Can I Wash Wigs In The Washing Machine?

In today’s article, we will learn together about wash wigs in the washing machine.

After the COVID-19 epidemic passed, life returned to normal. 

Everyone will return to work, and everyone will be busy with what they have set out and done. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, everything has to be postponed. Girls having to go out will often have to style their natural hair at their home due to lockdowns. 

However, with weak hair, the occurrence of breakage and tangles is quite unavoidable. 

Therefore, the solution here is the use of wigs. It is because they both save time, have a variety of styles, and colors, and do not affect natural hair. 

Why Do So Many People Clean Their Wigs With A Washing Machine?

Cleaning the wig in the washing machine is one of the most common hair cleaning methods that many people share. Here are some reasons why washing wigs in the washing machine is becoming more and more popular:

  • If you often use wigs in large quantities, combining them with a washing machine will help clean quickly and save time.  
  • With many different hairstyles and hair types, when cleaned with a washing machine, it is quite safe, there is no loss or tangle.     

However, not all wig models can withstand the strong spin from the washing machine. For example, hair extensions made from Vietnamese hair can hardly withstand the impact of washing machines.    

In fact, you don’t need to regularly clean them too many times. Just once a week is enough or more than twice a week. According to experts, wigs should not be cleaned too much because this can lose quality, softness, and shine and make hair damaged faster.    

Should Wigs Be Washed In The Washing Machine?

In general, you should not overuse the washing machine to clean the wig. The reason is that:

Reasons Why You Should Not Wash Wigs In The Washing Machine
Reasons Why You Should Not Wash Wigs In The Washing Machine

Difficult to control the rotation speed 

As we all know, the rotational force of the washing machine is quite strong because that way it can completely clean the clothes. However, this does not mean applying that rotational force to the solution. Even if your hair is of good quality, no matter how durable it is, it can tear. 

When you search for information related to washing wigs in the washing machine, it will always show no results. You should clean your wig gently with water. Because the washing machine will not know how to be “gentle” with your hair.

In addition, here are some common reasons for this condition:

  • With small, light items, the washing machine will still move and spin quickly and vigorously as they usually do with clothes. 
  • During the washing wigs in the washing machine process, hair can easily tangle or get caught in the slots in the washing machine, making it difficult to detangle.
  • The movement of the wig in the washing machine can damage the hair inside and out, making it easy to tangle and break. 

Using a machine with high heat 

You should not use a washing machine to clean the washing machine. The rapid rotation and turning cycle of the machine can cause abrasion of the hair. It lead hair to be damaging and difficult to restore to its original state. The heat from the washing machine and the heat as it spins can set your hair on fire. Specifically as follows:

  • Usually, hot water will be used in the washing machine to help remove dirt and disinfect clothes after a day of work, school as well as participating in extremely sunny outdoor activities. Washing clothes with hot water will bring the desired cleanliness. However, this does not mean that you can also use hot water to clean the wig.
  • Hot water can actually have a negative effect on your hair, causing frizz to develop or worse, completely damaging it. Therefore, you should follow the hair care regulations, your wig may no longer be useful after just one use with the washing machine.
  • The heat generated by the frictional rotations inside the washing machine can be harmful to your hair. Many cases share that their hair almost caught fire because the wig has the ability to catch fire. 

Sharp parts in the washing machine are dangerous to the hair

  • The inside of washing machines often has a complex structure and architecture with some nooks and crannies that allow water to flow into work and there will be a part to push waste, and soap out. 
  • In the device, there will be holes for water to flow out, but this does not mean that your hair is split into small strands and then pushed out.
  • If the hair is torn or damaged, it will become messy and very difficult to handle. Surely, no one wants their hair to suffer too much damage during the cleaning process, right?
  • If you don’t want your hair to “go away” after just one wash, you should try to clean your hair in simple and gentle ways. 

Step By Steps To Wash A Wig

Comb the hair before washing
Comb the hair before washing

Here are 6 simple and easy steps to wash wigs that any girl can do:

Step 1: To clean first, you need to gently detangle your hair. Use your wide tooth comb and brush gently. For curly or wavy hair, instead of using a comb, you can use your hands to not lose the styled curl.

Step 2: You dip the wig in the water and wash it. You should use cold water instead of hot water so that the hair quality is not affected.

Step 3: Gently wash your hair with the oil you usually use. Then, you combine a little more conditioner to make your hair softer and smoother, and remember to still use cold water.

Step 4: After washing, dry to remove water, then apply a little conditioner for about 2 minutes, and then wash again to clean.

Step 5: You let your hair dry naturally in the air, then use a soft dry cotton towel and gently wipe it. You should not use a hair dryer to dry your hair because the heat generated will make your hair dry and brittle. 

Step 6: When your hair is almost dry and still a little damp, use a little serum to make your hair softer, smoother, and shinier as well as easier to style. 

Things You Need To Keep In Mind 

Things You Should Keep In Mind When Caring Hair
Things You Should Keep In Mind When Caring Hair

Don’t wash your wig in a hurry

You should not clean wigs in a hurry because they will look like a way to ruin your hair. You will not take enough steps or enough time to care for that wig. Therefore, you should follow all 6 steps that the article has shared to help your hair stay clean, shiny, and durable over time.

Brush when wet

It is also important to detangle before cleaning. However, you should use wide tooth combs to avoid putting pressure on the hair. You should brush from tip to speed to ensure that the whole hair is not tangled before entering the cleaning process.

Don’t scrub your wig

When washing your hair, you should use cold to slightly lukewarm water. However, do not use hot water because it will cause your hair to be significantly affected, quickly appearing tangled and broken.

The most important thing is that you must gently massage so that the shampoo penetrates evenly into your hair, not rub it vigorously with the thought that the stronger the hair is, the cleaner it can be. In general, wigs are quite thin so you can put all your strength into rubbing them, however, this can cause breakage and frizz. 

Normally, dirt accumulates on the length of our hair rather than on our scalp. Therefore, you should focus on cleaning the ends of the wig.  

Use both regular shampoo and conditioners

Using a combination of shampoo and conditioner is essential for smooth, silky hair. If you only use shampoo alone, your hair will only get a basic clean without any moisture. You need to remember that wigs are not like natural hair. As a result, they cannot secrete natural oils to restore and nourish your hair.

After using shampoo and conditioner, you should also refer to other moisturizing serum products available on the market to help your hair be as perfect as possible. 

Don’t wash too often

You shouldn’t wash your hair very often and neither should wigs. Regular cleaning of wigs will make them quickly dry and tangled together. Since wigs don’t actually grow from the scalp, the lack of contact with oil and dead skin will make the hair less greasy than natural hair.

You only need to clean the wig after about 10-15 times of use/time or maybe about 1-2 times/week is enough. 

Dry hair correctly

You should not dry your wig with heat dryers, but instead you should let your hair dry naturally. In the case, if your wigs are often made of synthetic fibers and if you abuse the heat, your hair will break down faster. 

The best thing is that you should squeeze out all the water. And then use a soft cotton dry towel to wipe gently.


Above are the sharing helping answer the question: Can I wash wigs in the washing machine? Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you answer the question you posed as well as know how to clean wigs so that they are most natural and durable over time. 

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