How To Take Care Of Bone Straight Hair: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Hair is inherently an important part of making up the beauty of each of us. As a result, taking care and taking care of this part is never a meaningless action. However, hair is inherently weak and easily damaged by heat and chemicals. Therefore, you will have to be very careful during manipulation. 

And just like real hair, hair extensions like bone straight hair also need you to have certain care, even more, complicated when the structure of these products is unstable due to many times of processing.

So you want to keep your hair healthy and beautiful and at their best. You should not miss my guide on how to take care of bone straight hair right below.

What Is Bone Straight Hair?

Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair
Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair

As its name suggests, Bone straight hair is a straightforward and medium-length hair extension. This type of hair extension is also quite smooth and is not easily bended. However, in order to gain hair with straight bones, it is necessary to experience a chemical and machine treatment. As a result, to some extent, its quality and durability is shorter than 100% natural human hair. 

This product possesses a design suitable for many different users. It is because of the luxurious, calm, and soft temperament the product contains. It is not difficult for us to combine it with different types of faces and bodies.

Bone Straight Hair Characteristic Highlights

Characteristic Of Bone Straight Hair
Characteristic Of Bone Straight Hair

Before diving into the care of bone straight hair, we need to know the properties of this product first. Doing that is to avoid confusion and making false judgments that damage the hair.


Now, does bone straight hair tangle?

As mentioned above in the article, bone straight hair has a rather special structure. Because it has extreme smoothness and high shine than other hair extensions. 

The straightness of hair is a great reason why we call it “Bone straight”. In reality, bone straight hair is produced by thin straight hair that is collected from 100% natural human hair. In other words, the hair density on this product is quite sparse. However, you can still rest assured that the hair’s authenticity is still at a very high level.

We can still feel the impressive smoothness when in contact with the hair. This smoothness provides a comfortable feeling when using the hair and creates a soft style for the user. Because it is classy and calm, it attracts a large amount of attention from people. These days, bone straight hair becomes the top popular choice of females. 


Of course, we all know bone straight hair is a linear hair model. But the straightness of this product is available from the factory. So you don’t need to use other tools to straighten your hair after buying it. 

On the other hand, curling is also impossible and can even create some other negative effects if you try to do it. Because this hair type has undergone heat pressing processes to keep this hairstyle unchanged during use. We don’t need complicated prototyping machines or tools when using this product.

You also don’t have to worry about tangling your hair because this product is already in place. And it isn’t easy to get out of it unless there are physical or chemical effects only.


Although when it comes to consumers, bone straight hair is an explicit hair model. Specifically, the hair parts that come to the factory have many different designs, and of course, not all are straight. So the manufacturer will have to use heat and chemicals to process bone straight hair. Heating and chemical treatments help achieve straightness and make the hair smoother for longer. But also because of this feature, the hair will be prone to serious problems such as damage. Because of this factor, taking care of this hair type will be a long process and requires many manipulations.

Bone Straight Hair Grade

There are 3 types of bone straight hair, and each type will have a different characteristic that affects factors such as durability and hair care.

  • Single Drawn: This product consists of multiple strands of different lengths combined into sections. With this simple connection, you will see that the hair will look thick at the top and thin at the end, and the overall product will not look very realistic.
  • Double Drawn: If Single Drawn has many strands with different lengths, with Double Drawn, the manufacturer only chooses sections of hair with the same size. So you will see these wigs are thick and full from top to bottom. When we look at it, we will have a more real feeling.
  • Super Double Drawn: Super Double Drawn is a better version of Double Drawn and is also the best quality product in all 3 types of Bone Straight hair. Also, sections of hair with the same length but more than 90% of the hair on a product are the same. Not only that, the hair density increases significantly.

How To Take Care Of Bone Straight Hair

How To Take Care Of Bone Straight Hair
How To Take Care Of Bone Straight Hair

To keep bone straight hair in its best state and last longer, you should not ignore the methods that I am about to introduce below.

Wash your hair often

So, Does bone straight hair curl? 

Because bone straight hair is derived from real human hair, the care of this product will not be too different from our normal hair care. When it comes to hair care, shampooing is one of the first things that come to mind. And indeed, if you do not wash your hair regularly, soon your hair will deteriorate and appear phenomena such as damage or split ends.

In addition to washing your hair regularly, washing your hair properly is also something you should care about if you don’t want to waste your effort and time taking care of bone straight hair. And following the steps below will help the care process become more effective.

  • First, clean hair with plain water to remove most of the usual dirt and wet hair for easier soap application. In working under the faucet, you can also use your hands to comb your hair to separate the hair fibers and increase the penetration of the shampoo.
  • Next, you need to put a good shampoo on your hands and then slowly run your hands through the hair. You can use a one-time shampoo like normal methods, but it will be more effective if you use the shampoo once to massage the entire hair, rinse with water, and then use a combination of comb and shampoo. Spread the compound evenly over the hair for maximum cleansing and nourishment. Finally, don’t forget to clean it with water
  • Last but not least is the use of auxiliary products. At this time, special hair care conditioners and hair conditioners will make bone straight hair stronger or smoother and restore, strengthen hair or reduce split ends.

Brush your head properly

No one can deny the importance of brushing hair properly because this manipulation has a huge impact on the hairstyle and the quality of the product in a positive way. 

And at the same time, this method is also much faster than when you use the shampoo method. So daily brushing also brings more advantages to your extensions. But like many other methods, you also need to brush according to the following recommendations to get the best results.

  • The average number of brushings in a day should be 2 or more times, and you need to act as soon as you see a slight tangle not to affect the ends of your hair.
  • The right way to brush your hair is from the roots to the ends, then from the top of the head down. Because the hairline is inherently a straight line from the top and you will get stuck if you go the opposite way
  • The hot comb for straightening hair offers more benefits than you would with regular combs. The hot comb creates a silky smooth hair texture while using the right amount of heat to straighten the hair in the fastest time.

Dry hair properly

  • Never combing when your hair is wet is one of the things that you need to keep in mind when using bone straight hair products. In addition, you should not let it dry naturally too much, but instead, use dryers to remove prolonged wetness. Because it is a heat-sensitive product, using a hairdryer with hair also requires a different technique.
  • Using a foaming food wrap to help dry hair naturally is a good way to prepare for drying. Foam wraps hold your hair firmly in place and help take care of your hair by moisturizing, conditioning, and protecting your straight hair from the heat of the dryer.
  • In the drying process, you need to divide your hair into parts and manipulate it gradually so as not to cause an imbalance when the place is too empty or the area is too wet. And also, note that it is necessary to use a hairdryer at a moderate temperature because the machine can burn and cause permanent damage to bone straight hair at high heat.

Where To Buy Bone Straight Hair?

A reliable Vietnam hair factory supplying a wide rang of bone straight hair products - Gruda Hair
A reliable Vietnam hair factory supplying a wide rang of bone straight hair products – Gruda Hair

In the current age, it is undeniable that hair industry is booming all over the world. With the high demand on human hair extensions, Gruda Hair is established to meet this demand. Moreover, Gruda Hair’s mission is to become a reliable hair factory on a global scale and is to supply top-notch quality products to enhance customers’ beauty and deal with their pain points.

In terms of Bone straight hair products, there are a wide range of selections that customers can countless choices depending on length, thickness and color. Here are photos of some Bone Straight Hair products at Gruda Hair. If you want to look more products than those below, you can leave email or contact via +84902106091 (Ms Rosa – sales manager) to get the best advice and consultation.

Bone Straight Hair Products At Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hair Products At Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hair Products At Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hair Products At Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hair Products At Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hair Products At Gruda Hair

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly via this phone number (Our sales manager: Ms Rosa: +84902106091) to get supported instantly. We will try to give the most comprehensive and complete answers in order that you can untangle your problems.

Team sales staff of Gruda Hair is available 24/7 to support and respond to customers immediately. Don’t hesitate to contact us or our sales manager (Ms Rosa: +84902106091). To get more information about Vietnamese hair products as well as hair suppliers, let’s contact Gruda Hair to have the best consultation.


Maintaining bone straight hair is an extremely important process in helping to keep bone straight hair strong and durable. So that, it can help you look more beautiful every day. Hopefully, the knowledge in today’s article can help you make the care process easier and more accurate.