Is The Vietnamese Remy Hair Extension Good?

In today’s article, we will learn together about the quality of Vietnamese Remy hair extensions. In recent years, many customers around the world are quite fond of hair extensions originating from Asia, especially hair extensions from Vietnam.

5 Reasons To Choose Vietnamese Remy Hair Extension

Vietnamese hair is really thick and dark

Traditionally, from being born, Vietnamese women always have black hair. During the grown-up times, they rarely bleach or dye their hair. Therefore, Vietnamese hair is so thick and strong. Therefore, Vietnamese hair can be produced into different styles and colors.

Many customers believe Vietnamese hair has the most extended durability compared to other hair types. 

Vietnamese hair are natural

Vietnamese Remy Hair is natural
Vietnamese Remy Hair is natural

The amount of black pigment is relatively high. So this is quite important when you go to buy a new hair extension because they mean that this is natural hair and has never been used through color bleach or hair dye.

In addition, another thing to note is that Vietnamese hair will be more difficult to change color than other hair substances because the melanin content in Vietnamese hair is relatively high. Therefore, if you want to style this hair, you will need to use a specialized bleach, strong bleach to dye “burning” colors such as red, smoky purple, and smoky gray to paint will be more accurate and beautiful.

Vietnamese hair is not coarse and rough

Many people always think that thick hair will be pretty frizzy and dry, but contrary to what you are thinking, Vietnamese hair is quite thick and strong but has almost no phenomenon.

Vietnamese Remy Hair Is Smooth and High quality
Vietnamese Remy Hair Is Smooth and High quality

Vietnamese women do not focus too much on a diet to improve their hair, but they will focus on taking care of their hair more by regularly using shampoos of natural origin. Therefore, I can guarantee that Vietnamese hair is smooth. Rarely, it is rough and coarse if properly cared for. 

Besides, they also limit dryers with high temperatures or fasten the strand to make the hair quickly dry and fibrous. And there is a phenomenon of hair breakage due to tying for a long time. So, after every wash, the best way is to let your hair dry naturally. 

In contrast, in reality, their hair will still be affected by artificial products to maintain its strength, shine, and smoothness of the hair. Besides, women often tend to grow long hair more than cut it short or style bob hair like foreigners.

Vietnamese hair is durable

Vietnamese hair is relatively easy to take care of. Compared to other countries, we can see that Vietnamese hair has a lot more natural bounce and durability. Even if you use hair extensions made from Vietnamese hair, the durability can last 1 year or even longer if you know how to take good care of them. 

Vietnamese hair is quite straight, so they are favorable conditions to help you easily style your curls.

However, many types of hair extensions today can be tangled or greasy after use. However, with Vietnamese hair extensions, they can still retain their natural beauty and shine, and this helps prevent hair from becoming damaged and confused again. 

So instead of spending your time detangling your hair every day, you should spend some money to have quality hair that saves time and increases self-confidence.

Vietnamese hair is appreciated for its length 

For women who are willing to sell and donote their hair for any purpose, they have a habit of growing long hair. Therefore, if you want to import long hair, you can refer to Vietnamese hair. Moreover, Vietnam offers 3 main hair qualities: single drawn hair, double drawn hair and double drawn hair. 

Vietnamese hair is highly valued for its size, and you can see that long hair is sold at a high price. Long hair is always considered an ideal hair model to cut comfortably, style, curl, and dye depending on customers’ needs.

3  Popular Types of Vietnamese hair extensions

Based on the origin and essential characteristics, Vietnamese hair will be divided into 3 different popular types. Here are 3 hair types that we want to share with you:

Raw Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair that is harvested from a donor, especially those living in the mountainous region. It comes in the most natural state. Therefore, in the hair market, raw hair is the highest quality these days. Therefore, raw Vietnamese hair is the most common source to be selected to produce hair extensions in numerous styles and types.

The outstanding characteristics of raw hair extensions are thick, durable and more flexible than any other hair. During the usage time, if properly cared for, its lifespan can be up to 2 years or even more. Because of the beautiful texture and naturally dark color, it really works well for weaving applications. 

This hair will be sold to hairdressing professionals for easy and it is convenient to bleach and color. 

Weft hair Vietnam Extensions

Firstly, let’s look through a hair weft, it is a collection of hair strands sewn onto a strip. Weft hair extensions are also one of the most popular hairstyles among black women in Nigeria, the United States, and South Africa. Vietnamese flat hair is not only famous for its quality but also its highly diverse textures and colors. Moreover, the color of each hairstyle is also highly diverse, catching current trends such as ombre pink, smoky gray, and smoky purple.

Because of the high quality, weft hair extensions of Vietnam when being used, it can last up to a year. When putting it onto the head of users, the extensions should be loosen every 6-8 weeks to let your natural hair have a space for breath and caring. 

Vietnamese hair wigs 

Beautiful Vietnam Wig
Beautiful Vietnam Wig

This hair type will be in hair factories in Vietnam, and usually, a wig will consist several bundles combined. Before releasing these hair models, manufacturers had to search for many different hair sources to choose natural hair quality. 

A wig will include a hat and lace to cover your natural hair and make the use of the wig look more natural and beautiful. Currently, there are quite a few people who are willing to spend a large amount of money to own wigs because of their convenience, such as quickly changing many hairstyles in the same week without worrying about affecting natural hair.

Things To Consider

In the process of using Vietnamese Remy hair extension, you need to know a few notes below:

  • It is recommended to use specialized combs to detangle and keep the hair in place. A quality comb will help you deal with tangles and breakage.
  • Combine using natural care products to keep hair color stable over time.
  • Limit the use of heat machines for curling and styling.
  • Limit hair exposure to direct sunlight or refer to shampoos and conditioners containing sunscreen ingredients.
  • If not in use, you should clean and store your hair carefully. In case of heavy use, you should clean it and then continue to use it.

About Vietnamese Remy hair extension

Comparing Vietnamese Remy hair extension with other countries is quite difficult because each country has different advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which product ultimately depends on the needs of users and the economic conditions of each person. However, here are 3 essential criteria that we want to send to our readers:


Vietnamese Remy hair extension is usually taken from the natural hair of people living in rural areas. villages and mountains. 

Vietnamese Women With Long And Healthy Hair From The Mountainous Area
Vietnamese Women With Long And Healthy Hair From The Mountainous Area

Many Vietnamese ladies living in the mountainous areas have a custom of growing long hair for the purpose of purchasing. Because those women have been exposed to various environmental conditions, including scorching and freezing temperatures, their hair is particularly healthy and resilient. Living in this type of environment, Vietnam hair strands are straight and thick, making them ideal for styling in a variety of ways such as coloring, dyeing, bleaching, and applying with hairdressing products and equipment.

While hair extensions in the Chinese market will be obtained from many different sources or as Indian hair will be obtained directly from Indian women. Brazilian hair extensions will also be taken from many other regions in that country.


Many Vietnamese positive reviews include thickness, durability over time, and softness. In contrast, Indian hair is quite thick, coarse, and not smooth like Vietnamese hair. Because of its high quality, it is versatile and durable. Compared with Chinese hair, you can also see that Chinese hair is usually made of synthetic fibers, so when you observe it, it will be shiny and smooth, but when used, it will be quite quickly dry, fibrous, broken, and not durable. 


Compared with other hair extensions globally, Vietnamese hair is a product with an average price of about 8 – 9$/product. Meanwhile, Chinese and Indian hair extensions will be cheaper when only the price is back 6.5 – 7.5$/product. However, Brazilian hair extensions have a much higher price than the above 3 types, when they range from 15 – 20$/product.

You can refer to the price table of a Vietnam hair factory called Gruda Hair to consider before deciding to buy Vietnamese hair extensions.

Price Of Hair Extension: Single drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Single drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair
Price Of Closure And Frontal
Price Of Closure And Frontal

Key Factors to evaluate the quality

Besides the factor of raw materials and the origin of Vietnamese Remy hair extension, choosing a quality hair extension is not easy when there are many crane manufacturers nowadays. With the desire to help customers buy quality Vietnamese Remy hair extensions, here are 3 factors you need to pay attention to when buying:


Vietnamese Remy hair extension when observed will be smooth, and natural, and when you try it, you will feel quite comfortable and natural. Vietnam’s curly hairstyle will bring youthfulness, elegance, and bouncy to the user and you can comfortably combine it with any outfit. 

The feeling of touching

Many customers love Vietnamese Remy hair extensions because of their appearance and the comfort and naturalness that they bring. Curly hairstyles that are bouncy, youthful, elegant, or bob hairstyles will be extremely personalized and strong.

Using heat or water to test  

Vietnamese Remy hair extension is rated as hair made from 100% natural hair and does not have any synthetic blends like some other hair extensions on the market. To be more sure, you should use heat or water to see if it’s really hair extensions from Vietnam.

Instructions on how to take care of Vietnamese Remy hair extension

It can be said that Vietnamese Remy hair extension is made from 100% natural hair, so during use, you should take care of them the same way like the natural hair. Do everything gently instead of being rough, so the new product has the desired durability:

  • Choosing hair-friendly shampoos, you should read the ingredient list before deciding because many products contain sulfates – detergents that make them lather in the washing process but easily make hair dry and frizzy. Therefore, clean your hair using natural products to keep it clean but still smooth.
  • Combine using conditioner: The use of conditioner plays a vital role in protecting the cuticle of each hair. After a long day of activities, your hair will quickly dry and cuticles can be damaged by the sun, polluted environment. Therefore, you should use a conditioner. To condition the hair to help strengthen and protect the extensions from becoming softer and shinier.
  • Wash your hair about 3-4 times a week: You should not call your hair every day because this will make your hair dry and break more quickly. Therefore, you should divide the schedule, wash your hair about 3-4 times a week, and combine it with conditioners and hair serums to keep your hair as smooth as when you first bought it.
  • Use special combs: Currently, there are many different types of combs on the market, and they are divided into two main types: shampoo combs and hair combs. With the kind of shampoo you should combine to use in the washing process to help clean oily skin and make it easy to detangle, the comb will help your hair always be smoother. 
  • After each wash, you can refer to more moisturizing hair serums, or you can immediately use Vietnamese products such as grapefruit essential oil and coconut oil, because those are substances that both soften and soften hair. It has a natural scent so it is straightforward to use. In addition, you can also use those products for your real hair to have thick, strong, smooth hair and make any girl feel loved and admired when looking at it. and ask for your hair care secrets. 


Above is the information about the Vietnamese Remy hair extension information that we want to share with you. It can be seen that Remy hair extension is a product that is loved and trusted by many people because of the advantages of quality, color, and durability that they bring. In addition, the price is also quite reasonable and affordable, and anyone can buy it. Hopefully, the article will help you choose the right Vietnamese Remy hair extension for regular use. 

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