How To Care For Your Closure Piece? A Complete Guide For Beginners

Closure piece is on trend in the modern days and is an indispensable part of many women, so it is important to know how to care for closure. The closure is a hair tie consisting of lace and hair. They will use a seam similar to a wig. Most of these hairs are about 4 inches long, which makes them large enough to accommodate the middle or inner part of your wig. If you have been using closure pieces for a long time but do not know how to take care of them, please refer to our article below.

What Is A Lace Closure Sew-In?

Closure Sew In
Closure Sew In

Closure hair is a section of lace, filled with hair.  To successfully apply closure sew-in onto the head, it is important to have a stitching process. Therefore, lace stitching is considered a certain process that is often used by girls to bundle, finish the stitch and form a finished, unified product. 

The amount of hair of closure is comparative. It has less hair compared to a wig, or a frontal or 360 frontal. As a result, closure sew-in can be cost-effective.

Moreover, because it has less strands, it also means that it requires lower maintenance

Depending on where your material comes from, the required thread closure is 4×4 or 5×5 depending on the manufacturer’s classification or individual customer requirements. The lace fronts will be 13 x 6 or 13 x 4 with full coverage from head to ear and they will have a single-use technique. However, the difference here is the length and number of hair needed.

Main Features Of Closure

Features Of Closures You Need To Know
Features Of Closures You Need To Know

Nowadays, if you want to create a ready-to-wear product, the important thing you need to pay attention to is what kind of lace you will be working with. Currently, on the market, there are quite a lot of types of different sizes. The color and texture of the hair match the closure piece.

Currently, on the market, there are 2 main types that you will hear popularly, often from sellers, which are front and back lace closures. Depending on the different models, their size will also vary slightly. However, the most popular for this size are still 13×4, 13×6, 5×5, and 4×4.

Since the front runs covered side to side, the length will range from 13”, while the lace closure is much smaller and can be easily found in sizes 5×5” or 4×4”. 

Some Sizes Of Closure
Some Sizes Of Closure

Meanwhile, smaller thread closures require less maintenance and this means easier installation but less variation in style. Or you can simply understand that if your lace closures don’t take too long to produce, the finished products will be quite easy to use, but they don’t have many designs and creativity for you to choose from.

Types of lace 

In the current market, there are a large number of types of lace: Swiss lace, transparent lace, HD lace.

Swiss Lace, Transparent Lace And HD Lace
Swiss Lace, Transparent Lace And HD Lace

Swiss lace is really durable. It is one of the most popular selections among clients. People choose it because it is thicker, but still gives the natural look. 

Transparent lace, as its name, is a lace with transparent color. It is very thin and really similar to your scalp. When being applied, it is very difficult for people to detect it.

HD lace is thin so it is fragile. Care must be necessary when wearing a HD lace. Actually, HD lace is a different type of Swiss lace, but it is more light and delicate. Therefore, HD lace is an ideal choice for an invisible look. 

Lace Material

Lace is a fabric made from yarn and thread. It is produced according to open designs and patterns. In the modern day, lace is commonly manufactured by cotton thread and synthetic fibers instead of silk and linen. 

The choice of lace material will depend on your needs as well as how you preserve the lace piece. For example, lace from Switzerland will take a long time to produce but the use time is not long. This said, all types of lace are quite fragile and require the manufacturer to sew carefully and the user also needs to know how to preserve and take good care of them after each wear. 

Types Of Parting

In the current market, there are 3 main types of parting of closures: free part closure, middle part closure, three part closure. Each type has distinct characteristics, depending on your preferences, you choose the best one that is the most suitable for you. 

Besides, I also want to recommend to you that the middle part closure is one of the top popular items compared to free and three part closure. In this post, I will give you a brief look at three types of closure, if you want to know more detail, you can refer to the posts of each type.

A free part closure is able to be parted anywhere throughout the closure depending on individual taste. 

Free Part Closure products
Free Part Closure products

A middle part closure is a lace closure with a middle part. It can be said this type of closure is fixed, therefore, it can limit the ways of creating diverse hairstyles for users.

Middle Part Closure Products From Gruda Hair
Middle Part Closure Products From Gruda Hair

A three part closure has three parts, the position is one in the middle, one in the left side and one in the right side. 

Three Part Closure products
Three Part Closure products

How Long Does Sewn-In Closure Last?

A closure piece will take about 2-3 hours to complete. When finishing applying onto the head, it can last 2 to 4 weeks without touching. However, you have to remember that the long period of closure installation can irritate your scalp. In the long run, it can exert a bad influence on the hairline. 

In terms of its lifespan, they will have a shelf life of about 8-12 months. Whether or not the durability lasts will depend on how you take care of and maintain them after each use. The best thing, you should go to the salon about 1-2 times a week or if you are too busy, it should also be 2-3 times a month to receive advice from top hair experts.

The time you take off the closure piece will be seen as a good opportunity to help you maintain both your natural hair as well as your bun and lace. Although, if you want to style it, it will take more time, only doing so will help the hair underneath and your real hair to be tied in the most stable state. 

How To Renew And Relay Your Sew-In Closure?

How To Renew And Relay Your Sew-In Closure?
How To Renew And Relay Your Sew-In Closure?

No closure piece will ever be the best. The reason is that learning about how to maintain seams will also involve quick fixes and repairs. Here are some steps that you can refer to follow. Of course, the instructions below are for reference only, the important thing is still how you use and care your closuresools:

Step 1: Work on the hair itself

First, you need to soften your natural hair. If it is frizzy or messy, it will make it much harder for you to do the following steps. You should brush your hair and slowly untangle it and you can wash it with shampoo every day to keep your hair clean and smooth.

Step 2: Reapply the glue

This step is supposed to help you fix the problem. The use of specialized glue or just use alcohol cleaner to degrease and cut off the old glue. Then, when the lace begins to loosen, use the solution under the lace so that it can be lifted easily without causing pain to the tip.

If the glue has run out, apply a few dots of glue along the hairline for a more perfect hold. After that, use a brush to spread the glue on your forehead and wait for the glue to dry before you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Secure the lace closure

You separate the mustache from the main hairline and then use an elastic headband to keep the lace down. This will give you more time to fix the lace to the forehead. Alternatively, you can speed up this process by incorporating a dryer to aid the process. 

Step 4: Style your baby hair 

Some Hairstyles You Can Refer To Style Your Baby Hair On Your Own
Some Hairstyles You Can Refer To Style Your Baby Hair On Your Own

The main goal of this step is to make your hair more beautiful and not messy like before. You can refer to the styling samples on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest for more references.

Step 5: Wrap it up and then wait

So, with just 4 simple steps, you’ve got the right middle closure piece to your liking. The guide that we give above is for reference only with the desire to help fix the closure piece in its correct position. 

Of course, if you want to braid, braid or style it will depend on your needs and preferences.

How To Maintain Your Lace Closure Sew-In?

Although the closure piece will give you a new look, how to maintain that beauty is extremely important. Here are a few closure piece care tips that we want to share with you:

Wash before first use

With new buyers, there is often a certain excitement and want to use them immediately, but that is not the case. A safe, right choice. The closure piece has a long way to go to get to your house so they will have a lot of dust. Therefore, you should clean them before use.

Also, when you receive your order, be sure to receive what the seller put in the package. You need to ensure this to be able to encounter a refund or refund/exchange and return goods to not receive poor quality products.

Wash and then brush

Cleanse And Comb Your Hair
Cleanse And Comb Your Hair

In the process of cleaning the product, you also need to comb it thoroughly to both clean and remove tangles or knots from the ends of the hair to the roots. After that, you should put the lace in cold water, then apply the shampoo, and conditioner and wash it like natural hair again.

Treat your closure with the utmost care

The edge of the lace is always the part that needs attention during use so as not to break or tear. Although the scalp will look like you in reality, you cannot naturally scratch or wash it like your real hair. 

With the hair, the part will be tied separately and made from basic materials to help limit the tangle of hair during use.

Use the right products for your lace

Use The Right Hair Care Products To Maintain Your Hair
Use The Right Hair Care Products To Maintain Your Hair

One of the tips from professional hairstylists is that you should refer to specialized products for lace. If you use the wrong product, it will shorten the life of the product and make them more quickly dry and broken.

Make sure the closure is in good hands

Cleaning and drying a closure piece may not require much skill, but sewing is another story.

During use, many things can happen if you don’t know how to sew the lace to fix it. Dryness, tangles, or hair loss can be easily encountered and need to be fixed immediately if you want durability over time.


Above is the information about How to care for the closure piece that we want to share with you. With any product, if you want durability over time, you need to use and store them appropriately. 

Hopefully, this post is helpful for you. If you find it useful, do not forget to share it with others so that they can reach it, too. 

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