How to import hair extensions from Vietnam

This post “How to import hair extensions from Vietnam” is written for you if you are new to this industry. Even you are experienced, I think it is also beneficial for you. It can help you have an in-depth view in the ways to import hair from Vietnam.

Overview about hair market in the world and in Vietnam

show black and natural hair
100% natural Vietnamese hair


In many recent years, the global hair market is increasingly growing and promising to thrive in the next few years. Improved living standards and the increase in their self-awareness make people have a high demand on beauty products and hair extensions.  

There is a rising trend among the young population (especially among female individuals) towards possessing colored hair. And this phenomenon is projected to fuel the demands for dyed, colored or bleached hair. However, women are not willing to style their hair in many ways and their hair may be vulnerable to hairstyling. Therefore, hair extension is produced as an alternative approach, allowing them to conveniently create their own hairstyle. Besides, nowadays, a large number of people also suffer from hair-related diseases. And the growing trend of owning long hair among male population have made a significant contribution to the international hair market in the upcoming years. Therefore, hair production is unquestionably a million-dollar industry on the global scale. 


It is clear that hair extensions are not only accessories that boost human beauty, but also are a potentially profitable market. In the current world hair market, there are three most popular nations in hair manufacturing: Vietnamese hair factories, Chinese hair factories and Indian hair factories because these mentioned markets can provide a considerable amount of hair for customers and hair business owners.

Accompanying with the surging demand for hair extensions, the Vietnamese hair industry has made efforts to assert its name on the international stage and compete with other major exporting countries such as India, China or Brazil. The huge popularity in wigs and hair extensions also implies that hair production brings employment opportunities to millions of Vietnamese citizens with great profits for hair factories and the innovative technology strongly applied to hairdressing. Because of these factors, Vietnam is obviously a reliable and ideal market that can meet customers and hair importers’ expectations.

A brief overview you must know to import hair from Vietnam

Vietnamese hair texture

Vietnam hair is hair that is collected directly from young Vietnamese women. Hair strands in Vietnam are straight, round, and thick, with a high concentration of black melanin. With the order of hair bleaching or dyeing, curly waves, twist,… Vietnam hair can handle them all. 

Vietnamese hair features

  • Human hair: Vietnam hair is 100% natural human hair supplied by young Vietnamese women. Then it is transformed into hair extensions by well-known hair factories.
  • Length: Vietnam hair is diverse in length which can meet all standards from 8 to 32 inches.
  • Thickness: When being used, Vietnamese hair is thick but not stiff. And it is still thin and light, so it does not generate any strain on your head.
  • Durability: From 2 to 3 years long when compared to hair from India (1 – 2 years) or from China (4 months – 6 months).
  • Shiny: Vietnam hair is hand-picked from women who wash their hair with natural herbs like locust, holy basil and grapefruit peel on a regular basis, making it silky and glossy.

Vietnamese hair types

Based on the international hair types and hair origin, there are 2 main types in Vietnam: Virgin hair, Remy hair and Non-Remy hair.

You may have heard about Non-Remy hair already right? Non-Remy hair is collected from a variety of donors and every strangle goes in random directions. This sort of hair is regarded as the lowest quality and has the lowest price. Non-Remy hair is combed in both directions by skilled hair workers, whereas Remy hair is combed in just one direction. 

As a result, Non-Remy hair bundles are prone to tangling and shedding. Because Non-Remy hair lacks cuticles, it must undergo a chemical treatment to convert it into a silky, soft and bouncy. The natural moisture in the hair dries up, and the hair strands become like straws. Non-Remy hair is then treated with silicon to maintain it lustrous and silky, which hides the problem. Chemicals are rinsed out of the hair over time by washing and regular uses, leading it to become tangled, dry, and frizzy. Non-Remy hair is not suggested for long-term or sustainable uses for all of these reasons. Because Vietnamese hair companies place a premium on quality, they rarely sell this variety.

Below are 2 dominant hair types in Vietnam: Virgin hair and Remy hair.

Virgin Hair

  • Virgin hair: when hair is acquired from virgin hair donors, it is referred to as virgin human hair extensions. This indicates the hair has never been chemically processed (no perms, hair color, etc.) and originates from hair donors who have long, healthy hair. This hair is quite expensive, but it does last for a longer time than Remy hair, making it worth the investment.
Virgin hair
Bouncy Virgin Vietnamese Hair

Remy Hair

  • Remy hair: is hair collected from and sorted from several sources with the root and tip travelling in the same direction to ensure the cuticle does not tangle or matte. The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction.
Vietnamese Remy hair
Beautiful Vietnamese Remy Hair

If you want to start your hair business and import Vietnamese hair,  you had better understand deeply about hair types to choose the most suitable hair for your business aims. At Gruda Hair, we also supply 2 types of hair extensions. Each and every bundle of Vietnamese hair is carefully selected from the donors, meeting all of the industry’s criteria. 

Vietnamese hair grades

photos of 3 kinds of hair extensions
Comparison 3 types of hair extensions

The grade of hair is separated to 3 different quality grades: single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn ground on the thickness of the length of the hair bundles.

  • Single drawn: has 45-50% strands in the same length, the rest is mixed with shorter hair. 
  • Double drawn: has 60-70% strands in the same length, the rest is mixed. This is the most preferred Vietnamese hair grade due to the good quality and reasonable price, especially African clients. 
  • Super double drawn: has 80-90% of hair is in the same length and considered the best quality Vietnamese hair bundles, the rest are shorter. Alongside top-notch quality, the price is comparatively expensive than others.

Reasons why you should import hair from Vietnam

Reasons to buy Vietnamese hair
Reasons why you should buy Vietnamese hair

Superior hair quality

The first reason is the possession of a long history and much experience in hair production. In fact, hair extensions appeared in ancient time. However, until the nineteenth century, the trend of using hair extensions began to quickly grow, caused by the appearance of celebrities with wigs. In Vietnam, beauty styles of various females were significantly affected by French during the French colonial period. From this time, this demand led to the supply of hair and the hair industry officially appeared in Vietnam and gradually became a profitable market. It also means that Vietnam has a long history in hair production, so hair importers can feel secure when deciding to make a long-term cooperation with Vietnamese hair factories.

Another reason is natural hair. In Vietnam, hair is directly collected 100% from Vietnamese women, who usually live in mountainous parts in the north of Vietnam. These regions include Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lang Son and many other provinces where Vietnamese women get a tradition to grow long hair with the purpose of purchasing. Those females have suffered from the exposure to extreme weather conditions, including scorching and frigid days; so their hair is extremely healthy and durable. Living in this kind of environment, Vietnam hair strands are straight and thick that is really appropriate to style in many different ways such as coloring, dying, bleaching and applying by hairdressing tools and equipment. As a result, it is the best option to import hair from Vietnam for the development of your hair business.

Affordable price

It is obvious that the price is one of the criteria affecting your decision to import hair from suppliers or not. If your business has a modest budget, Vietnamese hair factories are an ideal choice for you to consider. 

The price of Vietnamese hair is greatly competitive compared to other nations in the world because of several reasons as followed:

  • Low labor cost: The hair industry provides jobs for millions of people. A plentiful workforce working in this field leads to cheaper labor cost. 
  • A variety of hairstyles: To satisfy the needs from customers in Indian, American and South African markets, Vietnamese hair factories annually manufacture diverse models. Moreover, due to the wide range of products, the adoption of advanced technology in production as well as the large number of employers, the amount of hair in Vietnam factories is always available to timely serve customers.
  • Cheaper transportation cost: Hair factories in Vietnam are usually located in a proximity to the source of raw materials, so they can minimize the transportation-related costs. Moreover, in the current years, Vietnam’s logistics systems are being modernized, which results in the reasonable price in shipping costs.

All of these things explain why you should import hair from Vietnam.

Preparations before you start

all preparations you should have before starting business hair
4 essential things you need to prepare before starting business hair

Have a strong passion in hair business

These days, many people recognize the potential growth of the hair business, so they are entering into this field and struggling to become the most reliable suppliers. The major hair factories are mainly located in some Asian nations (China, Vietnam, India), America and South America; however the world market is witnessing the growing demands in this industry. When you import hair from overseas, you undoubtedly have to encounter many barriers with regard to paying, shipping, time and language. Consequently, the first thing you need to possess is interest in this industry, that is strong enough to overcome many possible obstacles.

Research the product

One of the important steps is you have a deep understanding into products you sell. If you have little knowledge about the products, you can not run the hair business because you do not know which types, quality or colors of hair extensions would perfectly fit your customers. In many situations, you also have to advise customers on which hair is a great choice for them. Knowledge of the hair trends and styles allows you to help customers find the hair extensions that best suit their needs. Applying hair-care books and Internet hair-care forums to find out all, you can gradually make a plan to sell the products. 

Take finance into account

Money is always the most important factor needed to consider when they do anything, let alone a hair business. It is necessary for you to be careful and meticulous when importing hair from foreign countries, because they have to notice money-related issues (such as exchange rates and payment). Besides, you should save up money to be able to import hair with less expensive for special occasions in a year like: Valentine, New Year or Xmas…

Own a careful plan

If you are a beginner, you can feel lost and can not know the directions to go. The advice here is you should make a step-by-step plan that is suitable for your business scale and clarify whatever you think you should do for your business survival and growth. Things you need to consider:

  • What is your target audience? Where do they live? (Africa, Europe or any else where)
  • How much can you spend to import hair?
  • Where do you want to import hair?
  • Which kinds of hair do you want to buy? (Thinking about models or colors whether they meet your customers’ needs or not)
  • Having a detailed plan also brings you more confidence and bravery to enter into this competitive but lucrative industry. Therefore, don’t forget to prepare a careful plan before beginning.

Step-by-step to import hair from Vietnam

Choose the reliable supplier in Vietnam to import hair

In the current market, there are a wide range of hair companies, so it is important for you to research and find a reliable one that can satisfy your demands and criteria. In order to choose a dependable supplier, you should have a broad look at the Vietnamese hair market. There are several ways that you can use to recognize reliable hair suppliers. 

Verify brand

Firstly, verify companies’ brand. A company must have websites and other social media websites used to upload all the product-related information. These days, to rank at a higher place than other competitors, a lot of companies provide full information about their phone number, email, address, awards, business license and social media account on official websites. Your mission is to look over all of them. 

Check products’ photos

Secondly, check products’ photos. It is necessary for you to check the products’ images whether they have a watermark, trademark, logo label tag on or not. Because this is a vital signal to authorize the products and know the professionalism of this hair supplier. 

Read feedback and comment

Thirdly, read feedback and comments of previous customers. To deeply understand companies’ personalities, you must not ignore all the feedback and comments made by previous customers. In many situations, it is a main reason that decides whether you should cooperate with this hair factory or not among numerous suppliers in the present market. 

Confirm physical evidence

Fourthly, confirm physical evidence. This is an indispensable step that you can not overlook during the process of finding a reliable supplier. If you don’t see any evidence or signals showing that company is real, you should not order any products. Obviously, a trustworthy hair company must have a company in existence. To recognize a real hair factory, you must require hair suppliers to send photos and videos of their factories including workers, products and equipment. Next, you can request them to make a video call so you can carefully check it. The companies are quickly responsive to you and willing to conduct all the things you require when you are able to regard them as a real hair factory. 

Buying process you need to know when importing hair from Vietnam

  • Contact our sales staff to import hair from Vietnam: There are several numbers uploaded on websites and social media accounts. Collect one of them and then contact through WhatsApp, there are always sales staff supporting you. Gruda Hair, with more than 10 years of experience, promises to thoroughly support you and gives you a hand to success . Feel free to contact us to get consultation. 
  • List the hair types you want: When deciding to have a buying relationship with hair suppliers, you need to list any hair types you want in order that hair vendors can provide and make an invoice for you. If you are a beginner, feel free to ask, the hair factory will give you suitable advice. In order to avoid some unexpected mistakes, you should carefully and clearly list up products. 

After successfully ordering hair extensions, hair factories will calculate the total fee including shipping and then send the invoice bill to you to make a payment.

 Payment to import hair from Vietnam

After you completely choose the suitable suppliers as well as hair extensions, the next necessary step for you is to make a payment. In the case, you live in a foreign nation, there might be some points you need to consider to successfully transfer money to the vendor. 

  • If you are a citizen living in the nation using USD as a means of payment, the exchange rate is not a problem and you can directly send money to the seller’s bank account or Paypal.
  • If you are from a country that does not USD as a means of payment. Sometimes, you may encounter issues relevant to the exchange rate. To make a payment, you can send money through Paypal.
  • If you are from Nigeria, the most common method used is through Naira agents. The greatest benefit of Naira agents is that you can pay in your nation’s currency. It is convenient and time-saving because it takes within 24 hours. Moreover, there are other reliable transfer agents you can use: Western Union, Bank transfer and Remitly. 

If you do not have much experience and find it convenient to transfer USD to your supplier, Gruda can offer you a reliable agent in Nigeria. Gruda Hair is available all the time to help you at every stage.

These are some common problems that as a hair importer you have to cope with. At first or second time you may get into it, though, you can not avoid or reduce all these situations when you are familiar with the process. 

Shipment to import hair from Vietnam

When it comes to this step, there are many differences in shipping process depending on the countries that buyers live in. 

  • If you are from Nigeria, we can offer you a trustworthy shipping agent, which costs you less money in this process.
  • If you are from other nations, we can ship products to you through UPS and DHL.

You have to always remember that choosing an appropriate supplier is extremely important, because sometimes we need logic strategies to successfully deliver hair extensions to you. In reality, human hair is a special and sensitive product so you can encounter some problems or the airport staff may cancel your parcel at the airport when importing  Vietnamese hair. To avoid this terrible situation, Gruda Hair would list your orders as synthetic hairs so that you would have no trouble in receiving your hair.

Receive product and give feedback

After you receive your hair as your order, you should carefully check them and then if you can, you should give feedback to the hair suppliers. From this, you can share the best quality of our products to many people.

Return and refund policy

satisfied with the product. Maybe it is not silky at all or you can make the bundles easily shed even when you just gently touch it. In other words, they are unworthy for the money you have spent. However, Vietnamese hair business strategies have a return and refund policy. 

Gruda Hair, with many years, experiences in the hair industry as well as is a hair extension vendor in Vietnam, we try our best to assist the customers. We promise to provide an insurance program for all of you. 

About guaranteeing hair quality, all the hair products provided by GRUDAHAIR are 100% Vietnamese human hair.

Into details of refund/exchange policy, I point out some outstanding principles: 

  • Contact our customer service within 7 days of purchase to initiate a refund/exchange request.
  • Returned packages must include a copy of the original invoice.
  • Goods must be received at our company office before the refund can be issued”.

We have supplied for a long time and rarely did the customers have to return the goods as they are all satisfied with our products. 

Suitable time to import hair from Vietnam

The market for hair extension is increasingly growing. Starting to run a hair business selling human hair may be a lucrative business. Vietnam is a large producer and supplier of human hair in the current market. These days, Vietnam is gaining a better position on the global stage in exporting human hair extensions. We export to many different nations such as Nigeria, America, India and other South African nations. Therefore, it would be an incredible option when you consider Vietnam as a reliable hair supplier. The hair market in Vietnam is active all year round; therefore, you can make a purchase to import hair whenever you want. However, there are several occasions and special times that are important for you to notice to make a good deal.

time to import hair
Suitable time you should import hair


Holidays can be Christmas, New Year’s Eve, International Women’s Day and other local festivals in your nation. For business, holidays are always a proper time to make sales and grow business. Therefore, you must make the most use of these times to import hair before holidays come. During that time, many hair businesses in Vietnam would run discount programs and offer customers wonderful incentives. Besides, with the need to relax and beautify, there is a surging demand for beauty products, clothes and hairs. Because of the potential reasons I have just mentioned, you should not ignore this chance. In Vietnam, there are a variety of hair factories supplying reliable products that you must remember.


The weather conditions in your country or in Vietnam can become a primary part. It can affecting your whole business including sales, quality of products, shipping time, etc. In many European nations, people there always suffer from the frigid days. Due to the low temperature, their habits also change. They do not want to wash their hair too much or wake up early to prepare. That’s why they may prefer a wig or hair extensions when going outside. Therefore, in the freezing weather, there may be a rising demand on human hair extensions among women and even men.

Regarding hair-related problems, Dr. Shawn Kwatra — from the Department of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD and his team conducted a study indicating that hair loss is more common in summer and fall than in winter and spring, supporting previous research and clinical observations. Therefore, business hair operators should know this to make suitable plans. 

As mentioned before, Vietnam hair market is actively running throughout the year. Therefore, you can import 100% real hair extensions whenever you find it appropriate.

Anytime you want

Entering into the hair industry is really a fertile land giving you a large amount of profits. This is because the market now is significantly wide. Whenever you have a passion and want to start your hair business. It is necessary for you to immediately take action to make your dream and plan come true. “There’s no right time to do the right thing. Now is a good enough moment.”

Vietnamese hair is one of the top selections for wholesale hair vendors as it can meet customer’s standards and expectations. Consider Gruda Hair – a well-known producer and supplier in this field. 

Gruda Hair Factory
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