How To Maintain Curly Hair Weave: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Know how to curly hair weave extension is really important. Because it is probably one of the most popular item that many Nigerian girls possess. For many people, they feel that their curly hair is easy to dry and break after each styling. Gradually, you feel frustrated with your hairstyle. Then put aside that worry and discomfort so that we will guide you on how to effectively care for and restore your curly hair. 

How To Maintain Curly Hair Weave

Weave hair is not your original hair (natural hair), so the care also requires a little more careful techniques and skills. Here are a few hair care tips that experts recommend to you:

How To Maintain Curly Weave
How To Maintain Curly Weave

Detangling hair

Detangling The Curly Hair Weave
Detangling The Curly Hair Weave

If you own curly weave hair and always ask the question how to keep them curly. Remember the first step for curly weave in particular and all hair types in general is to untangle the hair.

Normally, curly hair is quite prone to tangles and frizz. So you need to keep it completely tangle-free and keep them in top condition. Investing in a wide-tooth comb that gently detangles should be your top priority.

You should start combing from the ends of your hair and work your way down. If you spend more time caring for your curly weaves, they will have the desired durability over time.

Washing curly hair weave

To keep your curly hair weave healthy, you first need to wash them as clean as your natural hair. Washing your hair at the right time is essential for healthy hair.

Wash The Curly Hair Weave
Wash The Curly Hair Weave

You should take the time to wash your curly hair weave about 1-2 times a week and only use gentle products. You should choose products that do not contain sulfates or parabens because these substances will make your hair frizzy and dry after only a period of use. If you are a person who often sweats or has to work outdoors, in the sun, you should wash your hair more often.

The way to wash is quite simple, you just need to wet the curly hair weave, take a moderate amount of shampoo, and then apply the oil. You should not rub your hair vigorously because it will make your hair tangled. Instead, it should be combed with a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the amount of shampoo on the scalp. 

You should brush your hair in one direction only, in a top-to-bottom motion. Then, rinse your hair with cool water and let it dry.

You should not use hot water to wash because curly hair weaves are quite sensitive to heat. 

However, if on cold days, you only need a moderate amount of negative water so as not to be too cold, but not extremely hot water should be used on your hands.

Deep conditioning 

When you finish washing your hair, you can use more suitable hair conditioners. Currently, on the market, there are many different hair conditioners for girls to choose from. You should put conditioner on the ends of your hair and apply it evenly. Do not forget to incubate them for about 10-15 minutes to achieve the desired result.

After shampooing, you should switch to using intensive oils or if you don’t have time to take care of it, you should also use curly hair weave about 1-2 times/month. Thanks to this way, the hair will always be smooth and neat as you want.

However, when buying you need to carefully look at products for woven hair. Be sure to read the labels and make sure they are for curly hair weaves. With intensive conditioners, you should apply a lot at the ends of your hair because this is the part that tends to be dry and broken. 

Besides, if you have conditions, you can combine using hot oil treatment – the product does not contain chemicals and does not leave accumulations on oily skin. Besides, this hair care technique will also help moisturize the hair longer. No drift even when you are active outdoors.

Avoiding using heat tools and heavy styling products

As mentioned, items such as heat hair straighteners are always considered the number 1 enemy of curly hair weave. Therefore, it is best that you limit the strong heat impact on your hair. 

If curly hair weave is made from natural hair, it can be used but should not be abused, and if you buy curly hair weave made from synthetic fibers at a cheap price, it is best not to use heat machines. for curling or styling.

When using curly hair weaves, you should not wash your hair and use a hairdryer because the heat in the hairdryer can also make your hair quickly damaged, broken, and tangled. Besides, you should squeeze out the water after each wash and sit in front of a fan or let them dry naturally. 

In addition, you should also limit the use of products that weigh down your curls such as gel, and mouse. Because the products contain bad substances and shorten the life of the hair.

Wrapping hair weave in a silk headscarf

Wearing A Silk Hair Scarf To Wrap The Curly Hair Weave
Wearing A Silk Hair Scarf To Wrap The Curly Hair Weave

Surely, any girl feels quite uncomfortable when becoming a “monster” with curly hair every morning, right? So try wrapping hair weave in a silk headscarf – they will help keep your hair tangle-free as well as avoid friction. 

In addition to the above method, you can apply the original braiding method. Now, your hair every morning when you wake up will be more neat and beautiful instead of ruffled like before. 

Besides, girls can also tie their hair at night before going to bed and it is important not to mess up the hair. Don’t forget to let your hair dry before going to bed.

Useful Tips You Should Remember

Useful Tips You Should Remember To Have A Beautiful Curly Hair Weave
Useful Tips You Should Remember To Have A Beautiful Curly Hair Weave

Here are a few notes you need to remember when using curly hair weave:

  • You should remove tangles as soon as your hair is wet and should use wide-tooth combs or specialized combs for hair like salons. .
  • It is recommended to use cold, cool water to wash your hair as well as use conditioner.
  • Before buying a hair care product, you should carefully review the label to find the right product and help your hair recover better.
  • You should take some time to research, learn about the product or ask for the help of people who have used it before or even hair care experts to protect curly hair weave. 

Best-rated Products For Curly Hair Weave

Currently, there are many different products on the market specifically for curly hair weave. Here are 3 typical and best-selling products on the market that you can refer to to buy and experience:

OGX Coconut Curls Conditioner

OGX Coconut Curls Conditioner
OGX Coconut Curls Conditioner

After finding the right hair care methods and tips, choosing a shampoo product is also extremely important. OGX Beauty products are considered to be extremely suitable for curly hair and they are also reasonably priced.

With the main ingredients from coconut oil and the oils of other fruits, typically orange quiets, this product is extremely suitable for girls with curly hair weaves. According to some customers who have used and evaluated that, this conditioner’s conditioner is extremely popular. Right after use, you can feel the hair is softer and the scent is extremely relaxing .

Shea MoistureCoconut & Hibiscus Smoothie

Shea MoistureCoconut Hibiscus Smoothie
Shea MoistureCoconut Hibiscus Smoothie

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Smoothie is one of those products that you can easily buy at any store. With a fairly simple use, you just need to wet your hair and take an appropriate amount of oil to clean.

If you want your hair to become frizzy, apply them to dry hair and combine with moisturizer. The product has a distinctive scent that makes anyone feel excited when using it.

Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter

Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter
Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter

Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter is considered a great product for hair with the main effect of maintaining and taking care of thicker and frizzy hair. After using, you can see that your hair is smoother and softer with ingredients extracted from nature such as almonds, aloe vera, and honey. Besides, this brand’s conditioner It also provides outstanding hair-smoothing and fragrant effects.

Besides, the product will help keep your hair better. The product is recommended by many people, so you should buy it to experience and give your personal opinions.

In addition to the above 3 products, there are many other products on the market today. If you are concerned about your hair care routine, you can ask experienced people or consult experts to get a course, steps to take care of your hair smoothly. , effective. 


Above is the information about how to maintain curly weave that we want to share with you. In general, having beautiful hair is something that any girl wants to have, isn’t it? Moreover, you may want to refer to some tips to take care of your hair extensions.

However, to own smooth and silky hair, you need to know the notes in the process of washing and taking care of your hair as well as choosing the right products for your scalp. Hopefully, the above information will help you understand more about your hair and have the most effective care methods. 

If you have any questions, let’s contact us by comment below or via this phone number (sales manager: Ms Rosa: +84902106091) to get support as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading!