12 Inch Hair Extensions: The Best Detailed Information

Hair is something every woman cares about. There are many options available to you when you want to change your hairstyle. Among them, hair extensions are what many women choose to get shiny, bouncy hair without damaging the natural hair. 

12 inch hair extension is a great choice in most cases because of the aesthetics of this method. In this article, we will give you basic information about 12 inch hair extensions and how to buy and use them to get the best hair.  

About 12 Inch Hair Extensions

The Length Of 12 Inch Hair Extensions
The Length Of 12 Inch Hair Extensions

With the increasing beauty needs of women today, forms of hair extensions have become increasingly popular. Among the types of hair extensions, the 12-inch length is always sought after by many people. 

That’s because they are easy to use in styling and suitable for many face types. They, therefore, give their users gorgeous hair that can satisfy even the most demanding clients. 

So what are 12-inch hair extensions, what are their properties and why do women love them so much? We will respond shortly. 

What are 12 inch hair extensions?

What Are 12 Inch Hair Extensions?
What Are 12 Inch Hair Extensions?

Do you own really short hair and want to be able to switch to a long feminine hairstyle? Waiting for hair to grow back takes too much time. Your hair is very thin but do you still want a voluminous hairstyle? 

All of your problems can be solved quickly and easily through hair extensions. Different lengths of hair products will help you achieve thick, bouncy hair or add length to your natural hair so you can style it any way you like. 

Hair extension products on the market are currently very diverse in hairstyles, colors, and lengths. Among them, the majority of consumers choose 12-inch hair extensions for their hair extensions. 12-inch hair extensions, as the name implies, are hair extensions that are exactly 12 inches long when straightened and stretched to their fullest extent. 12 inches is equivalent to 30 centimeters, its length is up to the shoulder. 

This is a moderate length, not too long, leading to heavy head or entanglement for users. But it is also long enough for you to create beautiful hairstyles as you like. 

Characteristics of 12 inch hair extensions

The reason why consumers love such 12-inch hair extensions is because of their superior characteristics in bringing beauty and comfort. Below we will look at the properties that make up the advantages of this type of hair extension. 


As noted above, 12-inch hair extensions are exactly 12 inches in length when fully straightened. When you buy 12-inch hair extensions that are curly, their length will look much shorter than their actual length. 

If you’re not familiar with lengths in inches, we’ll help you convert them to more familiar forms of measurement. Basically, 12 inches is equal to about 1/3 of a yard, which is equal to 1 foot. The 12 inch hair extension also means it is 30.48 cm long. These 3 popular measurement units will help you better imagine the length of this hair extension. 

At this length, when you do hair extensions, your original hair won’t be too long. Hair after 12-inch hair extensions will be slightly longer than traditional shoulder-length hairstyles, and shorter when you have curly hair extensions. 

This is a very suitable length, just long enough for you to have a feminine look, but also not too long and heavy so you will not feel uncomfortable or entangled. If you prefer longer hair or shoulder-length curly hair, you need to consider longer hair extensions. 


For hair extensions, each small bundle of hair is estimated to weigh 100 grams. Thus, it is easy to see that a batch of hair extensions weighing 1 kg will have 10 such small hair bundles. 

Depending on the nature of the hair extension product, the number of hairs needed to reach 100 grams of weight will vary. Hair types with small diameter hairs will need more strands, while large diameter hairs will have fewer hairs in each bundle. 

Depending on the hairstyle you want to do as well as the visual effect you want in your hair, you can choose the right type of hair. In addition, the weight of 12-inch hair extensions depends on the amount of hair you want to extend. Don’t add too much hair if you don’t want to face the feeling of being heavy and putting too much pressure on your natural hair and scalp. 

Usually, 12-inch hair extensions are not a huge amount of hair, so you can get yourself a full volume without having to add too much hair. 

Common Type

12-inch Clip-in hair extensions

This is a type of hair that can be attached to natural hair simply, easily, and without much time. The small hairs in an extension bundle are secured with a hairpin at the top of the bundle. Users only need to use this clip to clip on their natural hair. 

12 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions
12 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

With simple hairpin manipulations, you quickly get charming long hair. Many users love 12-inch Clip-in hair extensions because of their convenience and simplicity in use, many others choose them because their real hair will not be affected. 

Hairdressing processes such as curling or straightening, hair dyeing, or bleaching are not necessary when you use this product. Therefore, you will get the hair you want without damaging your real hair and scalp. 

12-inch Tape-in ​​hair extensions

12 inch hair extension products designed in the form of hair bands are also a great choice for ladies. 12-inch Tape-in ​​hair extensions consist of 12-inch long hairs attached to the tabs, which can be placed on the hair easily. 

12 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions
12 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions

When using this product, you only need to skillfully attach the extensions to your real hair without going through complicated hair extensions or expensive tools. Thanks to that, you can easily and simply use them at home yourself. 

Although the usage is very simple, 12 inch Tape-in ​​hair extensions can create many expensive visual effects such as making hair longer and thicker or creating outstanding highlights for existing hair. Because of their thin and light nature, these extra curls don’t bother you at all. On the contrary, they can bring out the most natural and comfortable beauty for you. 

Another advantage of the product is that you do not need to treat your real hair before the hair extension. Thus, your natural hair and scalp will be protected from chemicals and unnecessary damage. 

12-inch Sew-in hair extensions

12 inch Sew-in hair extensions after being attached to girl's head
12 inch Sew-in hair extensions after being attached to girl’s head

If you are concerned that the hair extensions may fall off easily during your operation, then stronger hair extensions like the 12 inch Sew-in hair extensions can satisfy you. 

12 inch Sew-in hair extensions are hair extensions in which small curls are sewn together to form a horizontal strip. 

They will securely attach to your real hair, so you don’t have to worry about your extensions falling apart when you play sports or do heavy work. 

You can hold it on your head for up to 6 weeks, however, the time use can be longer or shorter depending on the proper care. The lifespan of this type of hair extension is usually about 1-2 years and can be longer if you take care of your hair properly. 

12-inch Fusion and Pre-bonded hair extensions

For a strong and durable hair extension over time, you can choose Fusion and Pre-bonded 12-inch hair extensions. This is a type of hair extension that requires heat and glue to be attached to your real hair. 

Due to a hair extension procedure with heat and glue, your natural hair may be affected. However, in return, this hairstyle has many valuable advantages. 

The first is the longevity of the hair extensions. Fusion and Pre-bonded 12-inch hair extensions can achieve a long lifespan, up to 1 to 2 years. And if you take proper care of your hair regularly, your extensions can absolutely last for a longer time. 

In addition, the biggest advantage of this type of hair extension is flexibility. Ford Fusion and Pre-bonded 12-inch hair extensions, you can adjust the hair length to your liking. Moreover, washing and drying hair is not difficult. Just do the same with your natural hair. 

This type of hair extension can also undergo pressing, curling, or dyeing processes. You will get your favorite hairstyle. 

12-inch Micro bead hair extensions

Another type of hair extension we are talking about here is 12-inch Micro bead hair extensions. This is the type of hair extension that many women love because they have a lot of advantages. 

Compared with other hair extensions, consumers prefer 12-inch Micro bead hair extensions because of their safety and high durability. In addition, the cost to get this hairstyle is not too expensive. So many people can own them. 

However, the disadvantage of 12-inch Micro bead hair extensions is that it requires a complicated hair extension process. You cannot do your own hair extensions at home when choosing this hairstyle. 

Instead, you need to go to the hair salon for the stylists to help you handle it. Moreover, if you choose to use 12-inch Micro bead hair extensions, then hair care also needs a lot of attention. 

Proper washing and hygiene will keep your extensions clean and bouncy. The moisturizing step is also indispensable to maintaining the shine and smoothness of the hair. 

Styles Of 12 Inch Hair Extension

You can arbitrarily process your hair extensions to make different styles depending on your personal preferences. Straight hair is often preferred, but curly hair is also a good choice. Straight hair often gives you natural and youthful beauty, while curly hair is feminine and luxurious. 

To make your hair more even, especially when your natural hair and extensions are different colors, dyeing is a necessary step. You can bleach your hair to dye lighter tones. If your 12-inch hair extensions are of high quality, you can comfortably manipulate your hair without fear of damage. 

Here are some popular styles of 12 inch hair extensions

12 inch curly hair extension

Curly hairstyles always give the users the classy look and vibe. Actually, there are many patterns of curl for you choose. If you want to look youthful nd energetic, let’s try this hairstyles at least once in life.

12 Inch Curly Hair Extensions
12 Inch Curly Hair Extensions

12 inch straight hair extension

With the straight hair extension, it is so easy to have an elegant look. 12 inch straight hair extensions with straight pattern is a prevalent selections for many women. The combination of straight hair and color is really incredible.

12 inch bone straight hair extension

Bone straight hair is one of the favorite choices among women. This hair bring users the most attractive and charming, classy look.

In fact, bone straight hair extensions is an easy-to-wear style, that saves you a lot of time to prepare for yourself before going out.

Do not hesitate to try a new one like this

12 Inch Color And Bone Straight Hair Extension
12 Inch Color And Bone Straight Hair Extension

12 inch color hair extension

The colorful hair is an amazing choice for a new hairstyle for a new hairstyle. You can choose a wide range of colors depending on you preference.

There are many colors that are never out of trend, so feel free to have a vibrant hair such as dark ombre color, chocolate, brown… Or if you want to have a newly fresh look, you can have green or blue…

How much do 12 inch hair extensions cost? 

With the variety of 12-inch hair extension products on the market today, the price of hair extensions also fluctuates greatly. Depending on your needs, purposes, and budget, you can absolutely choose the right product for you. 

Although there are many cheap 12-inch hair extension products, we recommend you choose the higher-priced but good-quality products. These types of hair extensions will give you hair with high aesthetics and do not affect your health. 

Single-draw 12-inch hair extensions are usually the cheapest because they have the least amount of uniform-length hair. 12-inch double drawn hair extensions will cost more. And the super double drawn that have almost equal lengths of hair with the highest ratio, giving the most natural beauty to your hair will usually cost a lot in proportion to their quality. 

I will give you the table price of hair extensions products of Gruda Hair with many inches, including 12 inches.

Price Of Hair Extension Single Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Single Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Super Double Drawn

Buy Guiding


Currently, 12-inch hair extension products on the market come from many different countries, the most prominent of which are Vietnam, China, and India. Each type of hair has its own characteristics, you need to consider your needs and uses to choose the correct one. 


12-inch hair extensions from Vietnam are the highest quality of the three we mentioned here. These products come from women living in mountainous or rural areas of Vietnam, where there are abundant sources of herbs so they can take care of their hair. 

The tradition of herbal hair care allows Vietnamese women’s hair to be as smooth and shiny as possible in the most natural way possible. The strength and thickness of the hair are also a great advantage of this hair type. 

Because of the uniform quality and naturalness of the hair, 12-inch hair extensions from Vietnam are always in the high-end segment. Although the price is from high to very high, there are still many people who want to buy and use the product. 


With a great competitive advantage in price, 12-inch hair extensions from China have been very popular in the world. 

Manufacturing plants in the country not only source hair from locals, but also from neighboring Asian countries like Cambodia or India. It is thanks to this huge scale of production and excellent marketing strategies that Chinese-origin 12-inch hair extensions products at very low prices, can reach more people. 

However, the opposite side of this market is hair quality. Because a large amount of hair is imported to factories, it becomes very difficult to control and classify product quality. Many production facilities to optimize profits also use synthetic chemicals to treat hair. 

Therefore, the hair loses its inherent naturalness, as well as a sharp decrease in quality. This weakness makes consumers less interested in 12-inch hair extension products from China. Instead of cost, users want to own products with high safety, guaranteed quality as well as a long service life.  


With the advantage of being the first place to supply wig products used in hair extensions, India used to be very developed in the hair extension manufacturing industry. In their culture, donating hair to the gods brings blessings, so every year the temples here collect a large amount of hair. 

12-inch hair extensions collected from temples due to the beliefs of the people of India are usually of very good quality. However, because the demand is too high compared to the supply, many hair extensions manufacturers here have used low-quality hair from mixed sources such as barber shops, etc. Use hair that falls on the floor. 

These low-quality hairs make 12-inch hair extensions of Indian origin lose ground in the eyes of consumers. The quality of the products is not guaranteed, leading to hair extensions that are frizzy, difficult to style as well as easy to break, and lack vitality. 


In order to have beautiful and long-lasting hair extensions, the quality of the product is something that you need to pay special attention to. 

Where do the 12-inch hair extensions you use come from? What is the product’s country of origin? When you buy products from reputable manufacturers, you can rest assured because they will assure you of the quality of the products. 

Although hair of unknown origin can be a lot cheaper than genuine products, their quality is often very poor. You should choose hair extensions sourced from reputable markets like Vietnam to be sure to get the healthiest and most natural hair possible. 

Uniformity of Length

The higher the quality of 12-inch hair extensions, the more uniform the length of the hairs will be. There are 3 different types of 12-inch hair extensions that you can choose from, namely Single Drawn, Double Drawn, and Super Double Drawn. 

12-inch single-draw hair extensions ensure about 50% of hairs have an even length. If you need a more uniform length, then you can look for double pull products. This is a product that has over 70 to 80% of the same length of hair. The highest quality hair, with more than 80% of hairs of the same length, is super double drawn. 

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right hair type. However, remember, the higher the quality of the hair, the more beautiful and natural-looking your extensions will be. 


Where to buy 12 inch hair extensions for personal use?

As for the purchase of hair extensions for personal use, you can find them at local vendors. The market for hair extensions is very wide, so you can easily buy 12-inch hair extensions without spending too much effort searching.

If you need a source for wholesale, look to factories that supply quality products. When you buy products in bulk, the price will usually be much cheaper than when buying individually. 

Why Need 12 Inch Hair Extensions? 

You can use 12-inch hair extensions to get long shiny and bouncy hair quickly and easily. This is especially necessary for ladies who have thin hair or short hair but want a long feminine hairstyle. 

How to take care of your 12-inch Hair extensions?

First, you need to clean the 12-inch hair extensions regularly to avoid dirt and oil that makes the hair easily damaged and unhygienic. Wash and clean hair with shampoo. 

Be careful to choose a shampoo with the least amount of detergent possible to minimize possible damage to your hair. 

Moisturizing hair with a conditioner after each wash is indispensable. The step of using conditioner will help your hair stay soft and shiny. 

Choose the right conditioner and use it regularly to get the longest life for your 12-inch hair extensions. 

In addition, you also need to avoid direct sunlight on your hair, especially hair extensions. Sunburn not only damages the skin but also makes the hair tangled and prone to breakage. So you need to remember to wear a hat and cover your hair carefully when going out. 

How long do 12 inch hair extensions last? 

Depending on the type of hair extension you use and how you take care of your hair, 12-inch hair extensions will have a different lifespan. 

12-inch Sew-in hair extensions usually only last about 6 weeks, after which you need to go back to work. Meanwhile, Fusion and Pre-bonded 12-inch hair extensions will last up to 8 months. 

Regular and proper hair extension care is extremely important to ensure the beauty and longevity of your hair. 

How to install 12 inch hair extensions at home? 

First, you need to choose the right type of hair extension. To be able to do hair extensions at home, you should choose easy-to-use hair extensions such as clips or headbands. 

Once you have selected and purchased the right type of speech hair, you need to search for their instructions for use. You can see a lot of videos or articles on how to put on hair extensions on the Internet. 

If you’re new to using hair extensions, consider the simple instructions first. Once you get used to this accessory, more intricate hairstyles will bring out your beauty. 

Finally, shake hands and apply your hair extension product. If the first time you are not really satisfied, be persistent to try again. After a few times getting used to the way of use, you will get the beautiful hair you want. 


Our article has given you the most basic knowledge about 12-inch hair extensions, 12-inch hair extensions as well as how to choose the right product. If you have any questions, leave a comment so we can help you. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always ready to support you.