Brazilian Hair Price In Nigeria: Things You Need To Know

An important post for those who care about Brazilian Hair Price in Nigeria.

If we talk about famous hair extensions on the market today, we can immediately think of products from India with high flexibility or straight Vietnamese hair models. However, it would be a big omission if we ignore Brazilian hair, a hair model with impressive curls, and thanks to these features, Brazilian products are gradually becoming more prominent. 

So if you want to try this popular hair right away, don’t miss the article that analyzes the price and characteristics of Brazilian hair that I am about to introduce below.

What Is Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian Hair
Brazilian Hair

Like Indian or Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair is the name of the hairstyle originating from the people of Brazil or the countries of South America in general. Most raw hair products are taken care of by people in rural areas, then sold to traders and processing factories. 

With Brazilian hair, you will be able to find these products in the straight or wavy form most of the time. Besides, the main feature of this hairline is that it has a high shine and holds curls well.

Advantages Of Brazilian Hair

To attract the attention of today’s market, of course, Brazilian hair will have to possess impressive properties that not all hair models have. And I will introduce you to those features right below the article. In addition, these factors affect the quality and the price of the hair.

Advantages Of Brazilian Hair
Advantages Of Brazilian Hair

Pure hair

Because it is 100% real hair, of course, Brazilian hair also possesses many typical elements of human hair, such as sensitivity to heat or chemicals and a certain shine and smoothness. Especially unlike many hairlines circulating on the market today, Brazilian hair is an untreated hairline. Or you can understand that from the root to the tip, even the cuticle has never been exposed to heat or chemicals, leading to changes in the product structure.

Thanks to this special factor, you can enjoy the most natural hairstyles without worrying about the difference between real hair and extensions.

Excellent hair quality

Whether it is in straight or curly hair, Brazilian hair products always have a reasonable volume, volume, and shine for us to use. It is all thanks to the fact that the hair does not undergo heat or chemical processes that allow the hair to retain its inherent properties. 

From there, it increases the natural beauty and the beauty that hair gives us.

Highly customizable

Another advantage of the original hair samples in general and Brazilian hair, particularly, is the ability to style very well. 

In theory, manufacturers do not encourage us to perform these manipulations because even the most basic impact can hurt hair. 

But in fact, as long as you have enough knowledge and technique, bending or stretching is completely normal to manipulate. 

Even this hairstyle itself has good heat treatment and can hold all day without us having to constantly re-style.

The ability to curl and straighten and even trim will become easier thanks to the structure of Brazilian hair. So we can easily adjust the short length of the hair to our liking without resorting to experts. Another feature that makes the quality of this hairline is the ability to dye it with any hairstyle or color easily.

Although you will have to purchase additional medications to help preserve and maintain the style and tools, such as straighteners and curlers, you won’t have to worry about the limitations like other hairstyles.

Highly compatible with other hair types

As we all know, Brazilian hair has a more natural structure than other products; combining this hair extension with normal hair will not make too much difference. And the small differences also mean that you don’t have to fear that real hair and wings will become more difficult to combine. 

At the same time, this property allows us to freely connect hair with many different background hair, thereby increasing the suitability of the face and the body shape and outfit.


Most human-based hair products are more durable than manufactured products, and you will have at least a year of use before the product starts to degrade. And of course, Brazilian hair is no exception when in the first 1 to 2 years, we can comfortably use this hair extension product without having to worry about damage problems.

However, the most impressive point of this hairline is that in the period from 3 to 4 years after use, we can still preserve the hair in the best condition if we know how to take proper care.

Speaking of hair care, Brazilian hair itself is very easy to maintain because you do not need to take care of it too much and spend a lot of money on nutrients or preservation. However, if you decide to manipulate the product with heat or chemicals, you need deeper preservation measures to avoid spoilage.

Disadvantages Of Brazilian Hair

Besides the above advantages, Brazilian hair still has some disadvantages that you should consider before buying.

The amount of hair needed is high

If with other hair types, you only need about 1 to 2 products to achieve the perfect length, then with Brazilian hair, you will need 3 or even 4 products to meet the requirements. Meet their own needs. And this problem can lead to price differences and make us pay more for hair ownership and care.

Disadvantages Of Brazilian Hair
Disadvantages Of Brazilian Hair

Difficult to attach to real hair

To get the most natural hairstyle when combining Brazilian hair with normal hair, you will have to rely on experts and tools at the hairdresser. Because connecting this product with real hair will be difficult, the joints will easily be exposed and give a feeling of impracticality if not handled properly.

Brazilian Hair Price In Nigeria

Brazilian hair price

There is a problem that you need to keep in mind Brazilian hair is not a low-priced product because many factors lead to the difference in quality. And the difficulty of finding this hair type leads to a very high price of a product.

Normally, Brazilian hair models in the Nigerian market will range in price from N15,000 to N400,000 depending on the hair quality and the type and quality of processing that the product has. 

Of course, there will be some products priced below the general price level, but you should be careful before buying these cheap products because it is difficult to assess whether this product meets the needs of use.

Besides, there are hair extensions on the market today with quite high prices from N400,000 or more. 

Often these products will have outstanding quality and high durability to match the money that we have to spend. It can be said that if you can afford them, these models are a suitable choice.

Vietnamese hair price

Characteristic of Vietnam hair

If the hair price of Brazilians is over-priced for many people, they can consider Vietnamese hair. In the hair industry, Vietnam is a reliable supplier with a long history in this field. 

In the Vietnamese hair business, you can feel secure when importing hair from Vietnam because of some reasons: the good quality, the skillful craftsman as well as the meticulous care. 

The good quality

Firstly, in terms of the top-notch quality, Vietnamese hair is collected from 100% natural hair of Vietnamese women living in the mountainous regions. They are: Cao Bang, Lang Son, Yen Bai and other neighboring areas. It can be sure that their hair is so strong, bouncy and soft. Living in such regions, it is impossible to obtain many chemical products for hair. Therefore, they care for hair by using cleansers with natural components. As a result, Vietnamese hair can be strong enough to be dyed, bleached and styled in many ways as long as you want.

Vietnamese Women In Mountainous Areas With Long And Healthy Hair
Vietnamese Women In Mountainous Areas With Long And Healthy Hair

For such reasons, Vietnamese hair is so durable and versatile. With the proper care, the lifespan of hair from Vietnam can last up to years, from 2-5 years. 

The high-skilled craftsmen

As I mentioned above, the hair industry in Vietnam has appeared for a long time. With many years of experience in this field, all the hair craftsmen in Vietnam are so competent at their major. They can create beautiful hairstyles as clients desire. Unlike the Chinese and Indian hair industry where hair extensions are made by industrial scale production, hair in Vietnam is created by domestic scale production. However, it does not mean that Vietnamese hair businesses fail to provide clients with sufficient amounts of products as ordered. 

The workers are highly skillful and careful, they can produce the most pretty and high quality during the deadline. They do that because if hair is always available in stock, it means that hair will be negatively affected. The color, texture and quality will be worse. Hair business owners fear that fact so they decide they will produce hair extensions when clients order. As a result, Vietnamese hair always stays in good condition. 

Vietnamese hair price in Nigeria

Despite the features, having the best quality, Vietnamese hair price is so affordable. Because of the production cost and the difference in currency, the end of Vietnamese hair products is reasonable. Therefore, it is suitable for all people who want to have beautiful hair with good quality. 

In Vietnam, the grade of hair is divided into 3 different quality grades: Single Drawn hair, Double Drawn hair and Super Double Drawn hair. They are separated like that because of the thickness of the length of the hair bundles. With such reasons, the price of Vietnamese hair in Nigeria depends on the grades of hair.. Therefore, the price will vary according to the grades, but in general, the price is still more reasonable when they are compared to hair from other nations. The cost of the product will be listed, in turn:

Hair price of each grade

  • Single Drawn hair has 45-50% strands in the same length, the rest is mixed with shorter hair. The average price of Single Drawn products is quite low, only about 9,000 to 20,000 NGN. It also depends on the length you want to use.
  • Double Drawn hair has 60-70% strands in the same length, the rest is mixed. This is the most preferred Vietnamese hair grade due to the good quality and reasonable price, especially African clients. Because of the higher quality than Single Drawn, it will cost you a lot more money to own this Vietnamese luxury hair. Specifically, the cost will range from 20,000 to 40,000 NGN. Depending on the length, and the price will increase or decrease.
  • Super Double Drawn hair has 80-90% of hair in the same length. And it is considered the best quality Vietnamese hair bundles, the rest are shorter. Alongside top-notch quality, the price is comparatively expensive than others. Its hair price: 40,000 to 60,000 NGN is the amount. You will have to spend if you want to own a Super Double Drawn product. Although the price is quite high, in terms of quality, this number is completely reasonable.

Below, I will give you the table price of Vietnamese hair. You can refer to consider whether you should buy Vietnamese hair or not. 

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn

Where to import Vietnamese Hair

Overview of hair industry in Vietnam

Hair extensions are clearly not only accessories that enhance human beauty, but also a potentially profitable marketplace. In today’s global hair market, the three most popular nations in hair production are Vietnamese hair factories, Chinese hair factories, and Indian hair factories, because these markets can produce a significant volume of hair for clients and hair business owners.

With the increasing demand for hair extensions, the Vietnamese hair industry has taken attempts to establish itself on the world stage and compete with other major exporting countries such as India, China, and Brazil. The enormous popularity of wigs and hair extensions also implies that hair production provides employment prospects for millions of Vietnamese individuals, as well as high earnings for hair manufacturers and the new technologies heavily used in hairdressing. Because of these qualities, Vietnam is clearly a trustworthy and suitable market. Therefore, it can match the expectations of clients and hair importers.

Reliable Vietnamese hair factories – Gruda Hair: Top 1 Hair Factory in Vietnam

About company
Gruda Hair - a reliable Vietnam hair factory
Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnam hair factory

About this company, Gruda Hair is a hair company. Its main purpose is to provide 100 percent natural hair extensions all over the world. It aspires to create a perfect beauty for all women and to assist clients in successfully starting their hair company by supplying high-quality hair extensions.

Founded in 2008, this firm is one of Vietnam’s major producers of raw weft and hair extensions. Gruda Hair is one of the first hair firms. And it has extensive experience and competence in the hair market. Its CORE VALUES are high-quality items at reasonable prices and excellent customer service. For the past 14 years, it has built a global business network with the participation of many nations and continents, including the United States, Nigeria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. This is undeniable proof of its reputation and position in the hair market. The formation of Gruda Hair is the intention of providing all ladies with a perfectly natural look, confidence, and a sense of fulfillment.

About products of Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair hopes that every woman who uses its products feels confident and lively. It is because of her natural appearance with long and abundant hair. This firm always takes priority of customer experience by only offering items with two major qualities. They are: virgin human hair (hair gathered from a single donor) and remy human hair (the hair collected from two or more people and every strand goes in the same direction).

Furthermore, Gruda Hair offers a vast of options for customers to choose and buy whatever hair extensions they like.

Color Collection of hair
Color Collection of hair

They are: wigs, bulk hair, hair extension wefts, clip-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, closures, frontals, ponytails and so on.

Accompanying hair types, there are a large number of hairstyles you can unlimitedly choose:  From straight hair to curly hair, natural color hair to bleached or dyed hair. Some of the significant hairstyles are bone straight hair, pixie hair, afro kinky hair and body wavy hair, and full of color choices: piano, choco brown, blond, red wine and so on.

Hair Extension Products
Hair Extension Products
Hair Extension Products
Hair Extension Products

The Reason For The Difference In Brazilian Hair Price In Nigeria

Hair origin

It is a fact that for-profit, many people often use other hair products to fake Brazilian hair. 

By replacing Brazilian hair with cheaper hair types, typically Indian, the manufacturer could save a large amount of cost on input materials from Viet Nam. 

The main reason for this action is that the supply of quality Brazilian hair is often not much. And the selection of quality hair clusters is also difficult because of that. So instead of trying to find quality products, many places choose to confuse the concept and deceive consumers.

The process of storage and transportation is difficult.

Because it is a natural hair product and uses very few chemicals. Preserving hair will face some difficulties that other products do not have to face. Besides, with the origin coming from distant America, the shipping cost will also account for a large part of the cost you have to spend on the hair.


What is the difference between Brazilian hair and Indian hair?

Brazilian hair is usually thicker and stronger. Meanwhile, Indian hair is more prone to soft, wavy, and sparse textures than products from South America.

What type of hair is the strongest?

Thick or coarse hair texture like Brazilian hair is always the strongest hair texture you can find. Thanks to the fact that it contains all three layers of hair. They are: the cortex, the cuticle, and the medulla, you can be secure because of the durability of this hair type.

What’s Human Hair Blend?

Unlike 100% real human hair products, Blend products result from a combination of synthetic hair made of substances such as plastic or silk with real hair as if it were experiencing real damage. This hair lasts longer than synthetic hair, looks more natural, and can be curled and styled.


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