How to cut perfect bangs at home

Hi, ladies. Do you want to get banged on your own? If the answer is yes, I believe that this is the most useful post for you to have a beautiful bang cut by yourself. I would say that cutting bangs may be a great way for you to change up your style and create a new yourself without losing length. Now, are you ready to take the plunge and cut bangs? Today, I will show you how to cut bangs properly at home. Let’s keep scrolling down and reading.

What are bangs?

Bang First
A Korean girl with beautiful front bangs

Actually, bangs can be commonly known as a fringe. We call bangs in North America English and a fringe in British English. Bangs are an area of hair hanging over the forehead usually just above the eyebrows that is cut shorter than the rest of the hair. Bangs occur naturally in many styles of short hair-cuts. 

As we know that fashion is increasingly changing and it is inevitable that every trend experiences ups and downs in the short time. Similarly, hairstyles that drive bangs have come and gone out of fashion as frequently as other hairstyles. They can be worn in numerous ways depending on individual’s preference. 

Since the late 20s century, bangs were in fashion leading to the existence of amounts of hair spray. Additionally, in this current age, bangs are one of the top choices of women. Actually,  this hairstyle gains a huge popularity in South Korea because Korean celebrities are greatly fond of bangs. Therefore, it makes a significant contribution to spread the wave of bangs to many nations in the world.

Some types of bangs

There are 3 main types of bangs, but with a number of hairstyles. I will show you 3 primary kinds of bangs below. 

Long side swept bangs

cut bangs into long side swept
Long side swept bangs

They are great for a bang beginner. They are pretty versatile and easy to style. You can pull them back or wear them forward whenever you like. Moreover, they are also suitable for those wanting low maintenance. 

Front bangs

Front Bang
She cuts front bangs on her own at home

They are the best option for those looking to have a real bang. Honestly, the front bang hairstyle is now trending in the fashion season. They are youthful and elegant, extremely suitable for college and university going young women. This style is easy to maintain.

Baby bangs

Babyy Bang
A girl with baby bangs

Baby bangs are the best choice for those who want to get bangs but have a different appearance from the previous time. They are evergreen in styles, making people look younger. Currently, they are in trend because of their modernity and the flaunty of famous people. 

Preparation before cutting bangs

Gruda Anh 3
Necessary tools you must prepare before cutting

To make your cutting process easier, more effective and more time-saving, I advise you to prepare all the necessary tools before cutting. Although you are a newcomer or an experienced individual, you should not underestimate this preparation process.

When you know which tools you need, you can partly visualize some steps you need to experience to get bangs cut. 

All the 3 types below, always need a comb – the vital tool during the cutting process. 

For each type of bangs, it is necessary for you to use different tools because it has different functions that can be only used properly for each kind. 

Long side swept bangs – Razor

To cut this hairstyle, I highly recommend that you should use a razor. Well, you may think it’s a little scary and I do not deny this fact. However, the efficiency you can gain is greater compared to scissors.

Front bangs – Scissors

With this hairstyle, you need to cut straight across and trim. Therefore, scissors are the most appropriate tool for you to utilize. 

You should remember that you need scissors haircutting. Please do not use a scissors kitchen or scissors office. It’s not fun to use it. You can go somewhere such as a store to find them or you can order them online.

Baby bangs

For baby gangs, Oh my god, you must use clippers. They are incredibly amazing for you to make straight lines, especially when you get short hair with your gangs. In this situation, clippers are more beneficial and can help you sort out some annoying problems. It helps you cut your hair easily because to cut baby gangs, it is difficult to do it with scissors. 

On top of that, there are some optional items you can use:

  • A spray bottle
  • Metal clips
  • A blow dryer
  • A round brush

Step-by-step to cut perfect bangs at home

2 steps are necessary for all types of bang

  • Find your bangs: It is important for you to identify where the bangs you want to truly begin. Standing front of the mirror, you can see where your head starts and how to relocate bangs
  • Make the bangs triangle: Using a comb to separate the bangs from the rest of your hair by making a triangle shape.

Long side swept bang

Step 1: Divide bangs into 2 equal parts: After making the bangs triangle, the next thing is to cut. However, to get better and perfect bangs, you have to do step-by-step in a meticulous way to avoid any regrets. You should divide bangs into 2 equal parts. 

Make the bangs triangle
Make the bangs triangle

Step 2: You comb and take each entire section. 

Comb each side in a straight line
Comb each side in a straight line

Step 3: Until the time you feel ready and comfortable, you take the razor and start cutting from the inside near the bottom of the nose. It is going to start off shorter in the center and drag the razor down.

Using razor to cut hair down
Using razor to cut hair down

Step 4: That is one side done. And the other also is done similarly.

Front bangs

For this type, you need scissors

Step 1: Comb everything forward and everything is straight down in front of your face.

Comb hair in a straight line in front of face
Comb hair in a straight line in front of face

Step 2: Take the tiny section in the center, basically, on the top of your nose.

Step 3: The next task is to cut this part. But you should remember that it is not advisable to pull the hair down straight. It is because it causes tension and the hair will bounce back up a lot after you cut it. You should not cut straight across horizontally but a little bit vertically. Make the line not too straight, it will give you a little room for error.

Cut a tiny section
Cut a tiny section

Step 4: You have to work with the rest of your hair. At each side, you have to section this into 2 parts. The starting point is a touching point of the center part, from this, you cut slightly down. And the other, you need to do like that. 

Cut Cheo
Cut each side

Baby bangs

Oops, I told you above that to cut baby bangs, you need a hair clipper.

Step 1: After choosing your bangs and making the bangs triangle, you have to tie the rest of the longer hair up.

Make the bangs triangle and tie the rest
Make the bangs triangle and tie the rest

Step 2: Take the hair clipper. From scratch, work in the center is proper, just slightly above the eyebrow. Make sure everything is level and cut the hair and drag it down.

Take clippers to cut hair
Take clippers to cut hair

Step 3: Then, continue with another section on the side. Everything goes the same. 

Some tips to cut or care your bangs

  1. When you are blow-drying bangs, you need to direct in a straight way and then comb everything down. You can use a hair brush, brush it down and just keep going until everything is dry. That gives you really smooth and straight bangs with no parting. 
  2. You have to trim bangs between haircuts. Doing this, it makes the bangs look more natural and attractive. 
  3. Not hold the hair with tension.
  4. Do not cut the bangs horizontally because your hair can end up with super short and crooked bangs.
  5. Do not use kitchen or office scissors to cut your bangs.


In this article, I have shown you all the essential steps to cut 3 hairstyles of bangs: long side swept bangs, front bangs and baby bangs. Every hairstyle has its own way to cut, you should read carefully and follow all these steps to have a perfect bangs without the help of a pro hairstylist or going to the salons. 

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