Detailed Comparison: Brazilian Hair And Peruvian Hair

Women’s demand for hair weaving is increasing day by day. On the market today, there are countless hair products for people to choose from with different lengths, textures, and colors. But, the best of them are Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair. 

These two types of hair are popular and widely used products around the world. They are all virgin human hair of the top quality in the manufacture of hair products. So what is the difference between Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair? What type of hair should I choose? In this article, I will share with you specifically the above question. Please scroll gently so as not to miss important information! 

What Is Brazilian Hair? 

Brazilian girls, Brazilian hair
Brazilian girls, Brazilian hair

Brazilian virgin hair is the most sought-after product in the world today. This hair type has the characteristics of thick and tough, allowing it to meet the styling requirements of the user. Brazilian hair originates from the rural regions of Brazil, it possesses different lengths and natural colors.

Brazilian hair is the most versatile and sophisticated hair extension available today. It has that feature, thanks to its shiny, smooth, and bouncy appearance. Furthermore, this type of hair is relatively straight, suitable for many women’s personalities and youthful preferences. If we make sure to take good care of our hair, we will be able to maintain its characteristics for many years to satisfy our own requirements. 

In general, Brazilian hair is a good hair type. It is the perfect candidate for those who prefer floating and natural.

What Is Peruvian Hair?

Peruvian hair extensions
Peruvian hair extensions

Peruvian hair is becoming more and more popular in the market these days. It’s specifically for black African women. Peruvian virgin hair is straighter and thicker than Brazilian hair. It can be made up of many ingredients, including American hair texture and Caucasian hair texture. 

It can be said that Peruvian hair is the softest and lightest hair extension in the world today. Moreover, Peruvian hair is famous for its durability as well as versatility. Numerous women are big fans of this hair. Actually, it is an excellent choice to select and try for a new look. 

It stands out more than any typical hair extension. The color of the hair is usually darker, possibly darker brown, gray, or black.

Peruvian hair has a particularly strong texture, so even if you don’t take care of it properly, it stays smooth and very bouncy. With this strong hair type, you can freely style the way you want without fear of damaging your hair. In addition, it also has a good ability to resist the sun and unwanted damage caused by heat.

Additionally, Peruvian hair is the ideal investment for those who are passionate about lightness, glamor, and elegance. Using Peruvian hair extensions will help honor the individual beauty of a woman.

Similarities Between Peruvian Hair And Brazilian Hair

There are many similarities between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair. Specifics: 

Similarities Between Peruvian Hair And Brazilian Hair
Similarities Between Peruvian Hair And Brazilian Hair


With these two particular hair types, they both seem very African-American. This hair extension will help them quickly have bouncy and shiny hair.


These hairs are usually obtained from a donor and do not necessarily need to be processed before being sent to the user. In both of these hair types, it ensures no breakage and tangles to make it easier for you to perform the grafting procedure.


Both Peruvian and Brazilian hair are shiny, soft, and strong. And you can style it as you like without worrying about the quality of your hair.


Both of these hair types require careful care to keep the shine for a long time. Otherwise, the hair will quickly weaken or even break a lot.

Above are some similarities between Peruvian and Brazilian hair. In addition, there will still be many other similarities that have not been found or they are not exactly the same. The most typical is about color. Peruvian hair color can be Brazilian hair color. But, with the Brazilian hair samples imported later, their color is not necessarily the same as the previous versions.

The Difference Between Peruvian Hair And Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair or Peruvian hair is both the best hair types on the market today. With each type, there will be different basic characteristics including texture, shine, suitability, or cost. If you don’t understand them yet, read my review below.


Brazilian hair will typically have a coarse texture and considerable density. It includes naturally straight, curled, or wavy hair. Meanwhile, Peruvian hair texture is much coarser. 

Judging by the thickness, Peruvian virgin hair gives higher results. It is thick with a variety of different lengths. However, it is still guaranteed to be the softest and lightest hair extension on the market today. Actually, they often come with natural wavy and straight designs to meet the requirements of many African-American beauties.

With this aspect, both Peruvian and Brazilian hair is perfect allowing to please the consumer. They are all among the strongest and best-textured hair in the world.

Brazilian hairPeruvian hair
TextureCoarse texture and considerable densityMuch coarser


It is possible that the quality of Peruvian and Brazilian hair is the same and both are very good. However, when evaluating the smoothness separately, there are really many differences between them. Personally, I find Brazilian hair smoother. It’s smooth, flowing, and full of charm. On the other hand, it also gives a lot of flexible hairstyles and looks very good. It can be straight, curly or wavy hair.

Meanwhile, with Peruvian hair, its shine is slightly lower. It’s just plain smooth and doesn’t add a certain amount of shine. However, it still ensures to bring a luxurious and attractive appearance to the user.

Brazilian hairPeruvian hair
ShineSmooth, more bouncyIts shine is slightly lower


Peruvian virgin hair will usually be light brown, deep brown, or can be a bit darker. But, with Brazilian virgin hair, there will not be any color change. Its most typical color is a precisely deep brown. Therefore, considering the color choices, Peruvian has a wide range of color selections. 

With such colors, suitable for many different objects. It ensures to provide youthful, dynamic, and full of personality to users. Particularly with the light brown color of Peruvian hair, it will be more proportionate for young women. Therefore, it helps to highlight the teenage, dreamy features of youth. Or as with the dark brown color of Peruvian hair, which will be more suitable for middle-aged people. It will mark the process of maturity and maturity for users. 

Brazilian hairPeruvian hair
ColorNot many color variationsMore diverse types with light brown, deep brown or bit darker

Based on color and age, consider carefully your choice. By joining the wrong color, you will have to spend a lot of money on styling as well as dyeing.


In fact, Peruvian virgin hair is easier to care for than Brazilian hair. The frequency of intensive care and conditioning may require less and does not require as high a technique as with Brazilian hair. And they also ensure that they stay smooth and bouncy for a long time.

Meanwhile, with Brazilian virgin hair, it is demanding for the care process. With each use, careful care is required to enhance softness and lightness. If you don’t, your hair will be damaged and frizzy.

Actually, wherever hair sources are from, it always needs proper care to last long as expected. 

Country of preference 

The compatibility for each such country is highly dependent on the style, color, and texture of each hair type. Each type of hair will help honor the distinct beauty of a woman’s body. At the same time, it implicitly expresses the traditional cultural identity in that country.

Brazilian hair is the best choice for black women who often live in the hot regions. Wearing Brazilian hair extensions brings them a glamorous look. It has a strong resistance to damage that is more likely to be caused by the sun’s intensity. 

In the meantime, Peruvian is a favorite of those who desire to have a clean, polished and natural appearance. Honestly, both hair from 2 countries have their uniquely distinct characteristics and the choices is yours to make. 

Brazilian hairPeruvian hair
Country of preferenceSuitable for those often living in the humid and hot regionsA suitable choice for those like natural and clean hair


Both Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair have certain suitability for different customers. With Peruvian hair, because it possesses many different natural colors, the compatibility for many objects will be higher than that of Brazilian hair. It can be used by young people, middle-aged people, or even the elderly. But, Brazilian hair may only be suitable for middle-aged people. And young people can still use it if there is a desire to color it.

However, I want to say that, let’s select the item you think that would bring you the most beautiful appearance. A perfect hair is what can bring you the greatest confidence.


The price of these two types of hair is usually not too different, ranging from a few dollars to several tens of dollars. The cost of owning Brazilian hair ranges from about $100 – $120 depending on the length and delivery location. However, with Peruvian hair, this can go up to 200 or even 500 dollars depending on the length and thickness of the hair. 

The price of these two types of hair is commensurate with the quality it brings. And you can rest assured of this valuable investment.

Brazilian hair vs Peruvian hair: Which is best for you?

Brazilian hair vs Peruvian hair, which is better for you? Both of these hair types are amazing and perfect for the user’s requirements. How good it would be if you had decided to choose one of these two hairstyles. 

If you are looking for hair that complements and can be easily colored or styled, then Brazilian virgin hair is the ideal suggestion for you. Or, for those who wish to have a bouncy, personal and strong hair, Brazilian hair is also true love. 

With Peruvian hair, it is a perfect proposition for black women who want a clean, shiny, and natural look. Personally, I prefer Brazil because it can help me achieve many desired hairstyles. 


The above article is a comparison of Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair. With each type of hair, they will have their own unique characteristics in terms of texture, color, suitability, and care requirements. Hopefully, this article will help you understand more deeply the characteristics of each type and soon have a final choice for your usage requirements.

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