How To Take Care Of Remy Hair: An Ultimate Guide For Newbies

Caring for hair is one of the best way to last the lifespan hair, here this post will guide you how to take care of Remy hair.

Remy Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for women who want to lengthen their hair, create more volume and completely change their look in no time. The Remy dark hair has different qualities depending on the price, but all make you look different with your new hair, at least for a few months. 

To maintain this new look with Remy hair extensions, you need to know how to care for your hair correctly. So, what exactly is Remy’s hair care? We will share all information in the article below. Follow along to experience it for yourself.

What Is Remy Hair, Non-Remy Hair, Virgin Hair?

If you are not a professional, you will be overwhelmed by the terms and names of different types of hair extensions. So before discovering how to care Remy hair, we will look through three main qualities of hair: Virgin hair, Remy hair, Non remy hair

Virgin hair

Virgin Hair Is Collected From A Donor
Virgin Hair Is Collected From A Donor

You can basically understand that Virgin hair comes from only a donor with the most natural hair. Occasionally, this hair is cut from a ponytail to make the cutting process and the next distribution process easily and effectively. The way of cutting helps preserve the cuticles in the right direction. And obviously, it is 100% natural human hair. 

Virgin hair also indicates the hair has not undergone perming, color treatment, dying and bleaching process. 

Remy hair

Vietnamese Remy Hair
Vietnamese Remy Hair

It is a type of high quality hair. It almost shares the same characteristics as Virgin hair. But to some extent, it also has some different traits. The source is from several donors who have similar characteristics in hair. And the cuticles are kept intact during the cut and production process. Definitely, aligning and preserving the hair cuticles in a unilateral direction ensures the natural look and feel of hair extensions, giving users the most attractive vibe. 

Non Remy hair

Non Remy Hair
Non Remy Hair

Compared to the two other hairs above, non-remy hair has lower quality. The major difference between Non remy hair and Virgin hair, remy hair is the cuticles.

Non remy hair is collected from multiple sources and in piles. It does not have its cuticles aligned in the same direction. Therefore, when making hair extensions from this hair, it has to greatly experience the chemical treatment to make it have the smooth, bouncy and silky look and feel. 

If they come into contact with Remy hair, non-Remy hair, or Virgin hair, they are experts; they just need less than 30 seconds or touch to distinguish and distinguish between these 3 types of hair.

But, for ordinary consumers, it is difficult to distinguish these hair types with the naked eye. Taking good care of your hair means you are saving money on your hair extensions.

Structure of Hair

First, to understand Remy or non-Remy hair, you should understand the basics of human hair.

Each strand of hair consists of three main parts: the cuticle, the core, and the medulla.


The outermost layer of hair is the coat, commonly known as the ‘cuticle.’ It is composed of epidermal keratinocytes covering a hairy surface resembling fish scales. 

The cuticle helps strengthen the hair, resists harmful external agents, and protects the cerebral cortex. It determines the overall look of the hair.

In general, a person with healthy hair will find their hair will look shiny when the light hits it. On the contrary, if the hair is damaged, you will find the hair surface rough, losing its natural shine.

To be more specific, the cuticle of the hair determines its health.

Hair core 

The core is located below the cuticle. It is also the central organ of the hair and accounts for 90% of the total weight of the hair. It has main components, including keratin and amino acids. The hair core determines the color, elasticity, strength, and texture of the hair.

There are two main types of melanin in hair: Melanin and Fio Melanin.

Melanin in Asia or Africa will make our hair black. And Love Melanin usually occurs in Europeans, and it has a natural red or yellow color. These substances will be lost temporarily or permanently as we age or use chemicals such as (dyed, steamed incorrectly)

Hair marrow

Located in the center of the hair shaft is the hair marrow. This layer of marrow is only present in stiff hair like African hair. On the contrary, people with soft hair-like Westerners or Vietnamese people.

How To Take Care Of Remy Hair

The wig resembles natural human hair, and it is quality hair. It is often quite expensive compared to other types because it has a smooth, soft appearance. Remy hair care requires you to be careful and pay attention to every detail. Because an inappropriate habit can damage your hair or make you waste the entire cost of the hair you just own. You can expect Remy’s hair to last and look great with the proper hair care.

Well, don’t be in such a hurry. Below we will guide you in detail on how to care for Remy.

Brush your hair

Brush your hair (link)

Not many people often have the habit of combing their hair before going to bed. However, experts recommend that you comb your hair before going to bed to avoid tangles, especially when you have just connected your hair with Remy.

When combing your hair, use a wide comb made of soft plastic (the type for curling). If you don’t want to use a comb, use your fingers to thread through the crevices between the hair to remove the tangled hair.

Wear a hat or scarf while sleeping

Choose a hat made of silk or any other soft material. It will help prevent your horse’s hair from moving too much while you’re sleeping. It also prevents hair loss and tangles at night.

Wash hair carefully and regularly

Wash Your Remy Hair Extensions
Wash Your Remy Hair Extensions

First of all, take a look at your previous hair washing habits. If you used industrial shampoos to clean your hair and dandruff before, then after connecting your hair with Remy you should use a specialized shampoo. 

Because industrial shampoos often contain industrial chemicals, this is absolutely not good for hair extensions. 

Hair experts often advise their customers to use shampoos with natural ingredients to clean their hair when they have just had hair extensions.

After hair extensions, you can thoroughly wash your hair the next day without need.

But hair care experts still recommend washing your hair with cold water and washing it under the faucet in the bathroom.

While it’s straightforward to flip your hair in the bath to speed up the cleaning speed, it will get your hair tangled up, and you’ll have to spend time brushing it. (When combing, hair may fall out.) Also, when washing again, use thawed water instead of warm water.

Never go to bed with wet hair

Although you can sleep with wet hair, hair experts still want to warn you that a regular haircut will give you headaches or cause fungus when sleeping with damp hair.

Wet hair extensions (when we sleep) will affect the joints and make the hair more tangled. It will cause you to waste time combing your hair the following day.

Wet hair while sleeping is both at risk of fungus and damaged hair and wastes your time combing your hair. You don’t want this, do you?

Schedule regular hair care

Girls often hate greasy hair when they wake up, right? You don’t like this either, do you? But you, greasy hair is the hair that provides the most natural oils. But with Remy’s hair extensions, this is not good. That means you know what I mean. If you feel the weather is hot, choose the most fantastic room to sleep in or sleep in an air-conditioned room.

Besides, please take the time to use a nourishing oil such as coconut or argan oil for hair extensions.

Limit the use of heat

As shared at the beginning, Remy’s hair is the natural hair of many people combined into a curl. And our hair is always in danger of becoming brittle and brittle when heat is applied. No matter how much conditioner you use, using “too much heat” on your hair will damage hair. Here are a few mitigation tips

Apply for protection before applying heat

Don’t forget to apply protection before using any heated styling tools. There are hundreds of excellent heat protection products like Beauty Works Heat Protection Spray. Some products and other products you use on wet hair are sprayed on before you start styling.

Lower the temperature – When using heated tools, keep the temperature as low as possible. Of course, you’ll need some heat to get the perfect look, so experiment with different settings to see what works best for you without sacrificing your gear.

Cut down on the number of curls or beautify your hair every weekend, even if it makes you prettier. But remember this is to reduce the life of the hair Remy

Top Remy Hair Supplier In Vietnam – Gruda Hair

Just now, there is information on how to care for Remy hair extensions, and you must also want to own this product right away but wonder about it with a reputable address. Here is a reliable address I would like to recommend.

About Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair - a top Remy hair supplier in Vietnam
Gruda Hair – a top Remy hair supplier in Vietnam

This firm is one of the first hair extension addresses in Vietnam that provides high quality hair extensions made from 100% natural Vietnamese human hair. If you own short hair and suddenly one day have long hair, please refer to Gruda Hair. You will not be able to distinguish what is natural hair and what is a wig when it comes to hair extensions here.

Here are some benefits you can own when shopping for hair extensions at Gruda Hair.

  • The parts are 100% real hair, no chemical treatment, natural black hair, shiny, soft, not greasy, and no single hair left.
  • Hair extensions are easy to use, just like natural hair.
  • Guaranteed non-slip, no falling, 6 months 1 to 1 exchange warranty.
  • Fees are reasonable, and even students can send and receive.

With over 14 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Gruda Hair affirms its position as the leading supplier of hairdressing products in Vietnam. Making a relentless effort, Gruda Hair successfully solves the pain points and can satisfy customers’ needs. Therefore, It quickly gains a firm foothold in the global hairdressing market. Until now, Gruda Hair Vietnam has been registered as the most trusted hair distributor in many countries from Africa to Europe, with more than 3000 loyal hair suppliers worldwide.

About Remy hair products in Gruda Hair

All hair extensions in general and Remy hair in particular at Gruda Hair Factory are 100% guaranteed, and the materials are always graded A. 

Gruda Hair provides a wide range of products so that customers can choose whatever hair they like. Hair in Gruda Hair has 2 main qualities: virgin and remy hair and 3 grades:  single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn hair.

Considering the hair types, this company has  frontals, ponytails, wigs, closures, bulk hair, clip-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, hair extension wefts, tape-in hair extensions,…

All hairstyles of Gruda Hair are bone straight hair, wavy hair, deep wavy hair, straight hair, tip twist curl, egg roll, burmese curly, pixie hair, afro kinky hair, funmi curl, … 

Below are the images of products from Gruda Hair:

Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair

I also show the the table price of products from Gruda Hair in the case you need it to consider:

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair
Price Of Closure And Frontal
Price Of Closure And Frontal


How long is the lifespan of Remy’s hair?

Remy Martin hair is worth buying individually and lasts longer than other hair extensions on the market. Indian hair can last 6 to 8 months, while Russian hair can last 10 to 12 months; you just have to pay attention to the part it attaches to.

Can you curl Remy’s hair?

You can create hot hairstyles like blow-drying, curling, and straightening, but keep in mind that these straightening styles can be harmful to your hair. You should always use heat protection spray before heating any part of your hair with a curling iron and straightener.

Can you use an iron to straighten Remy’s hair?

Another essential thing to remember is to design your Remy carefully. In fact, Remy’s hair can be styled with a blow dryer, iron, or dye. You should still try to limit your calorie intake for them. Try these heat styling tools on cold hair to reduce damage.

Is Remy the best hair extension product?

Push the best hairstyles. Remy hair is the highest quality hair on the market and is the #1 choice for hair extensions because it looks the most natural. Remy Martin’s hair is constantly growing, maintains volume and vitality, and is easier to manage and style than synthetic hair.

Can I put oil on my hair?

Apply a little oil to the center and ends of the hair every night (wet and dry), and comb through. By morning, the hair will absorb the residue and be completely soft and bouncy. Get ready to style!

How do I extend the grace period?

That’s why it’s so important to use a sulfate- and alcohol-free conditioner or conditioner for long-lasting hold. Sometimes, just washing your hair with conditioner and no shampoo is a great way to make your hair look new.

What is best for smoothing and styling hair?

The paddle brush is the perfect tool for this job. Its round, flexible bristles and filler gently comb, detangle and style hair without pulling!

What products should you NOT use in hair extensions?

Avoid all hair care products containing sulfates and alcohol and any of the following ingredients on the SLS ingredient list: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Denatured Alcohol, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropanol, and Propanol. You can turn the bottle upside down to check the ingredients!

Is dry shampoo safe for extensions?

One of the most essential hair extension care products is dry shampoo. Especially directly after signing up, your client shouldn’t shower for 48 hours. After that, they should only wash their hair twice a week if they feel better.


Hopefully, with the above sharing, you will have more experience on how to take care of Remy’s hair. For any information that needs further advice or to own Remy hair extensions at a favorable price, please comment at the end of the article.