Reasons Why You Should Choose Vietnamese Remy Hair

Reasons why you should choose Vietnamese Remy Hair. This article will answer all your questions. 

If you are interested in the human hair market, whether as a trader or as a consumer, you are sure to at least have a grasp of the current mainstream: Remy hair and all related products such as weaving.

And one of the highest quality Remy sources today is, without a doubt, Vietnam.

Origin Of Vietnamese Human Hair

Vietnamese Women With Long And Healthy Hair From The Mountainous Area
Vietnamese Women With Long And Healthy Hair From The Mountainous Area

Before diving deeply into why Vietnamese products are always superior in quality compared to other suppliers, you need to know a little about the main factors – human factors make up the quality of this country’s hair. 

First, Vietnam, especially the mountainous area, has a relatively low temperature in terms of climate. The number of sunny hours a year is not much, and the temperature is cool. Therefore, the hair will be from direct sunlight. Unlike products from India, a country where daily temperatures are higher than 40 degrees Celsius in many places, Vietnamese hair is noticeably softer, black, and more robust. 

Next, it is impossible not to pay attention to the primary hair donor in Vietnam. Usually, in this country, women 18 to 30 years old, especially women living in rural mountainous areas, have a habit of donating their hair. 

It can be that 18 to 30 years old is the ideal age for hair growth. Because at this age, the amount of keratin with the primary function of keeping the hair shiny is relatively abundant. Therefore, even after donating, Vietnamese Remy’s hair is still quite soft and can even maintain this softness for a long time. 

In addition, women living in rural and mountainous areas do not often need dye, perm, or use any other methods that can harm their hair. They even have a habit of using completely natural herbs to take care of their bodies. 

Therefore, compared to products from other developed countries, Vietnamese hair retains the traditional beauty and strength you are always looking for. 

It is difficult to find another country in the world that can possess many ideal conditions in terms of both climate and people to create high-quality products like Vietnam. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose Vietnamese Remy Hair

In the above section, you have had certain impressions about the factors that affect the quality of Vietnamese hair. So what are the outstanding features of products from this country compared to products from other countries? The answer will be soon: 

Reasons Why Should Buy Vietnamese Remy Hair
Reasons Why Should Buy Vietnamese Remy Hair


Thick but not frizzy and dry. Instead, extraordinary softness is the first impression you can get when you touch it with hair from Vietnam. 

Commendable advantage above, as mentioned, the main object of hair donation is rural and mountainous women – who do not use chemicals or heat effects of styling throughout their lives. 

Thanks to that, it is not surprising that Vietnamese hair consistently ranks first in terms of naturalness and softness, winning the love of even the most demanding customers globally. 

Besides, the common characteristic of Vietnamese hair is straight, smooth, and not easily tangled. The smoothness and glossy black color are also one of the advantages of the styling process. And the fact has proven that, with products with raw materials from Vietnam, you can comfortably style and even dye without worrying too much about affecting the product’s durability. 

It can be that, with Remy’s hair samples from Vietnam, changing the look with curly hair, wavy hair, and loose waves has never been so easy. 

Last but not least: most Remy products with ingredients from Vietnam are cut from 1 to 3 donors. 

The above figure proves that Vietnamese companies can control the material collection process well compared to a series of competitors from other countries. Therefore, you can completely count on the product’s silky, tangle-free texture. 

Hairstyles and colors are varied and plentiful.

The original Vietnamese hair is straight, smooth, strong, and very safe to style. Therefore, manufacturers can unleash their creativity with this source of raw materials, bringing unique products with trendy designs that can instantly change the user’s appearance. 

Hair from Vietnam also is not only limited by different styles but also by color. 

Making the above success, it is impossible not to mention that the original color of Vietnamese hair is natural black. When dyeing, the black color in your hair will quickly change into red, pink, yellow, gray, and any of your favorite colors without causing color distortion. 

Along with the color accuracy, the color retention of the material from this Southeast Asian country is also worth considering. 

Changing the look with wigs and hair extensions has become a trend. Buyers spend more time looking for products with different designs and colors. 

And with Remy from Vietnam, all your requirements are met, giving you the highest confidence and satisfaction when using the product. 

High-quality hair

Any customer who comes to Remy hair has high requirements for aesthetics and quality. And products from Vietnam, for many years now, always ensure to meet both of the above criteria quite well. 

It is no coincidence that Vietnamese hair has been present in many markets worldwide, even for the most demanding needs. Many companies are producing this product in Vietnam that have won domestic and international certifications and awards thanks to its design, quality, and various other impressive advantages.

Not stopping there, suppliers from Vietnam never rest on their laurels with a series of reviews and awards received. 

Instead, the business has constantly been developing to improve product quality further, ensuring to bring healthy and natural products to customers, saying no to negative phenomena such as shedding and tangling. ,..

Long time for the use of hair

One of the other important reasons you love products originating from Vietnam is the impressive usage time. 

Unlike products from other countries, which are not strong enough, hair from Vietnam does not require complicated care but still has an impressive lifespan when it can maintain its beauty. It can last 1-5 years.  

Really, the above time is quite a large number for an item that often has many damage problems. 

Even if you know how to care for it properly, you can significantly improve the product’s life. And as mentioned many times, taking care of this Vietnamese-origin product will not take you too much time and effort. 

All you need to be careful about is not to use too many chemicals and too much heat on your hair continuously for a long time. 

As long as you give up using heat and chemicals and instead look to the most straightforward methods such as natural drying, you can maintain your perfect appearance for many years.  

Vietnamese Remy hair can be dyed, permed

Above, you already know that the secret to prolonging a product’s life in Vietnam is to find all-natural cleaning and care methods. 

However, this does not mean that this hair type cannot be with heat or chemicals to dye. In contrast, Vietnam is one of the few countries that supply Remy with all the conditions for successful perm dyeing.

The difference in the product lies in the fact that Vietnamese hair has a natural black color and is extremely strong from the beginning. Thanks to the above natural color, the manufacturer can easily color the product and be satisfied with the color accuracy. 

Besides, the strength of the hair fiber also makes it easier to curl and style. You will not have to worry about lint and tangles problems after using styling tools such as dryers and presses. 

Although it can withstand the effects of bending, pressing, and dyeing, you also need to be careful to maintain the product’s life; you need to be careful when making the above style changes. In particular, you should use moisturizing and protective essences on the curls before dyeing. 

Reasonable price for the high quality

Quality is always at the forefront. However, the product’s price is not too high and difficult to reach. On the contrary, Vietnam is famous for specializing in providing products with relatively affordable prices, utterly worthy of the experiences that users get. 

Explaining the above paradox, it is impossible not to consider three main issues: labor costs, experience advantages, and a unique supply chain management system. 

Firstly, as a developing country, there is a large working-age population. Hence, the cost of production labor in the beauty accessory industry in Vietnam is among the lowest compared to a range of competitors. 

Secondly, Vietnam has always been famous as one of the leading countries in manufacturing hair products. And also, because of early development, this country owns many factories with decades of experience in the field. 

Also, thanks to the advantage of experience, Vietnam is confident to be one of the countries with the most optimal production process, minimizing operating costs. 

Finally, products from Vietnam have gained an increasingly solid position in the international market today, and it is impossible not to praise the logistics system of this country. 

With the construction of hair factories near the raw material areas, businesses in Vietnam have saved a considerable amount of costs for transportation and import taxes. For this reason, unlike other products from countries that specialize in importing, such as China, Vietnamese hair reaches users at factory prices. 

Vietnamese Remy Hair vs Others?

Remy Hair: Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Remy Hair: Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Are the above reasons enough to convince you to prefer products from Vietnam? 

If you are still unsure about your choice because you are still hesitant about representatives from well-known countries in this field, such as India, or China, immediately consult the comparison information. 

Brazilian Remy Hair

Hair Extensions Made From Brazilian Remy Hair
Hair Extensions Made From Brazilian Remy Hair

In terms of similarities, both Brazilian Remy Hair and Vietnam’s representative products originate from people living in rural areas. Therefore, you can fully expect this product’s strength, flexibility, and comfort from this American country. 

However, you should note that Brazilian hair is not uniform in color and texture. Therefore, if you want to dye or order a large amount of product, you may be a little disappointed with the not-so-perfect results. 

Indian Remy Hair

The most significant advantage of hair from India is that it is pretty cheap. Combined with the ample supply capacity, products from India have quickly dominated the global hair market. 

Not only impressive at a reasonable price, but the representative from India also surprises with smoothness and gloss.

However, you should also note that the natural hair of most Indians is thin, weak, and curly. Therefore, you will encounter quite a few limitations in styling and heat treatment during use. 

Besides, when using products from this source, if you are a lover of the natural beauty of straight hair products, you will have to carry a moisturizing, anti-frizz you at all times. 

Chinese Remy Hair

Chinese Remy Hair After Treatment
Chinese Remy Hair After Treatment

It is no coincidence that China owns the title of the world’s factory. The country is famous for hundreds, even thousands, of large-scale, high-tech hair factories. 

However, it is a fact that Chinese countries often import materials from India and process and style them. And as you know, Indian hair is not the best choice for styling. To have products with unique designs leading the trend, manufacturers must use many chemicals. 

This production method makes nearly all products of Chinese origin ordinary: sleek, trend-leading, but unnatural because of their rough texture and loss of quality.  

Besides, compared to the life expectancy of products from Vietnam, hair extensions from China are much worse when they can only allow buyers to use them within 5 to 7 months. 

How to recognize good Vietnamese Remy hair?

This article has given a lot of praise for the quality and longevity of products from Vietnam. And because of possessing a series of attractive advantages above, many manufacturers, even though they do not import raw materials from other countries, also sell products under Remy Vietnam hair. 

Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert or own specialized equipment to be a savvy buyer. 

All you need to do is consider some of the testing methods below, and you can determine if the product you are holding in your hand really comes from Vietnam: 


As mentioned above. Above, the leading hair suppliers in Vietnam are highland women with long silky hair. And for that same reason, Vietnam is one of the few countries that can meet all the requirements of users regarding the length of the product quite well. 


Quality is, of course, one of the most critical factors determining the aesthetics and longevity of the product. 

However, how can you determine that the product you are holding in your hand is of good quality, promising to meet all your styling and coloring needs? Here are some methods you can experiment with: 

  • Conduct a smoke test

Products of all-natural origin, like any other part of the body, turn to ash when exposed to high heat. Meanwhile, products made from synthetic plastic will not be able to burn completely. Instead, the result will be a complex mixture with an unpleasant chemical smell.

Therefore, to determine whether the product is pure, not mixed with synthetic resin, you can try to use a lighter, burn it and observe the appearance of the above signs.

  • Check the hair cuticles 

Unlike other chemically treated products from China or India, Vietnamese Remy hair has cuticles. And you probably already know, the epidermis will consist of water, lipids – substances that create moisture, softness. 

That is also the reason why every time you run your fingers through Vietnamese Remy hairs, you will almost not notice the resistance. In the opposite case, it is possible that the product you are testing has mixed with ingredients from other countries, not ensuring the quality you are always looking for. 

Where To Buy Vietnamese Remy Hair? 

The most reliable hair factory supplying Vietnamese Remy Hair is Gruda Hair. Having experience in the hair extensions field, Gruda Hair will not disappoint you.

Gruda Hair - top Vietnamese Remy Hair distributor
Gruda Hair – top Vietnamese Remy Hair distributor

About Gruda Hair

Founded in 2008, up to now this firm has more than 14 years of entering into the hair industry. Therefore, Gruda Hair has a profound understanding of clients’ needs, hopes, requirements as well as pain points. Its commitment is “Never sell bad products to ruin your hair business”. Thanks to the relentless effort, Gruda Hair nowadays has gained a stable position on the global scale. It builds many trustful networks with various clients all over the world. They are from the US-UK, Russia, African nations, French, Germany, Italia, Ghana, Ukraine, Brazil, Nigerian, Ghana…

About Gruda’s Products

In terms of Remy hair, Gruda Hair factory manufactures many hair extension products with 3 primary grades: Single Drawn hair, Double Drawn hair, Super Double Drawn hair. Products are: sew in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces, closures, tape in hair extensions, fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions, hair bundles, hair wefts, micro link hair extensions… Hairstyles are curly hair, bone straight hair, wavy hair, deep wave hair, straight hair, pixie hair… with vibrant colors.

You can refer some products of Gruda Hair below

Hair Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Products From Gruda Hair


Through a series of information, analysis and comparison, this article has partly answered the reasons why you should prioritize choosing Remy hair from Vietnam. However, before deciding to stick with any product from any country, you also need to consider many other issues besides the above reasons. 

Therefore, you’d better refer to a series of answers to frequently asked questions. They will appear shortly to better understand the Remy hair industry in general, and Remy Vietnam hair in particular:

What are non-Remy hair, Remy hair, and virgin hair?

Basically, non Remy does not come from selective sources, so the direction of the epidermis is not uniform. This type of hair is often tangled, frizzy and often undergoes acid treatment. The lifespan of non Remy is not too impressive, but in return, the price of this product is quite affordable. 

Meanwhile, each bundle of Remy usually comes from 3-4 donors. Through meticulous processing, the cuticles on this product are all in the same direction. 

Similarly, Virgin also has an aligned cuticle. The most outstanding feature of this option is that it has never been subjected to heat or chemical treatment. Therefore, it is quite durable and has an impressive lifespan. 

What is the difference between Remy and human hair?

Remy hair is derived from real human hair, not mixed with synthetic substances. 

The main difference between Remy and human hair wig lies in the process of collection and processing. Skilled workers will be careful in the processing step to ensure that the cuticle remains intact. 

Does Remy hair tangle?

The answer is no. Because in the process of collection and processing, the manufacturer will pay special attention to ensuring the epidermis is intact, not tangled, fibrous. 

Therefore, even though a bundle of hair comes from many different donors. The roots and ends still move in the same direction, ensuring the highest level of aesthetics. 

Can you bleach Remy hair?

That’s right, you can absolutely perform bleaching, coloring. And all other beauty treatments similar to regular human hair on your Remy hair bundle. 

Vietnam Hair: How to take the best care?

To maintain the life of the product, you should regularly follow these simple care methods: 

First, remember to always wash your hair regularly and properly. Because washing your hair will help minimize the phenomenon of scalp oil, while still moisturizing in a completely natural way. Shampooing can effectively prevent tangles and shedding. 

Second, make it a habit to brush your hair gently from root to tip with a wide-tooth comb. 

Finally, choose the conditioner that is most suitable for you and use it regularly. Conditioner has a good moisturizing ability, which is sure to bring out the natural beauty, and healthy shine. That is what you have always been looking for.


Currently on the market, it is not uncommon for names specializing in providing Remy hair from many countries, from Peru to Malaysia, from China to India. However, it is a shortcoming if Vietnamese Remy hair is not considered due to the reasons above. 

With a bunch of information above, you probably have a satisfactory answer to the above question. From there, you can have more confidence in the products from this country – a country that specializes in providing products that refresh the appearance with softness, naturalness and long life at the most reasonable prices. 

If you have any question about Vietnamese Remy hair, do not hesitate to leave comments below. Our hair experts and staff team are always available to support you.