Process of Order

Please follow the steps below as a guideline for your order

Step 1: Visit our website to look for your product. 

Step 2: Choose your favorite and call our Hotline at +84904781730 with a detailed description including texture, length, color, etc. You can also reach out to our sales representatives directly via our Whatsapp number. We have a professional team that can help you in languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Step 3: Confirm your final choice of types, descriptions, and quantities with us.

Step 4: We’ll send you an order confirmation with an invoice.

Step 5: You confirm invoice and make payment. When we get your funds, our factory will start producing.

Step 6: Every day, our factory will provide you with an update on the status of your hair creation. You can call us whenever you want to see your goods in our production via video call (This privilege is just applied in our Gruda Hair Factory)

Step 7: When we finish your production, we create a video call for you to assess the quantity of hair. WE ONLY SEND YOUR ORDER WHEN YOU ARE SATISFIED.

Step 8: Before being sent to Logistics Providers, orders will be wrapped.

Price and Currency Exchange

All prices quoted in US dollars.

Payment methods

You can pay by all major credit cards such as (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), Western Union, Money Gram, and bank transfers.

International Transaction Fee

GrudaHair is a Vietnamese-owned and run corporation with shipping facilities all around the world. Your credit card company or bank may charge you a fee of $1–$10 if you order outside of Vietnam. Because you are purchasing something outside of your nation of origin, your bank will charge you this fee, which is not charged by GrudaHair, Western Union, Money Gram, or bank transfer.