How To Grow Healthy Natural Hair? An Ultimate Guide

You consider hair as an precious part, but you do not know how to grow healthy natural hair, do not worry, this post will guide you everything to have the best condition of your hair.

In fact, hair growth is largely dependent on its health as well as your habits and how you take care of your hair daily. 

Natural hair can be a good idea to help you stand out when using extensions or wearing wigs. While you can expect natural hair to grow quickly, patience is the key to achieving the long, thick hairs you desire. And of course, there are methods for stimulating hair growth. 

So how to grow healthy natural hair? To help you, I have constantly researched, tested, and evaluated to find a method to help hair grow quickly and effectively. Please scroll gently so as not to miss important information! 

What causes your hair to stop growing?

Why does hair stop growing or grow slowly? The primary cause is determined to lie in your improper care or use of poor-quality shampoo products. In addition, there will still be other objective reasons. Let’s take a look at them through the information below! 

What Causes Your Hair To Stop Growing?
What Causes Your Hair To Stop Growing?


It is a typical aspect that affects the ability of hair to grow. Specifically, most women in the post-menopausal age will experience hair loss and almost no sign of hair regrowth. This condition is explained by the sudden change in hormone levels that cause hair to weaken and fall out. For both women and men, their hair gets thinner as they hit their 50s.


Hair loss or underdevelopment can be passed down through different generations. If your parents had this condition, chances are you will too. So, it is the genetic reasons, actually, it is not an inherent reason, but you have to take care properly and frequently as well as maintain a healthy diet. 

It is a natural characteristic, therefore, it is important to care for it properly and regularly.


How you take care of your hair has a huge impact on hair growth. If you do not take care of your hair properly or use a poor-quality shampoo, it will weaken your hair and minimize its ability to grow as normal. 


In a more objective aspect, nutrition also somewhat affects your hair growth ability. Unhealthy eating and lack of science will make the ability to grow hair decline.

Above are some of the basic causes of slow or no hair growth. To fix it, we need a clearer intervention solution. Stay tuned for more information below! 

How To Grow Healthy Natural Hair

A girl with long, voluminous, light brown hair
A girl with long, voluminous, light brown hair

Hair is a wonderful thing that anyone wants to have. Here are 10 ways to help your hair grow naturally. 

Wash your hair naturally in sections

If you wash your hair the wrong way, your hair will break and lose its ability to grow. Wash your hair in sections to prevent tangles. At the same time, it will help effectively prevent hair loss.

When washing your hair, make sure you clean your scalp properly. You should try daily scalp massage by hand to keep the head comfortable. Or, you can also use natural massage oils for additional comfort. And so, your hair will grow strong and thick.

About how to wash your hair, it will include the following basic steps: 

  • Divide hair into 4 small parts 
  • Wet hair before using shampoo
  • Apply shampoo once to each section of hair, then gently massage the entire skin with your hands, head, and hair
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and secure the part you just washed. 
  • Repeat the process with the rest of your hair.
  • When finished, dry your hair with a soft towel.

Detangle on wet natural hair

Improper brushing can also slow down hair growth. The golden rule for natural hair is not to brush when it’s dry. Brushing your hair when it’s dry will make your ends prone to damage and breakage. Best of all, you should brush your hair while it’s still damp and make sure it doesn’t tangle. If you’re unfortunate enough to mess up your hair, your fingers will be the ideal tool for a safe detangling tool without worrying about damaging the quality of your hair.

Detangle Hair By Hand
Detangle Hair By Hand

Moisturize natural hair

Whenever you feel your hair or ends feel dry, add a moisturizing conditioner to your hair. It is a good way for natural hair to grow fast, and healthy. Regular moisturizing of the hair allows the length and thickness of the hair to be maintained. Especially with the ends of your hair, you need to pay a lot of attention to your moisturizing operation. In order to let the nutrients penetrate into the hair, you need to massage evenly with an appropriate amount.  

Provide Moisture For Your Hair To Make It Smooth And Healthy
Provide Moisture For Your Hair To Make It Smooth And Healthy

Note that it is necessary to choose the best moisturizer. If you use poor-quality products, it will make your hair even weaker. And try to use a uniform hair conditioner. If you use many types at the same time, they can be harmful to your hair.

Create protective hairstyle on natural hair

Which hairstyle really protects your natural hair? Braids and twists are typical hairstyles for your desired protective function. It makes your hair much stronger and minimizes hair loss. With low manipulation hairstyles, should be the things that you prioritize above all. Through it, your hair will maintain its length and not break too much.

Or not, you can also buy your favorite types of protection from the store like clips, wigs, etc. for better protection of natural hair.

Stop using heat on your natural hair

Excessive heat will affect the hair texture as well as its ability to grow. Your natural hair is very fragile and regular use of curling tools will cause your hair to be severely damaged. To ensure hair safety, you need to use a heat protectant before using heat on your hair. With the help of a heat protectant, it will help cover and protect your hair strands from direct heat exposure.

Instead of using heat for the desired look, you can use other manual methods instead. You can try using curling irons, or some other specialized tools to create the desired curly hairstyle. The use of heat for natural hair will increase the damage of the hair and will be very difficult to recover.

With the above manual methods, they will not be able to hold the hair as long as using heat. But, it is safe for hair health and growth. Therefore, I still recommend that you choose to use this method.

Only trim natural hair when necessary

Arbitrarily trimming natural hair is also a great danger that directly threatens hair growth. Above all, you should only cut your hair when it is necessary, such as when it is too long and could interfere with your activities.

If you’re looking to keep the same length, trim your hair every three months. Or if the ends of your hair are too split, proceeding to trim them, about once every 2 months is reasonable.

In fact, many people who regularly trim their hair without carefully checking the general invisible hair condition will directly affect the quality of natural hair.

Note that the trimming process needs to be done on damp hair to ensure its health. If you cut them while they’re still wet, chances are you’ll end up cutting more than you originally intended. In addition, you should also part your hair to trim it. This helps to ensure that the trimming is not overdone and does not affect the overall look of the hair.

Apply protein treatments to your natural hair

Deep conditioning can be the most effective method for repairing damaged hair. But, if your hair is still very dry or frizzy even after deep conditioning, then your hair definitely needs a protein treatment. Treating protein in the hair root system helps the hair to recover quickly and ensures its length after a certain period of using this therapy.

If combined with a weekly protein treatment with a good regimen, your natural hair will be healthy again and strong enough to meet all your favorite hairstyles. Note, that using too much protein for hair will also make it dry and hard. Therefore, the most important thing for this method is a good balance of protein and moisture in the natural hair care regimen. 

As for how to make protein blends specifically, you can find them all over the internet. Most typical on Youtube, video tutorials are countless and you can watch them to better understand how to create. If it’s too difficult for you, you can completely replace using commercially available solutions. Take a closer look at this!

Deeply condition your natural hair regularly

Regularly conditioning your hair will leave your hair soft and much more manageable. To ensure the quality of your hair, you should deep condition your hair at least once a week. It only takes about 15 minutes to use. If you do it for too long, it will make your hair look greasy.

Deeply Condition Your Hair
Deeply Condition Your Hair

Note, should focus on the ends of the hair for each deep conditioner. Because there is the place where the process of sizing will take place and thereby weakening a whole hair. For the hair care process to be highly effective, you need to find the right deep conditioner. It will help penetrate deeply and spread the care and recovery effect better than conventional products. And of course, this process needs to be done on damp hair for best results. If done on wet hair, it will affect the natural hair quality.

Clarify and exfoliate your scalp

Using a lot of styling products can weaken your scalp due to the long-term accumulation of harmful active ingredients. And from there, hair health is also seriously affected. To overcome this situation, exfoliating the scalp is the most ideal solution. It can assist in removing toxic buildup located at the hair roots and hindering natural hair growth. 

Scalp Exfoliation By Pure Coffee Powder, Natural AHA, Rosemary And Caffeine
Scalp Exfoliation By Pure Coffee Powder, Natural AHA, Rosemary And Caffeine

An apple cider vinegar treatment alternating between shampoos is very helpful for exfoliating the scalp. Always remember, that healthy hair growth always starts with a clean, well-ventilated scalp.

Apply natural hair mode

A care regimen is important for a healthy scalp and bouncy hair growth. To do this well, you need to plan carefully and keep your hair free of dirt and damage. You need to spend a lot of time learning about the hair care products you are using. If they don’t work or cause irritation to your scalp, stop using them.

In addition, you can start a weekly care regimen to clean, deeply condition, and control oil for hair. While on the monthly regimen, you can do a scalp detox to get rid of the residue more effectively.

A deep hair care regimen is typical but not really simple. And you also need to stick to your care plan. Make sure to use the correct and sufficient doses of shampoo and conditioner, and your natural hair will be restored and grow quickly.


The above article has helped answer the question of how to grow healthy natural hair?. Your natural hair will grow well and strong if you make sure to follow the above steps. Hopefully, this information will help you soon find the right method for taking care of your hair.

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