Human Hair Extensions – Facts Will Surprise You

In this post, we will discover many surprising facts of human hair extensions. Let’s follow the following article, I’m sure they will surprise you.

Human hair extensions are one of the most premium items in the beauty industry. Many consumers across the country love and choose this hairstyle. 

About Human Hair Extensions

Firstly, let’s take a closer look at the human hair extensions industry to explain why in the current age, people have a high demand on hair extensions. This leads to the booming hair industry. 

Nowadays, it is undeniable that the beauty industry in general and the hair industry in particular is highly profitable. When the living standards are improved, the self-awareness among individuals is enhanced, people greatly focus on their appearance from clothes, jewelry, cosmetics to hairstyles. Everyone desires the most beautiful look, therefore people are willing somehow to invest money in items and care products with a view of upgrading their beauty.

Considering, many people due to job requirements like performers, actors, models… have to often change their style or for someone, they just want to move to a different hairstyle to bring a newly fresh look. Therefore, they need hair extensions to help them encounter those things. Nevertheless, many individuals are suffering from hair-based diseases such as hair loss, baldness, alopecia, and hair shaft disorders…  As a result, hair extensions are an alternative to hide their hair shortcomings. This results in the huge popularity of hair extensions across the world. 

For you and other consumers to have a better understanding of this human hair extension, we send the following definition:

Human hair extension is a product from 100% human hair, we focus on a single donor or groups of donors. 

Overall, these product lines give users the experience of longer and thicker hair. 

Outstanding Features

There are some key features of human hair extension which I mention as follows:

Outstanding Features Of Human Hair Extensions
Outstanding Features Of Human Hair Extensions

Gives a natural look

As mentioned, direct revenue comes from natural human hair, specifically women’s hair. 

Therefore, they also have smooth, strong characteristics like human hair. Accordingly, when combined with your natural hair, it is difficult for others to recognize that it is the hair extension you use.

On the other hand, apart from human hair extensions, in the hair extensions world, there is another type called: synthetic hair extensions made from artificial hair materials. In the current society, with the cutting-edge technology adoption, artificial fibers are made in synthetic hair that bring beauty, look and feel as human hair. Therefore, whether you are wearing human or artificial hair extensions, nobody can recognize them. Because, it can blend well with your natural hair in a perfect way.

Styling and handling application like natural hair

It is noteworthy that human hair extensions made from real hair can be handled and styled the same way you would treat your natural hair. 

For example, washing, drying, or chemical treatment such as straightening, curling, dyeing, and bleaching can all be done. It is clear that human hair extensions are incredibly versatile. 

On the contrary, it is difficult to create different hairstyles with synthetic hair extensions. This is because when being manufactured, it is in the form of fixed patterns. If you want to change styles, it is difficult but you can try some simple styles such as light curly, straight hair. In addition, if not carefully cared for or not treated properly, it can also cause serious damage to the hair.

Good Durability

Choosing human hair extensions from reputable suppliers and 100% human hair can give you amazing durability. 

In fact, depending on the type of hair or hair material, the durability of this hair extension may vary. From my experience, human hair extensions can last 1-2 years, even to 3 years. However, in fact, the lifespan of it also depends on your care and maintenance. Obviously, proper hair care and maintenance regularly has a great effect on maintaining their beauty for several months or even years. 


Have you ever asked yourself the question: The origin of the human hair extension that I use? Where do they come from? 

Or how can we categorize them? And how many types of human hair extensions are there?

For helpful answers to these questions, here’s all the information you need.

Talking about human hair extensions, hair is definitely from people. Depending on the hair from the country, the hair source is often from this country. I will point out some hair origin of hair coming from Vietnam, India, China, Peru, Brazil…’

Vietnam hair

It is collected from 100% Vietnamese women’s hair. Those are living in the mountainous regions of the northern part of our country. Living there, women often care for their original hair with natural substances. It is clear that Vietnam hair is incredibly strong, durable, versatile, bouncy and silk. 

Vietnamese Women With Long And Healthy Hair From The Mountainous Area
Vietnamese Women With Long And Healthy Hair From The Mountainous Area

India hair

Hair in India comes from a variety of areas, people, and social classes. As we all know, India is a country with a large number of Hindu religious population. One of the beliefs in India is that they should sacrifice their hair as a way to express their loyalty and respect. As a result, a temple is a location where people of all ages and genders give their hair. Aside from this sacred place, Indian hair is gathered in villages and barbershops. However, among these types of sites, temples provide the most.

Indian Women Are Shaved Their Hair For Gods
Indian Women Are Shaved Their Hair For Gods

China hair

Although China is an industrial-production scale, the majority of hair source to produce hair extension is not available. Because actually, Chinese women are unwilling to have their hair trimmed for monetary gain. As a result, in order to produce a large amount of hair, Chinese hair producers import hair from India.

India becomes a huge exporter of China with the price being relatively low. When China imports them then at the Chinese factories, it is acid processed and then converted into a silky and beautiful product but a lower quality. 

Brazilian hair

It is one of the most sought-after items in the world today. As its name implies, Brazilian hair originates from the rural regions of Brazil. Its characteristics are thick, shiny, smoothie and bouncy. Obviously, it is suitable for the personalities and youth preferences of many women. With these outstanding features, Brazilian hair allows users to style diverse hairstyles as they want.

Brazilian Hair Extensions
Brazilian Hair Extensions

Peruvian hair

In the hair market today, Peruvian hair is gaining a huge popularity and well-versed by a large number of customers. Peruvian hair is really keen on by celebrities and it is really suitable for African women. 

Peruvian Hair Extensions
Peruvian Hair Extensions

With the distinct genes of Peruvians, hair is usually naturally dark, black, light and dark brown, gray. Peruvian virgin hair is straighter and thicker than Brazilian hair. Moreover, it is also famous for durability and versatility. 

Malaysian hair

As its name implies, it can be confirmed that Malaysian hair is collected from Malaysian people living in the local regions. Located in the Southeast Asian areas with the tropical temperature, Malaysian hair inherits all the outstanding advantages of extremely shiny and bouncy hair. This can bring customers a luxurious feel and has a natural shine. Consequently, Malaysian hair has gained a huge popularity and love from a large number of South African celebrities and women.

Malaysian Natural Black Hair Extensions
Malaysian Natural Black Hair Extensions

Quality Of Human Hair Extensions

Virgin hair

Virgin Hair Extensions
Virgin Hair Extensions

This is the best human hair extension of all hair extensions, they are sourced from 1 donor, i.e. a single hair donor. It is also one of the few types of hair that doesn’t undergo any chemical treatment and all hairs go in one direction. And obviously, the cuticle is perfectly intact. 

In short, it is clear that virgin hair is the most advanced type of hair. 

It is no coincidence that this hair has become a luxury item. That’s because the quality is completely soft, strong, thick, and durable with the natural color they bring.

Plus, thanks to its excellent purity, virgin hair can be easily styled or bleached for a lighter color. 

Thus, the favorite choice of the best hair extensions for women from many regions such as Europe, America, and Russia is this hair extension… 

Not only that, this is also the best choice for hair suppliers at wholesale prices because they can meet the high demands of customers. 

In addition, because of the exceptional quality and rarity, the price is not as competitive as other hairstyles.

Remy hair 

Remy Hair Vs Non Remy Hair
Remy Hair Vs Non Remy Hair

It is also a common name for 3 types of human hair extensions, they are derived from 2 or more groups of people who share their hair characteristics. 

Because of that, the texture consistency of the hair material is not as much as the material. 

But thanks to modern techniques and skillful workmanship of workers, the quality of human hair extension products from Remy’s hair is still guaranteed to be of high quality. 

Besides, there are many types of hair extensions such as clip-in, tape-in… with reasonable prices for this hairstyle. 

Therefore, this hair extensions are also the first choice that customers around the world widely use and gradually become one of their essential items. 

As such, with guaranteed quality and affordable prices, Remy quality human hair extensions have become more popular than ever. 

Non-Remy hair

In fact, it is a type of mixed hair. It is worth noting that the source of income for this hair type does not come directly from the donors. 

Instead, they gather from many different places such as salons, temples, hair loss, or even scattered hairs in salons or hair salons. 

Therefore, when it comes to quality, Non Remy hair has a high probability of being ranked in the lowest category compared to other human hair extensions.

Plus, unlike Remy’s hair (which is carefully collected and handled by experienced craftsmen), they have inconsistent orientation and hair strands that aren’t up to the best standards. 

This leads to the fact that they tangle and break easily. 

Although the glue-free hair extension may look smooth and soft at first, after a few uses you will easily notice the silicone coating wear away and the real hair extension will become rough and frizzy. When using this quality of Hair, it is also chemically treated and acid processed many times, which shortens its lifespan and lowers the quality of hair. 

In short, if you intend to use it for a long time, you should consider virgin hair or Remy hair. 

Type Of Human Hair Extensions

Today, there are many types of hair extensions and many beauty products that use human hair extensions. 

To help you choose the right hairstyle and best meet your needs, we list some of the main types of hair extensions as follows.


Clip In Hair Extension
Clip In Hair Extension

Clip-in is a product made from human hair, simply the way that hairs are connected and then attached to microscopic clips at the base of the hair bundle. 

They are temporary hairstyles so they are very convenient for the user. It takes less than a few minutes to attach the hair clips to natural hair and then remove them extremely easily without damaging the hair. 

Judging from many different aspects, it can be seen that clip-ins are a popular item for anyone who wants to have a different and attractive look within a few minutes.

Notably, you don’t need to wash your hair and take care of your hairpins too often. You’re better off just washing off this hair product after a few uses. 

Besides, remember to remove the hairpin before going to bed.


Tape in hair extensions
Tape in hair extensions

​​Tape-in ​​is a way of attaching hair to adhesive tape, which is also one of the most popular products made from human hair. 

We appreciate the use of hairbands because they are easy to use and save a lot of time. 

Customers simply stick the tape-in extension on the top and bottom of their real hair. Once again, this is the ideal choice to help thin hair become thicker and more bouncy. 

What’s more, women really love the best quality human hair extensions of this hairstyle as they don’t cause much damage to the natural hair.

This is because they do not require the use of heating tools or other chemical components. 

However, after a few weeks, you should ask your stylist to adjust the extensions to ensure maximum safe growth of your natural hair. 

In addition, you can also store them carefully for later use. 


Sew In Hair Extensions
Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew-in is the horizontal part of the hair that connects to the fabric. Therefore, they are also known as horizontal hair and are one of the most popular products that receive a lot of trust from customers in different countries.  

The application of these human hair extensions can come up to several hours. 

First, your stylist will braid your hair. They will then sew the horizontal section of hair into the hair with a needle and thread. 

Thanks to this way of attaching, the hair extensions will sew more firmly and do not slip off like clip or tape extensions. 

Accordingly, if you take care of them properly, sew-in hair extensions can last for many months, or even up to a year.


I-tips, or microbeads, are real hairs attached to keratin tips. 

This means that they bind to the natural hair using microbeads. We recognize that this method of application does not require glue, heat, or braiding. 

Therefore, if you want a friendly method, less damaging to the hair and puts pressure on the scalp, this is one of the top useful options. 

Of course, it also guarantees to give you longer and thicker hair with the most natural look. 

In addition, you can wash, dry, straighten, etc. just like natural hair with this hair type. 

However, be patient and gentle when brushing them. You’re better off using a brush that’s qualified and works well with microbeads, to avoid accidentally tugging on the connections.


To put this permanent U-tip hairstyle, you need to melt the glue to stick them to the natural hairline. 

One thing to consider, this dangerous heating process can take up to several hours to complete. At the same time be careful, otherwise, it will have a bad effect and even damage your real hair. 

Our advice to you is to have a hairstylist do this process to ensure absolute safety during the installation.

Despite its disadvantages, U-tip still receives a lot of love and favor, even it is considered by many to be the best hair extension because of its convenience and longevity.

Moreover, they allow more flexibility with different hairstyles. 

Useful Tips To Attach

The hair extension method depends on the type of hair extension. In general, we can divide it into 2 types: temporary attachment and permanent attachment. Stay tuned for more details about them

  • Temporary attachment: With these, they require no heat or professional skills, so you can easily apply them at home.

In addition, you also need to make sure to master the steps taken to get the best results.

  • Permanent attachment: In this way, they really work for hair extensions using the stitch, sew, and mic bread method. 

However, because it requires chemical processing and complicated methods, we recommend that you do not apply it yourself, but go to the support of a hair stylist to avoid hair damage or breakage.

How To Care For Hair Extensions

Just knowing the information and characteristics of human hair extensions is not enough. Hair care is absolutely necessary to have naturally smooth hair like human hair. 

You know, there’s nothing worse than a messy and messy hair extension. 

Plus, with the right hair care, your hair extensions will last amazingly long. 

That’s why we’re here to give you top-notch tips on hair care and maintenance.

Tips To Care For Hair Extensions
Tips To Care For Hair Extensions

Choose care products

Note that, in the process of choosing hair care products, you need to avoid buying products containing sulfates and alcohol. 

Because these chemicals will cause the hair’s natural oils to wear away quickly, the hair extensions will also become tangled and rough. 

Our top recommendation in this review is to check out hair products with natural ingredients. They are friendly and contain enough essential moisturizers to keep your hair soft. 

Wash your hair

The human hair extension is more likely to get tangled when you wash your hair in the sink or wash basin. 

If possible, wash your hair in the shower to remove excess shampoo and conditioner. 

Please note that leaving the hair conditioner near the roots will cause the extensions to slide down the hair, so they also become less durable. 

Do not sleep with wet hair

Regardless of natural hair or hair extensions, they are weakest especially when wet. Therefore, sleeping with wet hair will harm and lose its softness. 

To put it simply, imagine waking up in the morning, and you need to brush and comb your curls. They really take time and drag on your scalp. There is nothing worse than this!

Brush gently and slowly

First of all, investing in a qualified brush is essential. 

After that, you also need to be patient and gently comb through the ends of your hair little by little before brushing up. 

In this way, because there is less pressure on the extensions, the natural hair, and the scalp, it helps to keep them healthy and prevent breakage. 

Besides, comb your hair at least twice a day to keep the hair in the best condition.

Minimize heat effects

Styling, blow-drying, curling, straightening with heat, or even direct sunlight will damage both your real hair and your extensions. 

If you still want to do the above hairstyles, use a heat protectant. In addition, keep the temperature as low as possible to maintain the softness and strength of your hair.

Where To Buy Human Hair Extensions?

There are many countries offering human hair extensions in today’s hair extension market. 

Have you ever wondered between the difference in their origin and quality coming from these countries? We are here to give you the answer. Let’s explore together!


Vietnam is land available and abundant in hair supply. Their products are certain to meet the standards of quality and the most reasonable price.

In fact, the country’s ingredients come directly from the mountain woman. They are 18-35 years old with a healthy lifestyle. 

So their hair is very strong, soft, and durable with natural color. 

In addition, through the hands of skillful craftsmen and a strict production evaluation process, Vietnamese hair extension products promise to meet the high demands of even the most demanding international customers. 

Not only that, thanks to its high quality and affordable price, women from many regions such as Europe, Russia, South Africa, and Nigeria love and widely use this hair type of Vietnam.

About Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair Factory - a Vietnam hair factory
Gruda Hair Factory – a Vietnam hair factory

These days, there are numerous Vietnam hair factories that can provide a wide range of hairstyles for customers. Now, I will address you to a reliable Vietnam hair factory, called Gruda Hair.

Established in 2008, it currently has over 14 years of experience in this industry. They can live up to clients’ expectations and have a diverse range of hair patterns, models, styles, and colors with such experience.

Gruda Hair has built a big and dependable network of over 3000 distributors and retailers throughout the world. They come from various countries and continents, including Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Korea, France, Italy, Brazil, Cameroon, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain….

About Gruda Hair’s products

All the hair extensions products are of high quality because the hair source used is 100% Vietnamese women’s natural black hair. Therefore, hair products of Gruda Hair are top notch quality and can satisfy the demanding customers. 

Here, I will show you the hair extensions products of Gruda Hair Vietnam.

Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Products Of Gruda Hair

To make your consideration more easier, I will give you the table price of hair extension products.

Price Of Hair Extension Single Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Single Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Double Drawn 2
Price Of Hair Extension Double Drawn 2
Price Of Hair Extension Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Super Double Drawn


China is one of the largest hair markets worldwide. They are famous for their wide variety of products at competitive prices.

The hair extension market in this country has grown significantly thanks to its large industrial scale and mass production. 

Besides, the great marketing advantage makes Chinese hair extensions gradually become popular all over the world. 

In fact, only a small amount of hairdressing materials are collected from the locals of this country. The rest is from Asian countries such as Cambodia, Laos, and India. 

Due to the mass production of hair and the variety of hair input materials, it is not possible to guarantee the best quality of the products. 

Scale is both a strength and a notable disadvantage of Chinese human hair extension products.


The Indian human hair market is one of the largest and earliest hair markets worldwide.

They are famous for providing the products at the cheapest price. 

People in this country believe that if they offer their hair to god, they will receive good luck and support. Accordingly, every year a large number of hair extensions are generated from this source. 

However, this source of hair collection is still not able to meet the needs of the developed hair market. 

Therefore, hair factories have to look for another source of supply. Maybe they come from the store or even other hair loss. 

With an unclear origin like this, hair extensions are often not of high quality, instead, they are easy to tangle and have poor durability.


These hair extensions are famous for their black, strong, and thick appearance. 

Most of the country’s hair extensions are from the collection of indigenous Brazilian women’s hair. Due to their excellent quality and scarce resources, hair extensions often sell for a hefty price tag. 

In addition, other Brazilian hair extensions are made from imported Chinese or Indian hair. The word “Brazilian” is relative to product labels with the main purpose to attract the attention of customers. 

This is one of the ways for suppliers to meet the high demand of the market as well as generate profits for themselves.


Are human hair extensions worth it?

There are many nice benefits of hair extensions. The main reason they are so valuable is due to their excellent durability. 

You know, your hair extensions can last up to six months or even for the next few years. 

Imagine you only buy two hair extensions per year, it’s definitely worth the cost.

Do extensions stop hair growth?

The extensions attach close to the hairline using clips and this won’t stop your hair from growing. Because they simply have the same effect as a regular hairpin, in that they will not affect your hair growth or damage if applied correctly.

Why do I love hair extensions?

Hair extensions have been and still are an accessory that makes a great difference to those who desire to use it. 

It’s easy to see extensions that give an interesting and attractive appearance. They are also a must-have for those struggling with hair loss and thinning.

Can you swim with hair extensions?

Of course, you can still go swimming, but don’t let the extensions soak in the water for too long, and make sure to dry them off as soon as you get out of the pool.

Are hair extensions real hair or synthetic?

Synthetic hair can be made from nylon, polyester, or acrylic.

Going through the heating and molding process to mimic human hairstyle, thus capable of creating extensions with unique style. 

Their ease of manufacture means that they come in a variety of colors, designs, and lengths.

What can human hair be used for?

This study shows that human hair is a very versatile material and has significant potential in a number of important fields, such as agriculture, healthcare, construction, and pollution control.


So, above is all the information about human hair extension, hope they have given you a more detailed look at this hair type.

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