Which Are Better: Single Drawn Hair Or Double Drawn Hair?

When ordering hair extension products, you may come across two terms but may be you don’t know what they mean: Single drawn hair and Double drawn hair.

You must be very curious about these two types of hair and do not know which one is better. Then let’s go to learn more about them.

What Is Single Drawn Hair?

Single Drawn Hair With The Ends Is Thinner
Single Drawn Hair With The Ends Is Thinner

For some clients, their choice is often single-drawn hair because they love the completely natural surface that this hair type offers. 

It is clear that with the natural hair that grows from our scalp, each hair that grows out will not be so different, if any, it is just a difference in size. 

This is why, for clients who are looking for a completely natural hairstyle, single-drawn hair is the ideal choice for them.

Next, we send more detailed information about the origin as well as the main characteristics of this hair type.


Single drawn hair means hair extensions containing multiple lengths. Therefore, it leads to the phenomenon that the thickest hair at the top and the tapers at the middle and the thinnest part on the ends. 

A standard bundle of hair will contain about 50% of hairs of full length and 50% of different lengths. 

Single drawn hair is the product after being cut from donors and then placed in a weft. 

According to the survey results, it is easy to see that this is a product that brings great benefits to the wholesale and retail hair market worldwide.


Single drawn hairs are one of the most popular types of extensions as they require less chemical processing to treat the cuticle and moreover they are also inexpensive.

In addition, in general, the price of this hairstyle is lower than the double drawn hair types. However, you can also trim it yourself a bit at the end as the hair can lengthen considerably.


  • Single drawn hair can lengthen your growing hair so it looks more natural.
  • The origin of the hair is from 100% human hair and it contains combinations of many different lengths.
  • The price of single hair extensions is moderate, suitable for shopping budgets.
  • The extensions of this hairstyle have a low production cost.


  • There are a lot of short hairs interlaced.
  • The end of the hair is thinner than the top, it looks uneven. Most women usually cut about 2 inches to solve this problem.

What Is Double Drawn Hair?

Double Drawn Hair Have The Same Length From Top To Ends
Double Drawn Hair Have The Same Length From Top To Ends

Double Drawn weave is an absolute high-quality hair weave. Their prices are usually more expensive, but we believe it is worth your investment. 


Unlike single drawn hair, double drawn hair contains hair that is all the same length. The ends of double drawn hair are thicker. With this hairstyle, most of them are thick from root to tip and most are over 80% long. Therefore, the hair is aligned in comparatively equal length to create an attractive and voluminous look. Actually, double drawn hair is the best quality hair weave


This hair-making process enhances the quality of the extension and can give you a fuller appearance. 

Naturally, you will also have to pay more for hair extensions. Because of course, they have better quality, as well as absolute quantity and especially longer-lasting durability.

Hair stays in equal lengths, thus helping to create a really smooth and refined look. 


  • The source of the double pull hair is from several donors sharing the same characteristic of hair, but the shorter hairs are removed by hand by skilled craftsmen rather than using machines.
  • 80-90% of hair is of equal length so the ends look fuller and thicker.
  • Perfect length, guaranteed even from top to bottom.


  • The price and production cost of Double drawn hairstyles in bulk production workshops is very expensive.
  • Because the hair extension extends and thickens evenly from the ends, to some extent it can cause tension a bit for users. 

Compare Single Drawn Hair And Double Drawn Hair

Let’s explore the similarities and differences between Single drawn hair and Double drawn hair in the content below. This is also the basis for you to consider which is the better choice.

Comparison Between Single Drawn Hair And Double Drawn Hair
Comparison Between Single Drawn Hair And Double Drawn Hair


All hairs of Single drawn hair and Double drawn hair are from 100% natural human hair, they do not include synthetic or mixed hair. 

As such, they are well-resourced and reliable, sure when used, your hair will look more beautiful and natural.



Single drawn hair: the hair extension covers various lengths of hair, this will definitely appear thicker on the top, slimmer in the middle as well as thin at the ends tail end.

While Double drawn hair has the same length inside and out. The thickness of the hair will be distributed more evenly. So the hair at the end of the tail will be thicker.


Double-drawn virgin hair is the highest quality woven hair. The hairs are arranged equally long to create smoothness and shine.

On the contrary, single drawn hair adds volume at the top, thereby helping to give a natural look. This means that single drawn hair contains less volume of hair than double drawn hair. 

However, double-drawn hair also creates a fuller and fuller look. It focuses on both the depth and thickness of the hair. It can be said that the hair on the top and tail of this hairstyle are equally thick.

Besides, the quality of double-drawn hair extensions is usually higher than that of single ones, so it is very durable. It helps to reduce the problem of hair loss or breakage.

Hair Length

All human hair grows and lengthens in cycles. However, it also happens that some are in development, and some are inactive. 

This is why there are so many different sizes in single drawn hairstyles. 

In contrast, for the double-drawn hairstyle, it is easy to see that their hairs are very even.


Double drawn hair strands come from a variety of sources. The reason this hairstyle has the same length and thickness is also from this reason.

On the other hand, the difference in length and thickness in each part of a single hair hairstyle may be from donors who have original thin hair. 


The cost of double-drawn hair is usually more expensive than single drawn hair. Due to its lower cost, single drawn hair is more popular in the hair extension market.

The explanation for this is from the production process of each type. 

Due to less labor in the processing as well as production, therefore, single drawn hair has a lower cost. 

You will definitely pay more for double-drawn hair, but compared to the quality, volume, and longevity of the hair, this will still be the superior choice.

What Is The Best Choice?

Regardless of whether human hair extensions are double or single drawn, they are functionally used to add volume and length, creating a natural finish.

So which one is better to use?

There are many different factors that influence your decision. 

For example, many people who wear hair extensions prefer single-drawn hair because it only comes from several sources. While some prefer double-drawn styles because they come from multiple donors, which in turn helps them create the look they want.

For women who are looking for a natural hairstyle, the single hairstyle is a great choice. Furthermore, in case you have thin and sparse hair, use this hairstyle to add more hair on top. 

However, double-drawn hair extensions are often heavy, long, and full of volume, so they can put pressure on your hair follicles. This makes your hair problems worse. 

Also, if you have strong hair and want to add volume to both the top and bottom of your hair, a double-drawn style will be more suitable.

Plus, while the single drawn hairstyle is perfect for a more realistic and natural look, it doesn’t last as long as the double drawn hairstyle. 

Therefore, consider the frequency, as well as your usage, you need to make the most reasonable choice.

Ultimately, I believe the budget is an equally important factor when deciding which option to pay for. Although in terms of cost, the double drawn hair is more pricey than the single drawn hair, the investment is worth. In the long run, it’s more economical, you can save money to buy a new one because this hair is so durable and versatile.

I will show you the table price of Single drawn hair and Double drawn hair of a Vietnam hair factory – Gruda Hair

Price Of Hair Extension: Single drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Single drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double drawn hair


How do you know if your hair is double drawn?

Single drawn hair means that the extensions contain multiple lengths of hair, resulting in hair that is thickest at the top, smaller in the middle, and thin at the ends. 

In contrast, the double-drawn hairstyle contains hairs of equal length. Accordingly, the hair looks thick and full from top to bottom.

What grade of hair is double drawn?

The more strands of full size 18, the thicker and higher quality the bundle will be. 

This also demonstrates the characteristic of single or double drawn hair, whereby single will be class A, while double will be the highest listed type, usually AAAAA or higher.

What is the best grade of hair to buy?

Grade 10A is the highest quality hair you can buy, and also the most expensive. 

This is 100% virgin cuticle treated hair, they are sourced from a single donor with thick ends and strong structure. You can dye your hair in your favorite colors without worrying about much damage.


Finally, which hairstyle suits you better? I’m sure you’ve got yourself the best answer.

We hope this article was useful to you. And don’t forget to follow our website for the latest updates on hair product-related news and tips for taking care of them.

Besides, if you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us. You know, you deserve the best here.