How To Do A Quick Weave? A Detailed Beginner’s Guide In 2022

Quick Weave is a pretty popular hair beauty treatment today. It requires a meticulous process, a long time that can be up to 5 hours.

This hairstyle gives you a completely new look, outstanding and personal. Many people choose styles: short hair, long hair, straight or curly hair, and a variety of Quick Weave styles.

However, many people are concerned about hair damage after the procedure and possible problems.

This article will help you better understand how to do a quick weave and the safest and most fashionable way to do it.

What Is A Quick Weave?

A beautiful women after applying a quick weave
A beautiful women after applying a quick weave

Quick Weave is a form of hair weave in which the hairs are a protective weave cap placed on top of your head or glued to a weave. You can also view Quick Weave as a custom wig. This style can be easily installed or removed from the head. Moreover, you can also do it at home or have it done by a professional hairstylist.

The hairs will be tied into a bunch or braided in the quick weave method. At the same time, you can also use hardening gel to keep your hair in place without the need for braids.

After that, the protective cap will be placed above the hair, covered with glue, and you proceed to cut and glue the hair to the prepared hat.

Finally, hair strands need to be air-dried or air-dried to last and stay stable.

The advantage of the quick Weave is that you can create a variety of hairstyles with a variety of extensions. As mentioned, you can make your hair long or short, curly or straight, with rich colors.

Why Is A Quick Weave Good?

A girl with a part of process to successfully apply a quick weave
A girl with a part of process to successfully apply a quick weave

Fast Weave is now widespread and used by many people, and it has become a trend because of its cheaper cost and time saving process compared to the textile style.

You only need to pay $60 to $150 per session to do a quick weave, and that’s what makes this style stand out. The price will fluctuate depending on the type and maker. It means that if you do it yourself at home, it will be cheaper than at a professional hairdresser. However, it makes more sense than a tailor-made or box braid when these styles cost more than $200 a time.

Quick weaving can be quick, taking only about 2 hours, even 1 hour 30 minutes, faster than a regular seam. It saves you time when you have too much to do during the day. You will have to go to work to take care of your family and children. Therefore, you should try this quick weave method.

A hairstyle made at home with simple ingredients and easy-to-find tools will help you stand out and be fashionable when appearing in front of everyone. It will be what helps you break barriers, create highlights.

Also, you should try this method as it helps to reduce the tension in your hair when you use gel or lose braids, limiting pressure headaches. Moreover, the maintenance and maintenance of hair are also straightforward compared to other hairstyles.

How To Do A Quick Weave – Step By Step

Tools and materials needed to prepare

Some tools and materials you need to prepare to include:

  • Gel
  • Weaving hair
  • Drag
  • Combs and Brushes
  • Hair protection cap
  • Dryer (may or may not be)
  • Gel mold (may or may not be)

Step By Step To Do A Quick Weave

All steps to do a quick weave
All steps to do a quick weave

After you have prepared the tools, you need to refer to the process below to be able to do it most smoothly if you do it yourself at home:

  • Comb your hair: You should use a wide-toothed comb and brush your hair gently. Choosing a hair extension is very important because it will ensure the right fit with your natural hair.
  • Create style: This is the step you can use the gel if you want your natural hair to hold the class when done. If you’re going to braid your hair naturally, part your hair, part it in the middle, or do a braid to get a curl. However, it does not require perfection.
  • Wear a hat: Before that, you need to keep your hair clean and completely dry. If your hair is still damp, wearing a hat will cause scalp fungus and is challenging to treat.
  • Make a section of hair into a rectangle: This step helps it match your weft/section.
  • Weft: You need to make a u-shape with the weft, then cut it according to the previously created hair. You continue to apply some hair glue and soften the adhesive with a dryer. At the same time, you place the hair horizontally on the natural hair so that the bond is facing the natural hair. Do not apply glue on the scalp because it can cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin.
  • Do it again: You need to wait until the glue dries for a few minutes and perform a test to see if it has properly adhered to your hair. Then you keep repeating until you’re done.
  • Finish: Once the glue dries and you’ve fully glued the sideburns onto your natural hair, you need to brush your hair back. It helps the horizontal hair blend with the natural hair, and you can continue styling them.

Note: You should regularly maintain hair moisture to keep the best style. At the same time, keeping this style should not be too long because it can lead to unwanted damage.


How To Do A Quick Weave Without Braids?

Braids are just one of the ways you can keep your hair in place for a quick weave. So, How to do a quick weave without braids is a question many people ask when they do it themselves at home but can’t braid their hair.

You can do more straightforward ways such as natural braiding, side parting, middle parting or using gel to fix your hair very effectively.

How To Do A Quick Weave Bob On Yourself?

Quick Weave is a cost and time-saving method that gives your hair a bouncy look. Moreover, you can style your bob with short natural hair.

The steps are similar to those described in the previous section, instead of using long hair strands with short wefts. You will have a youthful and dynamic style when keeping your hair straight and sharp. Moreover, you can also choose your favorite color with this hairstyle.

How To Do A Quick Weave On A Cap?

A hat will help you shape the hair better when doing the quick weave method. After your hair has been trimmed with braids or braids, you will be given a hat and gel to match.

Then, the professional artist cuts a part of the hat to fit and fit the hair grooves on your head. Weaving hair extensions will follow the same procedure as mentioned in “How to do a Quick Weave – Step by Step”

Are Quick Weaves Damaging To Hair?

Quick Weave is a hairstyle that is easy and fast to perform compared to regular weaves. However, many people are concerned about the ill effects of this approach for a good reason.

You can use quick weaves for 4 weeks, and then they need to be removed from your head. The biggest reason is that it harms your natural hair making your hair unhealthy. The leading cause of this problem is the bonding glue if you use it directly or when using a cap.

Some people who perform the method themselves at home have broken hair, hair loss due to not following technical instructions. To minimize this situation, you need to go to a professional hairdresser or stylist and use the best quality gels.

What Is The Difference Between A Quick Weave And Sew In?

ComparisonQuick WeaveSew In
PriceCheaper, about 60$ – 150$ per sessionMore expensive, roughly $250 per session
StructureWefts are glued to the capSeam is directly stitched into the natural hair
Time to applyTime-saving method compared to the otherTake longer to apply
Possible problemsReduce tension for headEasily causing headache because it puts a strain on head for a long time
A table comparison between A quick weave and Sew in

The biggest difference between a quick weave and a sew-in is how the hairs bond together. While quick weaves are wefts that can be bonded to the wig cap, a seam will stitch directly into the hair.

Thus, sewing is kept longer and takes longer to perform than quick weaving. Also, sew-in can cost you as much as $250 for a single session.

Moreover, sewing in can give you headaches and strain your hair when it needs a tighter tie.

If you want a hairstyle that works fast, is easy to disassemble, and has a unique style, the quick Weave is for you. For these methods, you should find a hairdresser or an expert in the industry for the best advice and implementation.

Where To Buy Weft Hair Extensions To Do A Quick Weave?

A reliable hair factory supplying diverse hairs – Gruda Hair
A reliable hair factory supplying diverse hairs – Gruda Hair

Hair business is a blooming industry over the past few years. For numerous women, they consider their hair as well as hair extensions as a precious asset in their life. Therefore, in order to make sure to own a sustainable hair extension, the first vital step is to find a reliable hair supplier.

Nowadays, almost all the biggest and the most potential hair manufacturers in the world are located in Asian nations such as: Vietnam, China and India. In this part, I will recommend for you the trustworthy hair factory in Vietnam.

Actually, when it comes to hair quality, you can feel secure because Vietnamese hair extensions are made from 100% natural hair collected from Vietnamese women living in mountainous regions.

Regarding hair distributors, the best place you can rely on is Gruda Hair. Gruda Hair is a concentrated factory which produces hair and supply hairs all over the world. Having more than 10 years of working in hair industry, Gruda Hair is gradually having a stable position on a global stage.

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Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair
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Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair


The article has provided all the advantages and steps on how to do the quick Weave. It is a simple, low-cost hairstyle that saves you time. At the same time, you can easily install or disassemble it when not in use.

It will be very suitable to create a unique style to break the barrier compared to other hairstyles.

However, you should pay attention to hair care and moisturizing to consistently smooth, keeping the best elasticity because the hair will reflect your health.

Our sales managers are always available to support and provide information about products for you. Feel free to contact us for more information: Ms. Rosa (Whatsapp: +84902106091).

Let’s contact us. We are always here to provide the best service for you.