Free Part Closure: Everything You Need To Know

There are too many options for you to have beautiful hair. 

In this article, I will give you all the necessary information about Free part closure to you – a method to help you increase the volume and length of your hair.  

The information that we provide is based on top reviews and is the combined result of actual testing. Therefore, you can be completely assured of their reliability when using them.

What is Free Part Closure?

Free Part Closure
Free Part Closure

Before going into detail about each method, let’s review some outstanding information to clarify the question: What is a free part closure? 

In simple terms, a closure is a piece of hair (about 3-5 inches wide/long) that is made of lace or silk base to mimic the scalp. Accordingly, when used, it helps to protect the safety of your original hair.

Manufacturers create them by sewing or gluing. In case your hair is broken or dyed, a free part closure is the best option for you to maintain the strength of your hair. 

Why Should You Lace Closure?

Lace Closure Of Hair Extension
Lace Closure Of Hair Extension

Closures are great because they give you a flat, smooth, and shiny look.

In addition, they are designed to create the natural appearance of the scalp. Plus, the versatility of curling makes them applicable to all hair types whether it is a natural, frizzy, or shorter hair. 

Because of the great benefits and convenience of Free part closure, it is undeniably the ideal solution for your hair.

However, the downside of the method is that you have to bleach, clean the knots of the elastic or add concealer to increase harmony with the scalp. This way you will achieve the most natural possible.

Tips And Tricks: How To Use Free Part Closure

A Beautiful Hair After Free Part Closure Application
A Beautiful Hair After Free Part Closure Application

Already know how to use a free part closure? If not, do not rush to skip the information in the following steps.

1. Comb your hair neatly and naturally put in onto your head

2. Tie your hair neatly 

3. Place the center of the free part closure directly on top of your center hair.

4. Sew or glue on the free part closure

5. Add remaining lines to the wig or sew them on

6. Customize the closure with a lace cut. You can cut the lace straight or cut it to fit your hairline.

Note that you can’t treat the free part closure layers like a real scalp. Care should be taken in handling. 

The advantage of this method is that you can use them and create different hairstyles according to your preferences just as you would with a real scalp. 

Pros And Cons Of Free, Middle and Three Part Closure

If you want a seamless and natural-looking alternative, the lace closure is the ideal solution that you shouldn’t miss.

You can choose between A free part closure, a middle/side part, or three-part closure. All the information, their advantages, and disadvantages are in the section below.

Let’s go through all you need to make the most suitable and useful choice.

A free part closure

A free part closure is a style that does not have a separate hair part from the mesh. Therefore, they are extremely suitable for those with a long face.

What’s more, this method works best for straight-back styling.

In addition, there are many hairstyles from cup straightening, straight to curly like wavy, wavy hair, etc., you can freely choose A free part closure for your horizontal hair.

However, statistics show that this method is less commonly used, especially by customers in African markets.


  • Suitable for people with long face
  • Easy to divide according to the needs and preferences of the customer


  • When being applied, the free closure part may not be in a fixed position. Therefore, from the beginning, you have to wear it firmly.

The middle/side part 

Middle /side part closure helps you to have a trendy hairstyle in a short time. 

This method means you’ll have more hair on the midsection area, so your hair looks a lot more natural and realistic.

In a little more detail, this is a style with a split middle with two hairs evenly divided on both sides. Especially suitable for the middle-parted hairstyle for natural hair.

As can be seen, the middle/side part is the most popular choice of many customers in the market.


  • Common, easy to use for all types of consumers
  • Helps create a center part easily
  • Brings a more luxurious and attractive beauty to women


  • Because it is fixed in the middle, it is difficult to change them

The three part closure

Three-part closure is based on the normal closure, the difference is that it has 3 fixed dividers allowing for different styles to be created.

They are usually found to the right and left of the central section.

In addition, this method helps to divide the hair into three hair grooves using a mesh. 

Just like A free part closure, this method is less popular among customers.


  • Extremely flexible in styling hair to suit each user’s face
  • Since there are 3 hair tracks, it is easy to divide according to the needs and preferences of the customer


  • There are many hairstyles that lead customers to be confused in choosing the right style

Factors affect your choice

There are too many options for users to create beautiful hair. 

Why choose Free part closure? Because they ensure that your hair will blend together while helping to avoid damaging the rest of the hair that comes out.

Without a doubt, this is one of the top ideal choices.

Next, we will provide some factors you need to keep in mind when making a purchase to choose the most suitable and quality product.

Factors Affect Customers Choice
Factors Affect Customers Choice

100% Human Hair

Our first and foremost priority is products made from 100% natural human hair, which are non-shedding and frizz-free to ensure that they look as natural as possible on your scalp or anyone else’s of those who use. In addition, you can also consider options for Brazilian hair, wigs… or any type of hair as long as you want to use it.

Hairstyle Options

Most of the Free part closure methods are based on different ideas about hairstyles. That means, for each method, there will be corresponding hairstyles.

In my opinion, simplicity will make hair extensions be able to create versatile hairstyles.

Of course, that’s just the advice we give, the hairstyle, as well as the shape, depends on the wishes and needs of each customer.

However, consulting with professional hairstylists before you make your final decision.

Face Suitability

The fact that, except in the case of twins or due to other external influences, most people have a face with distinctive features.

It also means that each face shape will have a key role in deciding the different hairstyles.

Therefore, not only the beauty, but you also need to care about the suitability of the closure method to your face. 

At the same time, you need to choose a hairstyle that suits your face and skin color because of the fact that the more natural you are, the more beautiful you are.

You’re better off looking for reviews or visiting the manufacturer’s website for more detailed information on the methods to make the most appropriate and useful choice.


Convenience is the key to helping you choose the most useful product.

What if I wish I could change my hairstyle every day while using a Free part closure method that doesn’t meet this criterion?

In short, with any product, especially a Free part closure, usability should be at the forefront of every choice.

Supplier – Gruda Hair: Top popular Free Lace Closure distributor

Do you agree with that? Choosing reputable suppliers will also be more assured in choosing quality products and excellent accompanying services.

On the other hand, using products manufactured by reputable brands also helps you avoid buying fake and poor-quality goods. That way you will save a lot of money in the long run.

I will introduce you to the most hair extensions supplier in Vietnam – Gruda Hair factory. 

Gruda Hair - Top free lace closure distributor
Gruda Hair – Top free lace closure distributor

It is the largest hair factory in Vietnam. When coming to this brand, you are sure to get the best quality products on a great budget.

In addition, they constantly update and modernize machines and equipment to improve the production process, promising to satisfy all the needs of even the most demanding customers.

With more than 14 years of experience, it has a deep insight into customers and relentlessly makes an effort to provide the best hair extensions and prioritize customer experience. Therefore, its brand receives a lot of positive reviews for both quality and service.

Here is the Free part closure product of Gruda Hair

Free Part Closure Products From Gruda Hair
Free Part Closure Products From Gruda Hair

Apart from free part closure, Gruda Hair factory offers a wide range of products with 3 grades, including  Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Super Double Drawn hair and 2 main qualities, including Virgin and Remy hair. In addition, this company also provides customers with numerous hairstyles: afro kinky hair, bone straight hair, wavy hair, egg roll, burmese curly, deep wavy hair, funmi curl, tip twist curl, straight hair, pixie hair…

Here is the hair extensions products from Gruda Hair factory

Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair Factory
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair Factory
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair Factory
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair Factory
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair Factory
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair Factory

Here is the price table of products from Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnamese hair factory

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair

How Expert Care Free Part Closures

You should

  • Brush your hair soft with a wide-tooth comb, gently combing from root to tip.
  • Use shampoo to clean hair. Make sure that the shampoo is sulfate-free because it works extremely badly with sulfates. To keep the lace trim smooth and tangle-free, use a suitable conditioner. 
  • After each deep wash and conditioner, add a moisturizing oil. To respond to the ability to deeply nourish, restore the epidermis, and keep it smooth and shiny.
  • Use silk wrap to wrap the bundles while you’re sleeping. It will prevent your Free part closure from moving and reduce friction. 

You should not

  • Do anything like tugging, scratching, or rough handling. These are the main causes of baldness, so it does more harm than good.
  • Do not use heavy hair products directly on the hair as this can damage the hair
  • Avoid using too much gel, lotion or oil as this can cause tangles and damage to the hair
  • Incubate but do not rub 
  • Air-drying 
  • Style your hair without much heat, as heat can damage the lace front. If you want to curl your hair, use a soft roller.

Use Concealer

They allow you to blend and blend coverage closer to your scalp tone. This is not required but they give a natural look. 

However, using a lighter concealer will accentuate the lace. Therefore, consider the most suitable color.

Use hairspray to fix

If your lace starts to come apart and you can’t fix it, use hairspray.

Then use a hairdryer in a cool or warm setting. While this isn’t a useful fix, in the long run, it’s a great temporary fix. 

You also need to make sure to wash off any build-up after each use. 


Do closures look natural?

This material gives the illusion of your natural scalp wherever it is placed on the hair. 

Hairstyles like braids and side braids are good styles because they allow you to part your hair in many ways and accentuate the hairline.

In short, closures look very natural.

What size is a closure wig?

The following example will help you understand the size of a closure wig.

Closures typically have a hairline measurement of 4 inches by 4 inches. In other words 4×4.

This means that there is a space of 4 inches vertically from the top of your forehead to the back of your head and 4 inches across your forehead.

Is a free part closure better than a three-part closure?

A lace closure is much smaller than a front lace closure. It measures about 2 inches by 2 inches and it is used to recreate the natural part. 

Both a free part closure and a three-part closure are equally good and both are easy to style, however it is essential that you remove the knots and clean them up for both.


Free part closure is not only a beautiful accessory but also shows your style and personality. 

Thus, we have provided useful information about this method. Hope they will be a useful basis for your selection.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t forget to contact us. We are always ready to answer your questions and provide the best experience for you or any consumer.