not-miss place. 

It offers a wide range of products with 2 main qualities: Virgin hair and Remy hair and 3 grades: Single drawn hair, Double drawn hair and Super double drawn hair.

Considering hair types, there are numerous hairstyles: bone straight hair, afro kinky hair, burmese curly, pixie hair, tip twist curl, straight hair, deep wavy hair, funmi curl, wavy hair, egg roll,  …

You can refer to these images to look through products of Gruda Hair:

Raw Vietnam Hair From Gruda Hair
Raw Vietnam Hair From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products
Hair Extensions Products
Hair Extensions Products
Hair Extensions Products

Customer’s feedback

With the relentless effort, Gruda Hair receives a lot of positive comments and feedback from customers. They really satisfy with hair extensions products of Gruda Hair

Here is some feedback

Customers Feedback For Gruda Hair
Customers Feedback For Gruda Hair
Gifts Gruda Hair Sends To Our Customers
Gifts Gruda Hair Sends To Our Customers

Gruda Hair’s policy


In order to minimize the risks of costing more money, Gruda Hair always lowers the value of products as much as possible. Moreover, to avoid some unexpected situations, it always names hair extensions products as “synthetic hairs”. It is because hair products are so sensitive, your packet can be canceled at the airport. Therefore, we have to do that in order to make sure the risks rarely happen.


Before shipping products to you, it meticulously checks and then sends the photos and videos of products to you to confirm that everything is fine. 

We assure that products you receive are in its original products. During the buying process, customers and sales staff discuss fairly.


In Gruda Hair, we accept pre-orders. With the large orders, we provide the deposit policy for financial support for customers.

Customers can pay ahead at least 50% of the order value to confirm. Then, we will start making the orders.


Why is Vietnamese hair the best?

The fact that Vietnamese women limit their exposure to chemicals helps Vietnamese people’s hair become stronger and smoother, and hold their curls very well. 

Contrary to what many people think, Vietnamese hair is not coarse because of its thickness. In fact, the natural characteristics of Vietnamese hair are long, thick, black, straight, smooth, and soft.

What does Vietnam hair look like?

Vietnamese hair is softer than Brazilian, Indian, and some other hair supplying countries. 

In addition, the natural hair color of Vietnamese people is always natural black and they blend well with the skin color of African-American women and women in Europe, including Nigerians.

They are smooth and very beautiful. Affordable and can last a long time.

Is Vietnamese hair good quality?

As mentioned, Vietnam’s raw hair is 100% pure hair and meets top quality standards, so its characteristics are much more prominent than many other brands’ raw hair. 

These outstanding features can be mentioned as: 

  • High-quality hair texture: smooth, shiny
  • Looks natural and harmonizes well with all skin tones of users

In addition, the durability of Vietnamese hair is outstanding. completely (8 to 20 years) compared to other competitors such as China, India…

What is raw Vietnamese hair?

Vietnam’s raw hair is classified as the darkest and thickest hair. This beautiful hair comes from a Southeast Asian country, namely Vietnam. 

They are derived from 100% natural human hair. 

It can be seen that women living in Vietnam always follow a simple lifestyle, which reflects the quality of their hair.

How long does raw Vietnamese hair last?

The durability of raw hair from Vietnam can be up to 5 years or even more. 

According to the results, we can see that the most widely used hair type is raw Vietnam hair. Because they harmonize well with most of the characteristics of users around the world. 

Besides, straight black hair is always the most famous product on the beauty market today.

How do you take care of raw Vietnamese hair?

Simply apply a moisturizing conditioner after each shampoo and apply a deep conditioner every 2 to 4 weeks. 

Because Vietnamese raw hair is made from 100% natural Vietnamese hair, it will definitely react with deep nutrients, they help fix the follicle layer and restore a good degree of softness and shine.


So, you have grasped some of the main reasons why people in Nigeria love raw Vietnamese hair so much.

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